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Chapter 151

Uncle Sheldon, You Are A Good Man

“Sister Tang Wan, are you the general manager of this clothing design company?”

Sheldon couldn’t help but asked in surprise. At first glance, Tang Wan’s temperament was at the level of a strong woman, but he didn’t expect it to be so strong.

“Why? Listen to you, don’t I look like?”

Tang Wan looked at Sheldon through the rearview mirror and smiled while driving.

“Also, don’t take a bite of Tang Wan’s sister. You call me so old, I am less than ten years older than you! You can just call my name!”

Tang Wan said bitterly.

Sheldon nodded: “Okay, I won’t call your sister Tang Wan anymore!”


Tang Wan was amused by Sheldon and then laughed.

Originally, Sheldon wanted to talk about Tang Wan’s family situation, because just now there was a question, Mengmeng’s name is Tang Mengmeng.

Let Sheldon think that Tang Wan is not bringing the children by herself, right?

But this is too private, and Sheldon is not embarrassed to talk.

Next, Tang Wan first drove to the supermarket to buy a lot of meat dishes, and then came to her home.

As Sheldon guessed, Tang Wan’s house was clean and tidy, and after a brief turn, there was no trace of any man.

Instead, Sheldon felt comfortable.

Moreover, Tang Wan’s craftsmanship is really not as good as two, and a table of exquisite meals is prepared, which is more delicious than the Heaven Brick Residencia.

If anyone married Tang Wan as his wife, that would be a blessing for eight lifetimes.

And Tang Wan is very good at chatting.

After a meal, Sheldon felt that he had met Tang Wan late, as if the two had known each other for a long time.

And Tang Wan looked at Sheldon.

Even more attracted by the simplicity of Sheldon.

Under the acquaintance, naturally opened the chatterbox.

“Sheldon, you must be curious, cute dad, right?”

Tang Wan held her Xiangji and looked at Sheldon.

“Not very curious!”

Sheldon said awkwardly.

“I’m not curious yet. When I was cooking just now, you looked left and right in the room. What were you looking at?”

Tang Wan stared at Sheldon with a smile.

Sheldon felt a little flustered.

This Tang Wan is really not simple, it turns out that she has observed all the details of her just now.

And in one word, I said what I was thinking.

It made Sheldon feel like a pupil in front of her.

“Hmph, don’t want to hide from my eyes, but there is nothing to hide from you. Mengmeng’s father has left long ago, and it has always been our wife and I living together. Usually I am in the company and Mengmeng will be in kindergarten. On weekends, I will let Mengmeng follow me. Last time, it was also because of a capital invasion that caused many small and medium-sized enterprises in Roston to collapse during this period of time, so I was very confused!”

“Anyone who didn’t pay attention, let Mengmeng fall into the river. You don’t know, it really scared me to death at that time. How I would like to have a man by my side and help me share it!”

Tang Wan had just drunk a few glasses of red wine, and at the moment a blush appeared on Qiao’s face.

It looks more s*xy and charming.

To be honest, Sheldon has always liked the kind that is about the same size as himself, and then younger than himself.

I have never dealt with a thirty-year-old milf.

Especially Tang Wan’s beautiful temperament milf.

Sheldon couldn’t help but look at it, it was just a heartbeat.

But when I want to return, I kindly invited myself to dinner, and Sheldon was too embarrassed to say something. For example, Tang Wan said that he should find a man by his side. How would Sheldon pick him up?

Just ask: “Sister Tang Wan, you just said that the capital invaded by Roston Young Master, what does this mean?”

“Hehe, don’t mention it, but you should have heard of Sheldon, Roston’s No. 1 evil young man? It’s the one in Roston Business District!”

Tang Wan suddenly said angrily.


Sheldon almost choked to death with a mouthful of food.

When did you become the number one evil in Roston?

“I’ve heard of it, but people say he’s pretty good!” Sheldon said with a flushed face.

“What’s not bad, you don’t know the business affairs. The big enterprises that Sheldon wanted to invest in the capital a while ago, on the surface are mighty and mighty, in fact they messed up the entire business district of Roston. The rapid development has broken the original business balance, and this has caused us second- and third-tier companies to face severe challenges. Many business people hate him!”

Tang Wan said.

Sheldon touched his nose and stopped eating.

Of course, Sheldon knows about the large-scale investment. Is it the ones that my sister asked Sheldon to invest some time ago, including the Hope Primary School Project?

Sheldon didn’t think much, and did everything according to what his sister said.

And after doing it, Sheldon didn’t even investigate or investigate.

Unexpectedly, this investment actually disrupted the original balance.

Speaking of this, Tang Wan was worried about her investment, but she was not optimistic about Mengmeng, and let her fall into the water. Does she have something to do with him?

Sheldon couldn’t help but gave a wry smile.

“Hey, let’s not mention this. By the way, Sheldon, you are going to practice internship soon. Is there any good place to go?”

Tang Wan asked at this time.

