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Chapter 135


Tenner suddenly remembered the loopholes in Fredrick’s words.

He kept saying what would he look like?

At the time, he had countless ways to get it.

And, is it necessary to find what you are?

Because Tenner asked Fredrick about how he rescued him before, and learned from those men where he was tied up and which room he went to.

He came directly to save himself.

Why are you struggling to find out what you look like?

There is more!

How did the ordinary little brother know about this matter?

He really went to the bar. According to the ordinary little brother’s personality, he didn’t like this kind of place.

The only one who knew where he was going was this Sheldon!

I rely on!

Tenner couldn’t calm down anymore, could it be said that… Sheldon is the ordinary little brother?


Suddenly, Tenner laughed.

No, how could it be!

What do you think?

There may be some misunderstanding in this, wait for tomorrow, and then find Sheldon to ask the situation clearly.

Tenner was excited just now, and the hanging heart finally fell.

No words for a night.

The next day, because it was Saturday.

So Sheldon got up for a while.

He waited until his cell phone rang before opening his eyes.

At first glance, it was Danna who came over.

“I haven’t contacted him for several days. I don’t know what Danna contacted him today!”

Sheldon questioned, and still clicked to connect.

“Sheldon, are you busy?”

Danna asked in a low voice.

“I’m not busy, what’s the matter?”

Sheldon asked.

“That’s how Sheldon, didn’t you pretend to be my boyfriend and helped me once? But today, my cousin in Yungang City and some relatives in the north have agreed to come to Roston together today. Play, look at my dad!”

“But Mr. Zhao in the Business District will have two consecutive days of meetings. My dad is going to the meeting, so let me stay with him!”

Danna said something.

“Ou, then you stay with them, and have fun with them! If you want to go to the Heaven Brick Residencia, I will arrange a luxury suite for you!”

Cooper Family.

Talk to Danna, although she had a misunderstanding at first, she was beaten by her.

But now after a few things, the two are friends.

Sheldon is not twitchy.

But Danna’s purpose is obviously not this.

“Sheldon, I am not asking you to arrange a Heaven Brick Residencia. I want to ask if you have time. If you have time, can you come out with me and accompany them around?”

“Let me accompany them? You let me continue to pretend to be your boyfriend, right? Danna, I’ve pretended enough, enough, so don’t make me embarrassed!”

When Sheldonard this, he refused.

He is quite taboo about this now.

Not for anything else, mainly for Lilla’s consideration.

He made up his mind to be with Lilla. When doing these things, he had to consider Lilla.

However, Danna over the phone directly sobbed.

“Okay…Okay, Sheldon, think about it, too, how can someone like me let Sheldon do so much for me? It’s mainly because my cousin and my relatives and cousins ​​have said everything, and they even call their names. I want to see you! Well, I will tell them directly this time, you are not my boyfriend, I am not worthy…I will not embarrass you!”

Danna was crying.

Sheldon was a little embarrassed.

Sheldon didn’t hear girls crying in front of him most, and it was because of himself.

At the moment, he scratched his head with a wry smile and said, “Well, don’t cry, or else, I will go today. You can tell me a location, and I will look for you!”

“Okay, Sheldon, Sheldon is the best to Danna, huh!”

Danna’s fragrant kiss came over the phone.


Sheldon promised Danna, he thought it would be a break, the so-called help people to the end, send the Buddha to the west.

Since I helped her start, I have to help her end!

Well, just go!

Sheldon changed his clothes, because it was too late at this point, and there were too many people driving, so Sheldon simply drove Didi and found Danna.

Then Danna arranged the family car to go to Roston Airport to pick up the plane together.

At the same time, the exit of Roston Airport.

A group of eight or nine men and women were standing.

There are middle-aged people and some young and beautiful.

“Aunt Lin, what happened? Didn’t you tell Danna? We arrived at 9:30, and it was almost 10:30. Why hasn’t she come yet?”

“Don’t worry Wen Yun, maybe something has been delayed by Danna, don’t worry, I called you just now, I will be here soon!”

“Haha, this Roston has been here once before, but now it’s really changed. There must be a lot of fun places. Oh, by the way, Yvonne, didn’t you mean that Danna took her boyfriend to your house last time? Huh? How about that young man? Why do you say that others are not good on the phone? No explanation!”

At this time, a middle-aged woman who looked very similar to Yvonne asked.

Her name is Spencer, two sisters, but she is married to the north, and is now a manager of a securities institution with an annual salary of one million.

“Huh, don’t talk about that poor boy. Just think about it. That man, he just won a lottery, and he doesn’t know his surname? And you know, his family is poor and he has no money! Wanting to empty the glove white wolf, I originally wanted to introduce my sister’s son Lawrance to Danna, but in the end… alas!”

When Yvonne thought of Sheldon, she didn’t get angry. People of this kind wanted to enter their Lin family’s door, so let’s dream.

