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Chapter 149

Zyra Amnesia
Sheldon didn’t go to drive either, so he drove to the hospital.

Because Zyra is in a special VIP ward.

When Sheldon went there, the environment was quite quiet.

“Go out, give me everything! If I can’t see the young man who saved me, I won’t accept your inspection, get out!”

Unexpectedly, I just arrived at the door.

Just heard Zyra’s anger.

A group of senior doctors and nurses were smashed out by her.

“Hey, this Miss Lin has a bad temper, so she is not allowed to be checked. What if the condition is delayed?”

“Yeah, I can’t explain it!”

Several nurses said anxiously.

Suddenly, when his eyes rolled, he saw Sheldon coming up with a fruit or something.

“Hello, Sheldon, you are finally here. The patient woke up and kept arguing to see you!”

Several beautiful nurses immediately approached Sheldon.

Because Sheldon came directly with Rambo that day, he was so lavish, he was naturally paid attention to by these beautiful nurses, and called Sheldon respectfully.

“Oh, Dr. Zhao, when did Zyra wake up? How is the situation?”

Sheldon faintly nodded to the group of nurses, and then asked a middle-aged attending doctor named Zhao.

When this Doctor Zhao saw Sheldon, his eyes lit up.

Then he waved to the other doctors and motioned them to go first.

“Hello, Sheldon, the patient has only suffered a slight concussion, which is not a major problem, and we also gave her a medicine. She has lost about half a month of memory now!”

Doctor Zhao smiled flatteringly.

Obviously, he seemed to know the identity of Sheldon.

This made Sheldon a little puzzled. After he sent Zyra here yesterday, he called Zhao Zhenguo and asked him to help arrange the ward and special caregivers in the hospital.

But I didn’t say to make Zyra amnesia!

But it’s not hard to think about it. Zhao Zhenguo called the hospital immediately after he finished the call. Not only did he arrange the ward with the medical staff, but he also explained that Zyra could not remember what happened.

This Zhao Zhenguo is really thoughtful!

Sheldon gave a wry smile in his heart.

But this is good, I will be less burdensome in the future.

“Okay, this will trouble you, the benefits will be indispensable in the future, I will go in and see her!”

“Well, Sheldon!”

Sheldon pushed the door in.

“fuk me, I said… fuk, Sheldon, why are you?”

Zyra picked up a water glass and was about to smash it, but when she saw Sheldon, she was stunned.

To be honest, since waking up in a daze last night, after the early doubts, and the later stage of the medical staff, the cautious attitude towards themselves has caused Zyra to have a temperament.

At first Zyra asked how she got here.

The doctor told him that a young master arranged for you to come, and that it was a high-level special ward.

Then when Zyra eagerly asked which young master, these doctors refused to say.

Plus, everyone was in awe of Zyra.

That’s why Zyra was unscrupulous just now.

But I didn’t expect to see Sheldon.

“Listening to your voice, you seem to be better!”

Sheldon put down the fruit and sat down.

“I’m going, Sheldon, why are you here? Wait, don’t tell me, you saved me? But what happened to me? Why can’t I remember!”

Zyra asked in surprise.

“I saved you. As for what happened? It’s because when you were walking on campus, you walked too fast, you tripped on a stone, your head fell on another stone, and I rescued you To the hospital!”

Sheldon said without blushing.

“Ah! So that’s it, cough!” Zyra humbled her face.

Sheldon almost laughed: “Why do I look at you, it seems I am disappointed that I saved you?”

Humph, of course it is!

Originally, people thought that I was slightly hit by a car, and then this car is a luxury car, and the owner of the luxury car is a handsome man.

In the end, it was better to rain last night. In the rain, the handsome man squatted carefully.

Holding yourself and patting your face anxiously, “Miss, are you okay?”

Seeing that he was in a coma, the rich handsome man hugged himself to the car and rushed to the hospital.

Then, he would visit him with a bunch of delicious fruits, and he would peel the apples for himself.

Then I took myself for a walk in the park. After getting along for half a month, the two suddenly fell in love.

He fell in love with me, and on a starry night, he knelt down and proposed to himself.

At the moment of marriage proposal, the sky is full of fireworks with the words I love you.

“Zyra, I love you, will you marry me? I am willing to use what I have to exchange your life’s happiness!”


Then the two of them started kissing on this romantic night. Halfway through the kiss, Zyra opened her eyes.

fu*k, Sheldon!

So everyone can imagine Zyra’s mood at this time.

“Hey, hey, what are you doing holding my hand! What am I asking you? Are you disappointed that I saved you?”

