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Chapter 139

“Huh? Suicide? Why?

“Hmph, it’s not because of confession to Zhao Shao, but they didn’t agree at all! Then the woman can’t think about it!”

“It turns out that, alas, there have been more and more confessions to Zhao Shao recently, but I seem to have heard that in the past two days, there seems to be a girl who walked very close to Zhao Shao!”

“Damn, it’s so jealous, which girl can be so lucky? Can be favored by Shao Zhao!”

“No matter what the other girls are, my goal is only one, and that is Sheldon, hum!”

A beautiful lady who was a bit cold, she looked like a goddess and spoke.

“Yeah! Sheldon is invisible and untouchable. How can there be such a scenery as Shao Zhao!”

“Oh, you are sick at the entrance of the cafeteria, and don’t look at your stupidity!”

Several girls were discussing aloud, and they glanced at Sheldon, which broke Sheldon.


Sheldon snorted and ignored them!

“Hey, Sheldon!”

At this moment, Lilla had already walked over.

As soon as he came up, he took Sheldon’s hand.

It’s like a boyfriend and girlfriend.

For two people, it sounds strange.

After experiencing the last misunderstanding, Lilla knew what Sheldon wanted.

And Sheldon also knew what Lilla wanted.

That night, Sheldon asked her, “Are you my girlfriend?”

Lilla said, “Isn’t it always?”

There is no gorgeous confession, and there is no dramatic story, so he became boyfriend and girlfriend.

As for Lilla implicitly saying that he has always been your fake girlfriend or real girlfriend, Sheldon doesn’t care about it anymore, it’s fine anyway.

“Go, eat, what should I have tonight?”

Lilla asked.

“I want to eat braised pork!”

The two went to the cafeteria to talk and laugh, making many boys feel jealous when seeing this scene.

Such a nice flower, actually with such a boy?

It’s dying!

A plate of braised pork and some vegetables came up.

Sheldon and Lilla ate face to face.

On the side, many men and women were sitting.

The topics are almost all about what Zhao Shao is and who has failed to chase Zhao Shao.

Sheldon was also drunk.

“Why is this Shao Zhao so high-profile? Is he here to go to school?”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Haha, you think everyone is like you. You have been poorly raised by your family for so many years, and they have been spoiled since birth. By the way, Sheldon, how powerful is your family? You never tell me! “

Lilla asked softly.

She doesn’t worship gold, but she is very curious about what family’s strength can mobilize helicopters and make Sheldon spend endlessly.

“I don’t know much about my family. I know that our family is very rich, and it doesn’t cost much!”

Sheldon answered honestly.

“I bah! I don’t believe in more than flowers!” Lilla felt that Sheldon was bragging.

Sheldon is really telling the truth.

The two people are noisy and lively.

Suddenly at this time, the entire cafeteria suddenly exploded with various shouts.

Sheldon was taken aback.

When I looked up, I saw a group of people walking towards the cafeteria.

And this person is not someone else, but Zhao Shan Zhao Shao.

The atmosphere of this scene is no less than that of a big star suddenly appearing in the square.

“Shao Shao, I love you, accept me!?”

Some girls yell shamelessly.

“Young Master Zhao, how can you become your girlfriend? Please tell me, please?”

“Wow, I want to take pictures quickly!”

They often shout so boldly, they are the kind of girls who usually love to dress up.

However, Zhao Shan seemed to be used to it.

“I’m just here to accompany one of my friends to have a meal, okay? There’s no need to make such a fuss!”

Zhao Shao gave a wry smile.

Then, he looked at the doorway behind him.

It was two girls who came out under the eyes of everyone.

Standing beside Zhao Shao.


Sheldon just took a sip of soup and almost sprayed Lilla’s face when he saw the two who came in.


Sheldon was shocked.

These two girls are naturally stunning, they are actually Shelly and Zyra.

“God, is this Shao Shao’s girlfriend? Why, isn’t it just a little better?”

“It’s disgusting, what are you doing with Shao Zhao!”

Some girls began to scold indignantly.

“It’s not a girlfriend. Didn’t you hear what Zhao Shao said just now? It’s a friend! It’s a friend! This shows that we still have a chance!”

“Shelly, Zyra, sit down, to be honest, if it wasn’t for the two of you that I liked the cafeteria, I wouldn’t have come. I grew up like this, the first time I saw the school cafeteria, hahaha!”

Zhao Shan smiled.

Sitting on the table in the center of the cafeteria.

As for Shelly, he just faintly adjusted his hair and smiled before sitting down.

Obviously I don’t want to talk more.

In fact, first by Charlton, then by Sheldon, Shelly were all scared.

Therefore, in the face of Zhao Shao, who is now well-known in Roston University, hinted at the pursuit, although Shelly was excited, he kept on.

