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Chapter 121: Picnic and Bonfire Party


After Rosemarie and Arlene walked over, they also saw Sheldon and Su Qiangwei beside him.

Today, Rosemarie, Arlene and the others had agreed long ago, thinking about graduation soon, and entering society in a different identity.

It’s not good to go around the mountains and rivers now, when should we play?

Some time ago, I heard from alumni Ding Hao always talk about how beautiful their hometown is.

Invite everyone to play.

Now that I am free, I have an appointment with my good sister, and all my good friends have come.

Unexpectedly, I ran into Sheldonre.

“Rosemarie, do you know this person?”

Several girls on the side frowned.

At first glance at Sheldon’s appearance, it feels quite cheap, not to mention that beside him, there is also a girl who is even more cheap.

Several girls pouted and expressed their disdain.

“Hehe, of course I know, isn’t it the same high school classmate I told you about yesterday? Hehe, there is nothing wrong with it!”

Rosemarie smiled contemptuously.

At the last fellowship meeting, Sheldon actually knew Zhou Ze Zhou Shao and the others, which really surprised Rosemarie.

Everyone felt that Sheldon was about to develop.

But after multilateral visits and investigations, it was discovered that that was the case.

It was because I asked a friend to find out that the young man Zhou had forgotten Sheldon.

When someone asked him if he knew Sheldon, he directly said if he knew him. Who is Sheldon?

Haha, sure enough, it is rumored that Zhou Shao often makes no sense. It must be the last time he was in the hotel, and it was on a whim, and he was making no sense to Sheldon.

But it’s really scary, I don’t know if I really regret Sheldon.

So Rosemarie is in a good mood, and now it’s even better to step on Sheldon.

“Sheldon, is this your girlfriend?”

Arlene on the side couldn’t help asking.

But after that, he shook his head slightly.

Who really goes with what kind of girlfriend, the poor, naturally look for a poor girlfriend, and seeing what they wear is really a drop in price.

The current Arlene really wanted to laugh when he remembered that he had been ambiguous with Sheldon.

“No, this is my good friend!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“What I said, although Su Qiangwei is poor, she is very beautiful. I guess it won’t be better with this poor Sheldon!”

Ding Hao said coldly at this time, obviously he knew Su Qiangwei, after all, Su Qiangwei’s adoptive parents were in Yunmeng Village.

“Ding Hao, you also know this Su Qiangwei?”

“Of course, let me tell you about her…”

Ding Hao lowered his voice and began to whisper something to many girls.

Many girls listened, and the look in Su Qiangwei’s eyes became even more contemptuous.

Su Qiangwei knew that Ding Hao was saying that she was an orphan, a child no one wanted.

At the moment, his self-esteem was frustrated, and he held his clothes tightly with both hands and lowered his head.

At this time, Sheldon grabbed her wrist and told her that everything has its own.

“Qianwei, let’s go back!”

Sheldon is really enough for these high school students.

I really don’t want to say anything, I plan to leave.

“Yeah, I’m still angry, don’t leave, since I let you catch up, I will let you eat lamb skewers for free, you probably haven’t eaten it much, right? Haha, it happens, we are short of meat skewers. , Let you two stay!”

Rosemarie sneered and said something at this time.

This was actually what she thought of when she was inspired, two free labors, not for nothing.

Sheldon didn’t want to talk to them.

“Su Qiangwei, are you embarrassed to leave? Just stay with this Sheldon. You don’t want to think about it. If it weren’t for my dad to build roads a few years ago, the graves of your adoptive parents would have been flattened, Ou, now please Are you unwilling to ask you to help skewers when you eat?”

Ding Hao said arrogantly.

He didn’t talk much before, and in the eyes of everyone, he belonged to the kind of relatively low status.

But now it’s different. The second generation of the serious demolished, the value has skyrocketed, and now everyone regards him as the core.

And his moral kidnapping obviously worked for Su Qiangwei.

Su Qiangwei paused and said softly, “Sheldon, or go back first, I will stay and help them skewers!”

Sheldon told Su Qiangwei about her own affairs, and asked Su Qiangwei to help her hide her identity.

So Su Qiangwei knew that Sheldon could never do this kind of rough work.

Moreover, these people are not qualified to let Sheldon serve…

That’s why she stayed by herself.

As for Sheldon, seeing Su Qiangwei not leaving, he was embarrassed to leave.

Alas, skewered meat skewer, accompany Su Qiangwei!

Finally decided to stay. I called Chapman to explain the situation, and asked Chapman to go back after finishing his work.

Everyone saw that the labor was found. Ding Hao immediately called to order the mutton. He also brought a barbecue stove and a dozen boxes of beer.

The campfire picnic by the lake began.

It took Sheldon and Su Qiangwei for almost a few hours to skew all the lamb.

“Hey! I’ll give you fifty skewers, take a small stove for yourself, and roast it next to you!”