Sheldon couldn’t help smiling bitterly when he saw Zyra’s face full of idiots.

“Ah! I… how can I be! Alas, Sheldon, you are not short, you look good, in fact, as long as you wear good-looking clothes, you still look handsome. Now, you will be rich after winning the lottery. , I have some connections, it can be said to be rich and handsome!”

“But you are still far from the kind of really powerful, rich and handsome. I don’t know what’s going on! Maybe it’s temperament!”

Zyra complained: “Hmph, I thought it was the kind of rich and handsome I imagined that saved me, but you are not bad!”

Zyra knows that Sheldon is also quite rich. Although it is possible to make a little white face for others, it is fine to have money. He uses his own routines. Isn’t the money all his own!

And Sheldon can see that Zyra’s current memory is probably before they were misunderstood by Shelly last time.

“Sheldon, can you peel an apple for me?” Zyra put her cheeks on her cheeks, and at the moment she tilted her face to look at Sheldon with a delicate face, and smiled slightly.

“But I didn’t buy apples, can you eat bananas?”

Sheldon was also a little guilty of her, bumping her, and causing her amnesia, it is not personal in his heart.

Sheldon broke a big banana to her.

“Oh, I don’t need…Bah! I won’t eat, you take it aside!”

“Sheldon, can you buy apples for me? I want to eat apples that have been cut!”

Zyra pulled Sheldon’s hand.

Sheldon immediately took it back, “Well, I’ll buy it, you wait!”

After talking about running away, he slipped away.

Sheldon just got into the elevator here.

The elevator next to it just opened.

Four or five girls holding fruit baskets came out from inside.

“Shelly, Zyra called to clarify whether it was a VIP ward!”

“Yeah, don’t worry Elma, everything is done, let’s go see her!”

Chapter 150

You Are The Hero Uncle
“1902! That’s it!”

When Elma saw it, she opened the door.

“Zyra, we have come to see you!”

“Shelly Elma, you are here!” Zyra was eating bananas, and she was delighted to see Shelly and Elma coming.

The next step is simple. Let me give my regards to my condition.

Finally, let’s talk about the causes and consequences!

“What!! It was Sheldon who saved you, how about others?”

Shelly stood up suddenly and asked in surprise, shocking everyone.

If anyone is particularly sensitive to the two words Sheldon, it must be Shelly.

After Shelly returned to the dorm yesterday, he didn’t think about Zhao Shao or anything in his mind, but Sheldon was the only one thinking about it.

Her heart hurts, and she is so scared.

If Sheldon is Sheldon, what should she do!

To be honest, Shelly immediately got up from the dorm and rushed to Sheldon’s dorm, and then held Sheldon and said to him that he was sorry, so make up with her, she would treat him well.

I want to fight it out.

But then I thought about it again, in case Sheldon is not Sheldon! Because now Sheldon is a confusing pronoun!

Oops, I don’t want to say anymore!

In short, it made Shelly more entangled and uncomfortable than ever.

So as soon as she heard Sheldon, she immediately wanted to see him and ask clearly, after all, the contact information between the two was gone after the last time.

“Shelly, are you okay? Why do you react so strongly?”

Everyone was a little surprised.

“O’ao, I’m fine. I haven’t seen this scumbag for a long time. I was a little angry when I heard that it was him!

Shelly made a sloppy look. She was very shrewd and did not disclose what happened yesterday.

“Hmph, me too, Sheldon is so angry with you!”

Elma also said.

“Hey hey, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand, why is Sheldon a scumbag?”

Zyra forced.

“Zyra, you are really fake, have you really lost your memory?” Elma and the others asked worriedly.

After that, I told Zyra all the things that happened before.

“Ah? I don’t believe it, I don’t believe Sheldon will be with others!”

Zyra shook her head sharply.

As for Shelly asking Zyra if she still remembers Su Jie, Zyra shook her head even more.

And don’t know how, Zyra felt a little disgusted when she heard the name Su Jie.

What’s even stranger is that now she is like telling herself again, Sheldon is the boy you are after.

Very strange.

Then, looking at things that Zyra didn’t want to advance some time, everyone stopped talking.

As for Shelly, she is a smart woman, and it can be seen that Zyra seems to be very affectionate towards Sheldon now.

Because she is always inseparable from Sheldon in three sentences, she also asked everyone if she found out that Sheldon is actually quite handsome.

Shelly actually felt jealous.

It’s like, you’ve been in front of everyone, boasting that your boyfriend is handsome, and you want to be with your boyfriend.

However, what is worrying is that Sheldon is not his boyfriend now!