She won’t be the kind of active little girl anymore.

Moreover, to be honest, this Zhao Shao thinks he is rich, so he wants to date him, which is impossible.

What Shelly wants to talk about is love, not to have sex.

At least before he got married, Shelly was still able to defend himself like a jade.

Moreover, she has been in a bad mood these days, and she will be dumped by Sheldon.

At the same time, she proved that she might think too much.

Sheldon, will he really be as powerful as he imagined?


After getting to know Zhao Shao in the past two days, Shelly discovered that Sheldon might not be as good as he had imagined, but only had some money.

I really think too much about Sheldon!

Compared with Zhao Shao, Sheldon’s various behaviors are at the elementary school level, ridiculous!

Especially, Shelly now enjoys the refreshing feeling of being watched by all the stars like the moon. None of this can be given by Sheldon.

Zyra was also enjoying this refreshing feeling.

A look of arrogance at the moment.

“Hey, hey, look at the flowers?”

Lilla stretched out his hand and shook before Sheldon’s eyes, and put down his chopsticks a little angrily.

“Ah? No!” Sheldon hurriedly explained, “I’m just curious, how did Shelly meet this Shao Zhao?”

“Huh, no, I think you feel uncomfortable? Two days ago, Shelly still likes you. Now, it is obvious that people like others, don’t you feel uncomfortable?”

Lilla frowned.

“It’s not a taste. If it’s not a taste, it’s just a pity that Shelly is a good girl, but she doesn’t like the poor and loves the rich. I’m afraid she will be stimulated one after another, and she will fall down!”

Sheldon told the truth.

“Apart from you, who else stimulated her?”

Lilla broke the casserole and asked to the end.

“There is also a boy I knew before. She was the most irritating one that day, ha ha, forget it, let’s not say anything, let’s eat quickly!”

Sheldon shook his head helplessly.

However, just after taking two bites of rice, suddenly a peanut hit his table.

Who? It’s so idle, right?

Sheldon couldn’t help but curse secretly.

Then, another one hit Sheldon’s table.

Sheldon is sure this time, and some people are happy with themselves.

When I looked up, I saw Zyra, who was wearing brand-name clothes with a proud face, was holding a peanut with chopsticks, and sneered at herself…

Chapter 140

What Zyra meant was like saying that, I didn’t expect Sheldon, I, Zyra, could have today, and I was recognized by a rich person like Zhao Shao as a goddess.

Buy me clothes again, and give me bags or something!

Zyra wanted to return all the humiliation Sheldon brought to her.

Of course Sheldon wouldn’t pay attention to her, so he went to eat again.

And this scene of Zyra naturally made Shelly notice.

In fact, Shelly had already noticed Sheldon when he entered the canteen just now.

However, she just glanced at Sheldon like a puff.

Speaking of her acquaintance with Zhao Shao.

It also has something to do with Sheldon.

In the small park that day, didn’t Sheldon dumped himself and chased Lilla? I left very ashamed and angrily, and it happened to be that time when I met Zhao Shao.

When Zhao Shao added Instagram, the two became good friends.

It was precisely because of meeting Zhao Shao that the self-esteem damage brought to Shelly by Sheldon’s once aura disappeared.

Therefore, Shelly does not need to talk to Sheldon anymore!

She can also find boys who are a hundred times stronger than Sheldon.


“By the way, Lilla, if you have something to tell me, what’s the matter?”

Sheldon withdrew his thoughts and asked Lilla while eating.

“Well, yes, yes, it’s about the day after tomorrow we go to Los Angeles Island TV to study the three-month plan. I signed up and want to study, and then return to Roston. It’s time to find a job internship!”

Lilla said.

“I’m going, why is it so sudden?”

Sheldon was taken aback.

“I received the notice in the morning and started organizing registration. No, after I signed up, have I been in meetings? The study period is three months! I also want to stay in Roston directly, but I don’t want to live with me. Family, especially under your aura, I want to go further!”

Lilla said firmly.

Sheldon nodded slightly dejectedly: “Well, we are young and learn more. Not only you, but I also have the next study plan.”

Although not a breakup.

But it was three months after thinking about it, which made Sheldon quite reluctant.

“You, you can visit me anytime! I’m not missing anymore!”

Lilla grabbed Sheldon’s hand and smiled.

“Okay, I will visit you whenever I have time!”

I heard from my sister that the core of the family is in Negston, and Los Angeles Island must have many of its own properties.

When the time comes, Lilla feels relieved in the past.

Ahem, now Sheldon feels dramatic even after thinking about it.

When I was poor, I felt that the whole world had to abandon itself.

Now that I have money, I feel I own the whole world.

As for Shelly, Sheldon didn’t think about it.

Anyway, I don’t want to have too much intersection with her anyway. Sheldon doesn’t even want to be a girl with this personality!

