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Chapter 155

“I didn’t expect Sheldon to be able to pretend like this now? Haha, if we don’t meet him today, maybe he will have to visit the mobile phone stores of the shops and pretend to buy it!”

“Yes, I didn’t buy it in the end. Alas, I see too many people who love to pretend!”

The other two high school classmates also contemptuously.

“Sheldon, I hope you will be more pragmatic in the future. Your family conditions are worse than those of others, and your starting point in your career will be lower than anyone else. Even Ding Shao’s second generation will not dare to dismantle. Start, what are you still pretending to be there!”

It was Arlene who said this.

To be honest, all her attention before was on Ding Hao.

Did not pay attention to Sheldon at all.

Now that Sheldon was ridiculed by Ding Hao, Arlene couldn’t help it anymore, so he would follow Sheldon with a few words.

After reprimanding, Arlene shook his head contemptuously.

“Shao Ding, why did you come here? I applied to the leader just now. Just now, we decided to give you two thousand dollars cheaper for our mobile phone. The premise is that if you buy two, but Shao Ding, you can You have to promise me that in the future, I will definitely get more customers for me, or I will be scolded to death by our leaders!”

Su Ming suddenly came over at this time to stop Ding Hao from selling.

It’s really good at selling things, but I don’t know how much she has suffered.

As a result, Rosemarie and Arlene were a little moved.

But Ding Hao has made trouble, but it is not the point that has not changed the subject.

“Ahem, Sister Su Ming, wait a while. Don’t be a rich person. The real rich person is here. Hahaha, this rich person, if you want to buy this 28888 mobile phone, you persuade me to persuade him. !”

Ding Hao hurriedly shifted the topic to Sheldon.

“Huh? Just him? He wants to afford it. I slap my own two big mouths in public, hahaha!”

When Su Ming saw that it was Sheldon, he snorted and laughed, and then said, “Ah, Ding Shao, don’t change the subject! Come and see me!”

“Miss, our shopping mall stipulates that you can’t go to other shops to grab customers!”

The little girl shopping guide said softly at this moment, very nervous.

“Hehe, are you new here? Anyone in this mall doesn’t know my social sister Su Ming. If you don’t know him, please ask me about it. If you talk more, I’ll find someone to cut you off work!”

The little girl stopped speaking aggrievedly.

“Miss, please help me pack one more of this phone, I am going to buy two!”

Sheldon ignored their ridicule.

Said to the shopping guide at the moment.


Because Sheldon thought just now, it seemed that Su Qiangwei’s phone should also be replaced. Since I came to buy it once, I also gave it to Su Qiangwei by the way.

“I’m going! Did you hear that? Hahaha, two more?”

After hearing this, everyone laughed directly.

Even Su Ming is a little interested in seeing Sheldon, where is this idiot? Isn’t it funny?

However, the shopping guide took another step for Sheldon very seriously.

Sheldon took his mobile phone and scanned the Instagram payment code directly, and then he heard a ding.

“Payment is successful, Instagram received 57776 dollar!”

“Damn me?”


And heard this crisp system prompt.

Everyone was stunned.

Especially Ding Hao, who was clutching his stomach and smiling last second, now he heard that the payment was successful, his waist was still bent, his smile was now reduced, and he looked at Sheldon in shock.

Rosemarie and Arlene’s mouths were also slightly open.

At this moment, breathing is a little short.

They looked down on Sheldon at all, but they didn’t expect that Sheldon would directly buy the two most expensive ones and pay without blinking their eyes.

Where did Sheldon get the money?

Su Ming was also shocked, and he felt that his cheeks were already hot before he hit.

“Sheldon, why are you rich?”

Seeing that Sheldon took the phone and wanted to leave.

Rosemarie grabbed Sheldon by the arm.

I rely on! Their salary is only five or six thousand a month when they are teachers. Sheldon spent one year’s salary on mobile phones in one go?

This is simply!

Could it be that Sheldon won the lottery?

How much did it get?

Obviously, Rosemarie and Arlene are both concerned about this issue.

And very anxious to know the exact answer.

It doesn’t matter if you stole it. You just need to tell everyone that you didn’t win the lottery prize.

Otherwise, my heart will be particularly uncomfortable!

“I have something to do, I won’t be with you anymore!”

Sheldon is too lazy to answer this question, why should I tell you!

Turning around coldly, under their stunned eyes, they left.

After leaving the house, Sheldon used his mobile phone to call Chapman the first time.

Tell him the current situation on his side. It’s best to let him pick him up, meet to talk about the matter, and solve it as soon as possible.

Of course Chapman was stunned.

There is still the slightest negligence.

Sheldon hung up the phone and sent him the position, and then went to Su Qiangwei’s house.

