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Chapter 129: Is Sheldon So Rich

Terra asked hurriedly, “Are you talking about the distinguished guest Sheldon?”

“We don’t know, we just know that at noon, one of you is our distinguished guest!”

The cashier waiter smiled slightly.


what happened?

At noon, only Sheldon and Lilla?

Although they refused to say, Terra was already certain in his heart.

It is very likely because of Sheldon’s face!

But how is this possible?

“Hehe, Terra, are you going to surprise us soon? Is this the surprise you gave?”

Terra’s high school classmate, a girl named Wang Damei spoke up.

Wang Damei follow her, the two have been good friends since high school, and both were classmates in college.

Although best friend, but it is the kind of best friend from the foot fight to the end.

She is jealous of her, she is jealous of her.

Later, Terra studied and worked in M ​​country with his excellent grades.

It can be regarded as a complete comparison to Wang Damei.

Even just now, Terra wanted to show it in front of Wang Damei, but in the end, he encountered this.

Especially now that Wang Dame asked yin and yang weirdly, making Terra almost mad.

Discount is definitely not discount.

But if you go back and eat it now, it would be so embarrassing.

Wei Qiang could only bite the bullet and settled the bill with a black face.

More than 80,000, did not eat a bite, did not pretend to be forced, this time is considered dead.

After it was done, Wei Qiang was no longer able to arrange hotel accommodation.

“By the way, Terra, your friends studying abroad don’t have accommodation yet, right? Let me arrange it. The catering and accommodation are integrated. We just have to eat first and then rest, otherwise it would be uncomfortable to be hungry! “

Leaving the home kitchen in embarrassment, Wang Damei smiled bitterly with her shoulders in her arms.

Terra was not convinced:

“No, I have the money, so I can arrange it. How about arranging a five-star hotel in Roston? Damei, if you are fine tonight, don’t go back. I will arrange it together. It happens that we haven’t seen you for so many years. , Good chat!”

“Ahhhhhh, I still think about Terra, if you return to America, your family is doing business, so you will definitely be extraordinarily generous. Why do you arrange a five-star hotel for your friends abroad? Isn’t this too much attention?”

Wang Damei smiled.

Terra asked: “Then you say, besides the five-star hotel, is there any special expensive place in Roston?”

“Hehe, of course there is, have you heard of the number one Heaven Brick Residencia in Roston?”

Wang Damei said proudly.

“The Heaven Brick Residencia, I’ve heard that it is almost the first in the country. The consumption value is sky-high, and all those who enter and leave are Dagui!”

At this time, Wei Qiang hurriedly added in order to brush his presence.

“I’ve heard of it, but I can’t afford it. If you talk about it individually, I’ll make arrangements!”

Terra found out that Wang Dame was sincere and couldn’t get along with herself.

“Okay, let me just say it. Let’s go to our second-ranked manor in Roston. It also integrates catering and accommodation. The bamboo forest building. As far as I know, the consumption there is lower than that of the Heaven Brick Residencia. Chu Chu, you These years have been so good. If you can arrange this place, I will really be impressed with you! I will not call you Chu Chu, I will call you Sister Chu Chu!”

Wang Damei said jokingly.

Talk about it, make trouble.

She has also been addicted to her mouth. After all, normal people know that even if you have a little money, there are two places you should not go casually, that is, the Heaven Brick Residencia and the Zhulin Xiaolou!

Therefore, Wang Damei just wanted to tell Terra, don’t think that you are going to be crazy when you study abroad.

There is a lot of face, you can’t get it!



Terra laughed directly.

“Zhulin Xiaolou? Do you mean that farmhouse? If I arrange for you all tonight, you can honor your promise and call me Chu Chu Sister Ao…”

Look at Terra as serious.

Wang Damei said cruelly, “Okay, if you can really arrange it, of course I will call you Sister Chu Chu!”

“Hahahaha, it’s settled, Wei Lin, Wei Qiang, drive, let’s go to the Zhulin Xiaolou!”

Just kidding.

The first one to eat at noon was the farmhouse Zhulin Xiaolou arranged by Sheldon Na poor.

After going there, Terra is enough.

In that kind of place, only the turtles would go.

But it doesn’t matter now, I have already bet, as long as I can arrange, I will be content when I hear Wang Dame yell from Sister Chu Chu.

The place will be there soon.

“Waiter, arrange the most expensive banquet for me, and one, two, three, four, five… and five more rooms for me!”

Terra shouted.

At this moment, she has never been so cool.

“Okay miss, I will arrange it now! Hello, miss, the total room rate is 500,000 dollar, please swipe your card!”

The waiter respectfully bowed to Terra repeatedly.

It’s so rich!

“Ah? What? Five hundred thousand? We opened five rooms and cost five hundred thousand for one night? I heard that right?”

Terra’s eyes widened directly.

“Yes, miss, this is a normal room, but the room you opened is enough to arrange a free dinner for you. We will gather famous chefs from all over the world for you to choose your taste!”