Sheldon is honest and kind, but Tang Wan also sees it. Judging from Sheldon’s clothes, and the mobile phone he uses, Sheldon’s family background should be pretty bad.

With this kind of grace, Tang Wan is very concerned about Sheldon’s future.

“I haven’t decided where to go!” Sheldon said.

“That’s great, it’s not good. You can come to our company during your internship. I will give you double salary. As long as you follow me, I promise you to buy your own house in Roston within five years!”

Tang Wan was a little moved and wanted to keep Sheldon by her side.

“Mom, why did Uncle Sheldon buy a house? Just let Uncle Sheldon live in our house. From now on, when I grow up, I will have my own house. You can live with Uncle Sheldon!”

Mengmeng interrupted at this moment.

“Mengmeng, what are you talking nonsense, how can your mother live with your Uncle Sheldon? Only a couple can live together, understand!”

Tang Wan couldn’t help but smile wryly.

“O’ao, I understand!”

Tang Wan looked at Sheldon again, but didn’t answer herself when she saw Sheldon, but just smiled.

Then he said: “Sheldon, please consider it. Although the company is small, it still has a prospect!”

Sheldon nodded.

Xindao, if you knew that I was the Young Master Sheldon who was making your company so dark, what would you think of me!

However, there is this intersection, and now that Tang Wan’s company is in a downturn, she also has more or less responsibility, and Sheldon will not let it go.

“Mom, I’m full, I want Uncle Sheldon to go downstairs to accompany me to buy toys!”

Mengmeng wiped her mouth and said.

“What kind of toys are you buying? I have to buy them and wait for my mother to accompany you to buy them tomorrow!”

“No, I will let Uncle Sheldon accompany me!”

Mengmeng likes to be with Sheldon.

Holding Sheldon’s hand, he would not let go.

Sheldon smiled and said, “It’s okay, I just accompany Mengmeng to buy it. Don’t worry, I will look after her!”

After speaking, Sheldon went downstairs with Mengmeng.

On the way, Mengmeng has been close to Sheldon. While Sheldon is happy, she feels that Mengmeng is a bit pitiful. Yes, no matter how strong Tang Wan is, she is always a woman, and Mengmeng is also a child without a father. .

He asked, “Mengmeng, do you like being with uncle very much?”

Tang Mengmeng nodded heavily: “Yes!”


“Because uncles are good people, unlike the bad uncles who often come to my house, they not only beat my mother, but sometimes they are cute!”


Sheldon was startled when he heard the words.

Originally, Sheldon wanted to learn more, and then help Mengmeng and Tang Wan more, but Mengmeng suddenly said this.

Those bad uncles, don’t you mean that Tang Wan’s social relations are also quite complicated?

And who is it that even beat a child like Mengmeng?

Chapter 152

The Great Evil of Zhou Family
Yes, there are not a few men behind any woman who is in the society.

It’s just that Sheldon felt a little disappointed after hearing this.

He also wanted to help Tang Wan, not only because she is beautiful, but also because Sheldon really likes this kid Mengmeng.

It may be that Mengmeng was the life she saved, let Sheldon be naturally kind.

But it seems that I am thinking too simple.

Tang Wan may not need his own help.

As for the reason for disappointment, that is that Sheldon thought Tang Wan was that kind of woman, or how did Mengmeng say so many uncles came to her!

Alas, but this is someone’s private life, what matters to you!

After buying the gifts, Sheldon returned to the community with Mengmeng.

Suddenly at this time, Mengmeng didn’t know what she saw. She was talking and laughing, but she grabbed Sheldon’s arm nervously, and her face turned pale with fright.

And his eyes were staring straight at a big black Mercedes that had just parked downstairs in the community.

“What’s wrong with cute?”

Sheldon questioned in surprise.

“Uncle Sheldon, the wicked person is here again. He beats his mother and also plays Mengmeng. This is his car!”

Mengmeng said nervously, and immediately hid behind Sheldon.


Sheldon was slightly startled.

There is no one in the car, which means that this person has already got on!

Just after eating someone else’s meal, Sheldon couldn’t possibly just hang up and leave alone!

“Go Mengmeng, let’s hurry up!”

Sheldon immediately hugged Mengmeng and rushed upstairs.

After coming up, the door was hidden.

Inside, there was already a loud noise.

“Bitch girl, why are there three sets of dishes at home, say, are there other men coming to you?”

It was the rough voice of a middle-aged man.

“Xu Dadollar, are you crazy, what about my family, what do you care about!”

Tang Wan retorted.

“Hmph, it seems that there are other men here, Tang Wan, we agreed half a month ago, as long as I help you to suppress the business, and then give you a sum of money to let you through this time. You promised to follow me, but I did it for you one by one. Otherwise, do you think your business can withstand the impact of Sheldon in the Business District? Zao Te has been annexed!”

“Now that the business is over, you dare to hook up with other men, okay, I will get the interest back today, hehe! I think* you are not a day or two, you are suffocating me!”

Then there was the sound of the plate being pulled to the ground and broken.

“Go away, go away, bastard, bastard!”

Tang Wan cried.

