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Chapter 127 The Contempt of Cousin Terra

Sheldon and his party drove to their home kitchen.

As for Sheldon’s Lamborghini, it shocked everyone at first, but immediately followed Terra and explained it to them.

Talk about how Sheldon spent money and so on.

In this way, some of the Wei family sisters and brothers who had admired Sheldon also showed contempt.

I think it would be a waste of people like Sheldon to drive such a good car.

Sheldon just smiled indifferently at this.

Next, it’s Wei Qiang’s performance time.

He called his so-called friend in Roston, then went to the home kitchen and booked a nice box.

It surprised everyone.

Especially Terra.

“Yeah! Brother Wei Qiang, I didn’t expect you to have such a good network in Roston, haha, yes, the home kitchen, at first glance, is a tall and high-end hotel, you can only save face when you eat here!”

“Unlike some people, they only choose places where rural talents go!”

Terra looked at the environment of the box, and fell in love with it.

“Okay, Sister Terra likes it, this home kitchen, my brother is a regular customer here, we will come here next time! Student Lilla, what do you think of this place?”

While smiling, Wei Qiang cast his eyes on Lilla.

As for Sheldon, it was obviously ignored by Wei Qiang.

Because in comparison, Wei Qiang is a rich second-generation, with his Abron on top of him, but Sheldon is just a dick who won the prize and has no background.

“Not bad!”

What Lilla could say, just nodded in a perfunctory sentence.

“Wei Qiang, you are in your junior year. You will have an internship soon after your senior year. What are your plans? Are you going to study abroad, or?”

Terra asked happily.

“Maybe I want to start a business, so I won’t go abroad to study. My ideal is to start a company of my own! Haha…”

“It’s a good idea to have this. The domestic economic environment is really good now. Being a boss by myself has a great future!”

Terra nodded approvingly.

Look at my sister’s boyfriend again, sitting there dare not say a word.

I couldn’t help but feel extremely disappointed.

Really, she can tell at a glance whether some people are promising, Terra, and obviously, Sheldon is the kind of faint-hearted person who has never been happily ever!

“Brother Sheldon, what plans did you have during your internship, go to the newspaper or the editorial department?”

Wei Qiang sneered at Sheldon at this time.

“I haven’t planned yet, maybe I’m taking some related courses in the Department of Economics and Management!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Hehe, for the little money you have, do you still have to take special elective courses to manage? Sheldon, I advise you to contact a good company. For your type, it is better to have five insurances and one insurance. Jin, otherwise I’m really worried that you won’t find a wife in the future!”

Terra laughed directly.

Because she is studying economic management abroad.

Sheldon still has to learn, which is really haha.

Moreover, Sheldon also heard that Terra’s words had very obvious meanings and meanings. This was a hint to herself that she did not agree that she was with Lilla at all!

Lilla kept turning away from her sister Terra’s topic.

Fortunately at this time, the food is already served.

“Hello, gentlemen and ladies, this is the Romani Kanti red wine presented by our shop, please enjoy!”

A waitress respectfully came in with a bottle of red wine and said.

“Romane Conti? Really? This is the world’s No. 1 wine brand, ranking first among the top ten most luxurious wine brands in the world!”

After listening to the introduction of the waiter.

Terra and Wei Lin were all blindfolded.

They work and live abroad, and they must know wine very well.

“Take it over and let me see, is it real?”

Terra’s face blushed in surprise, and he took it over and looked at it carefully. As a result, she was even more excited when she saw it:

“This is actually true!”

“Huh? Let me take a look too!”

Wei Lin was also excited.

In the end, everyone looked at Wei Qiang with a very shocked look. It was as if at first they thought that you were a bull. Now, suddenly they discovered that you are a big boss who can’t be bullied. !

“Wei Qiang, please tell me, what is your friend’s background? You actually have such a strong network? Do you know that this kind of red wine can only be drunk by big bosses abroad!”

The more Terra looked at Wei Qiang, the more he liked it.

“Yeah, brother, you still have such a relationship, why don’t I know? Come on, how much did your kid hide from me?”

“I don’t know too much, anyway, my friend gave me too much face today, ha!”

Wei Qiang was a little dazed, this sentiment was too heavy.