The waiter smiled and answered, while pushing the BOSS machine forward.

“This… wait a minute, what if we just order a dinner table?”

Terra swallowed vigorously.

“For a private dinner, we don’t provide a box. If you really want to order, you can get a box for 150,000 dollar. When the time comes, you can order the food from all over Tiannan. As long as you order it, ours The chef can make it for you!”


Terra was completely confused now.

It turns out that this is not a place where villagers come as they want.

Even a noble person like her can’t afford it!

Don’t know why, Terra thought of Sheldon at once.

At noon, Sheldon arranged a banquet here.

I plan to arrange accommodation.

With this calculation, I’m afraid it will start at five or six hundred thousand!

In other words, Sheldon is particularly rich.

He did not spend all his money.

And moreover!

In the kitchen of the home, the person who can make the waiter present that kind of expensive red wine is almost certainly Sheldon!


It turns out that Sheldon is the one who has real face!

“Haha, Terra, don’t be embarrassed. If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. Let me make arrangements. Let’s go to eat as soon as possible. I’m really starving to death.”

Wang Dame shook her head and smiled bitterly.

“You nonsense, I’m still here at noon. By the way, Wei Lin, you guys are here too, right? We almost ate and stayed here!”

Terra retorted.

“Terra, don’t you pretend to be alright?”

Wang Dame looked down on Terra a little.

“Who pretended to be, you can ask the waiter, did we come at noon? Did someone named Sheldon book a banquet and accommodation here?”

Terra asked anxiously.

“Yes, Miss, there was indeed a Mr. Sheldon who booked accommodation and a banquet at noon, a full 600,000 standard, luxurious suite!”

The waiter was very impressed, because the manager named Sheldon, who is usually awkward, did not straighten his waist in front of him, which shocked all the hotel staff for a while!

“Gosh, the standard of six hundred thousand!”

Terra is really going to be drunk!

At this moment, she was thinking, if Sheldon was there, it would be fine, what kind of face can’t be done!

But what…Oh oh, going crazy, going crazy!

With regret, Terra called his cousin Lilla at this moment, and wanted to ask Lilla if he could let Sheldon arrange it.

As a result, Lilla said that Sheldon’s cell phone couldn’t get through.

Because at this moment, Sheldon has a different task…

“Hurry up, slow down, why can’t I get through when calling you? I thought you were going to slip away!”

Tenner drove the car and yelled coldly at the coming Sheldon.

“Excuse me, instructor, my phone is out of power, can you lend me your power bank?”

Sheldon pointed to the power bank in Tenner’s car.

“Take it, it’s really a shameless person!”

Tenner said contemptuously.

Sheldon used the power bank to charge the battery. According to the agreement, Sheldon will be taken to the bar by Tenner tonight.

Alas, it’s really a drama to calm down and think about it at this time.

I am the owner of Roston Business District. At this moment, I want to work part-time for my new bar?

Sheldon couldn’t help laughing wryly.

“By the way, let me tell you something first!”

At this time, Tenner seemed to remember something, and said lightly.

Chapter 130

“Sheldon, let me tell you that those who went today were all big-faced people. My friend knows that you are my student. So after you go, you have to show me well. If you shame me, you give me just wait!”

Tenner said rudely.

Sheldon didn’t respond either, just glanced out of the window.


Tenner snorted and stopped talking and concentrated on driving.

Today, Tenner is very beautiful and s*xy. This is the first time Sheldon has worked with Tenner so close. Sniffing the body fragrance of Tenner, it is purely a lie to say that this woman is less attractive to men.

At the time when Sheldon was thinking about getting into trouble, the door of the zero bar on Roston Business District had already arrived.

At the moment, a lot of large and small luxury cars stopped at the door.

Many people come and go.

Right at the door, Sheldon also saw the flower basket sent by Fredrick and the others. After all, working together on the street should have some face.

Even the new boss Zhao Zixing sent a blessing.

It can be seen that the owner of this bar has very good connections.

“Cairu, why are you here? I’m waiting for you!”

A pair of men and women arm in arm, surrounded by a crowd, walked over and greeted Tenner.

“Qiaoqiao, I’m really embarrassed, isn’t it because the traffic jam on the road slowed down? Bless you Qiaoqiao, business is prosperous!”

Tenner said to a woman who was obviously the wife of a bar.

“Hahaha, I’m glad you can come, by the way, can you find someone to help?”

“Found it, right here!”

The two chatted.

As for Sheldon, he was bored watching who was sending the flower baskets in the Business District, and to see who he knew.

At this time, Tenner dragged Sheldon a bit.

“The lady boss called you!”

“Aoao, hello, my name is Sheldon!”

Sheldon reacted, subconsciously reaching out to shake hands.

However, the atmosphere stopped.

Qiaoqiao and her lover, the two of them looked at the hand extended by Sheldon and their faces became stiff.

who are you?

