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Chapter 123 I Can Slap You In The Face

“Sir, I’m really sorry, the consumption level of our store is generally high… You see…”

The waiter said apologetically.

Of course she would not be so stupid that she would offend guests like Wang Xiaoti because of this kind of person.

“Is it?”

Sheldon gave a faint smile.

Then he took out his mobile phone and found an order for a VIP seat that he had just reserved online, and let the waiter take a look.

When the waiter looked at it, his expression was tight.

It was actually reserved for VIP seats.

You know, receiving a VIP, his commission can be mentioned as small two thousand.

Because the VIP seats are reserved for guests, while dining, there are musicians who specialize in playing the violin.

Right now, it turned from the contempt just now to an enthusiastic expression:

“Sir, please come inside!”

After the waiter bowed, he took Sheldon to a place that was clearly different from the ordinary sitting area.

Afterwards, the musicians in suits and leather shoes took the violin and came to Sheldon to play.

In this scene, Wang Xiao was almost silly.

It was already very honorable to sit by the window.

Now, Sheldon, the dick, has become a VIP, and he still has this treatment.

Where did Sheldon get the money? Wang Xiaoti was puzzled.

“Sheldon, how much money do you have? How dare you actually spend it like this? Haha, is it because you have found a girlfriend and want to pretend to be forced?”

Wang Xiaoti mocked unconvincedly.

Sheldon just turned a deaf ear.

This woman really doesn’t want to care about her.

Now that she has been slapped in the face, she is still jumping?

“Sir, do you need to buy flowers? This is a Damascus rose from the beautiful Bulgaria. Although it is expensive, it is worthy of your temperament. Buy a bunch for your lover!”

At this moment, a beautiful waiter from a foreign country carefully pushed the float back and forth next to each seat.

Wherever I went, the fragrance of flowers overflowed. Everyone who ate here was attracted by the color and fragrance of the rose.

“It’s a Damascus rose, the most famous rose in the world. I have always wanted a bunch, Bowen, you can buy me a bunch!”

When Wang Xiaoti saw this extremely romantic rose, his eyes moved away from Sheldon.

Staring intently at the float.

“Okay, okay, since you like it, you can buy anything!”

Malcolm shook the gold watch on his wrist, and then directly picked up a bunch from the float. There are about thirty flowers in this bunch, which is very fragrant.

“How much?” Malcolm asked.

“Thank you sir, sir, you are so insightful, this bouquet of flowers fits your beautiful girlfriend!”

The beautiful waiter hurriedly smiled.

“Okay, okay, let’s just talk about how much it is…” Malcolm looked at the entire Michelin restaurant and looked at himself in admiration, also very proud.

He took out his wallet and asked.

“There are 36 roses in this bunch, and it only needs 72,000 dollar, Mr. 72,000!”


Shaking his hand, Bowen’s wallet fell directly to the ground, his eyes widened and asked.

He has heard of two or three thousand roses, he has really heard of it.

But a bunch of seven or eight thousand, this is the first time I have encountered it.

Right now, I was stunned.

“Bowen, what’s the matter with you? Damascus roses are specially used by presidential wives of some countries. The flowers of this rose are tender and silky, and they have been cultivated by professional means before they are planted. This kind of flower can almost stay for three months without dying. The absolute value is seventy to eighty thousand!”

Wang Xiaoti saw Malcolm dumbfounded, and he wanted it especially, so he pleaded immediately.

The beauty waiter nodded hurriedly: “Sir, your girlfriend is a connoisseur at first glance, and everything is pretty good! Are you credit card or cash?”

“Ahem, what? I don’t want it, I remember, I have already ordered another bouquet of roses for Xiaoti!”

The corner of Malcolm’s mouth twitched.

Putting the rose back in angrily.

Wang Xiaoti was also disappointed, especially now that many people were staring and laughing.

Make Wang Xiaoti feel ashamed.

In fact, her vanity is simply too strong.

I thought I really caught my eldest brother this time, although he can’t compare with ordinary brother, but at least he has some strength.

Wang Xiaoti really thought he had tasted the feeling of being spoiled by money.

But now looking at this Bowen, he obviously thinks too much.

This Young Bowen, if it’s okay to spend 10,000 to 20,000 girls, if it’s too much, he won’t be able to take it out, let alone spend 70 to 80 thousand to buy a bunch of flowers.

Wang Xiaoti desperately wanted to avoid the mocking glances of those guests.

After turning his head, I happened to see Sheldon smiling at this side.

While laughing, he seemed to be talking to the ugly girlfriend opposite him.

Wang Xiaoti exploded instantly.

“Damn, Sheldon, what are you laughing at?”

Wang Xiaoti stood up directly and pointed at Sheldon who was still sitting in the VIP seat.

This dick, what’s so funny about you, didn’t you just pretend to choose a VIP seat, dare to laugh at yourself?

“Huh? Who is laughing at you, I look at the flowers, why, this is also hindering you?”

Sheldon didn’t respond very angry.

