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Chapter 141

It was eleven o’clock at noon that day

The gate of Roston University.

Three girls were standing in front of the school, and looked around from time to time.

He was impatient.

“Qin Fei, what’s the matter? Okay, I’ll see you at the school gate. Why hasn’t Liyan here yet?”

“Yes, Sister Fei, I thought Liyan had to pick us up in a big car and a small car, but it made us wait so long!”

The two girls asked impatiently the girl named Qin Fei in the middle.

The three girls are all extremely beautiful.

Especially the one named Qin Fei in the middle has a sense of tranquility and elegance.

“Alright, Lin Yue, Liyan is now starting his own business. With so many stores, he may not be too busy. I called him just now and said that he is already dealing with the things at hand. Today, I will spend the whole day with us!”

Qin Fei smiled.

Their school is in a Los Angeles city, and they have heard about the prosperity of Roston for a long time, and want to come and see it.

The girl named Lin Yue is Qin Fei’s roommate.

I heard that Qin Fei’s boyfriend Liyan is very good in Roston. Qin Fei came to Liyan again today, and of course the two of them must also follow.

On the one hand, come to dazzle.

On the other hand, I was a little jealous to see if Qin Fei’s boyfriend Liyan was bragging.

If it is so awesome and treats Qin Fei so well, it is really enviable.

“Hey, three beauties, are you waiting for someone?”

Suddenly at this time, a black Passat stopped in front of Qin Fei’s trio.

The window of the car was rolled down, and two sluggish boys came down.

Qin Fei and the others lowered their heads and didn’t speak, and they encountered too many such boys’ chats.

As for the two boys, they all look pretty.

Instead, he didn’t leave.

“It looks like you are not students of our Roston University, are you here to find someone? You can tell me, maybe I can help!”

The two boys got out of the car directly.

“Sorry, Liyan will pick us up soon!”

Lin Yue said directly.

“Liyan? Damn, haven’t you heard of it?”

The two boys glanced at each other, it is estimated that it is a little-known boy from the school.

If it was a bit famous, the two boys turned around and left. After all, there can be one less enemy and one less enemy.

But, like this unfamiliar one, the two boys are not afraid.

Seeing that Qin Fei and Lin Yue are really beautiful.

At least the two boys have to ask for Instagram.

“Ao, we don’t know Liyan, but it’s such a hot weather. You are here waiting to get your beautiful skin tanned. Well, there is a cafe next to me. I will take you to a coffee and wait? , Get in the car!”

To be honest, Lin Yue had the urge to get in the car.

The two boys looked like they were very rich, but when I thought that Liyan might be richer than them, besides, how could I say that he came with Qin Fei?

Seeing Qin Fei shaking his head, Lin Yue also shook his head.

“Why are you polite? Get in the car and treat it as friends!”

While talking, a boy wanted to pull Qin Fei’s hand boldly.

“What are you doing! You are sick!”

Qin Fei jerked her hand aside.

Also was yelled angrily.

This is a huge crowd, so that both boys are very shameless. They have chatted up with many girls. How can there be such a scene of being rejected by girls in public?

At the moment, the two boys looked at each other and sneered: “Beauty, this is too shameless, right? Reach out and not hit the smiley person?”

After that, I still want to use my hands.


However, I haven’t met this time.

Hearing a bang, the head of a boy was kicked out like a kite with a broken line.

It was Liyan, Vern and Sheldon rushing over.

When the three of them left the school gate, they had already seen the two boys act on Qin Fei and the others.

He rushed over in a rage.

“Damn, change our brother Bin’s woman, and die!”

Vern also cursed, and together with Sheldon, he beat the other one.

“Damn, you three live enough, right? You dare to hit me?”

The leading boy yelled, and the cold sweat from holding his back pain came down.

“Hit you? Who told you to harass my girlfriend? I fu*ked you to death!”

Liyan is really red eyes.

It can be seen that he cares about Qin Fei so much.

Pounced up and hit again.

Sheldon and Vern also bite the bullet.

The two were beaten seriously.

“Boy, remember it to me in the future. When you see our Malcolm’s woman, please keep your eyes open and roll me away. Have you heard?

Sheldon coldly shouted.

“Bowen? Well, I heard it, remember it!”

The two boys couldn’t beat and beat them, and had to slip away as though they were confessing.

First of all, this is Liyan. Although he has never heard of the name, he has two loyal little brothers. It must be extraordinary.

You have to inquire, and then you can do more care, right?

Sheldon and Vern had already discussed with Liyan. Sheldon’s solution was to help Liyan survive this scene today, and the two played Liyan’s younger brother.

It stands to reason that Liyan picks up girls by bragging, and Sheldon and Vern shouldn’t help.

But it was also a little moved by Binzi’s feelings for Qin Fei.

