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Chapter 125

“Sheldon, come out!”

Tenner scanned Sheldon out after scanning her cold face.

“Sheldon, there is one thing I want to tell you. Tomorrow, the husband bar of a college classmate of mine will open. It is very short of staff. You can go to work part-time at night, and the money will be higher than other bars!”

Tenner hugged her shoulders and said lightly.

“Part-time? I…”

Sheldon was taken aback.

“What are you? You didn’t understand what I said. He was just so busy that night when he opened his business, he couldn’t find someone to help him. You thought you were the only one who could grow up there? Do you know where they opened The bar? On Roston Business District, Roston Business District, understand you? The people who will be recruited in the future must be the kind of tall and handsome boys!”


“What are you? It’s settled. Tomorrow night I will attend their opening ceremony and I will take you by the way!

After speaking, Tenner gave Sheldon a blank look and then turned around.

“I… I’m so cute!”

Sheldon cursed in his heart.

He just wanted to say that he didn’t want to go, and there was no need to go, but Tenner’s strong attitude really made Sheldon enough.

In the past three years, Tenner almost wants you to do what you have to do!

Think about Tenner*’s misbehavior that night, and now she has this cold look again.

Really haha!

But now this situation is a bit embarrassing, and it doesn’t seem to be good if you don’t go.

Alas, just go, anyway, just one day.

Sheldon scratched his head and went back to class.

The morning class is quite boring.

Soon it’s time to end class at noon.

“Sheldon, are you free at noon, come out for dinner…”

A message came at this time.

It was sent by Shelly.

A few words dry.

Sheldon just remembered that there was also Shelly.

Because of a misunderstanding yesterday, Shelly became his girlfriend!

Make Sheldon’s head bigger.

And now it is obvious that Shelly intends to let herself be close to her.

To be honest, if Shelly had looked down on Sheldon before, Sheldon would be very happy if he were Sheldon’s girlfriend.

And it will treat her well.

After all, Shelly is really beautiful!

But now, Sheldon only thought of Lilla.

If you continue to be ambiguous with Shelly in this way, then Sheldon will really become a scumbag.

If you don’t like it, why do you keep such a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with Shelly?

Let’s explain it clearly, otherwise the misunderstanding gets deeper and deeper, and it will be in trouble!

Sheldon thought for a while, and simply replied with one line:

“Shelly, after class is over, we will see you in the two small parks, just yourself! I have something, I want to clarify with you!”


Shelly responded quickly.

After class, Sheldon came to the small park.

Shelly was already waiting.

It can be seen that she was specially dressed up today.

Seeing Sheldon, he was surprised.

“Sheldon, you are here!”

With a sweet smile, it became even more enchanting.

Now Shelly sees Sheldon, although there is a mixed emotion.

Before, she looked down on Sheldon very much, the kind in her bones, but now, she suddenly found that Sheldon was very handsome, and her temperament was particularly attractive!

She doesn’t know why this is.

“Last night I wanted you to invite you to dinner, but you ended up with that attitude. What do you mean by that!”

Shelly walked to Sheldon.

Sniffing the scent from Shelly.

Sheldon only feels dreamy, the goddess that was once unavailable, but now stands before you shyly.

Hehe, it’s really drama.

But no matter what the drama, Sheldon also intends to tell the truth.

“Because I don’t want to talk about it anymore!” Sheldon said directly.

“what did you say?”

“Um, classmate Shelly, there is actually a big misunderstanding in this. I… I didn’t actually chase you at the time, cough cough, I said it all, that day, it was because I wanted to find Lilla from your department, thinking Asked her out for dinner, but as soon as I entered, I was surrounded by girls from your department, thinking I wanted to confess! Then…”

Sheldon said all the repressed words in his heart.

Shelly’s chest was up and down, and every word was like a sharp thorn, piercing her heart fiercely, making her tender body tremble slightly.

“Then, I happened to show up, mistakenly thinking you confessed to me, and promised you, right?”

Shelly frowned.

“Well! The atmosphere is over there. If I explain the situation directly, it would be too embarrassing!”

Sheldon lowered his head and responded.

“Hehe, I understand everything, it turns out that I, Shelly, is a stupid! A stupid being played!”

Shelly cursed coldly.

It’s like licking your face and sticking to someone’s cold ass, but it hasn’t been posted yet, and people are slapped back.

Shelly felt like a joke.

When I fell in love for the first time, I mistakenly thought that Charlton helped me and got better with him, but I was so embarrassed.

Then, for the second time in love, Sheldon had been helping herself, but she made her nose and face swollen.

enough! Really enough!

Don’t you just want to find a boyfriend who has money and temperament?

It’s such a simple matter, why is it so difficult for yourself?


Shelly slapped Sheldon’s face with an angry slap.

“Asshole, Sheldon, don’t you just have a bit of money? I’m also something you can play with! You wait for me, one day I will find a really rich boyfriend, Shelly, and slap you in the face swollen!”