Rosemarie proudly handed Sheldon a string, and then went back to chat around the campfire.

Sheldon was thinking this way.

Only at this time, I heard a shock of surprise from the crowd over there:

“What poem, you and Ma Fei are breaking up? Really?”

“Really, in fact, the two of us have been quarreling for two days. I thought about it. It might be really inappropriate. I decided to mention it to him tonight! And I am embarrassed to say something, Ma Fei. I have been ambiguous with other girls!”

Arlene said aggrieved.

“fu*k, this scumbag, on the surface, he loves you so much, carrying you on his back, and doing this is disgusting, good parting!”

A girl should shout.

“I also agree. If Ma Fei is really such a scumbag, Arlene is right for you to break up with him. There are many good men in the world, and there are more rich and handsome than him!”

Rosemarie said.

Arlene adjusted the haircut and nodded.

In fact, when Arlene saw Ma Fei’s humility in front of Zhou Ze from the last fellowship meeting, he was already cold with Ma Fei.

Haha, she has always felt that as long as boys treat her well and are motivated, as long as the conditions are not too bad, it doesn’t matter.

But what I thought was still naive.

In front of the real rich second generation, you are nothing.

At best, I work for people.

Just like that Sheldon, if you look at him now, even if he studies hard, what’s the use?

In the end, isn’t it still mediocre?

So Arlene’s mentality is slowly changing.

“Arlene, this is not the first time we have seen each other, and we are considered friends. I would advise you to say that if the old is not gone, the new will not come. We must always look forward!”

Ding Hao said at this time.

Arlene raised his head and glanced at Ding Hao, adjusted the haircut and nodded, and smiled at Ding Hao that he would cheer.

There were many sensitive students present, and they all seemed to see something different.

That is, Arlene seems to have some meaning to Ding Hao, and Ding Hao is obviously also very interesting to Arlene.

The ambiguous eyes of the two of them just now can be seen.

Think about it, now Ding Hao has become the second generation of demolishers, and he will definitely not be short of money in the future. Following him, it is naturally better to follow Ma Fei under the fence, even though Ma Fei is very good.

And how could Rosemarie not see this.

Right now, she frowned, and a jealousy came to her heart.

Ding Hao is his classmate, okay? It’s really Arlene’s best friend who has a boyfriend like Ma Fei, so Rosemarie never stingy to introduce her male friend to Arlene.

But now, since the time when Ding Hao’s transfer was known just now, Rosemarie also had some ideas.

But I didn’t pay attention to fire prevention and theft prevention, and now I want to promote Ding Hao and Arlene?

Rosemarie was depressed.

At this time, Sheldon came over to get some skewers.

Rosemarie had nowhere to spread the fire.

He yelled at Sheldon, “If you really want to eat, you know how to eat, and you forget it! You idiot!!!”

Chapter 122

Rosemarie is jealous.

The mood was not good right now, so when Sheldon came over, he was even more an eyesore.

Normally, she can still maintain her basic politeness, but now, Rosemarie directly sprays.

In short, a lot of bad things were said in public.

Everyone came to persuade Rosemarie to anneal a little.

To be honest, Sheldon wanted to do one thing right now, and that was to slap Rosemarie severely.

The ridicule after another is fine.

Now that I am angry with myself, I look down on people too much!

“Okay, OK, Rosemarie, what do you call Jin? If he wants to eat, let him eat. You have an idea. From now on, you will be a teacher, a person who has iron rice bowls!”

Ding Hao smiled at this time.

Seeing that Ding Hao came to persuade herself this time, Rosemarie finally put out the fire.

“Huh, this person, it’s annoying to see it. It’s hello Ding Hao. Although Brother Hao, you were poor before, but now it’s fine. You have become the second generation. You won’t see the new and forget the old and forget me. Friends?”

Rosemarie leaned against Ding Hao.

“How come, no matter what happens in the future, you Rosemarie will be my good friend!”

Ding Hao laughed.

These words made Arlene on the side feel a little uncomfortable.

In fact, everyone present could tell that the atmosphere tonight was very wrong, as if it was a tug of war between Rosemarie and Arlene.

The two surrounded Ding Hao, and then they fought in secret.

Yes, Ding Hao’s hometown is going to be developed, no matter what, he will definitely be able to divide a few suites, no matter how bad it is, there will be millions of them.

No wonder the two beauties are fighting over each other.

“Sheldon, come here to make it, I’m ready to bake it!”

Su Qiangwei looked at Sheldon clenching her fist and looked like she was going to get angry, and she was very sensible and pulled Sheldon aside.

It was Su Qiangwei’s advice.

Let Sheldon not have an episode.

Haha, look down on you when you look down on it. When you can announce your identity, I don’t know what kind of expression you will have, Rosemarie and Arlene?

Will you regret what you did today?

There was a bitter smile.

Sheldon ignored them, and went to enjoy the lake view with Su Qiangwei.