Just passed the door of Hope Primary School.

Sheldon suddenly had a meal.

Because it was right in front, surrounded by a large group of people, and there were also luxury cars jammed.

Next to it, a taxi was smashed into a mess, and the surrounding center was wailing.

Apparently someone was beaten.

Sheldon was familiar with this luxury car, and he jumped up with shock. It was not Xu Dadollar or who.

He actually came after!

As for the smashed taxi, Sheldon knew better, it was the one he had taxied to!

The onlookers around were all watching.

Sheldon looked nervous, but when he looked through the crowd, he still saw that the driver who was driving him was being beaten.

His face was full of blood and he lay on the ground.

“Damn, don’t tell me, where are you dragging that bitch and that stinky boy?”

Xu Dadollar’s cold roar came.

“Boss Xu, please forgive me. I really don’t know. If I know, I will tell you!”

The driver pleaded lying on the ground.

“They got off here, and I don’t know where they are going!”

“Damn, give me a stiff mouth, keep fighting!”

A group of young men smashed their sticks.

After another few minutes, everyone got goose bumps.

The driver was smashed into a faint, or he didn’t know.

Sheldon watched from the side, trembling with anger.

And this driver really moved Sheldon.

Why are you moved?

Because the driver sent Sheldon to the shanty town’s doorway, how could they not know where they went!

Obviously, the driver’s eldest brother said nothing.

“Damn, find me the driver’s family immediately. He must know, damn, he wants to lie to me. If he doesn’t work, he will run his family!”

Xu Dadollar cursed.

“Listen to me. Today, who met a beautiful woman with a child, and a 20-year-old boy? The Xu family would be rewarded, otherwise, the end would be the same as him!”

Xu Dadollar’s domineering finger:

“Huh, come here, pick me up on the spot!”


Chapter 156

At this time, I heard a shout.

Several bodyguards who were about to attack stopped.

And everyone looked at the sound source one after another.

It is Sheldon.

This driver didn’t even say where he was when he was killed. From this point of view, he was very kind to Sheldon.

Now, when he is in a coma, not only will his family be affected, but he will also be picked up.

Even if Sheldon is no longer an individual, he should stand up!

At the moment, Sheldon walked into the crowd.

“The person you are looking for is me, what can I do for this driver?”

Sheldon stared at Xu Dadollar coldly.

“Hahaha, brat, I found you so surprisingly, I guess I was right!”

When Xu Dadollar saw Sheldon, he smiled coldly.

When Xu Dadollar led people to the downstairs of Tang Wan’s house, he asked his men to go up and grab Sheldon and Tang Wan.

It is bound to look good for two people.

But at that time, a taxi speeded away.

It caught Xu Dadollar’s attention and glanced at the taxi, Xu Dadollar didn’t think much.

Just thought, even if Tang Wan wants to take this kid away, she has to drive, but Tang Wan’s car is still downstairs.

As a result, when his men rushed up and down did they report that there was no one at home!

This made Xu Dadollar react at once.

I am the hand of a friend who was temporarily transferred from the industry in this street. It only took 5 or 6 minutes. Where can Tang Wan go with the child?

Think about it!

Damn it, it must be that taxi!

At the moment, the monitoring of a shop was removed, and the license plate information of the taxi was obtained.

Then it was like this, let the subordinates watch the taxi and let the driver lead the way again.

As a result, the driver was quite ignorant and didn’t cooperate with anything at first.

Later, I was forced to get this piece.

As a result, I didn’t say where I went.

Because the driver’s thinking is quite simple, he doesn’t mix things like you.

It is impossible for him to betray others without his conscience.

At most, your boss will be over with a single beat.

He gritted his teeth and stood up straight, even Boss Xu could believe it.

As a result, the driver despised Xu Dadollar, who had been chasing for a long time, so how could he believe it.

So there is the present scene.

But now, it doesn’t matter to Xu Dadollar, this stinky kid jumped out by himself.

“Come on, kid, where did Tang Wan go? Of course, it doesn’t matter if you say it or not, you will be good-looking later!”

Xu Dadollar said coldly.

“Xu Dadollar, I know you, you are behind the Xu family, but you have to give the Roston Commercial Group’s face? In less than ten minutes, Chapman will be here!”

To be honest, Sheldon is also a little panicked now.

After all, if you were beaten half to death by a dog man like Xu Dadollar, it wouldn’t be worth it!

Say you are Sheldon, Xu Dadollar won’t believe it.

I can only say Chapman.

And hearing Chapman, Xu Dadollar was indeed shocked.

Chapman is in Roston, and he is as famous as his cousin Xu Haishan.

