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Chapter 137

“O’ao, I see, it was spread in the wealthy circles some time ago. The Genting Villa that Roston Chen bought for 800 million dollar?

“Oh my god, it’s here, it’s so spectacular!”

“By the way, Danna, your family is from Roston Business District, can you take us to the foot of this Genting Villa to have a look?”

Both cousins ​​were envious.

Danna glanced at Sheldon and nodded when he saw that Sheldon did not object.

Everyone soon arrived here.

This Genting Villa, when Sheldon was away, was naturally supervised by special security personnel.

When I walked halfway up the mountain, there were already security guards stepping out and not letting go forward!

“What is it for? Nobody is allowed to enter here, not a scenic spot!”

The two security guards were in their thirties and were very handsome.

“Huh, we are not idlers, this little beauty, but Danna, the daughter of the Lin family in Roston Business Street, can’t we go in and see? Isn’t it rumored that Sheldon hasn’t moved in yet?”

Yvonne snorted softly.

“Yeah! It turned out to be Miss Danna from the Lin family, sorry, we only recognize it now!”

Both the Business District and the Heaven Brick Residencia belong to the same system.

They were sent by Zhao Zixing.

Of course, I know some important people on Roston Business District.

When seeing Danna standing next to Sheldon, the two bodyguards immediately smiled.

“Miss Danna, let’s tell you, we are only for Sheldon to watch the door. Entering the villa will definitely not work. If Mr. Zhao finds out, we will be miserable. But Miss Danna, if you don’t plan to enter the villa, If you just look at the scenery around, this one is fine!”

Most of those who want to go up the mountain to have a look are people with a face.

For example, the other day Ivan often brought people to play with him, saying that Sheldon was his goddamn brother.

Don’t say if it’s true, they wouldn’t dare to stop just because of the name Ivan!

But inside the villa, no one dared to enter.

When Danna came, the two security guards naturally didn’t dare to stop because of the Lin family’s face.

“Yeah, yes, let’s go up the mountain and look around the scenery!”

Looking at Sheldon who had been silent, Danna said again.

“And Ms. Danna, did you bring a lot of people today? If they all go up, we still have to lose our jobs if we are seen by those managers!”

The security was embarrassed again.

“I said, what’s the matter with you security guard, the nagging is endless, there are many suspects, so we will leave one, and the nine of us will go up the mountain to see!”

Spencer said coldly.

Who will stay?

Naturally, Sheldon is left.

Sheldon was also speechless to them. Is it so difficult to go up and look at his own house?

Moreover, Sheldon didn’t plan to save any face to Danna’s cousin later.

Originally, Sheldon was ridiculed, but also intended to get along with them in a low-key and peaceful manner.

But it’s useless! People won’t dump you at all!

“It’s all right, it’s so decided, Danna, let’s go!”

“Come on, it’s useless to let this kind of person go up. It’s not bad if he can mix in a residential house. What kind of villa to look at!”

Yvonne sneered.

A crowd of people went up the mountain in joy.

Sheldon just smiled bitterly and shook his head. Of course he won’t stay. He happened to be here. Go up and see if Zhao Zixing’s decoration is finished?

“Damn, what are you doing!”

Unexpectedly, he was pushed away by the security guard.

Sheldon was taken aback for a moment: “Huh? You don’t know me?”

Just now, Sheldon thought to himself, since it was the security guard from the Heaven Brick Residencia, how could he not recognize himself.

But it must have been given a special explanation, even if you see yourself, you have to pretend not to know you.

But I didn’t expect that they really didn’t know each other!

“Know you? Whoever you know knows you? Boy, shouldn’t you be the son-in-law? Why are you so unwelcome?”

“Looking at your kid like this, it’s just a little white face, a pissed bag! Hahaha!”

The two security guards mocked.

“Chen… Sheldon!”

At this moment, there was a clear and beautiful voice under the mountain, with a very respectful female voice.


The two security guards stopped smiling when they saw the beauty coming up.

And there was a cold sweat on his forehead, what did she call him?


Sheldon turned his head to look, his brows couldn’t help but raised slightly.

“Second cousin Wade, I haven’t seen you for a few days!”

The woman who came is the designer of Genting Villa and Wade, the housekeeper of this villa.

And beside Wade, she was standing next to some of her best friends who were called Blanca when she bought the villa last time.

“I have seen Sheldon!”

