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Chapter 153

“God! I don’t know who provokes the ruthless person Xu Dadollar. I guess that person will suffer today!”

The driver drove the car, and at this moment, he was talking in a little shock.

Obviously, he knew Xu Dadollar and had heard of Xu Dadollar’s name.

And here, only Sheldon was a little confused: “What is the origin of Xu Dadollar? Is it better than Fredrick in Roston Business District?”

At this time Sheldon asked the driver.

After a glance, it seemed that Xu Dadollar hadn’t followed behind, which made Sheldon feel a little relieved.

“Ahem, how should I say, Fredrick is also a Roston cattleman. He is backed by Roston Commercial Group, and Xu Dadollar is backed by Roston rich man Xu Jia. He is the cousin of Xu Haishan, the boss of Haishan Real Estate Group. Although Roston Commercial Group is the first group, it is also an enterprise from other provinces. It has been established in Roston for more than ten years, but Haishan Real Estate is different. It existed 40 years ago, and before the Xu family They are also deeply ingrained in Roston, absolutely terrible!”

“Isn’t it the old saying, the strong dragon can’t beat the local snake. However, the Haishan Group and the Roston Commercial Group are both very comfortable on the surface, and they will give each other face!”

The driver seemed to be talking stubbornly, and the chatter box couldn’t be contained once opened.

Sheldon also remembered listening to the driver introducing the Xu family, especially Xu Haishan.

I also had an indirect deal with the Xu family once.


Why did the two cousins ​​of Dawson and Xu Chao disappear from Roston? Also, Shelly didn’t dare to come out crying in the dorm last time. In the end, it didn’t work for her parents to show up. He called Chapman to solve the matter.

Wasn’t it when Xu Haishan’s son, a rich second-generation named Xu Wei, was eating in a villa at the time, because he drank and molested Shelly and Zyra.

Then Dawson came out and asked people to beat Xu Wei.

The last thing that provokes is Xu’s stormy revenge.

He didn’t care about Xu Chao, but asked Chapman to come forward and mediate the affairs between Shelly and Zyra.

The Xu family’s face is given.

However, Sheldon also mentioned Chapman occasionally, saying that Sheldon should pay attention to safety and conceal his identity.

Because Roston Commercial Group is indeed the only one in Roston, but not every group is afraid of Roston Commercial Group.

After all, in their eyes, they only know that the group was opened by their sister Alicia, and they don’t know the origin of Alicia’s terror, so some local snake companies are not afraid.

I haven’t even used less secretly.

For example, the last time Sheldon and Lilla were kidnapped, Chapman once called Xu Haishan directly at all costs.

Just suspect that Xu Haishan is playing a ghost.

This shows how much the Xu family attaches importance to Chapman’s eyes.

It turns out that Xu Dadollar is Xu Haishan’s cousin. I said which Xu family could be so powerful!

Sheldon was in the car, thinking about it.

It’s not that I’m afraid of trouble. At a critical time, I told my sister Alicia about this matter and let her use family power to solve it.

But now, let’s discuss with Chapman after everything is ready for my phone!

The place Sheldon brought Tang Wan and the others was exactly where Su Qiangwei and the others lived.

This place is very remote.

That Xu Dadollar won’t find here for a while.

“Brother Sheldon, you are here!”

“Big tiger and two tigers, where is Xiaoying?”

As soon as he entered, the two tigers who were washing clothes in the yard immediately surrounded them.

“Sister Qiangwei are cooking in the house!”

After a while, Su Qiangwei led Xiaoying out.

Sheldon didn’t give too much explanation, but simply said that Tang Wan and their mother and daughter lived here tonight. Of course, Su Qiangwei was fine, and immediately went to the place where Tang Wan was packed.

And when Tang Wan heard Sheldon said that Su Qiangwei adopted the three children herself, she was really moved by Su Qiangwei.

Maybe it was the experience of bringing up children as a woman, Tang Wan and Su Qiangwei actually had a feeling of cherishing each other at first sight, and they talked to heaven as soon as they met.

As for Sheldon, after they settled down, he went to the nearby mobile phone mall alone, and quickly switched to a mobile phone.

Otherwise delay things.

This is an independent mobile phone shopping mall with all major well-known brands of mobile phones.

There are also many people.

Sheldon went around and didn’t know what brand to buy.

Just want to pick a strong one.

Finally, I set my sights on a high-quality mobile phone, clearly marked the price, 18888!