Just now Sheldon saw that Su Qiangwei liked these flowers, so he asked her which one she wanted to buy, but Wang Xiaoti also sprayed it.

“God, you still look at flowers, are you worthy?” Wang Xiaoti sneered.

Sheldon shook his head speechlessly and said nothing.

Instead, snapped his fingers at the waiter who sold flowers and motioned her to go.

The waiter also smiled and pushed the rose cart to Sheldon.

“How many roses are there?”

“Ah? Sir, are you asking about this car?” The beautiful waiter was shocked, and immediately said: “There are 1001 Mr. Duo!”

“1001, which is about 200,000, right?”

“Yes sir, sir… what do you want to do?” The waiter’s eyes widened.

Su Qiangwei saw what Sheldon wanted to do, and she had been staring at these Damascus roses just now.

I remember seeing it in textbooks when I was young.

Unexpectedly, I finally saw the magic of Damascus rose today.

So I couldn’t help being lost.

Sheldon must have seen that he liked it, so he wanted to buy it.

Want to dissuade it, but it’s too late.

Sheldon has passed the card out, and said indifferently:

“I want all the flowers, swipe my card!”


The waiter was stunned.

Wang Xiaoti swallowed even more with a grunt.

It felt like a pain from being hit on the cheek.

Impossible, what would this poor dick pretend to be?

He must be pretending, he has so much money there?

However, the clear voice of successful credit card swiping was like countless slaps falling from the sky, one after another on Wang Xiaoti’s face.

More than two hundred thousand!

God, this Sheldon actually has more than 200,000 dollar, and it doesn’t hurt at all to spend it out?

“I will help you take the flowers to your home in a while, and then make the home beautifully decorated!”

Sheldon didn’t even look at Wang Xiaoti’s shocked expression.

Instead, chatting with Su Qiangwei with a smile.

After eating, he left.

I didn’t even look at Wang Xiaoti.

Facing Sheldon’s ignorance, Wang Xiaoti’s heartache was extremely painful.

Oh my god, someone I’ve always looked down upon is so rich!

what! ! !

No, we must figure it out!

Wang Xiaoti chased it out.

But, what enters the eye is just the back of a familiar Lamborghini, where are the figures of Sheldon and that girl?

“It’s that luxury car? My god, that luxury car finally started, and the mysterious rich and young also appeared. Oh, why didn’t I get out one step earlier? If you get out one step earlier, you can see the rich and young. Really tolerant!”

Wang Xiao stomped anxiously, and missed the opportunity to meet the rich and the young.


Immediately after Wang Xiaoti remembered something, he was suddenly startled.


Where is Sheldon?

Chapter 124 Nimra has completely changed

As soon as she came out, she saw Lamborghini leave.

Sheldon is gone.

It stands to reason that Sheldon should not go far.

Doesn’t that mean…


I dare not think about it, I really dare not think about it!

Wang Xiaoti took a breath, doesn’t it mean that Sheldon is the owner of that Lamborghini!

Think about it the first time I saw this Sheldon, Sheldon unceremoniously cut watermelon in the car.

Now, Sheldon is here, and this car is also here!

Moreover, Sheldon’s shot Wang Xiaoti just saw it with his own eyes, 200,000 na, he didn’t even hesitate!


Sheldon is the owner of this car, so how rich is Sheldon?

Wang Xiaoti is almost untenable, it is not true, it is definitely not true! ! !

Besides, after Sheldon sent Su Qiangwei back, he drove back to school.

Still drove the car to the small remote park where the car was usually placed.

I got out of the car and just locked it.

“Hello, Sheldon!!!”

Suddenly a girl jumped out of the grass, and directly surprised Sheldon.

“Oh shit, what are you doing?”

Sheldon was frightened and took a step backwards.

After seeing the visitor clearly, Sheldon couldn’t laugh or cry.

The girl in front of her turned out to be Nimra.

“Hey Sheldon, I’ll be waiting for you here for a while, knowing you are going to put the car here!”

“Wow, that’s amazing, Sheldon, I didn’t expect this car really belongs to you, you are really bad, this car is yours, why didn’t you tell me earlier! The people who caused you misunderstood you like this last time!”

Since the last time Sheldon met Nimra’s family by pretending to be Carla’s boyfriend to meet her parents, Sheldon’s purchase of a luxury car has been made public to Nimra.

You may not know, after going back that night.

Nimra didn’t even sleep a full sleep.

Close your eyes is Sheldon.

It is the bit by bit that happened with Sheldon in the past.

The former Sheldon was a poor man and was always bullied by himself.

He can do whatever he asks him to do.

In his own eyes, Sheldon is not as good as a dog.

But now I don’t know what’s wrong. I don’t know when I started to have some changes in my attitude towards Sheldon.

Even now, Nimra wonders if she is in love with Sheldon.

It doesn’t make sense that even dreaming is Sheldon!

And now, no matter how you look at Sheldon, I feel that Sheldon is so handsome and charming, and I really want to bite him.

Even one night, I watched Sheldon’s photo and did that kind of thing. Oh, I’m ashamed!