“Hey, why hasn’t Sheldon come back yet? I told him to buy me apples. He should have come back long ago?”

Zyra wanted to see Sheldon again at this time, so she called Sheldon.

The result suggested that Sheldon’s phone was turned off.

What’s the situation?

There must be a situation!

Because now Sheldon’s mobile phone has been smashed to the ground.

Back to the first three seconds, Sheldon’s side.

But he said that after he went downstairs just now, he came to the fruit stand.

After buying an apple, I am ready to scan the QR code to pay.

Suddenly, a woman next to her accidentally touched her arm.

Didn’t hold it, clicked, the phone broke!

This mobile phone has been with Sheldon for two or three years, and was not willing to change it.

At this moment Sheldon was a little confused, and then quickly picked it up.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry, handsome guy, I didn’t mean it, I will pay you one more!”

The woman hurriedly said.

Sheldon smiled slightly: “It’s okay, it’s okay, I’ll take it to repair it! Huh?”

However, as soon as Sheldon stared at the woman at this moment, Sheldon was stunned.

And the woman was also taken aback.

“It’s you?”

“So it’s you!”

At the same time, some surprises said.

The woman in front of me looks like she is about 30 years old. She wore a very good temperament. She had long shawl hair, fair skin, good figure, and exquisite face. When she walked on the street, she was definitely looking back at 200%. Woman.

As for her, there was a four or five-year-old girl with a prickly head.

They were the little girl and her mother that Sheldon had rescued in the river beside the milk tea shop.

Last time, I went to buy milk tea with Lilla, and then I heard the call for help and went to the rescue. After returning, Harold was given the opportunity to kidnap Lilla away!

Sheldon has a deep memory.

“Hey, it’s Uncle Hero! Mom, haven’t you been looking for Uncle Hero!”

The little girl in the ball head said with a smile at the moment.

He also ran over to take Sheldon’s hand.

When Sheldon saw the little girl, he felt familiar and kind, and squeezed her little face.

“Little brother, we really have fate. Last time you saved Mengmeng, I have been looking for you again. I want to find a chance to thank you specifically, but you are the same as disappearing. I didn’t expect to meet today!”

The woman also smiled cordially when she looked at Sheldon.

To be honest, women are like this. If anyone helped her once in her most critical moment, she will always remember.

This is how women feel towards Sheldon now. The appearance of Sheldon makes her feel safe and kind.

“Anyone who sees it will do this, sister, don’t worry too much, she is called Mengmeng, right? Mengmeng is fine!”

Sheldon smiled.

“That being said, our mothers still have to thank you very much. My name is Tang Wan and my daughter is Tang Mengmeng!”

Tang Wan adjusted her haircut and said with a smile.

“My name is Sheldon!”

“Sheldon, you can’t leave today, are you okay? If you are okay, it’s almost noon. May I invite you to dinner?”

Tang Wan looked like the kind of woman who has been baptized by society for a long time, with a mature charm in every gesture.

“Uncle Sheldon, you promised mom, let’s go to my house for dinner together. Mom’s cooking is delicious!”

Mengmeng shook Sheldon’s arm and begged.

To be honest, there are not too many things, but Sheldon doesn’t want to go, always feels that he is saving people, so what should he eat.

But now Mengmeng also begs herself to go.

Sheldon couldn’t bear to disappoint Mengmeng, so he nodded.

“By the way, Sister Tang Wan, I have to buy fruit for a classmate!” Sheldon pondered, and Zyra.

“What, boss, my phone is broken, I can’t pay, I can only pay in cash!”

After talking about Sheldon, he touched his pocket, only then remembered that last night because of his anger, he left in a hurry, and he forgot all his wallet and ID card on Rambo.

“Boss, how much is the total, I’ll give it! Also, you can find someone to help me send it to the ward later, just say that her classmates and friends will go out for a light meal.”

Tang Wan smiled and said, “And Sheldon, I have to pay you for a new one too!”

The reason for saying this is because Tang Wan had just noticed that Sheldon seemed to be not very anxious about the patient he was visiting. It must be an ordinary relationship.

He directly became the master for Sheldon.

And Tang Wan’s move made Sheldon feel very comfortable.

Indeed, he really didn’t want to go up and see Zyra acting like a baby there!

“Yeah, Uncle went to eat at my house!”

Mengmeng took Sheldon’s hand and cheered.

To Sheldon who saved her life, Mengmeng was very kind.

Sitting in Tang Wan’s red BMW 7 Series, Sheldon saw the business card in Tang Wan’s car again. He didn’t know it, and he was taken aback.

Tang Wan, so young, is already the boss of a company!

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