Blanca and the others still have the slightest contempt for Sheldon. If they say yes, they are all flattering Qiubo.

After all, it is very rare to have the control of Roston Business District and to be so low-key and down-to-earth.

Let them feel that as long as they are willing to work hard, they must have a chance.

What do you have a chance to do? Marry into a rich family!

“Yes, my sister asked me about your situation yesterday, but you can rest assured, Sheldon, I haven’t leaked your information at all!”

Wade said hurriedly.

Sheldon understands a little bit. It is estimated that after they left that day, Terra and the others went to the home kitchen for dinner again, ha ha, they went again, there must be no discounts.

So she should have caught Terra’s attention, she is investigating herself!

“Don’t mention your sister, it’s more excessive than you!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile: “You brought them to play too?”

Wade blushed for a while, just nodded. Indeed, after repeated crying from her girlfriends, she decided to bring her friends to see her.

I didn’t expect to meet Sheldon directly!

“Well, then come with me, and come with me into the villa by the way to see how the decoration is going!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Wade immediately took out another secondary key from his bag and handed it to Sheldon.

Sheldon was holding the key, and then under the dumbfounded gaze of the two security guards, he walked up the mountain.

“Hurry up Danna, take pictures for us!”

“The door of the villa I’m going to lean against is closer, and I will post a circle of friends later, let them see, hahaha!

“Sister Danna, shoot us too, and we want to shoot too!”

However, in front of the Genting Villa, Yvonne and the others are having fun.

The scenery on the mountain and this luxurious villa are really cool!

The three cousins ​​are also very happy.

However, at this time, they suddenly saw Sheldon who had also come up the mountain.

“Oh, let me go, why did Sheldon run up again?”

“I’m going, I won’t come up secretly, if someone finds out, it would be too shameful!”

The three sisters hugged their shoulders and said sadly.

“Sheldon, why did you come up? Did you sneak up from somewhere else? I went, if you want to see, you can ask Danna to show you the video, what’s the matter if you sneak up now?”

Yvonne pinched her waist and frowned.

“Um, two cousins, cousin cousin, I won’t come up, how can you go in and take a look at the interior of this villa! So that I can do my best as a landlord, and invite you to drink milk tea!”

Sheldon the milk tea that no one was willing to drink in one hand, and pressed the key in one hand.

With a beep.

I saw that the door of Genting Villa was automatically opened!



Chapter 138

Danna’s Heartbreak All the people were stunned.

“Sheldon, who are these?”

Wade came to Sheldon’s side, looked at them and asked curiously.

Especially when Wade saw that Danna was so beautiful, Wade felt jealous.

In short, it is the uncomfortable feeling.

But this embarrassed Sheldon.

Can’t you just say Danna is your girlfriend?

What if you tell Lilla? Not just cause trouble again out of thin air.

“I’ll tell you about this later! These are my guests, let me arrange someone to receive them!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

“It’s Sheldon!”

Wade nodded.

And one bite of Sheldon had completely blinded Yvonne.

“What what? You are Sheldon? Sheldon from Roston?”

Yvonne almost roared out.

“Yeah! Second cousin! I am!”

On the contrary, Sheldon smiled funny.

“Danna, is this true?”

Li Hongju was also surprised, feeling that his face was about to swell.

The poor dick who was mocked all the way was actually Sheldon!

Danna nodded seriously.

The three sisters also took a breath.

Obviously, they had heard of Sheldon’s name countless times.

Unexpectedly, this person was right in front of him.

There was a sense of remorse in the hearts of several people.

I was performing various shows in front of Sheldon just now, but as a result, they performed in front of others like a clown on a beam!

Then there was a lot of fun.

The topic also revolves around Sheldon.

But almost everything Sheldon said, they all answered yes.

One by one was silent.

Hehe, Sheldon knew that the face-slapped this time had trampled them to death.

Forget it, the province will make trouble later.

“Master Sheldon, the house has been renovated? When will you move?”

It’s time to leave, Wade asked quietly at this time.

“Just these few days, Zhao Zixing is really awkward, saying seven days, it only took six days!”

Sheldon agreed and took Danna and the others down the mountain.

“Sheldon, where are you? I want to go to the cafeteria for dinner with you tonight. I have something to tell you!”

It was Lilla’s Instagram message to Sheldon suddenly.

It also shocked Sheldon, with a guilty conscience like a thief.

“O’ao, I’m at school, okay, I’ll wait for you in the cafeteria at night!”

