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Chapter 157

There are more and more people now.

Xu Dadollar is also getting more and more confused.

I just led some people to block this Sheldon, and in the end almost half of Roston, whether it was the military, ZF, or business people, all came.

Even if his cousin Xu Haishan came, he might not have such a big face!

And Sheldon was surrounded by so many people, and he couldn’t stay any longer.

If he stays any longer, his identity must be revealed.

Coupled with the fact that the driver’s eldest brother who is now knocked out is unattended, Sheldon said hello to these big guys, and then ordered Fredrick who came over.

I drove a car first, bypassing the crowd, and directly sent the driver’s brother to the hospital.

As for the latter matter, I believe Chapman will handle it well.

“I’m going, so many people are really here!”

At exactly this time, Ding Hao took Arlene and they had spent a lot of energy before squeezing in.

I was shocked to see the magnificent scene in front of me now.

Including Rosemarie and Arlene, both opened their mouths slightly.

“Isn’t that Chapman and Uncle Chapman?”

Ding Hao caught a glimpse of Chapman standing in the center.

When the following spoke proudly.

“Huh? You know a big guy like Chapman?”

Rosemarie and Arlene were even more surprised at Ding Hao.

“Well, yes, do you remember the last time we went to Yunmeng Mountain for a picnic? In fact, that afternoon, Roston Sheldon took Li Shu to visit our village and signed a series of contracts!”

“Hey, my dad is the accountant of our village. This time I was also appointed as the accountant for the Yunmeng Mountain Village Development Project. Naturally I have to deal with Uncle Chapman. Didn’t I say I went to the Heaven Brick Residencia last week? You don’t believe me, hum , My dad really took me there! My dad even asked me to toast Uncle Chapman wine!”

This project is Sheldon’s first development project. Of course, Chapman has paid attention to it, and the relevant personnel will definitely receive them one by one.

“Hmph, I really don’t believe it, you can go to the Heaven Brick Residencia!”

The other two girls said with jealousy and envy.

“Hehe, you should be bragging right?”

Ding Hao raised his eyebrows.

“Enough for you kid, it’s endless blowing, right?”

“Special, this kind of person really loves to pretend to be grandchildren. As long as there is a big scene, they will pretend that they know more about the scene, and who do they know? What kind of pretense?”

“That’s right, some kind of go up and say hello, what a comparison!”

Not waiting for Rosemarie and the others to question it.

Several onlookers on the side said contemptuously.

“Then you just wait and see!”

Ding Hao didn’t say much, and with his hands in his pockets, he walked up to everyone’s surprised eyes.

“Hello, Uncle Chapman, I didn’t expect to meet you here!”

Ding Hao asked slightly restrained.

Chapman froze for a moment, then looked Ding Hao up and down: “You are?”

“My dad is Ding Xiangqian, nicknamed Ding Gun, the accountant of Yunmeng Mountain Village, I saw you last week!”

Ding Hao said nervously, for fear that Chapman would forget him.

“I remember, it’s Xiaoding, nothing else, don’t ask, leave here early and go back!”

When Chapman heard about Yunmeng Mountain Village, he also paid attention to it, and shook hands with Ding Hao.

And let Ding Hao leave here quickly.

“Oh my god, look at the poem, boss Chapman really knows Ding Hao!”

Rosemarie was so excited at this moment.

If she can shout, she really wants to shout now.


While Arlene was shocked, he looked at Ding Hao with absolutely admiring eyes.

At this moment Ding Hao is extremely handsome, and Arlene feels that all the outstanding boys he has seen before are not human!

At this time, Ding Hao had already returned contentedly, with everyone looking at him in awe.

“Okay, Uncle Chapman told me just now, don’t let us stay here, there may be major incidents in a while, I think we should withdraw first!”

Ding Hao smiled.

“Hmm, Brother Hao, listen to you!”

Everyone hurriedly nodded their heads and left. As for the embarrassment of being slapped in the face by Sheldon, it has long since disappeared.

Compared with Ding Hao, Sheldon can’t be regarded as a human, hum!

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

At this moment, he has sent the loyal driver to the hospital.

As for Fredrick’s order, that is to let Fredrick look after the driver’s family and send a sum of money.

To show gratitude.

As for Su Qiangwei’s home, Sheldon wanted to wait for Chapman to completely resolve the matter before returning.

Just when Sheldon was worried about where he was going now.

Suddenly I saw someone in the class group @了All members.

It is the instructor Tenner.

“At three o’clock in the afternoon, the whole class will gather on time in Block B of the University Student Entrepreneurship Base in University Town, and everyone will arrive!

Sheldon was stunned, what did he do to the entrepreneurial base?

Just wondering when Vern called.

“Sheldon, where is it? Have you read the news in the class?”

“I saw it! By the way, what’s the matter?”

Sheldon asked.