But at the moment, he didn’t think much, because watching Terra and the others look at them in admiration, it made Wei Qiang very happy.

Sheldon was indifferent to the side.

This bottle of red wine should have been given by Carla.

This girl, for the sake of her own face, really paid a lot of money.

But when Wei Qiang took away the fruits of victory, Sheldon didn’t plan to break it either. One was that Terra definitely didn’t believe it.

The other reason is to pick and break the picture yourself?

Just try to be awesome?


Sheldon thought that everyone was happy.

Just eat a meal like this.

Throughout the whole process, Terra looked at Sheldon the more displeasing to his eyes, and always used Sheldon as a foil for Wei Qiang.

After eating, everyone went downstairs excitedly, and Wei Qiang went to the front desk to check out.

“Sir, you get a 30% discount on this meal!”


When the cashier at the front desk finished speaking, everyone was shocked again.

“I rely on, Xiaoqiang, you can do it, a 30% discount! It’s so shameful!”

Terra was surprised again.

“Hey, mean! That Chu Chu sister, Lilla, or let’s go out again, and then arrange a hotel for my sisters to rest in the afternoon!”

“Okay, okay, to be honest, except when I was a kid, I played a lot in Roston. After I went abroad, I didn’t come back much. However, when I asked my sister to ask for a leave in the afternoon, let’s come out together and turn around. I have a few more The students from high school and university will come out together, let’s get together again!”

Terra smiled.

“This is great, in that case, I will arrange another table in the home kitchen at night!”

Wei Qiang patted his chest.

“Well, Sister, Sister Wei Lin, there are still things in our school this afternoon, so I won’t accompany you to play. You have fun, I’m back to school with Sheldon!”

Lilla looked a little unhappy at Sheldon, after all.

Today, I wanted Sheldon to invite his sister for dinner, but Wei Qiang took away his style.

Lilla also understood that Sheldon could not reveal his identity.

Fearing that he would be angry, Lilla had to go back with Sheldon first.

“Ah? But it would be bad for Sister Lilla not to go! I want you to be your tour guide!”

Wei Qiang begged.

Seeing Lilla’s persistent reluctance, he had to look pleadingly at Sister Terra.

Terra immediately understood, and immediately glanced at Sheldon coldly, and then said to Lilla:

“Lilla, come over with me, I must talk to you about something!”

Chapter 128 You Are Not Our Guest

Terra called Lilla aside.

Not knowing what he said in a low voice, he saw Terra’s eyes cast Sheldon from time to time, and then looked at Wei Qiang.

It is probably to persuade Lilla to quickly divide up with Sheldon and be girlfriends with Wei Qiang.

In short, Lilla could not be willing in the end.

“Sister, you should have fun, Sheldon and I will go back to school first!”

After saying hello, Lilla left with Sheldon.

Terra felt anxious.

Seeing the background of the two people stomped.

“Sister Chu Chu, it’s okay, Lilla is your sister and my good friend, I will look for her more in the future!”

Wei Qiang was also a little disappointed, but still forced a smile.

“Okay, Wei Qiang, it’s best if you don’t get discouraged, don’t worry, Sheldon, sooner or later I will let my sister kick him, how can he compare with Wei Qiang!”

Terra smiled.

Then the group went around several places in Roston.

Soon, it was night.

In the evening, Terra arranged to invite several friends from his high school and college years to eat together.

Don’t Wei Qiang and his sister plan to leave either.

Just make an appointment to eat together and get to know each other.

And Wei Qiang continued to show his generous side.

Still fixed the place of dinner in the home kitchen.

After all, the home kitchen has given me a lot of face today. There are so many strangers here this time, I can show it again.

About five or six people came from my friend.

This time, a bigger box is reserved.

“Go, go, bring me all the good dishes in your hotel!”

Wei Qiang threw the car keys away, clasping Erlang’s legs and froze.

“Wow, Terra, this is the young brother of Kuo you said, his temperament is really good! Looks very domineering!”

“Haha, by the way, Chu Chu, does he have a girlfriend? I have a cousin who is single now!”

“Hey, if only I could have such a domineering boyfriend!”

Those who came were all girls. At this moment, they looked at Wei Qiang and they all appreciated it.