Sheldon hurriedly replied.

“Danna, there is something in my school. I have to go back, so I won’t accompany my cousin. You can take them to the Heaven Brick Residencia tonight!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Oh, Sheldon, you can be busy, don’t worry about us, we are all such grown-ups, how can you worry about it!”

Yvonne said with a smile.

“Yeah, Sheldon, you think I really troubled you today. I said your sisters, please bid farewell to your brother-in-law, your brother-in-law is leaving!”

Spencer also rushed to say, and reprimanded the three sisters who were embarrassed.

“Brother-in-law, you can do it!”

The three sisters said in unison, and they all showed such smiles at Sheldon, how to say it, it is a bit too much to seduce, say no, the three women are really thinking about Sheldon now.

I feel that Sheldon is not only beautiful, but now that he looks so simple and handsome, he looks better than his boyfriend in any way!


Sheldon couldn’t bear this kind of enthusiasm and left soon.

As for hate them or not? It can’t be said, after all, he and Danna are just playing on the spot.

“God Danna, Sheldon is Young Master Sheldon, you didn’t tell me, the cousin who hurt him almost completely offended Young Master Sheldon like your big cousin!”

Yvonne clapped her hands excitedly.

Spencer was unhappy when he heard this: “I said Yvonne, it was you who spoke viciously. It was you who completely offended Sheldon. How do you say it was me. If you don’t believe me, ask my daughter. I tSheldonbefore. Is the tone of the song very tactful? Is it your second aunt who sneered?”

Spencer asked her daughter on the side.

The daughters don’t know what to say.

Fortunately, her son-in-law Jordan said, “It shouldn’t be there! Hehehe! Besides, when Sheldon left just now, his attitude was pretty good, and he definitely didn’t care about us!”

Spencer looked at Jordan with disgust: “Looking at your virtue, I will ask my daughter if you are here? Why do you have two stinky money to show off? A villain, when will you learn from other people’s songs? , So mature and stable!”

Jordan’s face turned green.

The second cousin’s boyfriend Lindsay just smiled.

“Laugh? What are you laughing at? Do you think you are good? Pretending to be mature all day long, pretending to be dull, you have to have money to pretend? You will all stay away from my daughter in the future for things that are not promising!”

Spencer broke out.

Yes, after meeting Sheldon and Sheldon today, Spencer found out, how are his two future sons-in-laws so low? It’s not LOW, and it doesn’t look like a human being!

Yvonne ignored her sister.

Turning to hold Danna’s hand: “Danna, we will really move around more in the future, yes, cousin has never been to the Heaven Brick Residencia, since Sheldon has spoken, you can take us away. !”

“Yes, Danna, take us!”

“I’m not in the mood, go and do it yourself!”

However, Danna said lightly.

The voice is very cold.

This is not for the two cousins, but Danna is in a state of confusion now.

Because just now, Danna was sitting with Sheldon. When Sheldon received the Instagram news, Danna happened to see it.

It was a girl named Lilla who asked Sheldon to accompany her to dinner.

Then Sheldon deceived her that he was actually at school, and then rushed back as if he was flying.

Sheldon didn’t even have the courage to tell her to be with a girl.

And it can be seen that Sheldon cares about her very much!

This made Danna’s heart seem to be severely grabbed.

To put it bluntly, why did you ask Sheldon to help yourself three times and four times?

Do you really need Sheldon’s help?

Besides, pretending to be a boyfriend, who is Danna looking for?

Why look for Sheldon?

Isn’t it just to create more opportunities to be with Sheldon!

But what Sheldon was thinking about was the girl named Lilla, just by looking at his nervous expression!

So now Danna’s brain is blank and doesn’t want to do anything!

I just want to be alone.

Let’s talk about Sheldon, already back to school.

And went straight to the entrance of the cafeteria.

After arriving at the same time, I immediately sent a Instagram message to Lilla:

“Why haven’t you come to the cafeteria? I’m still waiting for you at the door!”

Sheldon thought of Kristine and Vern who gave them the tricks that they used to make progress.

“Hmph, I’m going right away, our broadcasting department just finished the meeting, hehe, I’m sorry to make you wait!”

Lilla said apologetically.

This trick really works!

Sheldon thought.

“Hey, have you heard that there was a girl who almost committed suicide today?”

At this time, the things discussed by several girls who had passed by me passed into Sheldon’s ears…

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