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Chapter 119 The New Public Male God at School

“Okay Sheldon, I promised you!”

Shelly straightened his hair and said softly.

“Damn! Goddess Shelly actually agreed to a dick’s courtship?”

“What? What? I heard you right, my God, how many rich and young people in our department pursue Shelly. Shelly can’t even look at it. Now he has become this poor’s girlfriend?”

“Could it be that the goddess loves poor, I knew I would pretend to be poor, ahhhh! This is Shelly’s first love, right?”

The boys fell into a wailing.

The girls are also incredible.

I think Shelly is crazy. This Sheldon is indeed a little more delicate, but how does this look of Shelly like him?

But no matter what everyone understood, Shelly agreed.

And took the flower from Sheldon’s hand.

Then, as if shy, he bypassed Sheldon and returned to his class.

“Holy treat, treat, treat tonight!”

Elma and the others were so happy, jumping around.

Only Zyra suffocated her stomach, glanced at Sheldon very angrily, and shook her face and left.

What do you mean by Sheldon, including from the day you fell in love with Dawson, you Sheldon also knows what Zyra thinks of you?

Now, you actually pursue other girls face to face.

It hurt Zyra’s pride.


Only Sheldon had big eyes and small eyes, and he had not recovered from the shock.

What did he do? It was to ask Lilla to go out and meet.

I rely on! How did you become Shelly’s boyfriend?

Hell, he didn’t say a word, how could he become Shelly’s boyfriend?

In fact, Sheldon just wanted to explain clearly.

But, once surrounded by so many people, Sheldon didn’t know what to say.

With such a dazed effort, the atmosphere changed.

When I set off to this, I said that I didn’t come to chase Shelly, and it was a bit too slapped.

And Elma kept pressing here.

Sheldon didn’t explain it, and it certainly wouldn’t work if he didn’t explain it.

“No, I have to explain this to Shelly. I definitely can’t stay in this place right now! If Lilla sees it, I really don’t know if I jump into the Yellow River!”

Sheldon scratched his head and turned to leave.


At exactly this time, a female voice came and stopped Sheldon.

Hearing this voice shocked Sheldon’s whole body.

It is Lilla.

Only then did Sheldon realize that Lilla had been looking at herself in the crowd.

That’s it, this is a big misunderstanding!

“Lilla, listen to me!”

Sheldon said anxiously.

Sheldon admitted that at the very beginning, she liked that Shelly, because she was so good-looking.

But after some intersections, Sheldon had no feeling for her a long time ago.

Moreover, what Sheldon wanted most was still Lilla, she could not be replaced by other girls at all.

However, it is now that the house leaks and rains in the night, and the explanation is not clear.

“Sheldon, you don’t need to say, I saw it all! Hmm, it’s good, bless you!”

Lilla stared at Sheldon and said word by word.

“Huh, disgusting scumbag, while arguing with our Lilla every day, when he changes hands, he chases after other girls. Damn, why don’t you just get fu*ked up? What are you so proud of? eye!”

“Bah, disgusting scumbag! It’s disgusting!”

Lilla’s roommates naturally also knew Sheldon, and at the moment they all scolded Sheldon contemptuously, and almost spit at Sheldon.

“Hurry up and get out of our broadcasting department, it’s so embarrassing!”

Several girls share the same hatred.

“There may be some misunderstanding! Lilla, listen to me…”


However, before Sheldon had finished speaking, Lilla suddenly turned around and rushed towards Sheldon’s face with a mouth.

It’s very loud.

Then he gave Sheldon a look of your love, turned around and left.

Sheldon was stunned.

I didn’t expect this incident to be so loud.

He didn’t even know how people ridiculed himself next, and how he left the broadcast host department.

Why did I care about Shelly’s feelings?

Why do you care so much about how others feel?

Isn’t it good to just pick things up?

If it is clear, there won’t be so many things, right?

Sheldon scratched his head anxiously.

At exactly this time, Shelly sent a text message to Sheldon.

“Sheldon, Elma and the others said they would come out to eat together at night, what are you going to do?”

Sheldon sighed quietly, wanting to explain directly to Shelly.

I didn’t want to chase you, nor did I like you, it was all misunderstanding.

But now, look at Shelly’s eagerness and Elma’s enthusiasm.

Sheldon didn’t know how to speak.

Libra may be so entangled!

“Go, I have something to do, I won’t go, I will reimburse you for the meal!”

Sheldon faintly replied, and explain to Shelly after the incident has passed.

Believe this sentence, Shelly should also be aware of it.

“What do you mean? Why do you want to go? Sheldon, is it too easy for me, Shelly, to promise you?”