The more he thought about it, the more angry, after Shelly finished playing, he gave Sheldon a hatred look, turned and left.

Sheldon touched his drawn face.

A bitter smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Hey, I shouldn’t say something, is there anyone in this world richer than you? Ahem!”

But this matter was said and resolved.

Sheldon’s heart was very happy, and he wouldn’t hurt Shelly too deeply!

So be it!

Sheldon sat down near the small park.

Looking at the lake view, a rare meditation.

At this time, his cell phone rang suddenly, and Sheldon was a little surprised at the number.

It was Lilla calling.

Since yesterday, Lilla had completely broken with Sheldon, and he did not expect to call again.

Hurry up.

“Sheldon, I’m bothering you. Is it convenient for you now? I have something to tell you!”

Lilla heard the strange voice of Yin and Yang.

Sheldon smiled bitterly: “Of course it’s convenient, I don’t have a girlfriend!”

“Hehe, yesterday’s confession was so sensational, do you think I didn’t see Sheldon?”

Sheldon naturally heard what Lilla meant.

He explained the matter with Shelly thoroughly.


After listening, Lilla didn’t say whether he believed it or not, but just said a little.

“What is it for me?”

Sheldon asked.

“Does it have to be something to find you?”

Lilla said angrily.

“No, you told me something! What the hell is it?”

“I’m all right!”


Hung up directly.

Sheldon was going crazy.

The kind of anxious scorching fire.

Girls are too difficult to entangle, and smart girls are even more difficult!

Never know what they are thinking of!

Hey, forget it, let’s find Lilla again…

Chapter 126

“I’ll go, look at Lilla, that scumbag is here!”

“Didn’t he become with Shelly, what are you doing at the door of our class?”

“Cut, this dick won’t fall in love with our family Lilla again, God, I really don’t know what Shelly thinks, why did he agree to this kind of dick?”

Sheldon went to the door of Lilla’s classroom.

Immediately was mocked by the group.

However, Sheldon is immune to these.

Just let Lilla go for a walk.

Lilla was a little surprised that Sheldon came to her, waiting for Sheldon to call her, but when he was disappointed, he came directly to the class.

Lilla certainly agreed.

Because she now believes in Sheldon again, in fact, when she slapped Sheldon that day, Lilla regretted it, and felt that Sheldon was not like that.

Therefore, when Sheldon explained to her yesterday, Lilla believed in Sheldon.

The two of them walked out of the classroom and came to the campus in the eyes of everyone in surprise.

“Sheldon, didn’t my eldest cousin come back from country M last time, and then she has been busy dealing with some business during this period, but now she’s not busy anymore. She has always wanted to see you, and I have delayed and delayed. Can’t help it!”

Lilla said, “I want you to treat my eldest cousin to dinner!”

“O’ao, it’s okay, when?”

Sheldon didn’t feel angry at Lilla anymore, thinking that he didn’t have to worry about it anymore, so he agreed now.

“Don’t you have no class in the afternoon? Just noon. My eldest cousin will be busy again in a few days, and then I will return to Country M after finishing my work!”

“it is good!”

After it’s settled.

Sheldon started looking for a place to eat.

Roston Business District is all too familiar, and Sheldon doesn’t want to go.

Besides, going there is a bit high-profile.

Just discussed with Chapman, the location was ordered by Chapman, called Zhufeng Xiaolou.

It’s quiet there.

Although it does not belong to Roston Business District, it is a restaurant developed by Roston Commercial Group.

In terms of performance, three or four ordinary restaurants in Roston Business District are not comparable.

Upon hearing this, Sheldon settled down and came here first with Lilla.

After arriving, this small bamboo wind building gave Sheldon the feeling that it was not as tall as he had imagined.

It is a bit similar to the feeling of entering a small mountain village from the city. The houses in this small building are all made of that kind of stone.

The style is similar to that of the Republic of America.

Pretty elegant.

“Sister Terra, this way!”

After waiting for less than half an hour, a very fashionable beauty walked into the restaurant.

Sheldon and Lilla waited outside, and Lilla greeted her excitedly.

“Lilla, who chose this place? Why did you choose it here? It’s so earthy!”

A beautiful woman named Terra came over.

Taking off the sunglasses, he looked disgusted.

“Hello, cousin Terra, my name is Sheldon, and the location is set by me!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

This Terra, very similar to Wade, is also of that kind of very beautiful beauty level, and because of the returnees, she has a different temperament.

It’s just that her picky attitude as soon as she came, made Sheldon expected.

Haha, isn’t her sister Wade just like this!

“O’ao, you are Sheldon. I have always wanted to see you. I heard my two sisters say that you are rich and bought a Lamborghini after winning the lottery. Haha, you brought me to a place like this? “

Terra was not polite, and walked into the box while talking.

He gently covered his nose.

It’s so clean here, how can there be a peculiar smell?

Right now, Sheldon just shook his head with a wry smile.

“Sheldon, just talk about it, how many lottery tickets you have now?”