This night, the village guest house arranged by Ding Hao allowed everyone to stay.

Sheldon looked at the sky too late, and Su Qiangwei seemed to want to stay here for one night, probably because he missed the time of his adoptive parents.

After Rosemarie and the others have moved in.

Sheldoncai arranged for Su Qiangwei, and the two also opened one.

In short, today, apart from this matter with Rosemarie, Sheldon is really relaxed.

I really want this mountain to be developed quickly, and I can live on the mountain in the future!

No words for a night.

The next day, Sheldon drove Su Qiangwei down the mountain early in the morning, because he was afraid of encountering Rosemarie and the others, otherwise he would have to beat others.

When driving to a place, Sheldon suddenly braked and stopped the car.

Then smiled:

“You have to go to work and I have to go to class for a while, I will take you to a Michelin restaurant for dinner!”

Sheldon pointed to the Michelin house beside the road.

“Ah? Sheldon, I heard my colleague say that Michelin is particularly expensive. It is where you rich people go. I won’t go in!”

Su Qiangwei lowered her head and shook her head abruptly.

Sheldon smiled: “Don’t worry, even if you eat it every day, it will be fine!”

Since becoming rich, Sheldon has spoken harder than ever.

This is the truth. Even though Michelin is very expensive, how about eating it every day?

Unable to stand up to Sheldon’s pull, Sheldon even booked a good seat directly from the Internet.

In the end, Su Qiangwei was brought into Michelin by Sheldon.

“Hello sir, how many are you?”

After entering, a waitress walked over with a smile.

“Two people, the seats are already booked!”

Sheldon said calmly.

The waitress frowned slightly, because no matter how they looked, neither of them seemed to be able to eat Michelin.

But good professionalism made her nod politely.

I was about to ask where Sheldon had booked.

At this moment, a couple of men and women came over.

When she saw Sheldon, the girl was visibly taken aback: “Sheldon, why are you? You actually came to Michelin?”

“Huh? Wang Xiaoti?”

Sheldon was also a little surprised to see Wang Xiaoti, who was very beautifully dressed in a black, close-fitting short skirt.

Sheldon clearly remembered that at Elsa’s celebration party last time, this crazy woman touched her mobile phone and splashed a glass of water on her face.

She became angry on the spot, and wanted to find Wang Xiaoti for revenge. As a result, this mad woman ran faster than a rabbit. When she came out, she was gone.

Let Sheldon have been resentful these days.

Unexpectedly, I ran into it at Michelin early in the morning.

“Huh, you miss a bite of Wang Xiaoti’s. My stage name is something you can call? Unexpectedly, Sheldon, your little cock, actually came to such a place, call you! You are still looking for a girlfriend?”

When Wang Lina looked at the woman next to Sheldon, she suddenly uttered contempt.

“Lina, do you know these two people?”

Next to Wang Lina, there was a tall and handsome boy who coldly left Sheldon at the moment.

“Of course you know, isn’t it just the poor guy in Elsa’s class? Bowen, didn’t you say that Michelin is a particularly noble restaurant in Roston? Why can both of them come in? Look what they are wearing. what?”

Wang Xiaoti shook the Malcolm’s arm impatiently.

She came to Michelin and was very happy to eat, because it is really classy.

Women are all vanity.

Especially now, the positions of Wang Xiaoti and this Bowen are on the side of the window, and you can see the people coming and going on the street.

The reverent look cast by others really made Wang Xiaoti feel so cool.

By the way, speaking of this Bowen, you have to talk briefly.

This Malcolm is also a student of Carolina University. He is a rich second-generation. Because watching Wang Xiaoti’s live broadcast, he fell in love with Wang Xiaoti. He was rewarded 20,000 dollar that night. This is Wang Xiaoti’s current big brother and ambiguous object!

Originally, they all ate well.

But I didn’t expect that after going to the bathroom and returning, I encountered Sheldon, a dick.

The price is too low!

“Hehe, don’t worry, just mention it. As you said, these two guys should come to work, how can they come to eat?”

Bowen hurriedly relieved.

“Huh, I don’t care, anyway, I don’t want to see this person. Early in the morning, I’ll be too big! You, tell you the manager, even if you need to use a waiter, you need to use something of a higher grade, or else we are rich People, who will come to eat with you?”

While acting like a baby, Wang Xiaoti said coldly to the waitress standing next to Sheldon.

“Ah? Dear lady, they are not our waiters! Maybe they are two guests who want to come to dine?”

At this moment, the waitress fudged Wang Xiaoti and said, because she looked down on Sheldon in her heart from the beginning, so her tone was a little careless.

“Damn, not the waiter?”

Wang Xiaoti was taken aback.

And Sheldon had enough.

At this moment, a pair of eyes stared at the waitress coldly and said: “You said enough is not enough! Where is the seat I booked? Take me quickly, today I am here to taste your stuff!”

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