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Chapter 1299

In the finale, blood stains burst out fromSheldon’s chest, covering his whole body.

Such monstrous magic was something thatSheldon never expected.

“Sheldon, you have always wanted to know the secrets of the Sun Alliance. For this reason, your cultivation has advanced by leaps and bounds. However, the Tao is one foot high and the devil is one foot high. You think that if you have the opportunity to obtain the immortal inheritance, you will be able to defeat you. The person you want to defeat, have you found the person you are looking for? Haha, this is too much of a joke. In the face of true strength, even if you have a Rank Nine Primordial Spirit, you can’t stop the powerful person’s blow!”

“Now you Are you clear?” The

Sect Master of Tianmomen sneered.

“Who are you… Who are you?”

Sheldon frowned, “Why do you know so well about me, and you also know that I have a nine-turn primordial spirit? Know so many secrets of me?”

“Haha Haha, don’t worry, I’ll let you know who I am, but before you figure it out, I’ll dig out your Nine-Rank Primordial Spirit.”

“Because in this world, there will only be Nine Demons’ Neidan in the future. This only powerful and holy thing, Jiuzhuan Primordial Spirit, must be destroyed!”

The resounding voice of the Sect Master of Tianmomen was deafening.

“Swans, are you Swans?”

Hearing this,Sheldon had already guessed that he was inseparable. In this world, apart from Swans, I’m afraid no one would know so much about him.

In particular, Swans mentioned the Nine Demons Inner Pill.

“Hahaha, my good grandson, if you were so smart, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be playing with you!”

“However, before we explain everything, I have to break through yours. Dantian! I won’t be like you, hesitating, don’t shoot when it’s time to shoot!”

After speaking, Swans, who had turned into a huge giant, struck again.

This blow can break through thousands of troops, and the bearer is infinitely coercive.

Straight towardsSheldon.

Sheldon was seriously injured and could no longer move.

Did I just get killed by him?

Sheldon grabbed the ground, but at this moment, he was completely unable to exert any strength.

Like a waste person.

Just at this critical moment, all of a sudden, golden rays of light flickered.

It appeared directly in front ofSheldon.


There was a loud bang and twelve golden rays of light, which defiantly blocked this powerful blow.

Zhu Shengsan and the two elders, Black and White, with such a strong cultivation base, were still knocked out.


Swans was slightly shocked.

And these twelve golden rays of light also flowed in an instant.

It turned into twelve figures and stood in front ofSheldon.

The other eleven were all women in white clothes, and the first person in the middle was Uncle Qin.

“Uncle Qin!”

Sheldon seemed to see a life-saving straw.

“Good boy, are you alright?”

Kirk said.

“I’m fine, but I can’t stand it anymore!”

Blood flowed fromSheldon’s chest.

“Just as long as you still have breath, prick up your ears and listen to me carefully, now, time is running out, we have finally led the Nine Demons out, later, the twelve of us will try our best to hold him back, and you, just Use the method I gave you to explode your dantian!”

Kirk directly transmitted the words toSheldon’s ears through voice transmission.

“Self-exploding Dantian? Nine Demon Gods, Uncle Qin, what the hell is going on? Isn’t he Swans?”

Sheldon was surprised.

“Your grandfather Swans has already been occupied by the Nine Demons God Sovereign. He has been using your grandfather’s identity to revive his deity!”

“Over the years, many people with pure yin constitution have been The Sun and Moon Immortal Sect, also known as the Sun Alliance, has been looking for opportunities to force the Nine Demons Divine Sovereign to show up! At the same time, he will take away those with pure Yin physique to avoid being harmed by this demon, do you understand?”

Kirk passed the message road.

“So that’s the case, what about Lilla?”

Sheldon said.

“Lilla is very good, but whether you can reunite depends on whether we can kill him this time!”

Among them, a woman in white turned her head and said.

Plus Kirk’s constant explanation.

Sheldon understood in an instant.

It turned out that the Sun Alliance, the Sun Moon Immortal Sect, that he had been pursuing, was not the heinous person he imagined.

Rather, in order to protect people with pure Yin physique from being killed and used by the Nine Devils, they were taken away.

My second uncle, Lilla, Liba and the others were all taken away because of these.

Over the years, Sun Moon Immortal Sect has been struggling to find the whereabouts of Swans, a parasitic body, and he is constantly disguising, absconding, and setting up a big picture all over the world.

In order to protect yourself from being discovered.

In addition to resurrection, the purpose of the Nine Demons Divine Sovereign is to destroy his own Jiuzhuan Primordial Spirit. The same name as the Nine Demons Primordial Spirit is the Nine Demons Inner Pill of the Nine Demons Divine Sovereign.

Uncle Qin didn’t tell him this, so that he could use it as a bait to lure Swans step by step.

And now, if it wasn’t for him to see through this Tianmomen Sect Master at a glance, or Swans’s identity, I’m afraid it would be even more difficult to find him.

Through the accumulation of these years, Swans’s plan has been realized.