“Maybe Xiaomei saw him feel sick. I asked her to come this time. Why didn’t she come? And since Sheldon went to our house last time and joined the rich second-generation cruise ship dinner together, Xiaomei I’ve been depressed and talked less, so I asked her what was wrong, and didn’t say anything!

Yvonne said indignantly: “It is estimated that I saw the poor man who made me sick!”

“Hahaha! Yvonne, your mouth is getting more and more poisonous now. Is there anyone who says that about a child? But I really want to see this man named Sheldon. Is it so disgusting?”

Spencer couldn’t help but smile.

“Of course there is, it’s incomparable to the nieces and sons-in-laws of me who you took me today!”

It turned out that there were three young girls standing beside Spencer, and three boys holding their hands.

One girl is twenty-four or five, and the other two girls seem to be the same age as Danna.

The three girls have white skin and proud and ruthless eyes.

They are Danna’s cousin, and next to them is their boyfriend.

One more thing, the two younger ones are Spencer’s two daughters. The slightly older, but cold-faced woman, is the niece of Spencer’s husband, who came to play together.

“Mom, you still said that my aunt’s mouth is poisonous, hum, I want to ask if there is a mouth that is more poisonous than yours in this world? My sister’s last boyfriend almost committed suicide by jumping off the building by your ridicule!” The youngest , The girl with a particularly fashionable dress said at this time.

“Go and go, you damn girl, if I’m going to kill you again, is that my mouth poison? I’m the truth. Doesn’t I have a company with an annual profit of tens of millions? Just like this, I am also worthy of marrying me Spencer Daughter? How much is your father’s company’s annual profit, hum!”

Spencer was wearing sunglasses and could not help but said coldly.

Make everyone smile.

“Huh? My sister Danna is here!”

The girl suddenly pointed to Danna who was standing outside and walking with Sheldon…

Chapter 136: I’ve Seen A Mirage

“Cousin, I’m really sorry, I’m late!

Danna adjusted the haircut and smiled.

“It’s not too late, what are you doing so politely!”

Spencer smiled while staring at Sheldon up and down like a snake.

“Cousin, cousin, two cousins, hello!”

Sheldon said hello generously.

“You are the one named Sheldon, right?”

Spencer picked up her shoulders.

Looking at Sheldon again, he already had cares in his heart.

The dress is ordinary, but the long one is delicate, but it looks like that from the countryside, without fashion!

Spencer couldn’t help but shook his head helplessly.

If this kind of person is to be his son-in-law, bang!

Don’t ridicule him by yourself, it was two slaps that made him get out!


Therefore, Spencer’s voice is not salty or weak!

“Hehe, I didn’t expect to see him for so long, it is still such a virtue!”

Let alone Yvonne, she sneered and cursed.

As for the three cousins, they all poked their mouths and shook their heads at their respective boyfriends.

It means, why did my cousin find someone like this to be her boyfriend?

This dress is too LOW.

It’s almost all!

Sheldon just smiled like a deal.

It seems that after Su Mei and the others went back last time, they didn’t mention a word to their family.

Sometimes it’s true to think about it, it’s better to mention it!


“Cousin, the car has been arranged, let’s get in the car first, and then drive you around!”

Sheldon sighed, but said with a smile.

“After you arrange it, you can arrange it, and this car is just like yours! Cut!

Yvonne watched Danna have been holding Sheldon’s hand.

At the moment, very uncomfortable, he came over and pulled Danna’s hand away, then pulled Danna away and left.

Two luxurious business buses came, and everyone got on the bus. First, they came to a scenic spot in Roston and looked around.

“Sheldon, what are your plans after graduation?”

In their spare time, everyone sat down and chatted together, and the topic unconsciously got to Sheldon.

Spencer asked without a smile.

“In terms of planning, it means planning to do something by yourself in the future!”

Sheldon also learned well this time, and it is not clear what to do without saying.


Unexpectedly, after Sheldon said these words, the cousins ​​who were drinking milk tea all laughed.

Their boyfriends also shook their heads bitterly.


I heard that among the sisters, Danna, the most beautiful woman, has found a boyfriend.

It just so happened that the three of them also brought boyfriends.

Cousins, I must compare them.

At the beginning, the three sisters were a little nervous, afraid that their boyfriend would not be able to make a move in front of Sister Danna.

But now, it’s almost haha!

There was no pressure at all, and they didn’t even regard Sheldon as an opponent.

“I heard you right, it’s just you? Still want to do something by yourself? Do you think society is too simple?”

Spencer shook his head speechlessly. This child is too inadequate to speak, doesn’t he look at his own virtues?

“Auntie, don’t say that. It’s great for Sheldon to have this kind of idea, but the idea belongs to the idea. But, for those of us who have just graduated from university, we have to enter the society for some experience and then consider starting a business. Thing!”

The third cousin’s boyfriend put down the milk tea and gave a wry smile.

