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Chapter 143

“Cousin, really got beaten? You beat him so hard? Because of what?

Su Jie asked with concern when he saw two people coming.

As for the two cousins, they hadn’t been there before, that is, they had made waves at Roston University.

Damn, now I have transferred to Zhao Shao, and I have already made it clear that I am going to stand up at Roston University, and my cousin has been beaten.

This is simply a shame.

When Liyan and Vern saw the two of them, they directly lowered their heads with shame.

These two people were the two who were gangly beaten by the three of them at the school gate just now.

To be honest, there was nothing when fighting, and I was very courageous.

But now that he calmed down, both of them were a little confused. After all, Su Jie was with Zhao Shao, not to mention Zhao Shao, just this Su Jie, a few people simply can’t afford it.

Too much back!

“Ahem, don’t mention my cousin, I saw three nice girls today and wanted to strike up a conversation, but the result was… fu*king!”

The boy named Su Kai said indignantly at this moment.

Turning his head, he happened to look at each other with Liyan and Vern, and immediately exclaimed.

“Cousin, do you know them?”

Su Kai stared at Liyan and the others.

“No! But your sister-in-law Zyra knew them.”

Su Jie gave a wry smile: “What’s the matter with Xiao Kai?”

“Mom’s cousin and cousin, my brothers were beaten by the three of them!”

“What? By the three of them? Xiaokai, are you sure?”

Su Jie was also a little surprised, and immediately looked at Sheldon and the three of them coldly.

“Of course, it was these two who beat the third child. It was this one who beat me. By the way, my eyes were beaten by this kid!”

Su Kai pointed at Liyan viciously.

Liyan and Vern swallowed, the more worried they were, the more things would happen.

“Let me go, Liyan and Vern’s surname is Chen, when did you three be so bold? Even Su Jie’s brother dare to beat him?”

Zyra was there, but she held her shoulders gloating.

At this moment, in the lobby of the home kitchen, many guests are also watching the excitement.

“Cousin, do you really know this person? I just want to ask you if you know this Liyan Malcolm. After all, you know more people than me. I didn’t expect you to really know this Malcolm!”

Su Kai also said with a sneer at this time.

“Hahaha? What? Liyan, Bowen? It’s him! I’m right, let me tell you, the three of them, except for Vern, are a bit human. This is called Liyan and he is a poor student. As for the surname next to him, Chen Yes, hahaha, he is a poor man, so Xiaokai, do you know, today you were beaten by three poor men!”

While Zyra said, she twisted her hips excitedly.

Qin Fei and the others on the side blushed even more. Looking at Liyan, who bowed their heads and said nothing, Qin Fei and the others finally knew what was going on.

No wonder Zyra was so aggressive just now, and Liyan didn’t respond. Could it be that Liyan was really lying to herself?

“It turned out to be pretending to be forced, I said, I have never heard of Malcolm, this is good, let’s settle the accounts here!”

Su Kai sneered while shaking his neck, and took a bottle of beer from the side bar.

He shook it suddenly, then turned his head to look at Su Jie and smiled, “Cousin, am I okay with being presumptuous here?”

Su Jie nodded: “It’s okay, the manager here is Sister Yue, Shao Shao’s god-sister, and my god-sister, haha, you can do whatever you want!”

“Come on!”

“Damn, let you pretend to be in front of me, Bowen, I asked you to drink beer!”


Su Kai exposed a mouth, and a large amount of beer was sprayed directly on Liyan’s face.

It’s similar to the scene in the movie Young and Dangerous with Akun Puffing Honan.

“Rely on your mother!”

After that, Su Kai raised the bottle and wanted to slam it on Liyan’s head.

As for Liyan, just clenched his fist to accept the scene.

Su Jie could not provoke him at all, that’s for sure.

He graduated soon, and he believed that Su Jie had 10,000 ways to make himself unable to mix.

Therefore, he had to accept it willingly.

No money, no power, just so helpless, even the capital to protect his girlfriend.

He closed his eyes tightly and waited for the bottle to fall.

Just listen to a loud bang.

Hops are everywhere.

Then he saw Su Kai fell directly to the ground holding his blood-filled head.

It was Sheldon who had taken a bottle of beer long ago and opened his head.

“Dare to beat me Malcolm, I think you don’t want to live anymore!”

Sheldon just saw Su Kai humiliating Liyan like that, and he couldn’t stand it.

Right now, since I pretend, I just pretend to be in the end.

Liyan and Vern Qin Fei were dumbfounded.

Su Jie and Zyra were also dumbfounded.

“Chen, you dare to beat my brother, I think you don’t want to live anymore, do you know whose site this is? Believe it or not, I told you to stand up and go out?!!!”

Su Jie cursed directly.

Then he shouted to the younger brother behind him: “Go and call my god sister, today my brother was smashed in her shop, let Sister Yue come out to be fair!”

After speaking, he looked at Sheldon with a sneer.