It can be said to be a more expensive mobile phone.

“Boss, give me the latest phone I want to see! Thank you!”

Sheldon said politely to a shopping guide.

The shopping guide has already seen Sheldon looking around here for a long time, let’s see what he is wearing, hehe, it is estimated that he is choosing which mobile phone is cheaper.

However, this kind of person tends to have a face.

If you don’t get some well-known big brands, you will first go around here, take a look, and then pretend to be unsuitable, and finally choose a miscellaneous brand of two to three hundred.

Humph, she sees too many such people.

Therefore, seeing the shabby Sheldon walking towards this side, she looked down a little.

Now I heard Sheldon said that he wanted to look at the most expensive mobile phone.

The shopping guide said impatiently: “Sorry sir, we are not allowed to try this phone, you must pay first!”

It means that you are the master if you put down the money.

“I can’t take a look first!?”

Sheldon asked.

He doesn’t have his wallet now, so he has to put his card in and pay online.

“No, this is the rule of our shop!”

The shopping guide sneered.

“Sister Xiaoming, I’m busy, I brought a few friends over today to check my phone!”

“Hahaha, welcome!”

At this moment, a boy led several men and women over.

“Ding Hao, this time our store has a new hot item. Are you not going to change it?”

A beautiful shopping guide named Su Ming smiled at Ding Hao and said.

“Oh? What kind of hot money?”

Ding Hao and his party gathered around.

It was also at this time that one of the girls glanced at Sheldon, who was about to leave, and was suddenly a little surprised:

“Damn, Sheldon, why are you here?”

And this girl is not someone else, it is Rosemarie.

And beside her, there was Arlene standing, roughly the same people from last time.

It seems that they are all playing with Ding Hao now.

As for Sheldon, he had already seen them.

So we are leaving just now.

After all, with these female high school classmates, all the friendship is all about friendship, there is nothing to chat about.

Moreover, he would ridicule himself as soon as they met, and Sheldon didn’t want to be bored to the point of slapping them in the face.

So just avoid it.

But the more I wanted to hide, I couldn’t hide it.

“Why are you still here? It looks like he is here to buy a mobile phone!”

“Oh my god, Sheldon, you still buy a mobile phone. You big tyrant, have you also demolished it? You actually want to buy a mobile phone? And you still choose this big brand store?”

Rosemarie said in a surprised tone.

On the side, Arlene looked at Sheldon, but shook his head with a wry smile.

Chapter 154:

Can You Afford This Phone?

“Yeah! Shao Ding, do you know him?”

The shopping guide Su Ming said with a wry smile.

Now Ding Hao is also very famous in this area.

Because it’s spread, the Yunmeng Mountain a little further west will be developed, and Yunmeng Village where Ding Hao is located will need to be relocated.

This area will be an important commercial zone in the future.

As the second generation of Ding Hao, he naturally became very active.

I often come to buy mobile phones and I know them all.

“Hehe, not too familiar, a high school classmate of my friend!”

Ding Hao shook his head.

Then he ignored Sheldon and looked at Su Ming with a smile:

“Sister Su Ming, which phone do you recommend? Take it over and have a look. I’m going to give these two friends one for each!”

Ding Hao said.

The two friends he was talking about naturally meant Rosemarie and Arlene.

The two girls are very beautiful, and Ding Hao likes them, but the most troublesome thing is that the two girls seem to be interested in them. They are really anxious, and Ding Hao feels a little distressed.

So just bite the bullet and hurt.

However, the usual fights between the two girls made Ding Hao feel that his vanity was most satisfied. In short, it was quite cool.

Sure enough, Rosemarie and Arlene were overjoyed when they heard that they were about to buy a mobile phone, but their expressions were relatively dark.

How can we get Ding Hao’s independent love?

As for the other girls, there is only envy, jealousy and hatred.

“Hey! This is it! You see and use it first!”

Su Ming smiled and hurriedly handed the phone that Sheldon could not see to Ding Hao.

Sheldon on the side was so angry.

It turns out that the regulations in your mobile phone store are only for yourself!

Sheldon wanted to have an attack.

But Arlene and Rosemarie are both here, and Sheldon is not embarrassed. Besides, I really don’t want to stay with them.

Sheldon went to another store of a super brand nearby.