Besides, a few people have had brotherhood relationships for three or four years, so you can’t just watch Liyan so sad.

So the two are ready to help.

Let Liyan pass this level first.

Unexpectedly, Liyan’s girlfriend was bullied, it was pretty good!

“Damn! Sister Fei, your boyfriend is so handsome!”

Lin Yue looked at Liyan excitedly at this moment.

It was simple and rude, so that two people didn’t know they would fight back.

So hero, so handsome!

“Liyan, you just have to scare him away. Why do you hit someone? Shouldn’t you lose money if you destroy someone?”

Qin Fei said Liyan a little irritatingly.

“It’s okay, it’s all trivial!”

Liyan patted his chest and said, “By the way, Sheldon, has the eating place been arranged?”

Sheldon immediately smiled like a little brother: “Don’t worry, Bowen, everything has been arranged. The location has been selected in the home kitchen, shall we go now?”

This was deliberately arranged by Sheldon.

Since you want to have noodles, you have to choose it in Roston Business District. The standard of the Heaven Brick Residencia is too high, and it feels like a big blow. The home kitchen is not big or small, which is just right.

Liyan scratched his head in shock and winked at Sheldon.

It means the home kitchen, which is a bit too expensive, how can it be consumed?

Sheldon just gave him a look that made him feel relieved.

Everyone took a taxi and headed to their home kitchen together.

“Wow, this is Roston Business District. The home kitchen must be of high standards. I heard my classmates in Roston say!”

Along the way, Lin Yue was watching excitedly.

From time to time, I took out my phone to take pictures.

“Sao Li, when you graduate and buy a car, I will come to play with Sister Fei again. Don’t you have to take a taxi?”

Lin Yue said with a little regret.

“Of course!”

Liyan wiped the sweat from his forehead.

Qin Fei was holding Liyan’s hand, with a slight joy in her heart.

She is not the kind of girl who sees money open, but, her boyfriend is out of luck, and no one thinks she has a face.

“Hey, it’s here, get off the bus!”

Sheldon and Vern were in the front of the car. At this moment, Sheldon came over and opened the door for Liyan.

“Let’s go and eat together!”

Liyan said with a smile.

Then everyone went to the front hall, ready to go to the box that Sheldon had arranged long ago.

“fu*k! Liyan and Vern have the surname Chen? Why are you?”

At this moment, there happened to be a group of men and women in the front hall, and they were also preparing to go to the box.

But as soon as she turned around, one of the girls who was very glamorous dressed up said in astonishment.

Obviously unexpected.


Sheldon was also dumbfounded. He didn’t expect to meet this crazy girl…

At this moment, people on both sides are a little bit big-eyed.

Chapter 142

The Conflict in the Home Kitchen
“Hey, hello, what do I want to say to you three? What are you three doing here? Are you eating here? Yeah, yeah, with three girls!”

Zyra has changed a lot from before.

Not to mention wearing a brand name, since being recognized by Zhao Shan as a god-sister, his status has also risen.

Listening to Elma, there was only one Shelly in Zyra’s eyes.

She looked down on all the other people.

She feels that she and others are not in the same world at all.

In short, special madness, special defiance.

No way, someone has a good brother who buys clothes and bags.

Liyan listened to Zyra’s question.

However, she pulled the corner of her clothes a little nervously. This Zyra had been in touch before, but she was very clear about her own details.

fu*k, it’s embarrassing!

“We are here to eat too, let’s not talk, we are upstairs!”

Sheldon also didn’t want to talk for a long time, especially Sheldon took a look, and Zyra came to eat today, isn’t it the one of Zhao Shan’s subordinate, Su Jie who used his car to pin himself to the ground when he came to school? ?

According to usual observations, this Su Jie is a very provocative horse under Zhao Shan.

Seeing that Zyra is very close to him, wouldn’t they be a romantic relationship?

How could Sheldon be afraid of Su Jie, just because today’s protagonist is obviously Liyan and not himself, so he doesn’t want to cause trouble.

“Haha, the surname is Chen, stop for me!”

However, Zyra looked at Sheldon with disgust.

She doesn’t call Sheldon anymore, because Sheldon doesn’t deserve to call him herself.

Humph, you used to be Sheldonniu! It’s so awesome.

I don’t know, I thought you were Master Sheldon, how awesome it is.

I, Zyra, really liked you, and one day she even went straight to bed with you.

But what about your surname Chen?

You are so arrogant that you never put me Zyra in your eyes.

Remember that some time ago, you pursued Shelly face to face in the broadcasting department? You know I love you, but you still ignored me!

Zyra hated her, her teeth tickled.

At the moment, she is turning around, becoming Zhao Shao’s sister, Zhao Shao’s good brother Su Jie, and she has some thoughts about herself. The relationship between the two is very ambiguous now.