Are you just a part-time worker? Is it worthy to shake hands with us?

Nowadays, people are emphasizing face and some etiquette is necessary, but the gap between you is too big, and shaking hands again will be somewhat disrespectful.

At the moment, coincidence is this mentality.

At the moment, smiled contemptuously.

“What are you doing! Take your bad hand back to me!”

Tenner drank coldly.

“Please, can you be a little self-aware? Coincidentally, just tell him, let him do something?”

“Okay, let him go to the bar to help, carry drinks or something!”

Qiaoqiao also looked at Sheldon and shook his head with a wry smile.

In this way, Sheldon became a drinker on the bar.

Naturally, Tenner entered the most luxurious box with the proprietress.

The bar is very hilarious.

Especially tonight, there are a lot of rich second-generation son brothers.

“Guests at table 6 want three dozen beers!”

“Ah? But I’m too busy to come. The guests tonight have seriously exceeded their budget. So and so, are you not idle? Go, send three dozen beers to table 6!”

The waiter on the bar pointed to Sheldon, who had just moved the wine and sat down to rest.

“Hurry up!”

The waiter raised his voice again.


Sheldon should be neither, nor should it be.

But think about it, now that I have accepted this errand, just go and do it as a part-time job. I haven’t done it before!

Bring it over and walk towards table 6 here!

At this time, table 6.

“Come and come, sisters, be happy, today Sister Xiao, I have a treat, everyone is very enthusiastic, not drunk or returning!

There are six female guests at table 6.

It looks like a female college student who looks like a junior.

But all of them are s*xy, mature and beautiful.

After blowing a bottle in one breath, the headed sister Xiao grabbed the best sister next to her:

“Small mention, what’s the matter with you? In the past few days, I don’t see you live streaming anymore, and you’ve been sullen like this. Normally, bars are the happiest for you. If you have something, you can tell if something happens!”

“Sister Xiao, do you think there is a kind of person who is a hidden rich second generation, that is, when you look at him, he obviously has no money, he is a pauper, but he is really rich, and he is scary with money. !”

Sitting here is not Wang Xiaoti, who has just been slapped in the face.

Said depressed at the moment.

“Hahaha, it is true, but this kind of situation is too rare, and another situation is not ruled out, that is, this person has a very strong vanity, and even can go slant, high loans to pretend you know, in fact In his bones, he is still a poor man!”

Xiao Jie said.

It seems that this Xiao sister’s family should be quite rich.

Wang Xiaoti nodded fiercely: “Sister Xiao, this person, according to my observation, is very vanity! And I asked, he once won the lottery, maybe he got rich from this aspect, so he really likes it. show off!”

“Hehe, you see a lot of this kind of people, don’t take it seriously. Sooner or later, when there is a poor day, come and drink!”

Wang Xiaoti was a little relieved now.

To be honest, it has been a day since Wang Xiaoti feels uneasy.

It’s really because I don’t want to eat and drink. At this moment, I feel that the wine is watered horse urine and tasteless.

Not all because of that Sheldon!

The face in the morning was really hit too hard.

Moreover, that Sheldon is probably Sheldonhe!

After all, that Lamborghini might be his!

But, Wang Xiaoti really couldn’t understand that the car really belonged to him. Why was Sheldon being bullied by others because he was so rich?

This doesn’t make sense at all.

It should be a coincidence that the owner of the Lamborghini is someone else, and Sheldon has gone elsewhere!

Coupled with Sister Xiao’s encouragement now, Wang Xiaoti feels much better.

“Ladies, your wine!”

At this time, Sheldon came over with the wine.

Put down and prepare to turn and leave.

“fu*k me! Why don’t you stop me, who do you call?”

Sister Da Xiao said angrily.

The sisters usually play open games, but they are very sensitive to that.

Now he was called a lady on the spot by a waiter?

What do you mean, miss, it goes without saying!

And Sheldon was also taken aback.

He almost didn’t even think about it just now, just because these girls are pretty, wearing miniskirts and the like.

Subconsciously called Miss.

I didn’t expect to cause trouble.

“That beauty, I’m sorry, I made a mistake! This is your wine, please use it slowly!”

Sheldon bowed slightly.

He raised his face and said apologetically to them.

However, the moment Sheldon raised his face, he was stunned when he saw a girl.

As for that girl, she was stunned when she saw Sheldon.


“Wang Xiaoti!?”

This is really a narrow road for dollarjia!

Wang Xiaoti was talking about Sheldon righteously. He didn’t expect Sheldon to come.

And moreover! ! !

How did this Sheldon become a waiter at the Zero Point Bar? Hehe, isn’t he very rich?

I don’t know why, seeing Sheldon like this, Wang Xiaoti suddenly felt a different kind of pleasure.

At the moment, watching Sheldon have to leave again.

With a cold face, he said with a smirk: “Sheldon, don’t leave, I’m your acquaintance anyway, haha, should we talk about something?”

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