“Really, it’s not Elsa. Now the same city live broadcast is upgraded to Super Live. Now Elsa still maintains the level of a top-line anchor with the support of the Super platform. No, they have already established a business. My own studio will have an opening ceremony tomorrow, so let us go over this afternoon and see if we can help!”

“Hey, we don’t know what we are doing after graduation. Look at Elsa. Now we have our own company!”

Vern sighed.

What Sheldon could say, just smiled.

It can be said that Elsa held it in one hand. At present, it is the most powerful among classmates. It is said that her monthly income is about 100,000.

The absolute first line.

As for Vern and the others, Sheldon will definitely not forget it. There will be opportunities in the future.

Sheldon didn’t want to mix up with all the troubles now.

But since the whole class is going, it’s not good not to go.

“Okay, see you at the entrepreneurial base!”

After Sheldon finished speaking, he threw the car to the bodyguard and took a taxi by himself.

When I got to the place, I was late for a full half an hour.

“Sheldon, why did you come here?! But it’s not too late, hehe.”

Vern patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

“Something happened. I’m late. By the way, why are you all outside? Isn’t it three o’clock? Damn, why the door hasn’t opened yet, Elsa?”

Sheldon looked at the door of the base, an independent studio door was still locked.

He asked.

“Hey, people are now the big anchors, Internet celebrities, we classmates, let’s just let them dry, Elsa hasn’t arrived yet!”

Vern said sourly.

Yes, they are all in the same class, and most of the starting points are the same. As a result, Elsa became a big net celebrity who attracts money overnight, and everyone is jealous.

“Elsa is here!”

Suddenly at this time, a classmate exclaimed.

Then I saw that Elsa got off a Ferrari sports car, and followed closely, many boys hanging around below, all around Elsa taking pictures, and wanted to say hello to Elsa.

As a result, Elsa ignored it, wearing sunglasses, and under the protection of several assistants, walked straight towards the entrepreneurial base.

But Sheldon looked at Elsa, who was not what he used to be, but his eyes were slightly picked…

Chapter 158

Elsa’s Surprise
Because today’s Elsa’s dressing style is not the same as before. It used to be at the level of the goddess of temperament. There is a charm in Wen Er, but now it is more mature, even young woman.

To be honest, Elsa, who was already very handsome, looked even more attractive at the moment.

For example, Sheldon was stunned.

As for Elsa, she didn’t expect her career to be so smooth.

Sometimes it is really a matter of opportunity.

If it weren’t for Brother VeilBoy, I’m afraid I am still a part-time little anchor now, unknown.

But now, in just a few months, such a transformation has occurred.

The feeling of being revered by many people is really cool.

Moreover, once a person reaches a certain height, his personality will also change. Now Elsa is much colder than before.

When I saw fans greet me before, Elsa greeted me with a smile, but now I ignore it.

Open the door to let the students in.

Elsa hugged her shoulders and said, “Have everyone here? If you are here, Gerard, please give everyone a job. Please help me clean the studio today. You can’t delay the opening tomorrow, and tonight , Emperor KTV, I’ll treat you, you can order whatever you want to eat and drink!”


The students shouted excitedly.

Although Elsa is a bit proud now.

It makes people jealous.

But, people are proud of their own resources. For example, VeilBoy bought a live broadcast platform for her. Who else has such a good blessing?

So jealousy goes to jealousy, but it does not reach the point of hatred.

Plus everyone likes to play.

Especially in places like Roston Business District.

When I heard the Emperor KTV eat and drink casually, of course everyone was excited.

Gerard is even more arrogant, his tail wagging the happiest.

This guy likes rigging tricks, and now he is in favor of Elsa, and his position in the class has always been the second in command.

Also, Gerard next handled Elsa’s affairs, as if he was doing his own home affairs.

The work was assigned and organized.

As for the classmates, there are some who don’t want to work for Elsa, but that would directly deny Elsa’s face, so it’s not worth offending Elsa.

So they are all very cooperative.

“fu*k, why did you forget the bathroom? I have to find someone to clean the bathroom!”

After all was allocated, Gerard scratched his head and frowned.

“Huh? Brother Huang, let’s not clean the bathroom! Rubbing the floor is good!”

Several boys in the class are afraid to choose themselves.

He hurriedly sent Gerard a cigarette.

Gerard happily took it, the classmates, he didn’t want to offend anyone, but it didn’t matter if there was one person.

“Sheldon, you, don’t clean the glass. The bathroom will be left to you. It is a small independent world. I will check it after the cleaning is finished, haha!”

Gerard pointed to Sheldon who was rubbing the rag and said.

“Puff!” The students all laughed.

“Yes, Sheldon, Sheldon’s cleaning is cleaner than what we cleaned. It is really appropriate for Sheldon to clean the bathroom!”

“Yeah, Sheldon is the most suitable candidate!”

The students all said in the same voice.