Are they better than Sheldon?

Therefore, Zyra does not target anyone, only Sheldon!

“The surname is Chen, weren’t you a cow before? Now that Shao Zhao is here, why are you not a cow anymore?”

Zyra hugged her shoulders and smiled.

“Also, in the cafeteria a few days ago, didn’t you eat with Lilla? Now, why are you with these girls again?”

“Hey, hey, who are you, what are you talking about, what is it that we are with him, we are good friends of Li Mai’s friend!”

At this time, Lin Yue retorted with a cold face.

To be honest, Lin Yue is a little bit down on Sheldon, who wears no sense of class.

If he wasn’t for Liyan’s younger brother, Lin Yue would not hesitate to look at him.

So right now, when Zyra actually said that she was with this little brother named Sheldon, she couldn’t help refuting.

The main reason was that Zyra was not pleasing to the eye.

“Huh? Bowen? Which Bowen?”

Zyra frowned at the moment.

“What happened to Liyan and Malcolm?”

Lin Yue and Zyra were on the bar.

With these words, both Sheldon and Liyan rubbed their foreheads in despair.

Why do you persuade you to enter the box as soon as possible? Isn’t it just that you are afraid of talking to this point?

Then what is really afraid of.


Zyra laughed.

“What are you talking about? You call Liyan as Malcolm? He is Malcolm?”

Zyra seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world.

“Which Bowen? I have been in school for a while. Many rich and young people have visited me. Why haven’t I heard of Liyan Malcolm?”

Su Jie hugged his shoulder and said something interesting.

“Hmph, Liyan is not a rich second-generation, he started from scratch and has opened several stores in Roston! Am I right, Sister Fei?”

Lin Yue said unconvinced.

Qin Fei just nodded.

“Gosh!” But Zyra covered her mouth with a surprised look: “Liyan, just how many stores have you opened in Roston? God, god, when did you open it? What store did you open?”

Zyra deliberately pretended to be surprised.


Everyone’s eyes turned to Liyan, and Liyan was at a loss.

Sheldon gave Zyra angrily.

This mad girl should see that something is coming, but she has to break the casserole and ask to the end, it is really not to give three people any face.

Obviously, her purpose is to make three people ugly.

“Zyra, there are so many shops, do you have to let you know one by one, sister-in-law Qin Fei, let’s go to the upper box!”

Sheldon made an inviting gesture and deliberately blocked Zyra, saving her talking again.

“Damn, get out of me!”

And Zyra kicked Sheldon’s ass when she raised her leg.

“Why don’t I know? Elma and I are sisters, Vern is Elma’s boyfriend, and Liyan is buddy, why? Elma doesn’t know about Liyan opening a store, I really want to ask. What really happened!”

Zyra said domineeringly, meanwhile a smirk at the corner of her mouth: “Anyway, I don’t understand this matter today, so I won’t let you go!”

“Forget Liyan, tell her the store you open, let’s hurry up and eat!”

Qin Fei gave Zyra a look of disgust, and said softly.

“Yes, Bowen, tell her about the store, someone in the province looks down on others!”

Lin Yue also said.

“You call me a dog?”

Seeing it was going to quarrel again.

Suddenly at this time, Su Jie’s phone rang, which made everyone relatively quiet.

“Cousin, why haven’t you come yet? What are you waiting for! What? Go to the hospital? Was beaten? By whom?”

Su Jie’s tone suddenly became cold and severe.

“Okay, after you wipe the potion, come to the home kitchen to eat first, and then in the afternoon we will pick out the one who beat you two, grass!”

After scolding fiercely, Su Jie hung up.

“Young Master Su, what’s the matter? Is it Xiaokai’s phone number?”

Zyra also ignored Sheldon and them.

Turning to look at Su Jie with some worry.

“Yeah, my cousin called and said that he was beaten by three people just now, and now he has just wiped the potion in the hospital, and he will come right away!”

Su Jie twisted his neck and made a crackling noise.

“Who? Why are you so bold? Dare to fight Xiaokai, who doesn’t know that he is your cousin Su Jie!”

Zyra also said harshly.

“Who cares about him, whoever, call me someone, let Hua ShaoOsbornexiao find more people, I have to do things this afternoon!”

“Yes! Su Shao!” The younger brother immediately called.

And Sheldon and Vern looked at each other, and what they were thinking about was self-evident, wouldn’t it be such a coincidence?

This is too embarrassing!

And just at the stalemate.

A black Passat has screamed, and a sudden brake stopped at the door of the home kitchen.

From the car, two boys with swollen nose and swollen nose jumped out at this moment.

See these two boys.

Lin Yue was shocked: “fu*k, it’s really the two of them!”

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