One is a business tycoon, his cousin, relying on the power accumulated in Roston for several generations in the family, he can barely equal Chapman.

Now that Roston Commercial Group has come, another ruthless man Zhao Zixing has come.

It is said that in the Los Angeles generation, Zhao Zixing is particularly awesome.

Therefore, Xu Dadollar’s kind of stuff that was messing with his cousin’s Yu Yin, hearing the name of this big man, it is fake if he doesn’t froze.

“Boss, don’t listen to this kid, how could President Chapman come to such a place!”

A subordinate immediately reminded.

“Nonsense, of course I know it!” Xu Dadollar cursed, “Smelly boy, I want to use Mr. Chapman to scare me. I see a lot of this kind of tricks, you die for me! Give it to me!”

Xu Dadollar waved his hand suddenly.

A group of bodyguards came at Sheldon.

This scene scared the onlookers even more.

“Oh, this kid should be worse than the driver this time!”

“Yeah, I was probably frightened, and moved out of Chapman. Why didn’t he say that he was Young Master Sheldon Roston!”

“Young people nowadays make trouble randomly, don’t you know that some people can make trouble, some people can’t make trouble at all?”

The people around shook their heads and sighed.

But no one dared to come out to preside over justice, even facing a ruthless person like Xu Dadollar, not even videotaping.

However, Sheldon has now been held by several bodyguards.

“Hahaha, press it for me, I will blow his head first!”

Xu Dadollar took a stick and smashed it.


Suddenly, more than 30 luxury cars roared.

An abrupt brake wagging the tail, directly surrounding all the people.

Subsequently, a team of black bodyguards got out of the car.

The imposing manner.

There were also two extremely agile two people, and the light and shadow rushed over, three times and five times, and Xu Dadollar fell to the ground.

“Don’t move!”

“Boom boom!”

Dozens of bodyguards, even Xu Dadollar’s people, were quickly restrained.

Individuals who wanted to fight back shivered and shrank to the ground as they were smashed by these bodyguards.

The scene was reversed.

“Don’t mess around, do you know who I am? I am Xu Dadollar! The cousin of Xu Haishan of the Haishan Group, don’t mess around!”

Xu Dadollarguang felt the strength of other bodyguards, and he noticed something extraordinary.

At this time, he hurriedly begged for mercy.

“Hmph, fortunately I came a step earlier, otherwise you Xu Dadollar will not only die by yourself, even I will be killed by you!”

Chapman rushed over at this time.

He kicked Xu Dadollar hard in the face.


As soon as Chapman heard that Sheldon had an accident, he immediately threw away all his work and brought people over to understand the situation.

Naturally, some people came to inquire about the matter first, and then they found out, and someone chased Sheldon.

So Chapman immediately accelerated, but unexpectedly, he was almost late!

If this stick goes down.

Not to mention Sheldon’s good or bad.

This Xu Dadollar, and even the Xu family, including his Chapman, could not survive. Because of the strength of the Cooper Family, only a few people in America knew about it, and Chapman was one of them.

So I am not afraid of being fake.

“Sheldon, are you okay!”

After beating Xu Dadollar, Chapman immediately helped Sheldon up carefully.

“What! President Chapman, he is Sheldon? Roston Sheldon?”

Xu Dadollar panicked completely.

Even stunned.

Chapman was very surprised, but this man named Sheldon was actually Sheldon!

“Yeah! This is the flood of the Dragon King Temple. The family doesn’t know… Boom!”

Before he finished speaking, Chapman picked up the stick on the ground and slammed it directly on Xu Dadollar’s head.

He almost rolled his eyes when he smashed Xu Dadollar.

“Mr. Chapman…no, I am Xu Haishan’s cousin anyway, you give him some face and spare me…”

“Spare you? How can it be so simple!”

At this time, luxury cars came roaring again, this time more people came, and the whole street was blocked to death.

This time, it was Zhao Zixing who rushed over with someone.

“I’m going! Rosemarie Arlene, can you guys run faster? Hopefully something big happened to the elementary school. fu*k, a full 60 or 70 luxury cars came and sealed the whole street!”

On the street, at this moment, many people are running towards Hope Primary School. This is what happened after hearing the news.

This is a big scene that has never been seen before. Sixty or seventy Rolls-Royce Phantoms are closed, and it’s damned!

Ding Hao and others are naturally more curious.

They all ran ahead.

“What happened?”

“I don’t know, I heard that a kid was beaten, and then Chapman and Zhao Zixing from Roston all came. I also heard that many chambers of commerce leaders, and even the police in Roston, all came here, just bodyguards. It’s almost a hundred!”

Shouted excitedly with something good.

“Damn!” Arlene and Rosemarie became even more excited, and everyone ran over…

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