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chapter 145

“Hey, miss, is the kid in the car in front of you your boyfriend? Want to see if he’s not honest outside?

The driver smiled talkatively.

“To tell you the truth, none of the people who often come to this Roston Business District are careless, because of what? Because people who come here often must be rich!”

“Slow special nonsense, watch me closely!”

The girl roared coldly.

The driver didn’t say anything, and focused on following the car.

And this girl is not someone else, it is Zyra.

Why does Zyra insist on following Sheldon?

Let’s talk briefly about Zyra and Su Jie’s leaving the home kitchen.

After leaving, Su Jie was embarrassed and angry. He was slapped in public and blasted out. Even his patron Yue Sister was offended.

The younger brother was blown up.

This is simply the feeling of losing the woman and losing the army, before the pain is over, and losing the pants!

In short, it was extremely uncomfortable.

Who is to blame?

Su Jie blamed all the sins on Zyra.

Damn, if it wasn’t for her to fan the flames there, saying that Liyan and Malcolm were poor.

How could he Su Jie do things so carelessly.

Let his younger brother Su Kai blow people’s heads.

It was Su Jie who learned today that Zyra had offended Sister Yue like that before.

Therefore, Su Jie attributed the culprit to Zyra.

Naturally, there was a quarrel, and after the quarrel, Zyra was thrown away.

Zyra was furious.

She was also thinking, what is it for?

Liyan is definitely not Bowen, she knows this very well, because Zyra investigated everyone in Sheldon’s dorm during the first dorm meeting.

I was trying to find out if there were any potential stocks, but in the end there were none, and Zyra also found out that Liyan’s family is also quite poor.

But after she told Elma about this matter, no one talked about it.

In short, only Sheldon did not investigate, so does he still use investigation? A dick whose poor pants are almost gone.

But I didn’t expect that Sheldon’s surprises to himself were endless.

Today’s affairs, she all fell to Sheldon.

It must be Sheldon that can make Carla like this. Even if he is not Carla’s little white face, he must have an inexplicable relationship with Carla.

Moreover, this Sheldon always gives people a very mysterious feeling.

He is not a rich second generation, but sometimes it feels like he is better than any rich second generation.

Today is another testimony!

Therefore, Zyra intends to follow Sheldon to see what’s going on with him!

It’s been a while since I followed Sheldon and Vern secretly!

However, Sheldon didn’t know anything.

Get off the bus directly at the school gate to see if it is already evening.

People in the small park are scarce.

I came to the small park, where I left my car.

Ready to drive to the Yunding Mountain Villa.


Two crisp flashes of car lights.

Then the door opened automatically.

Sheldon was just ready to get in and drive away.


I heard a sound of the phone falling and smashing from behind.

“Sure enough… I guessed right, it really is you!”

Then a terrified and unspeakable female voice sounded.

When Sheldon looked back, he was taken aback.

“fu*k, Zyra, why are you like a ghost, are you moving at all?”

Within ten steps behind her, Zyra was looking at herself in a daze.

She covered her mouth in astonishment, and the phone fell in half under her feet.

Even the whole body was shaking.

“Sheldon, this car is yours? Is it yours?”

Zyra reacted and looked at Sheldon in shock.

My God, this luxury car Lamborghini that has attracted countless Roston girls is actually Sheldon’s.

18 million luxury cars.

What is this concept?

Zyraru was struck by lightning.

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, Zyra wouldn’t believe it was true even if she was killed.

The owner of the luxury car is actually someone familiar with him but not familiar with him.

“Well, since you saw it, I admit it, this car is mine!”

Sheldon sighed helplessly.


Zyra’s eyes were full of tears.

“Well, if there is nothing else, I will leave first. As for the car, you will keep it secret for me. Don’t get it to the end. Everyone is unhappy, hehe!”

Sheldon said lightly.

Ready to enter the car.

“Sheldon, don’t go!”

Unexpectedly, Zyra rushed over and hugged Sheldon’s back in a fist.

“Damn! Zyra, are you crazy? Are you sick? What are you doing?”

Sheldon was shocked and hurriedly struggled!

“No! I won’t let go, Sheldon, I won’t let you run away from me, I love you, I really love you! Give me a chance?”

Zyra hugged Sheldon’s waist again, and her whole body was attached to Sheldon.

Damn it!

Sheldon had seen Marcella’s love for money, and thought he was immune to all girls who love money.

But unexpectedly, Zyra was more ruthless than Marcella.

Yes, Zyra has indeed given it up now.

Sheldon’s past, plus now that he is driving, even if Sheldon only said that the car was his, Zyra believed it.


Because her mind was turning too fast, Sheldon’s current car, as long as it is connected with his past things, it makes sense.

This is a skeptic ass.

In addition, Zyra had already seen that Sheldon was the kind with very soft ears and hard to get up to people, especially for women, he was easily entangled.

It was this weakness that caught Sheldon.

That’s why Zyra gave it a go.

“Damn, don’t do that, please, I’m going to get goose bumps!”

Sheldon was anxious with a cold sweat.

“I won’t! I will always follow you unless you give me a chance!”

Zyra clung to her tightly.

Crazy crazy, completely crazy!

Sheldon was cruel, and with a little force, Zyra broke apart Zyra’s hand, then took the opportunity to get into the car and lock the door.

Turn on automatic fire and run away.


Just hearing a slight noise, Zyra actually lay in front of the car.

“Sister, sister Jiao! What are you going to do?”

Sheldon yelled anxiously.

“Sheldon, let me ask you a question, besides being rich, do you have another identity? Tell me, just ask you to tell me?”

Yes, Zyra only suspects one right now.

That is the legendary super god Roston Sheldon who has been secretive, it is Sheldon!

Otherwise, why did Bren, Carla now, and Chapman of Heaven Brick Residencia respect Sheldon so much?

what! ! !

Plus today’s things, now the sports car!

The smart Zyra could guess eighty or nine points no matter how stupid she was.

That young master Sheldon is Sheldon! ! !

Now she was trembling all over, and she was about to climax. She wanted to know the truth.

“I’m telling you, I don’t know what Young Master Sheldon is, but if you don’t roll, I will slam on the gas pedal? Don’t doubt the horsepower of my car!”

“I won’t go, if you don’t admit it, I won’t go!”

Oh shit!

Sheldon got angry, and really went down with a kick of the accelerator.

It just stepped on it lightly, and then, afraid of hurting Zyra, then slammed on the brakes.

But I didn’t expect that this inertial force, coupled with the wheel, was pressed against a rock.


Zyra flew out like a kite with a broken wire.

It hit the ground directly, lying in a big font.


Sheldon just wanted to scare her, but unexpectedly there was an accident.

He opened the door and rushed over immediately.

Zyra landed on the back of her head and went into a coma.

Patted her face.

“Zyra, don’t you scare me? Is it okay? I didn’t want to throw you out just now?”

Sheldon blamed himself.

It’s not the Virgin, because even though he hates Zyra, and sometimes even wants to lick her big mouth, he is definitely not so cruel that it hurts Zyra or even loses his life.

Look at Zyra’s pained expression.

Sheldon picked her up and threw her into the car, then galloped all the way towards the hospital…

Chapter 146

The incident about Zyra really made Sheldon sweat

Fortunately, after being sent to the hospital for diagnosis, it was only a concussion and passed out because of the impact.

Just receive treatment and recuperate for a while.

“Sheldon, don’t leave, I love you!”

“Young Master Sheldon, don’t leave, I love you to death!”

In the coma, Zyra was still mumbling nonsense.

Sheldon is also drunk, do you love me? You just love the identity of Sheldon.

Finally, Sheldon paid Zyra the highest standard of medical expenses.

Then drove to Yunding Mountain to release the car.

From the Belraen parking lot, Sheldon prepared to take a taxi and left.

Suddenly, Sheldon noticed something wrong with Yunding Mountain.

That is Yunding Mountain Villa, which is brightly lit at the moment.

The architectural style of this villa itself is very ancient. At this moment, the night is getting thicker and the lights are unfolding, really resplendent and radiant.

It’s so wonderful.

But he wasn’t there, Wade didn’t dare to live in so blatantly.

Who would be in it?

Sheldon was surprised for a while.

Decided to go up and have a look.

When I came to the door of the villa, I found that there were people inside, and there were more than one, men and women, and it was very lively.

It’s weird, who is this? Why did you open PART in my house, and there is also my house key!

Sheldon walked over with a bit of anger and pushed the door open.


The people inside were obviously taken aback when Sheldon appeared.

They all looked in astonishment.

As for Sheldon, he looked at the men and women in his own house in a bit of amazement.


There are a dozen men and women.

The middle living room was made into a bar-like appearance by them, filled with various food and drinks.

A dozen people are drinking it!

But Sheldon didn’t feel familiar with the dozen or so people. They were definitely not Bren’s group, and certainly not his brother Ivan.

That’s weird.

The two security guards halfway up the mountain are still there. How did these people get in?

“Damn, who are you? Damn! Is this place where ordinary people can come up?”

A scowling boy scolded, frowning.