Instead of calling brother, he just called Sheldon’s name.

It is enough to show that he looks down on it in his heart.

“Yes, what Jordan said makes sense. This is what people who do big things should say! I think you should go to your dad’s company to practice, right?”

“I have this idea!”

“I don’t plan to go to my dad’s company to experience, and prepare myself to go out and venture into the world!”

At this time, the boyfriend of the second cousin also spoke.

“Haha, Lindsay’s idea is also good!”

Yvonne smiled and said: “Sister, my nieces in your family will have been lost in the second half of my life, so I was anxious about our small eyebrows and Danna. You said they two, when will they find Lindsay and Jordan? A boyfriend like that?”

“Ahem, auntie, be careful when you speak, isn’t Sheldonre?”

The second cousin covered her mouth and smiled.

“Hehe, just him?”

Everyone was chatting endlessly.

If Sheldon listened any more, he might have to pick up the milk tea on the table and splash them.

At the moment, seeing that their milk tea was gone, Sheldon found an excuse:

“I’m going to buy a few more cups of milk tea, you guys talk first!”

Sheldon left after speaking.

Watching Sheldon leave.

The two sisters immediately gathered around.

Even the big cousin came over to talk to Danna. She had a lot of contacts every year, and of course she was very familiar with it.

“Danna, what’s the matter with you, how can you find someone like this to be your boyfriend?”

“Yeah, cousin, this person is too low! I go, I don’t want to see him anymore!”

“Yeah, I’m also enough, this kind of person is in our class, so I probably don’t have friends!”

The three sisters said in unison.

“You look at people, don’t always look at the surface. Sheldon is very nice and loyal to people. Moreover, he has his own ideas. Isn’t these all his charms?”

Danna was also helpless.

“Ah, Danna will know when you enter the society, how much is the difference between the rich and the non-rich! And, it’s not a question of money, let me tell you, don’t say that Sheldon has no money.” , Even if he has some money, this kind of thing is not worth it. Hearing my sister’s advice, let’s break up as soon as possible! Let’s introduce one more to you!”

The three sisters went into battle to persuade.

Danna just bowed his head and said nothing.

Everyone was anxious.

At exactly this time, Sheldon returned after buying milk tea.

Mentioned seven or eight cups of milk tea.

“Cousin, cousin cousin, you guys have some milk tea, it’s too hot!”

After slipping around, Sheldon’s anger disappeared a lot.

Besides, they are all Danna’s relatives, and there is no need to be angry with them.

“Forget it, we won’t drink anymore, you can keep it for yourself!”

The three sisters shook their heads speechlessly.

“We also don’t drink, we are no longer thirsty!”

Sister Yvonne also shook her head.

“Alright Danna, I think this place is about to play, let’s go to the next place!”

Yvonne said.

“Good cousin, let’s walk the mountain road, take a look at the surrounding mountains, and then go to the Heaven Brick Residencia for lunch!”

Danna nodded.

Sheldon didn’t say anything about his identity, and he didn’t dare to mention it!

Everyone turned and walked towards the commercial car.

When fast forwarding.

The third cousin suddenly said to his boyfriend: “Oh, I’m so thirsty, you go buy a cup of milk tea, remember to buy a few more Ou!”

“Hmm, put some ice less, I can’t drink ice!”

Spencer also smiled.

“Okay, I’ll go buy it right away!”

Jordan ran away.

Holding a cup of milk tea, Sheldon just shook his head and gave a wry smile.

Is it because you are poor, does the milk tea you buy have the function of quenching thirst?

The car finally set off, all the way on the Huanshan Road.

Sheldon didn’t speak anymore, sitting quietly in the co-pilot and playing with his mobile phone.

At this moment, they listened to the outside of the car. The three sisters and Gutierrez stretched out their heads in shock and discussed the surrounding mountain scenery.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful, mom, look, this mountain view is really beautiful!”

Everyone exclaimed.

“Yeah, I haven’t been to Roston for so many years. The mountain view alone is refreshing!”

Yvonne also smiled happily.

“Ah! Stop! Stop! Mom and aunt, look at what I see? It looks like a mirage!”

The third cousin pointed to a place and shouted excitedly.

He immediately called and notified the older sisters in the car behind them.

“What what? A mirage? Let me see!”

After parking, everyone came down and looked around.

I saw the top of the mountain not far away, clouds and mist, and a building full of ancient charm but with a luxurious atmosphere appeared in everyone’s eyes.

Still in the clouds, ethereal.

“It’s so beautiful, it’s so beautiful, but it doesn’t look like a mirage!”

Spencer was about to jump up with joy.

Immediately took her own camera to shoot. In addition to being the general manager of a listed securities company, she was also a photography enthusiast.

“Yes, cousin, it’s not a mirage, but based on the top of Roston, called Genting Villa!”

“What? Genting Villa?”

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