Shelly sent another newsletter.

Sheldon directly turned off his mobile phone, and then walked aimlessly on the streets of the campus.


Suddenly at this time, a series of motors rang.

Sound with sense.

Then five dazzling Ferrari sports cars rushed directly into the campus, instantly detonating the atmosphere of the entire campus.

At the same time, a luxury car passed by Sheldon, because Sheldon did not pay attention.

I was almost hit by that luxury car.

At the moment, he retreated one after another, and sat on the ground without paying attention.

“Ah! Luxury cars, so many luxury cars, Ferrari!”

“My God, who is this young and old? I’m going, I’m going to be able to sit in a car like this, I’d rather be disheveled!”

“Rich or young, it must be the rich or young, who are they here to pick up?”

These five sports cars rushed in, and it took almost a short time to attract most of the girls in the school, and many boys came to see them.

Anyway, on the road to the school, there were a lot of people around, all talking about it, all with a look of respect.

At this time, a male student jumped off the lead car first.

A face:

“Damn! You are so blind. Seeing our Zhao Shao’s car, you didn’t hide and hit you to death!”

This student has dyed red hair and is very handsome, pointing at Sheldon and cursing contemptuously.

Sheldon usually wears very low-key.

At first glance, it is the kind of honest student.

This rich second generation is naturally not in the eye.

“Ah, Su Jie, look at this person, you can see that he is the kind of stupid person. Why do you get angry with such a person?

“Hahaha, yeah, Brother Su Jie, be careful with your voice and scare this dick to death, hahaha!”

There were also two particularly high-end girls in the car, all surrounded by Su Jie. It makes them feel very honorable.

“Hmph, I will fix him later! Go and see Shao Zhao first!”

Su Jie moved his eyebrows, then respectfully came to the middle car and opened the door.

“Shao Zhao?”

“Who is Shao Zhao? I’m going, this Su Jie is handsome enough, and so domineering, there are people who make him so respectful?”

“I know who it is? You don’t know yet. Roston Commercial Group has changed the boss. The new boss has the surname Zhao. Could it be that this Zhao Shao is… my God!!!”

Some girls are about to be excited about GC!

“Yeah, yeah, I also heard that, the son of Mr. Zhao, seems to be transferring schools!”

There are also girls yelling gossip.

Roston Business District, we all know that there is Sheldon who is very good, but it is all rumors, how can we be able to see and touch him like Shao Zhao?

In short, Sheldon can’t reach, this Zhao Shao, the girls may work hard!

Who can say about feelings?

At this time, Su Jie raised his hand to cover the body, and the man in the driving position slowly got out of the car.

At this moment, the atmosphere of the entire campus will freeze…

Chapter 120: Bought a Mountain

Until this boy stood up completely.

It directly caused a violent sensation in the audience!

“Deadly handsome, so handsome!”

Some girls cheered and jumped.

And this guy, wearing sunglasses, is cool and handsome!

The aura is also extremely strong.

Looking at the worship gaze around him, the corner of his mouth was slightly curved:

“Hello everyone, I originally wanted to meet you at a welcome meeting held at the school today. Since there are so many people now, I will introduce myself in advance. I originally came from Negston and studied at Negston University. As for now Everyone may also be watching the news. My dad, Zhao Zixing, will take over as the CEO of Roston Commercial Group from now on. Hehe, I will continue my studies at Roston University with the transfer!”

“Of course, although I have money, I am not the second generation of domineering rich people imagined, ha ha, whoever wants to go to Roston Business District in the future, just mention my name, my name is Zhao Shan! Mount Tai! “

After speaking, Zhao Shan directly put his glasses on the ground.


“My god, it’s so handsome, is this Shao Zhao? From then on, Roston Business District has been managed by them, my God!”

“Master Zhao, I love you, I want to be your wife!”

“Young Master Zhao, I want to give you a baby!”

Some girls yell shamelessly!

Zhao Shan and the horses behind him shook their heads with a wry smile.

Alas, I’m all used to it, wherever I go, I will be sought after by these girls, so tired!

“Let’s go, go to our classroom in the Department of Economics and Management!”

Zhao Shan sat back in the car again, and Su Jie, the leader of the car, at this time patted Sheldon’s buttocks with a middle finger:

“Damn, if you don’t grow eyes next time, I just hit you to death!”

After speaking, a few cars whizzed away in the stunning sound of the girls.

It turned out to be the son of Zhao Zixing.

Why are you so crazy!

Sheldon was almost hit, and his heart was a little angry.

But if you really deal with him, your identity will be exposed.