Originally, rich boys themselves are particularly attractive, let alone rich and domineering boys.

Terra was reluctant to say that Wei Qiang had no girlfriend. If he was robbed by another girl, wouldn’t his dearest cousin have no chance!

“Haha, don’t you be so idiots, OK? The food will be served soon. After the food is served, there will be more surprises for you. You still take this opportunity to appreciate the next surprise?”

Terra said with a smile.

“Ah? What a surprise, Terra, you have been selling things to us since we came just now!”

“Yeah, talk about it!”

Terra smiled, “You’ll know when the waiter finishes the dishes!”

At the same time, there are some proud expectations in his heart, which is why Terra wants Wei Qiang to come forward.

In this way, I have face!

But finally waited for the waiter to finish the dishes.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the dishes are ready, please take your time!”

The waiter smiled slightly, then turned and left.

“Huh, wait for me!”

Terra was surprised: “Are you sure you have all the items ready? Didn’t you forget anything?”

The waiter shook his head dumbly, “No, I got everything you ordered!”


Terra slapped his slap on the table hard, “You are blind, don’t you know who invited dinner today? It’s Wei Shao, didn’t you see that we still don’t have drinks?”

Terra reminded.

To be honest, it makes her ugly.

Think about it, Terra is a returnee from overseas, and now lives in Country M, and he has a particularly high vision.

Often this kind of people have very strong vanity.

Love nothing, love is face.

“I’m sorry, miss, you didn’t order any drinks? This is the name of our drinks. Take a look!”

The waiter handed the menu to Terra again.

Terra was almost stunned.

A classmate of Terra also sneered: “Chu Chu, what’s the situation? Isn’t there a surprise after the meal? What about surprises?”

“Hmph, I won’t look at it, I’ll remind you again, this is Wei Shao, Wei Shao is here, are you going to give something?”

Terra moved out of Wei Qiang again.

“Sorry miss, the big bosses who come to us every day, not every young master can give us something!”

“What’s wrong, isn’t it, it doesn’t give you any face, do you know Shao Osborne? My buddy!”

This is what Wei Qiang said with a sneer.

“I know that there is a young man who comes to eat frequently, but he can’t give you anything?”

The waiters are almost confused.

“Damn, I won’t give you any face!”

The faces of Wei Qiang and Terra both became ugly.

Especially at this time, classmates and friends all looked at her with a smile.

There is a comparability among women.

Even the comparability between girlfriends is very strong.

Originally, Terra studied abroad and worked abroad, which has already made this group of former girlfriends jealous. Now if he has such a face, it will make people even more jealous.

But what’s funny is that Terra and this Wei Shao seem to be eating together.

“Forget it, it’s not so long-sighted, so I won’t tell her, tell you, I won’t eat with you today! It depends on whose face you refute!”

Wei Qiang was also angry.

Tap the table directly.

Then he took Terra and the others away.

The waiter may not know herself, but the cashier girl at the front desk downstairs can know herself.

I have to find some face from here.

After speaking, I went straight downstairs: “Stop eating, pay me the bill!”

Wei Qiang’s voice is quite loud.

The cashier girl didn’t know what was going on, she just settled the bill.

“Hello sir, this time a total of 80,000 dollar, are you using your card or cash?”

“What? Eighty thousand? What about that, discount?”

Terra was shocked.

“Discount? Sorry miss, our store does not offer this promotion at the moment!”

The cashier girls naturally recognized them, and they looked a bit contemptuous when they looked at them.

Speaking so loudly, what pretend to be generous.

Eighty thousand dollar, so scared.

“Have you forgotten that we just ate here at noon. You gave me a 30% discount and gave me a bottle of expensive red wine?”

Terra felt his face was already green.

“I remember, but it was because of the face of one of our most valuable customers that we gave a 30% discount and gave away red wine. If this customer checked out, we did not charge, but now this distinguished customer I haven’t come yet!”

The cashier girl explained coldly.

“What? Feelings, this is not Wei Qiang’s face?”

Terra was a little surprised.

But who are the distinguished guests for lunch?

By the way, it was Lilla and Sheldon.

Lilla has always been very honest and would definitely not come to eat in such a place. How could she become a guest of the home kitchen?

and many more!

Could it be… Sheldon?

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