“Sir, there is a new mobile phone in our store. It is a well-known international brand. The top 50 purchases can buy one for only 28,888 dollar! The original price is 32,000! Sir, would you like to see it? “

As soon as he came over, there was a shopping guide girl who seemed to be eighteen or nineteen years old and smiled at Sheldon.

It can be seen that she is quite cautious.

Like a new clerk, he only knows how to sell, but he doesn’t know how to look at a person’s clothes.

But the price of this phone really scared Sheldon.

Tens of thousands of mobile phones are too cruel.

However, Sheldon understood this brand and the functions of the phone.

I heard that many heads of countries and even military leaders use this type of mobile phone.

Powerful functions, reliable quality, and particularly strong confidentiality.

Much better than the 18888.

“Sir, this is the most expensive model in this store, and there are also affordable models. You can also take a look at this one. You can start with 6888!”

The shopping guide looked at Sheldon stunned, thinking he was frightened.

Yes, 30,000 or 40,000 mobile phones can be used by ordinary people. I hurriedly recommend others.

And almost as the largest brand mobile phone store in the entire mobile phone mall, the starting price is more than 6,000, which is normal.

“No, just show me the most expensive one. By the way, lend me the card pin for use!”

Sheldon smiled.

“Good sir!” The waiter carefully handed Sheldon both the phone and the card pin.

This is a large shopping mall dedicated to mobile phones, with security patrols, security guards at the door, and special identification equipment. Naturally, we are not afraid of people who will drop the package and grab mobile phones.

When Sheldon took it, the first thing was to change his card to it.

“Damn, what are you talking about Sister Su Ming, this phone is asking for 18888, it’s too cruel, why don’t you grab it!”

At the same time, Ding Hao’s surprised roar came from the mobile phone shop not far away.

Arlene and Rosemarie on the side were also a little frightened.

But scared back to scared.

Just now they looked at the models and functions of this phone. It was really great. The pixels are extremely clear. For girls who love beauty, a clear pixel is more important than anything.

Therefore, they all looked at Ding Hao expectantly and wanted Ding Hao to buy them for them.

But Ding Hao broke out in cold sweat:

“No way, this is too expensive, more than 10,000 copies, and both are close to 40,000, too cruel!”

Ding Hao wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

Their house was only confirmed to have been demolished, but the money for the demolition would not come down until two or three months later. He is now completely overdrawing his credit card and will pay it back then.

Now he can’t afford it even if he is killed.

“Young Master Ding, there are still things you can’t afford. The two beauties like it so much, so buy them one!”

Su Ming quite knows how to do business, so he immediately told Arlene about Rosemarie.

“Hehe, it’s not okay now, let’s talk about it next time! Go, let’s go and see elsewhere!”

After speaking, they took the reluctant Arlene and Rosemarie to go elsewhere.

Su Ming was quite unwilling, but he finally caught Ding Hao today. How could this cooked duck not let him fly!

She also followed immediately.

“Shao Ding, why don’t you check out this store, this brand is too loud, even if you start with the lowest version, it will be very versatile!”

Rosemarie came up and said at this time.

“Okay, let’s see! fu*k, starting at 6888?”

Ding Hao just came up, but when he saw the price, he was shocked again.

Not to mention the 28888 model that is currently doing activities!

When the following is embarrassing: “Why don’t we go and see somewhere else…”

Both Arlene and Rosemarie were disappointed.

What? Although a mobile phone with more than 6,000 dollar is very expensive, you will dismantle the second generation after Ding Shao. Are you not willing to spend this money?

It’s not for you to buy the 28888.

Besides, even if 28888 is given to them, they will not use it. This kind of expensive and outrageous mobile phone can only be thought of. It is not realistic for Ding Hao to buy it!

Rosemarie wanted to beg Ding Hao, but then she glanced again.

I happened to see Sheldon who was lowering his head and putting the card.

“I’m going! Sheldon, you are so lingering, why are you there wherever we go? And, don’t you even look at the brand when you buy a mobile phone? What brand is this, what are you going to get?”

Rosemarie was in a bad mood, so I met Sheldon before, and it was nothing.

But now, even Ding Hao and them can’t afford the mobile phone shop, they both want to leave.

As a result, Sheldon was pretending to be here, still looking at his mobile phone.

Let Rosemarie feel uncomfortable!

Sarcastically said immediately.

“I bought a mobile phone, can’t it?”

Sheldon installed the card, and Instagram Alipay quickly downloaded one, and he was ready to pay.

But hearing Rosemarie’s words, