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Chapter 147

Sheldon called Zhao Zixing and Wade, and there was nothing to say. He just asked them to come and have a look at the Belraen Villa, and then hung up the phone

As for just now, Sheldon did have a showdown with them.

But after another thought, it won’t be enough, Shelly has become like this again and again.

To put it bluntly, it has something to do with myself.

The video of Charlton’s QJ stepmother was let out by herself, and Shelly was stimulated, and from that day onwards became worse.

Later, I played with her again.

Although I don’t know how Zhao Shan treats her now, Sheldon is quite satisfied with her, and he feels open.

In this way, wouldn’t Sheldon need to call Zhao Zixing to let this matter pass?

No way!

Sheldon is still a little selfish.

Shelly is so beautiful, it looks like he is going to be with someone tonight.

Sheldon felt a little uncomfortable.

Although I don’t like Shelly now, he is still not good.

Besides, this is also my own home, and it was blasted out by a group of outsiders, so I can’t just let it go!

Sheldon went down the mountain and was about to leave.


It just so happened that Wade had arrived in a hurry.

Seeing the bright lights of the villa on Genting from a distance, you know what’s going on.

How could Wade not be nervous.

“Sheldon Sheldon!”

However, Sheldon ignored her at all. Instead, he came to the side of the road, reached out and stopped a taxi, and left directly.

“Huh, this is over!”

Wade said nervously.

This group of students came to play, in fact Wade knew it, and Zhao Zixing had said hello.

Wade originally disagreed.

But Zhao Zixing was praised by Sheldon for his work this time.

Coupled with the chasing and fierce fighting of his unsatisfactory son.

I just wanted to let my son go up to see Genting Villa. There should be no problem, right?

After all, even his son Bren had ever gone to play.

Therefore, Zhao Zixing only agreed to give the key to Zhao Shan.

It means to let him go there for a look and come down after reading it.

So Wade didn’t take it seriously, but seeing that Sheldon ignored him just now, Wade felt a little cool.

At the moment, rushed up the mountain.

“Yeah, Sister Wade is here, everyone, be quiet, Shelly, I’ll introduce to you, this is the personal housekeeper of Sheldon at the Genting Mountain Villa. Like my dad, he is a celebrity in front of Sheldon!”

Zhao Shan was holding the red wine at the moment, and took Shelly’s hand to Wade.

Now these people are all from the Sheldon line.

So Zhao Shan knew a lot, such as Bren, Ivan, and the big bosses of many shops in Roston Business District.

Even Carla was recognized as a god sister by him.

Therefore, Wade is naturally familiar with him.

“Sister Wade, hello!”

“What’s so great! Shao Zhao, do you know that a major disaster happened this time?”

Wade was speechless.

As soon as these words came out, the villa became quiet, and even the music stopped.

Zhao Shan was stunned: “Big disaster? What disaster did I have?”

Wade held his forehead: “I ask you, who asked you to host the dinner at Genting Villa? Didn’t you just leave when you came up to see it?”

“Hehe, it’s okay, my dad told me that Sheldondollar is in Negston and he won’t come back. Besides, I will restore it to its original state tomorrow!”

Zhao Shan has a clear mind.

“Negston shit, let me tell you Zhao Shan, Sheldon has been here just now, and I believe Sheldon has already called your dad, you should explain the rest to your dad!”

Wade said coldly.

“What? Sheldon has been here?”

Zhao Shan was even more confused. His father told him that Sheldon is not here in Negston.

And Shelly was also taken aback.

“Why doesn’t she know if Sheldon has been here? There is no Sheldon!”

“Sister Wade, are you making a fuss too much? We didn’t see Sheldon, but Dio Si saw one just now! Hahaha!”

“That cock silk was blown down by us!”

“Yes, Sister Wade, we also have to give you a suggestion. The security team shouldn’t wait until three days to be healthy, it should be healthy from now on!”

The girls said one after another.

Wade did not continue to answer their questions. Regarding Sheldon, it was obvious that Zhao Shao knew too little, and she was inconvenient to disclose too much.

Just shook his head, and then hurryed down the mountain.

“Sister Wade, what’s the matter today? Why do you say that Sheldon has been here? If Sheldon comes, my dad won’t be the first time…”

Zhao Shan smiled bitterly.

But at this moment, his cell phone rang directly.

Zhao Shan connected with a smile: “Dad!”

“Don’t call my dad, you are my dad!”

Zhao Zixing shouted wildly.

Also panting.

After that, I didn’t know what the two of them were discussing, anyway, seeing Zhao Shan’s face, his smile gradually reduced, and was replaced by a pale white.

In the end, even Zhao Zixing hung up the phone.

“Shao Shao, what happened?”

Shelly was even more up and down, and asked in surprise.

“It’s over. My dad just told me that Sheldon might have actually been here! And Sheldon specifically called my dad and Sister Wade. I’ll just wait for the broken leg, it’s over!”

Zhao Shan’s mobile phone fell to the ground in fright.

Obviously, he was very afraid of his father, let alone listening to the current father’s tone, it was not right at all.

“What! Sheldon really came?”

Shelly trembled suddenly all over his body.

As the girls just said.

In the whole event, no one has been here except for Diao Si Sheldon!

correct! Shelly woke up suddenly.

Sheldon, isn’t he just surnamed Chen!

He is indeed richer now than before, add a small word, isn’t it… Sheldon!


Could it be him!

Shelly’s brain was about to become blank.

To be honest, it was not the first time that Shelly suspected Sheldon, but before, it was hazy and there was no strong evidence.

But now, I have never been so close to the truth!

Yes! Sheldon came up the mountain, was taunted by himself, and ran down the mountain.

Then, Wade and Zhao Zixing rushed over.

And they all said that Sheldon had already come!

And I was thinking about all the doubts that Sheldon had happened with him in the past.

If you imagine, Sheldon is Sheldon’s words.

Doesn’t it all make sense!

“Impossible, it is absolutely impossible, how could he be Sheldon! How could Sheldon be him!”

Shelly was about to collapse.

If Sheldon really is, Shelly wants to jump off the top of the mountain and fall to death!

From the very beginning, did you miss the great opportunity of marriage?

She can never accept it!

Zhao Shan scratched his head at this moment and said, “Okay, everyone don’t guess, how could that guy be Sheldon? Besides, Sheldon is so low-key! At most, this guy may be a stalker, come over to supervise someone. Yes, it’s just a small report he made! Let’s listen to my instructions first, clean up the scene, and then we will quickly go down the mountain and leave here, or my dad will come, it will really kill me!”

Zhao Shan hurriedly ordered.

Everyone has a bottom in their hearts, including Shelly, who agrees that Sheldon may be a stalker.

Because Zhao Shan doesn’t lie to himself, that mysterious Young Master Sheldon, he has always been in Negston!

After cleaning, everyone rushed to the garage and was about to drive away.




However, after everyone came down, they saw a cool Lamborghini Reventon sports car in the garage.

The eyes suddenly bloomed.

“Whose car is this? Shao Zhao yours?”

Everyone asked in surprise.

“How could it be mine, mine is Ferrari!”

“Whose car is this car? Few people in Roston drive this kind of sports car!”

Everyone was puzzled.

As for Shelly, looking at the car at the moment, his already settled heart suddenly came up again.

“I know the origin of this car…”

Shelly whispered incredible…

Chapter 148

“you know?”

Zhao Shan and others asked in surprise.

“Yeah!” Shelly said with certainty: “This is a luxury car that has been parked at our Roston University Park. There were rumors before that this car was bought by Sheldon. Later, there were rumors that, It was bought by a mysterious rich person in the literature department of our school, VeilBoy. Some people say that VeilBoy is actually Sheldon’s online name!”

“So, this car should still be in our school. Why would the ordinary rich person park this car here?”

“This is the villa that Sheldon bought!”

Shelly frowned and said in disbelief.

Yes, anyone believes that Sheldon is Sheldon, that’s nothing.

But Shelly alone can’t.

She was scared, especially scared.

Just now in the villa, she racked her brains and wanted to remove all of this from Sheldon.

It only needs a reason to avoid these auras from Sheldon.

Zhao Shan finally gave a reason.

But how do you explain it now?

VeilBoy Shenhao’s car was parked here. It was rumored that he was Sheldon, and now VeilBoy is almost certainly Sheldon!

Wade said Sheldon had already come.

The only person who has been here is Sheldon!

Ordinary Shenhao is in the Department of Literature, and Sheldon is also in the Department of Literature!

Shelly was about to breathe quickly.

Why, why everything shows that Sheldon is the mysterious Young Master Sheldon!

“Oh, it seems that the kid just now really has some origins. In this way, everyone listens to my arrangements, and when you see him in the future, if you can hide, you will have to be courteous!”

Zhao Shan took a breath and ordered.

He is very courageous, but he has only accepted one concept since he was a child. Whenever he encounters matters with Chen characters, he must be cautious and cautious in handling.

Now it is.

Although I don’t know what Sheldon’s identity is, I, Zhao Shan, will treat him with a three-point courtesy. Isn’t that okay?

After finishing talking, Zhao Shan looked at Shelly again: “Shelly, you don’t have to think about it anymore. Anyway, you will listen to me. I will see Sheldon again in the future and be polite and respectful to him! The big deal, for today’s matter, Apologize specifically to him!”

“Polite? Apology? Why should I apologize to him politely! Zhao Shao, you are the son of Roston boss. What are you afraid of Sheldon? You don’t mean that if I see who is not pleasing to my eyes, then you will clean up? , I tell you, I think Sheldon is not pleasing to the eye, you help me kill him! As long as you kill him, I will be yours from now on!”

Shelly jumped up.

Because even Zhao Shan, who is omnipotent in her mind, admitted to Sheldon?

This does not mean that Sheldon is better than Zhao Shan!

Since he is someone he looks down on, he must always be a scumbag. Shelly definitely does not want Sheldon to have such a reputation!

So she yelled like crazy.

“Damn, are you crazy, Shelly?”

Zhao Shan said in dislike.

Although Shelly said that the conditions are very attractive, he Zhao Shan is romantic and has always been willful, but he is not a stupid pig.

This Sheldon is very likely to be Sheldon, and also killed him? A curse is enough to choke my tongue and I can keep it!

“I don’t care. Sheldon is not Sheldon anyway. Didn’t you say that he may be a stalker, how could he be Sheldon! How could it be possible! Moreover, he is a well-known poor dick in our school. !”

Shelly almost cried in his eyes.

Zhao Shan was also a little confused.

At this time, Zhao Shan’s cell phone rang, and as soon as he saw it, he was connected with an angry face, and he turned on the hands-free without evasiveness!

“fu*k! Su Jie, where did you die? Didn’t you agree to come to Genting Villa with Zyra tonight? Why, did you two open the house?”

Zhao Shan cursed directly.

“Don’t mention Zhao Shao, I got into a catastrophe today and was beaten to death by my dad. My mom just gave me the medicine!”

“What? My Uncle Su spoiled you and beat you? You must have caused something! Unless you offend the Cooper Family, or not?”

“I don’t know who I provoke. How could I offend the Cooper Family? I’m not stupid. To talk about the cause, I almost had a conflict with some guys in the literature department today. You know, even sister Carla They beat me! Just because I offended a guy named Liyan and Malcolm in the literature department, Zyra knew him!”

“fu*k, Liyan, Bowen? Why haven’t I heard that Sister Yue beat you?” Zhao Shan was a little confused, what happened today!

“Wait a minute, who are you talking about? Liyan? And are you sure that Zyra knows them?”

But these words made Shelly’s body slightly shaken.

She leaned over to the phone and asked.

“By the way, Sister Shelly, you should know too. The woman Zyra told me that you often associate with their dorm! What is the origin of that Liyan? Damn it, too fierce!”

“Yeah, if that’s the case, I know it, but Liyan is a poor dick. He has no power. How could it cause such a sensation!”

“Who said no? I checked again. Liyan has no background. His family is really difficult. The only beautiful thing is that there was a flower hunting in the Ming Dynasty. That’s it. I I don’t understand why I was beaten up by my dad like this!”

Su Jie even turned over the eighteenth generation of his ancestors, and became more and more unclear.

But Shelly paused, she seemed to think of something, she didn’t want to ask that person, but still couldn’t help:

“Su Jie, let me ask you again, next to Liyan, did you follow a man named Sheldon?”

Shelly asked solemnly.

“Damn, how did you know? Yes, yes, I followed a man named Sheldon, one of Malcolm’s attendants. I think the hotel and restaurant arrangements were all arranged by this man named Sheldon. At that time, he still picked up the wine bottle. Smashed my cousin! But he seems to know Sister Yue!”

Su Jie said all his doubts.

“Sure enough, it’s him again!”

Shelly was shocked again.

What Liyan Malcolm, he is a follower, Sheldon, he is 90% likely to be the legendary Roston Sheldon!

That Sheldon who has countless possessions!

“I’m going, it seems that the one named Sheldon, let’s not mess with him, next time we meet him, we should apologize to him! If it is Sheldon, we will all be over!”

“Yeah, yeah, but I didn’t say anything harsh to Sheldon just now. When I caught him, I was only gentle!”

Several girls were also pale with fright.

Zhao Shan just nodded heavily in response to this.

Seeing that everyone was shocked by Sheldon.

Shelly laughed loudly: “Haha, you guys are really coercive. A poor with the surname Chen scared you like this. Okay, you are all afraid of him. I, Shelly, are not afraid of him. He Chen What’s so great about the song! Sheldon, I don’t believe it! Sheldon is just a scumbag!”

Shelly clenched his fists tightly, his nails deep into his palm.

She was not convinced, and she felt uncomfortable. Why are these high-ranking people afraid of Sheldon in the end?

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

He has already gone back to the dorm to sleep. He didn’t bother to ask what Zhao Zixing would do about it.

A sleep till dawn.

The next day, Sheldon was fine.

Only then did I think of Zyra. After all, I bumped her into her, do you see if she is awake?

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