Not to mention that Zyra.

On the third day, it was Sheldon who sent Lilla on the plane.

After sending him away, Sheldon calmed down completely, and went to learn the relevant knowledge of economic management when nothing happened, and then took a look at Yunmeng Mountain’s development issues.

Time flies quickly, and it has been three days since Lilla left.

“Sheldon, Sheldon, have you seen Binzi?”

On Friday afternoon that day, Sheldon was lying on the bed and playing with his mobile phone while he was idle. Vern suddenly ran in and asked nervously.

“No, don’t you guys go online together?”

Sheldon thought that at this time they should go online in a team.

In the past two days, Liyan didn’t know what was wrong, and every day he was depressed, Sheldon and they asked him not to speak!

In short, a person who is usually alive has become weird.

When eating together at noon, Vern said about asking Liyan to go online to relieve his boredom.

But in the evening, no one can be found!

Vern was a little worried.

Sheldon is also sweating on his forehead, what will happen to Binzi?

After taking out his cell phone, Sheldon quickly called Liyan.

The result has been shut down.

“Damn! What’s the matter?” Vern scratched his head anxiously.

Sheldon lay down too carelessly, jumped off the bed, and whispered:

“Don’t say, Binzi is really weird during this period of time. Since last week, I found that he often laughed at the phone. I want to see it. His kid didn’t let me see it. But in the past two days, he was unhappy. He must be hiding something from us!”

Sheldon thought about Liyan’s performance in the past two days and said.

However, Liyan is usually so noisy, occasionally unhappy, no one in the dorm pays attention to him, just want to play with him.

“Yeah, I have paid attention to this issue too. The most important thing now is that we have to find him as soon as possible, and nothing should happen!”

After Vern finished speaking, the brothers immediately prepared to find them separately.

Sheldon was anxious to call the police.

As soon as the door was opened, everyone was stunned.

Liyan is back!

The whole body was soaked with sweat.

And unusually haggard.

“fu*k! Binzi, why did you go?” Vern scolded anxiously.

“O’ao, I went out for a while, something happened these two days!”

Liyan talked a little bit unconscious, and then yawned into the dorm.

“How did the phone turn off?”

Sheldon also felt strange seeing Liyan’s appearance.

“And Binzi, are you hiding something from us?”

“Ah? I…I’m fine!”

“Then you just said something happened these two days?”

Sheldon and Vern glanced at each other. If it’s all right, then it would be strange. At the moment, the dorm brothers surrounded Liyan.

Liyan lowered his head and stopped talking, his expression gloomy.

“Binzi, are you trying to dying to death?”

Sheldon patted Liyan on the shoulder.

Facing the concern and questioning of his brothers, Liyan’s mouth twitched, and finally he frantically scratched his hair:

“Don’t ask if it’s okay, don’t worry about me, I’m Liyan is not a thing, in fact, I am a scumbag, please, don’t ask me!”

“I… I’ve been lying to you all the time. I’m quite a dog. Don’t take me as your buddies in the future! If I say it, you all have to look down on me!”

? ? ?

Both Sheldon and Vern were confused.

Then Sheldon said, “How come Binzi, if you have something to avoid, we will look down on you, unless you have never regarded us as brothers!”

“No, no, no, I took it, my feelings for our dorm are absolutely true!” Liyan scratched his head: “Okay, I can say it all, maybe I can say it, and my heart feels better!”

“In fact, Sheldon Lao Yang, my family is also quite poor. Don’t you always think that my family’s conditions are pretty good, but I actually pretend to be it! The situation in my family is no better than the Sheldon. My parents are I am sick, and I have a seriously ill sister!”

“Since I was young, no one can value my house, do you know? When I was seven years old, I went to my cousin’s aunt’s house to borrow money with my mother, and they blasted me and my mother out! They threw out my family’s agricultural products. !”

“Therefore, I am particularly afraid of being looked down upon by others. I have been afraid since I was young. I am particularly afraid that people without money will look down on me. So from high school, I deliberately pretend to have money!”

“Last week, I chased a high school female squad leader for several years. She finally agreed to be with me, but she is different from other girls. She is not the kind of greedy person, but I lied to her. I lied to her. Said that I mixed up well in school and opened a few stores, but now…”

Liyan hung his head, like a flat ball.

Sheldon understood: “Then she has to see you now?”

“Yeah, I said I went to find her, but she insisted on coming, what can we do? If she knows that I lied to her, she will definitely break up with me, I am really precious to her! Two days of working hard to make money part-time!”

Look at Liyan like this.

Sheldon didn’t know how to persuade him.

I did not deceive Lilla less.

He also understands Liyan’s feelings. He wants to get a love, but he is also afraid that the love will be gone because of poverty. That’s why.

“Come on, Binzi, don’t worry about it, I have a solution!”

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