This is not worth the gain.

Besides, Zhao Zixing’s son, give him three points of thin noodles himself!

Right now, Sheldon patted his butt and wanted to leave.

Today’s things have left Sheldon suffocated.

“Haha, this dick was almost hit just now!”

“Oh, yes, but if you really hit him, he won’t be able to lose money!”

“You guys, they all have one shoulder and one head. Why is there such a big gap between people? Look at Zhao Shao’s temperament, and then look at this kind of person, the contrast is too sharp?”

“Forget it, let’s not discuss him, go and see what Zhao Shao is doing in the Department of Economics and Management!”

The young girl started to move towards the economic management department.

When passing by Sheldon, they all showed contempt at him.

Sheldon finally walked to the small park to be quiet.

Think about what Lilla will do.

At this time, Su Qiangwei called herself.

“Sheldon, I’m on leave, I’ll accompany you to see Yunmeng Mountain!”

That big mountain is called Yunmeng Mountain.

Sheldon and Su Qiangwei had agreed, and when she asked for leave today, they agreed to go there and have a field visit.

“Okay, wait a moment, I’ll call Chapman, and when he has all the information, let’s go together!”


After the phone call, Sheldon let out a long sigh.

If you go to Yunmeng Mountain today, you should just relax yourself. I have been irritable for a long time!

The agreement was made with Chapman, and then Sheldon drove to take Su Qiangwei with him, and the group rushed to Yunmeng Mountain Village outside of Roston.

Since Chapman had greeted him in advance, when he went there, the leaders of the village were already waiting.

To be honest, their Yunmeng Village is far away from the city and the traffic is not very convenient.

So it has been unable to develop.

It’s better now. I heard that a big boss is coming to invest in development.

It has attracted considerable attention from regional leaders.

As for Sheldon, it is also the first time to sign a development contract with his own banner.

A little nervous.

However, based on the information compiled by Chapman, and the feeling of standing at the foot of Yunmeng Mountain now, Yunmeng Mountain is lush and lush, and the air in this area is also very fresh.

At the foot of the mountain, there are lakes and streams that flow down from the mountain.

The beauty is very refreshing.

So Sheldon immediately decided that this Yunmeng Mountain must be developed.

The specific contract was discussed by Chapman.

It is the first one in history to contract an entire mountain for development.

It took a full 500 million to contract the entire mountain!

In addition to the 200 million that my sister gave for nothing, I also spent my own 300 million.

But it’s worth it to pack a mountain.

Then, Sheldon finished signing, and then, the leaders in the district had some discussions or something.

Just let Chapman talk about it, and Sheldon took Su Qiangwei out, wanting her to lead herself around the foot of the mountain.

Su Qiangwei is naturally familiar.

First, I took Sheldon to an old lake in Yunmeng Mountain, called Jingshan Lake.

Wander around the lake.

Looking at the clear lake, Sheldon felt much better and just sat down on the shore.

There was a loud noise coming from behind.

“I’m going, Ding Hao, I don’t think your hometown is so beautiful? How about having a picnic here at night?”

“I think it is absolutely possible. This is simply a paradise. Alas, Ding Hao, if we didn’t have to work in Roston City from now on, I would marry you, hahaha!”

More than a dozen young men and women, talking and laughing, also walked towards this pure mountain lake.

The words are full of longing for nature, and there is a taste of worshipping money.

“If it’s a picnic, it’s a bit embarrassing. Let’s start from yesterday. A big event happened to our Yunmeng Mountain, so picnics and everything are forbidden! But seeing everyone want to have a picnic, then I’ll take the risk. , In the end, you must clean up all the charcoal fires! No open flames can be left!”

Said the boy named Ding Hao.

“Okay, okay, picnic and barbecue, and then bring a lot of beer over, not drunk or return!”

Everyone cheered.

“Oh, by the way, Ding Hao, just now you said that something big happened in your Yunmeng Village? What big thing? You’ve been mysterious since the morning, just say it!”

Some people became curious.

“Hehe, I can’t say too much, this is what my dad told me and then told me not to spread it, but if you want to know, just tell you one thing, that is, we are going to develop Yunmeng Mountain, hehe, today It’s time to sign the contract. A big boss has spent a lot of money to contract the mountain!”

“What the fu*k?”

Everyone was shocked.

Screaming again and again, if so, then Ding Hao will tear down the second generation!

Oh my God!

They talked and laughed and came over.

As for Sheldon, after hearing their voices, he felt that some of them were familiar, so he looked back subconsciously.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon’s eyelids twitched slightly.

Why are Rosemarie and Arlene?

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