When Sheldon opened the door, he happened to hit this scene.


Sheldon yelled, then grabbed a vase from the side and rushed directly up, exploding at a bald man who was pressing on Tang Wan!

A vase fell.

Xu Dadollar’s head broke.

“fu*k, who are you special?”

Xu Dadollar scolded angrily, clutching his head and holding his pants.

“Mom, are you okay!”

Mengmeng hurriedly helped Tang Wan up.

The whole coat was ripped to pieces by Xu Dadollar, and there was a lot of snow white.

And Sheldon touched the stool again and stared at Xu Dadollar firmly.

Sheldon knew about the general things.

Because of the investment, Tang Wan’s company was almost finished.

Then this Xu Dadollar fell into trouble.

On this condition, in exchange for Xu Dadollar’s help.

To put it bluntly, it was caused by the undesirable chain reaction caused by not considering what I did.

When Sheldon saw that Tang Wan was being bullied, he was a little bit self-blaming, and his blood surged.

“Damn, I see, Tang Wan, is he the little white face you raised? Okay, he really ate the courage of the bear heart and leopard, so he dared to beat me Xu Dadollar! Boy, wait for me, I shaved you alive!”

Xu Dadollar was bleeding all over his face, still shouting and cursing.

Sheldon was not afraid of him, so he swung up his stool and rushed up.

Growing up with his old parents, Sheldon has suffered from all kinds of hardships. He used to have no money and cowardice, but he has strength.

Really anxious, this Xu Dadollar is fat and dare not parry.

The smashed kept wailing, and finally fled in embarrassment.

“Are you okay? Tang Wan sister!”

Sheldon dropped the stool and asked with concern.

Tang Wan wiped her tears and shook her head: “I’m fine, this bastard came up shortly after you left. Fortunately, Sheldon, you came back in time. Otherwise, I will be caught by him today…”

“Don’t say anything, Sheldon, you saved our mother and daughter one after another. I can’t let you resist this incident. You should leave this place soon. Xu Dadollar’s revenge is too strong, and the influence of their Xu family. Covering the sky with only one hand in Roston, while he didn’t pay much attention to your appearance just now, you go quickly!

Tang Wan looked panicked.

No one knows Xu Dadollar better than her. I have heard people mention that Xu Dadollar fell in love with a working service girl in a bar, and wanted to let the service girl accompany her, but the girl’s boyfriend was also working in the bar and was unwilling to live and die. .

Her boyfriend also came out to stop.

As a result, after Xu Dadollar sent his subordinates, after beating the man severely, all his hands and feet were picked up.

Then she forced the girl into force, and then let her subordinates perform rounds.

In short, Xu Dadollar is an inhuman animal.

Leaning on the big backing of Xu’s family, he went wild.

And now, Sheldon beat him in order to save himself. He absolutely couldn’t spare Sheldon. If he didn’t escape, he couldn’t escape if he wanted to.

“I’m not afraid of him, let me say, if I leave, what will you do? Xu Dadollar will definitely not let your mother and daughter go!”

Sheldon is indeed not afraid of him.

And let him run like this, then Sheldon should stop being a human being, just jump off the stairs!

“Otherwise, you can go with Mengmeng, I stay, I believe I can calm Xu Dadollar’s anger!”

Tang Wan bit her lip and said.

Everyone already understands what this sentence means.

“I think so, let’s hide first, you and Mengmeng follow me, I have a place to go, don’t worry, Xu Dadollar will definitely be resolved!”

Sheldon was inconvenient to explain his identity, but only gave Tang Wan a firm look.

The main reason is that his mobile phone is broken and he cannot contact Chapman and the others.

So I can only hide first, then change the phone by myself, I believe it should not be too troublesome to solve it!

Tang Wan was also a woman no matter what, and she was completely out of ideas when encountering this kind of thing. Seeing Sheldon’s vows, she nodded.

After simply packing things up, the three of them went downstairs.

Tang Wan didn’t dare to drive her own car anymore, just reached out and stopped a taxi.

Just sat in.

At this moment, a luxury car suddenly rammed into the streets of Roston, followed by three or four commercial vehicles.

Very domineering.

He rushed directly into the community, blocking all the exits of the community.

Afterwards, Xu Dadollar, who had been simply bandaged, was helped down from a car, and did not know what he was yelling, and a group of people began to rush upstairs.

At this scene, Tang Wan’s face turned pale, even Sheldon was a little scared.

If he comes down one step later, he will probably be crushed to death.

Damn, it’s hard to be too poor, if you are killed like this, and you still don’t know about Chapman, can you not be afraid!

“The driver drove quickly to the shanty town near the newly built Hope Primary School in the suburbs!”

Sheldon hurriedly said at this time.

The driver stepped down the accelerator and left.

It may be because the driver was also frightened by the big scene now, and he wanted to drive quickly, but it was also because he was driving too fast.

Looking out of the car window, Xu Dadollar’s idea has been aroused.

He was standing downstairs, turning his head to look at the taxi driving here suspiciously…

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