“Oh, this guy is really impulsive. Where is this? The home kitchen in the Business District, Carla’s chassis, this kid is on the other side of the site, and he was smashed by Carlagan’s brother. It’s really fatal!”

“I went, I’ve heard that Carla is the first sister in Roston Business District. I heard that even the newcomer Zhao, he dare not yell at Carla. What is Carla’s background?”

“Grass, you haven’t heard of it. Carla has a close relationship with the mysterious Roston Sheldon. Some people say that Carla is Sheldon’s woman, so Mr. Zhao can’t give face!”

“I’ll go, it’s awesome, this guy really has to stop here today!”

The spectators on the side said worriedly at this moment.

Of course, most of the people who watch the excitement are not too big.

“Liyan, Sheldon, run away. The big deal is that I will stay here. I will do what they like. You can’t offend them, so hurry up!”

At this moment, Qin Fei was almost crying when she heard the humming of people around her.

“No! SheldonYanghui, you take Qin Fei and the others first, I’ll take care of it alone!” Liyan was also on his head at the moment, holding on to the end of the family.

“No one can leave for me today!!!”

Suddenly, an absolutely high-decibel female voice rang.

I saw a woman slowly walking downstairs.

It is Carla, the manager of Home Kitchen.

“Sister Yue, someone beat my brother!”

Su Jie immediately greeted him and said flatly.

And Carla swept away at the beating side at this moment.

When he saw Sheldonzhi with one hand in his pocket and his face was neither salty nor pale, Carla’s body trembled a little.

Today, Sheldon booked a seat in the kitchen of his home, and naturally he arranged with her in advance how to receive him, and asked her to act in a play, and let Liyan pretend to be big and young.

This is also the reason why Carla is always upstairs. She cleans the box herself.

Only after hearing someone fight, I didn’t expect it was Sheldon.


Carla said excitedly.

After saying a word, he was warned by Sheldon’s eyes.

“Aoao, you are Malcolm, right? It turns out that Malcolm is here!”

Carla looked at Liyan with a professional smile.

Liyan is almost at a loss, what’s the situation? Shouldn’t it be that you are going to be punished by the strong woman Carla?

Sheldon leaned close to Liyan and said that Liyan should be firm, he is Bowen!

Liyan certainly believes that Sheldon will not cheat himself.

He bit his head and nodded and said, “I am!”

“Hey, Bowen, come and say something early, I should come down to meet you personally, Bowen, did someone offend you?”

As Carla spoke, she swept towards Su Jie and Zyra coldly.

Su Jie’s eyes widened long ago.

As for Zyra, of course she was sure that Liyan was a dick, shit Malcolm.

Even if it is now, Carla is definitely helping him. Because Zyra knew Carla a long time ago, and she knew that Sheldon used to be Carla’s little white face.

It was precisely because there had been some conflicts with Carla before, and I wanted to use Su Jie to clear up the previous suspicions, but it was obvious that Zyra was helping Sheldon.

But Sheldon has a girlfriend? How could it be Carla’s little white face?

No, could it be said that Carla did not know that Sheldon had a girlfriend?

Seeing the situation going in the opposite direction, Zyra’s eyes were suddenly full of energy…

Chapter 144

Genting Villa Completed
“Sister Yue, they smashed my brother!”

Su Jie said bitterly at this time.


However, Carla’s answer was a loud slap in the face.

“Su Jie, I think you have the courage of the bear heart and leopard, and you dare to make trouble here, or do you make trouble with Chen… Malcolm!”

Su Jie received a slap in the face.

When I was wronged, I closed my mouth obediently.

He is not an idiot. Today this one is called Malcolm. Obviously he has a source. It is not a poor one as Zyra said.

Otherwise, how could Sister Yue, who is usually so arrogant, give Liyan so much face.

At the moment, you can only lower your head.

“Damn, this scene is so cruel!”

Lin Yue who came with Qin Fei was really shocked.

Especially Carla’s attitude as a strong woman makes Lin Yue envious. Whenever, she can get acquainted with a giant crocodile like Sheldon, and then see which rich second generation is not pleasing to the eye. It is a slap in the face, hahaha !

“If you are acquainted, get out quickly, otherwise, Su Jie, you can’t go out standing today!”

Carla hugged his shoulders and said coldly.

Su Jie shivered all over.

Right now, I wanted to apologize to Liyan and get out.

“Wait a minute!”

Then Zyra yelled.

“Sister Yue, please wait a moment. Even if we had conflicts before, please listen to me and finish. After I finish, you will regret that you helped someone today!”

Zyra held her shoulders and looked at Sheldon coldly at this moment.

It seemed that I had already seen Sheldon being cut by Carla a thousand times later.

“Hehe, it’s you little bitch, what do you want to say? It’s better to be useful to me, otherwise we will calculate the old and new accounts together!”

When Carla saw Zyra, he also remembered the scene where she was accused of raising a little white face when she sent Sheldon back to school, which embarrassed Sheldon.