As for Sheldon, I didn’t want to wipe the glass for Elsa. So, she opened a business and asked herself to work for her.

However, Vern didn’t say anything, and Sheldon was not the kind of person to make trouble.

Just do it.

And now, it is clear that Gerard deliberately bullied himself.

He doesn’t want to offend other classmates, but he is not afraid to offend himself. This is not to look down on what he is.

Sheldon wanted to refuse.

“What are you doing in a daze? If you ask you to clean it, then go? Or I won’t give you food tonight! Hahaha!”

At this time, the female classmate who had been with Elsa also mocked Sheldon with Gerard.

“What do you mean, you want Sheldon to clean the bathroom for you?”

At this time, Liyan threw the rag directly, anxiously.

Last time Vern helped him like Sheldon did, Liyan had long regarded these brothers as more important than his own lives.

Besides, Sheldon’s strengths are not clear to Liyan and Vern, but I feel that Sheldonis definitely very powerful.

The wind and the rain.

Seeing them mocking Sheldon at the moment, they are naturally reluctant.

“Yeah, Liyan and Vern, what’s the matter? Today is the opening of Marcella’s studio. You two don’t help and want to make trouble, don’t you?”

The female student sneered with her shoulders.


“Forget Bin Zi Vern, don’t worry, I can go!”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

Naturally, I didn’t need Liyan and Vern to offend them.

Besides, it is not worthwhile to slap them in the face by putting on your identity. Main Sheldon thinks this method is too vulgar!

What is the picture?

Ha ha!

Therefore, Sheldon would rather change the big things into small things, and make small things into small things, it doesn’t matter if something happens!

Right now, I went to clean the bathroom.

As for Elsa, she only glanced at the conflict that almost came up.

Sheldon walked by his side, and Elsa didn’t even lift his eyelids.

In this way, Sheldon cleaned in the bathroom.

People outside play with them, and Sheldon himself is quiet in the bathroom.

At this time, Chapman called himself.

Tell myself that Xu Dadollar was settled, and Xu Dadollar had his limbs broken. It is estimated that he will have to spend the past few months in bed. Besides, Xu Dadollar did not dare to tell Xu Haishan about this matter.


Because Chapman has evidence of Xu Dadollar stealing money from his cousin’s company over the years.

Anyway, he can’t make any waves anymore for the time being.

Sheldon also breathed a sigh of relief and told Tang Wan about the incident again.

Naturally, I didn’t say that it was my own help, but that Haishan Real Estate was fighting with Roston Commercial Group, and Xu Dadollar was taken care of, so that Tang Wan was relieved.

Just finished the call.

Suddenly, the bathroom door was pushed open.

Then I saw Elsa walking in with a cold face on the phone.

“I said you are sick, you are endless, right? I told you I can’t see you, so why do you see you! Who do you think you are?”

“Hehe, are you the eldest brother? Don’t you just give me eighty-nine thousand dollar, okay, it’s really not good, you give me an account, I just transfer the money to you, I’ll give you ten Wan, you disappear for me, what kind of big brother is in front of me? Who has heard of your Jiujiang name on Transcendent Platform now, idiot! Get out!”

Elsa hung up angrily.

At this time, the female classmate who had been with Elsa, her name was Du Yu, a disgusting girl who worshipped Jin, also followed in.

“Marcella, did that Jiujiang harass you again?”

Du Yu asked.

“Uh, yes, he said he would come to school to pick me up, ask me to go out for a drink, I’ll go, who does he think he is?”

Elsa airway.

“Jiujiang? Isn’t he the big brother who has been in your live broadcast room before and has been paying attention to you? Last time you PK, he did not give you gifts less? And he also gave you Instagram red envelopes in private.”

At this time, Sheldon, who was cleaning the toilet, said something.

Jiujiang Sheldon had some impressions, because Elsa had two eldest brothers at the time, one was himself and the other was this Jiujiang.

I feel that Jiujiang likes Elsa more than myself. Because Elsa told herself on Instagram that Jiujiang might want to chase her, and often send her red envelopes, but she didn’t want it.

I gave Sheldon all the screenshots. Why?

Elsa wants to prove to Sheldon that he is not interested in any man except him.

But now that Sheldonard Elsa scolded him like this again, he felt that Elsa was a bit too much, so he couldn’t help but say something.

“So so what, but this person didn’t know how to ask our family Elsa out. Do you owe you a curse? By the way, I’m going, Sheldon, why are you so clear about the events in Elsa’s live broadcast room? Such a poor dick, actually watch the live broadcast?”

Du Yu said in surprise.

Even Elsa glanced at Sheldon in surprise.

Of course, she was not surprised that Sheldon watched her live broadcast, and even Sheldon watched her slap her.

She was surprised by Sheldon’s last words.

“How do you know that Jiujiang gave me red envelopes in private?”

Elsa stared at Sheldon and asked with her eyes.

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