He now has almost 80% of the powerful power of the Nine Demons God Sovereign.

The Nine Demons Divine Sovereign was a great demon killed by the gods thousands of years ago, in ancient times, and this demon head, at the last critical moment, actually turned his essence into the Nine Demons Inner Pill.

Dreaming of being reborn one day.

You must know that each of the gods in the ancient times was Sun Moon Immortal Sect, with such a powerful suzerain status.

And it is only when they are united that they are destroyed.

So now, no one can deal with the nine devil gods who are full of blood and resurrected.

Only, the nine-turn Primordial Spirit inSheldon’s body.

According to the formula taught by Kirk before, he can indeed exert the power of Jiuzhuan Yuanshen.

However, it is no doubt equivalent to self-destruction, because Jiuzhuan Yuanshen leaves the body, and all his power is destroyed.

“A few of your remaining children of the Sun and Moon Immortal Sect are also worthy of being my opponents? Well, I’ll kill you first, and then destroy the 9th-turn Primordial Spirit!”

After speaking, the black giant.

In an instant, it condensed into a figure and appeared in front of everyone.

And this figure was not someone else, but Swans.

With a big wave of his hand, a huge aura swept in directly.

“Flying Immortal Formation!”

Uncle Qin roared, and the twelve people instantly condensed a huge barrier.

“Sheldon, hurry up!”

Uncle Qin’s forehead burst with blue veins.

At the moment,Sheldon tried his best to turn himself over, meditated cross-legged, and then took his last breath, frantically running the magic, streaks of golden rays of light kept flashing out of Chen Yang’s dantian.

Condensation Technique!

Sheldon used his last divine sense, Boom.

In his dantian, like the sea breaking the dam, it began to rush out.

Then, a golden dazzling nine-turn Primordial Spirit appeared directly.

Once Jiuzhuan Yuanshen was born, it showed a powerful coercion.

The black light in Swans’s hand was instantly knocked back.

“What a powerful force!”

Swans’s eyes instantly became scarlet and extremely hideous.


Sheldon used his last breath to strike directly at the stalemate Swans.


The light seemed to fill the entire sky at this moment.

A powerful force ravaged every space around it.

Swans’s magic formation shattered in an instant!


Swans roared hysterically!

Bang bang bang, the ground cracked, and the surrounding sandstorm swept half of the sky.

And then, the whole earth seemed to fall into endless silence.

Sheldon was also in this huge force, spitting blood, and as soon as he passed out, he felt that his body was getting colder and colder, and finally, it was even cold, like falling into an ice cave…

Three years later.

Jinling Business District.

The streets are still very busy.

People come and go, luxury cars all over the place.

“I said Yangyang, today is your younger brother’s big wedding day. As immediate family members, should we go earlier? You’d better start cleaning up from the early morning!”

“Okay Dad, are you bothered, second uncle? Didn’t I already arrange it? My brother finally got married, as my sister, can I not wear makeup properly?”

This woman is not someone else, it is Chen Yang.

“Okay, sir, let Yangyang clean up, let’s let the driver take us to the hotel first!”

“Alright, I just happened to ask how Ping An has set up the venue!”

Jinling Business District, I don’t want it today Too lively.

After all, this is the day when Young Master Chen of Jinling married his fiancée Lilla, and there were too many people who came to congratulate him.

“Liu Xu, take good care of our son, keep squeezing in, why are you in a hurry?”

a middle-aged woman couldn’t help scolding.

“Cough cough, Sheldon is married, I’m so excited, if Sheldon hadn’t taken us to Beisha to find your mother and son, I’m afraid our family…”

“Go, go, today’s happy day for MasterSheldon, what happened in the past , how did we agree? All of them must be rotten in the stomach, not to mention, Sheldon has given up the opportunity to obtain Xiancheng, and Kirk and the others have all returned to where they should be. Sheldon concentrated on returning to the mundane world, and followed Lilla lived an ordinary life, all those things have passed, and no one can mention it!”

“Okay, I won’t mention it! Alas, it’s just a pity, Sheldon obviously has it!”


A slap directly on the face On Liu Xu’s face, “You still said it!”

“Haha, Sheldon, look at Mr. Liu and the two of them!”

Lilla was standing at the door, holdingSheldon’s arm, and was amused by Liu Xu and his wife. laugh.

“Hey, there are people who are reunited, and I wish I could love each other all the time, but these two are so good, they finally found their wife and son. As a result, from the time of the return trip, they quarreled every now and then. It’s a pair of happy friends!”

Sheldon Shaking his head with a wry smile.

“Can you stop smiling bitterly, after all these years, you still can’t get rid of your stinky problem, and, who said, don’t mention anything in the past!”

Lilla pinched the soft flesh around Sheldon’s waist fiercely. .

“Okay, I won’t mention it anymore. Anyway, now that we are together, it’s time to say goodbye. Let him go in the past. From now on, the two of us will never be separated again!”

Sheldon hugged Lilla, “Let’s go, Let’s go in!”

The End

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