“Okay Sister Yue, let me just explain it directly. The guy named Sheldon has failed your trust. He has a girlfriend in our school, and the girlfriend is in our department!”

This is Zyra’s biggest trump card.

After speaking, she pointed to Sheldon and said, “If you are a man, tell Sister Yue, am I right?”

Sheldon nodded and said, “Yes, my girlfriend is Lilla, who you belong to! Haha! I just became a couple a few days ago!”

“Hahaha! Sister Yue, did you hear that? He admits it, he speaks…”

Zyra laughed, and then her smile gradually reduced.

She originally wanted to see the anger, furious, and even murderous emotions on Carla’s face.

After all, if they were fooled by men, they were all women. Who doesn’t understand the feeling of anger and wanting to kill.

However, Zyra saw Carla’s impatience and anger from Carla’s face.

“This is what you want to tell me? Hehe, one of Malcolm’s little brother has just found a wife, what are you telling me about this? You don’t really think that this little brother named Chen is my little white face, right?”

Carla sneered.

“Ah? Isn’t it?” Zyra was startled.


“Little bitch, you have slandered me since the last time, and now you dare to speak wild words!”

Carla pulled his mouth up.

Stupid Zyra.

It turned out that I guessed wrong!

“Hurry up and get out of here!”

Carla scolded angrily.

The eyes are almost red with anger!

“O’ao, get out now!”

Zyra was in tears, and she was about to leave, covering her face.

“Wait a minute!”

At this time, a girl spoke cowardly.

It was Lin Yue who stood up.

“What are you doing?” Zyra asked.


Lin Yue plucked up her courage and slapped Zyra’s face.

Who made this Zyra so mad just now, so insulting them.

Now, even the sister Carla is so polite to Malcolm, then as Qin Fei’s best friend, what else is Lin Yue afraid of!

This is the first time that Lin Yue hit someone in the face. Zyra, who was stunned and afraid to say anything, was so cool!

Sheldon just smiled while watching.

This Zyra was ashamed but was thrown at grandma’s house today, haha!

After running away from Su Jie Zyra and the others, the disappointment on Carla’s face was revealed. When serving Sheldon and the others, he almost turned the dishes several times.


Just now Carla pretended to be when he heard from Sheldon that Sheldon had a girlfriend.

Carla’s heart was actually severely grabbed.

However, her long career experience made her hide herself well.

Naturally, the process of eating was all right. After the meal, Sheldon arranged for Liyan in advance for the next place to play and stay at night.

The standards are all high and not too outrageous.

“Bowen, my girlfriend keeps calling me!” Vern said to Liyan at this time.

They are about to go to Zhufeng Xiaolou to settle their luggage or something.

“Well, Lao Yang, go back first!”

Liyan said something.

Vern took a taxi and left.

“Lee Shao Malcolm, let this person go too, take him so shamelessly!”

At this time, Lin Yue glanced at Sheldon with disgust.

During the meal just now, Lin Yue asked for the Instagram account of her idol sister Carla, thinking about how she would know her sister Roston in the future, and she must always pay attention to her own image.


Sheldon was taken aback.

This person naturally refers to himself.

Unexpectedly, I was like a slave today, serving your three young ladies for a day, but as a result, I was rejected?

“Huh? He can’t go!”

Liyan panicked when he heard this.

Although I don’t know exactly what Sheldonis, but Liyan’s backbone is now Sheldon.

“Why, Bowen, do you have to let him follow?”

Lin Yue begged.

“Um, well, Bowen, you don’t have to be embarrassed. I will follow your instructions and arrange everything for our next activities. Just go directly, and I will leave first!”

While talking, Sheldon blinked and motioned for Liyan to install it.

Liyan nodded helplessly.

Sheldon also happened to leave. After playing for a little day, he was really tired. Vern went to find Elma again. It is estimated that Zyra said something in their dorm group that made Elma call Vern hurriedly to ask about the situation.

As for herself, Lilla went out for training again, and had nothing to do, so she had to go back to the dorm to sleep.

At this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang suddenly.

At first glance it was Zhao Zixing calling.

“Master Sheldon, the house has been completely renovated, and according to your instructions, a garage has been built for you at the foot of the mountain, and all the ropeways up the mountain have been completed! Look, why are you moving here?”

“Mr. Zhao, I’m really bothering you. I didn’t expect that even the garage was repaired in only seven days. As for moving, I will choose the date, and it will be three days later! As for the door key, you should hold it first. When you move three days later , You first let someone go over and help me prepare in advance!”

When Sheldon accompanied Danna up the mountain, seeing that the decoration was almost done, he explained that Wade moved in three days later.

“Good Sheldon, don’t worry, you will be satisfied!”

After hanging up the phone, Sheldon thought, now that the garage is also repaired, there is no need to keep his Rambo in the small park. Let’s put the car in the garage below the mountain! “

After receiving the mobile phone, Sheldon was about to make a call and left the Roston Business District area.

“Master, follow the car in front of me!”

And then, another girl got into a taxi, her eyes fixed on Sheldon…

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