“I went, and I saw it as a dick. I must have heard of the domineering nature of Yunding Mountain and wanted to visit it!”

“Could it be possible to turn up from the back mountain? Oh, the forest is really big, everyone has it!”

Several girls looked at Sheldon with sarcasm.

Yes, Sheldon never pays attention to dressing, and only thinks that it is good to wear clean clothes. Wherever he goes, he will definitely be rejected by others.

Several girls who are used to seeing tall, rich and handsome girls naturally despise them.

“I also want to ask you, who let you in?”

Sheldon frowned and said lightly.

It is false to say not to be angry. The original intention of buying this villa is not to pretend, but to have a place to stay in the future.

What is this special? Treated as a playground?

“This cock-sitting man doesn’t have a small tone. How did we get in? Can you ask?”

A girl who was obviously a little drunk walked up tremblingly and poked Sheldon’s chest unceremoniously.

“Forget it, Xiaoli, there are too many people like this. If it wasn’t for Belraen Villa Zhao Shaoqian’s warning that he can’t see blood, I’ll abolish him, call the security guard, and send it to the police station!”

“Yes, send him to the police station!”

As everyone agreed, they started calling.

“What is the noise?”

Suddenly at this moment, I heard an extremely impatient boy sounded from the balcony on the second floor.

Then I saw a boy and a girl walking slowly downstairs.

“I’m looking at the scenery, so you can’t stop for a while. Is this really your own home?”

The boy was obviously the head of the crowd, and he scolded unceremoniously at this moment.

“It’s Shao Zhao, isn’t it, someone wants to make trouble!”

The boy who scolded Sheldon immediately said with a smile on his face.

And this boy watching the scenery from the balcony is not someone else, but Zhao Zixing’s son, Zhao Shan Zhao Shao.

Sheldon suddenly realized when he saw him.

It seems that Zhao Zixing gave the key to Zhao Shan!

“Someone is making trouble? Who dares to be so bold? Don’t want to live anymore!”

Zhao Shan frowned.

“Shao Shao Zhao Shao, it’s him, it’s him!”

Immediately, five or six girls got up one after another, came over and caught Sheldon.

There is a scene of King Kong Calabash Baby, a group of little fairies grabbing the Calabash Baby’s grandfather, like a snake spirit asking for credit.

Draw Sheldon directly in front of Zhao Shan.

“Sheldon, is it you?”

As for the girl who had been standing behind Zhao Shan, after seeing Sheldon’s face clearly, her expression became even more tight.

Obviously there was a sense of surprise.

And Sheldon only looked at Zhao Shan just now, and under this look, his head was baffled.


“Hehe, Sheldon, how did you come up? Don’t you want to come up and see the elegance of Yunding Mountain Villa?”

After being surprised, all that was left was sarcasm.

Today, there is already this event.

To be honest, some time ago, the purchase of Belraen Villa by a Shenhao 800 million dollar had already been on the Internet.

Shelly and the others must have heard of Belraen Villa.

But if you want to take a look, don’t even think about it.

This is where the real gods are.

However, Shelly discovered that since he met Zhao Shan, all the impossible seemed to be possible.

Today, Zhao Shan said that when he had the keys to the Belraen Villa, no one believed it.

Until he took it out with his own hands, everyone was taken aback.

It was also agreed that Su Jie and Zyra would come together.

But as for Su Jie, there has been no news since the afternoon, and Zyra was even picked up, and the phone was turned off!

This made Shelly a little embarrassed to be alone, but fortunately Zhao Shan was always with him.

Just now on the balcony, Shelly looked at the scenery in the distance, and he really had a sense of accomplishment of what is meant by one person and ten thousand people.

So at the moment, her tone to Sheldon was just a little bit of joking, and she no longer had the vengeance that she had faced against Sheldon before.

What kind of people can retaliate against?

“Shelly, you know this person, what should you do?”

Zhao Shan looked down on Sheldon even more, and at the moment said with a slight smile.

“Let him go! I don’t want to see this kind of people appear in such a good environment!”

After speaking, Shelly glanced at Sheldon and walked back upstairs again.

“Have you heard, Sister-in-law told you to fu*k off!”

“fu*k away!”

Sheldonfen couldn’t help but said that he had been pushed out by a group of girls, and he slammed the door heavily.

It made Sheldon almost alive.

First, I was humiliated by these women, and then Shelly was heartbroken.

Finally let yourself go?

Tigers don’t show off their might, do they really treat me as a sick cat?

Sheldon’s anger just now, coupled with his current anger, really couldn’t bear it.

He took out the phone and called Wade and Zhao Zixing one after another…

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