In short, Nimra has been thinking about and looking forward to seeing the handsome Sheldon these days.

So she was waiting early.

“Sheldon, speak up!” Nimra became more gentle.

Especially this look made Sheldon’s goose bumps all over.

“Um, classmate Nimra, you don’t need to be like this. To be honest, although I used to hate you for bullying me, and often taunted me, but now, I kind of like what you did before, okay?”

Sheldon swallowed.

“Huh! Sheldon, I found that you have a tendency to be abused, huh, huh, is it because I have to scold you or even beat you to be happy like before, or if you are lying on the bed, I will whip you with a small whip? Are you happy? Really abnormal! Really bad!”

Nimra hinted.

Why can’t Sheldonar it?

The scalp was numb right now.

If she knew she was such a girl, she would not disclose her identity to Nimra.

Sister, how do you like me? Do you like my money?

Sheldon did not dare to answer.

Nimra stomped her feet anxiously: “Oh, you, you, since I first met you, you have been quiet, can you think of a gentleman! Hmph, I think I was not good to you before For good reason, I’ll give you a chance to punish me. Are you willing to punish me whatever you want?”

After speaking, he pulled Sheldon’s arm and carried it into his arms.

Nimra is almost crazy about Sheldon these days.

And he was determined to eat Sheldon.

There is a strong purpose in current behavior.

To be honest, if Sheldon met Nimra and bullied herself before, now she pesters herself like a dog.

There will definitely be a sense of accomplishment.

But now, Sheldon felt a little panicked, his scalp numb, and goose bumps all over his body.

Busy and ran away.

“Sheldon, you come back to me!”

Nimra jumped anxiously.

But when Sheldon left, she smiled again.

Hehe, I thought Sheldon would hate him when he saw him, and would lick his mouth, but Sheldon seemed to be a little afraid of himself, and he didn’t hate him.

That doesn’t mean that I still have a chance.

While thinking, Nimra hugged her shoulders and glanced diagonally at the Lamborghini’s co-pilot.

“One day, my Nimra hall will sit upright and let Sheldon carry me for a drive around the school!”

But he said Sheldon had already ran back to the classroom.

See, this is why Sheldon didn’t choose to disclose his identity directly.

It’s definitely not narcissism, but Sheldon knows that a girl who loves money like Nimra and Marcella will surely rush up.

Disturb your life.

Regardless of how he will live in the future, Sheldon now wants to complete his studies with all his heart.

Just returned to the classroom.

Sheldon saw that his classmates were eagerly discussing things.

I listened roughly.

Most of what I said was about the newly transferred Zhao Shao.

Saying how good Zhao Shao is, how many girls confessed to him after he came.

In short, the scenery is unlimited.

“Sheldon, here comes, sit down and listen to this Zhao Shao! Later, you and Shelly, the woman who didn’t tell us the brother’s account!”

Vern shook his fist at Sheldon.

Then he said, “Sheldon, you asked for leave last night. It’s a shame that you didn’t attend the meeting held by the whole school to welcome Shao Zhao!”

“Uh, really hold a welcome meeting for him? Can the school do that?”

Liyan interjected: “The name of the conference is not to welcome the conference. This Zhao Shao is really awesome. His father directly invested 50 million in our university to organize a special celebration conference. To put it bluntly, isn’t it just to welcome Zhao Shao’s conference! !”

There was a touch of jealousy in Liyan’s words.

“Oh, the most funny thing is our instructor Tenner, because she is the best-looking of the teachers, let her be the welcoming guest, and she actually looked at Zhao Shaomei, really drunk!”

Vern smiled.

“Um…” Sheldon just smiled wryly and shook his head.

Xindao, did you find out? You already know what Tenner is in reality.

Just look at the photo I sent myself.

While thinking about it, Sheldon secretly boarded Instagram. Because he was angry that day, he didn’t look well. Now when he heard from his classmates, he started to desire it again.

Then I saw that from that day on, Tenner had sent herself that kind of charming pictures almost every night, all showing her face.

Sheldon was full of enthusiasm.

Just a word back: wave!

Unexpectedly, Tenner almost returned in seconds.

“Who is the wave? Hmph, the wave is also for you to see if it is good or not, and you are acting on the spot with others, hmph, did you see that I had a good relationship with Zhao Shao at the conference last night, and you were jealous? Tell me if you are jealous, I will never look at him!”

“Not jealous!”

“Cut, I don’t believe it, ordinary brother, if you promise me to see you, will I *show you later?”

“I’ll talk about it later!”

“Hate! Okay, I’m going to class first!”

Sheldon was chatting with her. It was a bit nasty. The more Tenner was like this, the stronger Sheldon’s sense of revenge became.

Suddenly at this time, the door of the classroom was slammed open.

“It’s all in class, what’s the noise!”

Just heard a sharp shout.

Following Tenner, she walked in with a cold face while holding her mobile phone.

She glanced around coldly.

Finally, his gaze fell on Sheldon: “Sheldon, come out for me!”

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