Terra went straight to the point.

Sheldon smiled faintly: “Not much, it’s almost spent!”

“Hehe, I guess! You are a typical nouveau riche mentality. It’s okay for people like those who can take it, but if you buy a luxury car like you, it must be overheated! “

Terra shook his head lightly.

Sheldon just nodded with a wry smile.

It seems that neither Lilla nor Wade mentioned their identity to her sister.

It is to keep secret for myself.

“Then Sheldon, what are your plans for the future?”

Terra asked again.

“I haven’t figured it out yet!”

With this kind of problem again, Sheldon can only be sloppy.

Terra shook his head disappointed again.

At this time, Lilla hurriedly changed the topic:

“Sister Terra, didn’t you say that you still have a few friends who are studying abroad and working in Roston today? Why don’t you see them?”

“Ao, they are coming soon too. Alas, I planned to have lunch together so that you can get to know them too. They are all elites studying abroad, but if you look at this place, LOW ones are fine. How can someone come here!”

“Huh? Sister Terra, I think Sheldon booked this place quite well, and there are accommodations, so they can also arrange their accommodation here!”

Lilla said.

“Huh? Arrange the accommodation here, sister, are you trying to make me ashamed in front of my group of friends?”

Terra was helpless.

At this time, her cell phone rang.

Answered in a hurry:

“What, you have already arrived? Ah? Your brother picked you up, O’ao, I haven’t eaten yet, and I’m preparing to eat with my sister! This place seems to be called Zhufeng Xiaolou, don’t come, it’s better to go Eat in other places, this place is pretty inferior!”

While talking, Terra glanced at Sheldon with a look of disgust.

I think Sheldon is a particularly LOW person.

“I’m going, are you really here?”

I don’t know what was said on the phone, it was Terra’s friend who wanted to come to see it, and Terra was terrified.

After hanging up the phone.

“Ah, sister, you are embarrassing me today. I pushed a party or two of domestic classmates to come at noon today, but you saw that your boyfriend arranged it. Originally, I planned to ask Sheldon to help arrange it. For my friend’s accommodation, forget it!”

Terra said quietly.

Sheldon was a little speechless.

Although the Zhufeng Xiaolou looks low-key, it is basically in Roston, except for the very expensive table of meals at Roston Villa, this is the Zhulin Xiaolou.

The main focus of Heaven Brick Residencia is scenery, entertainment and dining.

The Bamboo Wind House, as the name suggests.

The main focus is an exquisite dining process in an elegant retro environment.

The large bamboo and stone houses here illustrate this point.

And the chefs here are the top chefs of all local cuisines in the country.

It just seemed that Terra seemed quite dissatisfied, he had already arranged the Heaven Brick Residencia directly!

And at this moment.

A luxury car drove in.

Terra’s phone also rang.

Terra stood up embarrassedly: “They are still here, hey, let’s take them to see!”

While answering the phone, Terra flicked his arm and walked out.

“Weilinuoy, you are here!”

“Yeah, Terra, I’m going, what is this place? It doesn’t look very good!”

Two beautiful women got out of the car and greeted Terra.

The one named Wei Lin drew the driver, that is, a handsome boy, to Terra.

“Chu Chu, this is my brother Wei Qiang. He came to Roston to pick me up from Wuzhou today, so he has to accompany me around Roston!”

“Wow, Wei Qiang is so handsome!”

Terra smiled.

“Hello Sister Chu Chu, I used to hear my sister say how beautiful Sister Wade is, I really don’t believe it, but when I saw you today, Sister Wade was much more beautiful than my sister described!”

Wei Qiang adjusted his suit and smiled.

Don’t mention how beautiful Terra is.

“By the way, Chu Chu, this beauty is the cousin Lilla you often tell us, right? She looks as old as my brother!”

Wei Lin said with a smile.

Wei Qiang also glanced at Lilla. With just one glance, Wei Qiang’s eyes couldn’t move a bit. This is simply too beautiful.

“Oh, yes, I’m still going to introduce my sister to Wei Qiang to meet each other. Two people can make friends!”

Wade smiled, and turned his head to let Lilla come over to say hello.

But then I remembered that Lilla had a boyfriend, and this ugly boyfriend was standing next to her.

Let me go, how can I forget this Sheldon!

“Hello, Wei Lin, this is my boyfriend Sheldon. Today Sheldon is going to invite everyone to dinner!”

Lilla took Sheldon’s arm and gave a generous introduction.

This scene eclipsed Wei Lin’s sister and brother.

So you have a boyfriend?

“Hehe, what’s delicious here? I heard from my classmates that the best place to eat in Roston is in Roston Business District. It would be nice to have a home kitchen! Let’s go there and eat, I will treat you!”

“Home Kitchen, I have also heard of it, so wow, then go there!”

Terra obviously has no opinion.

The home kitchen is far worse than here.

But they all look down on it, and Sheldon can’t say anything.

Since you are willing to go, then go…

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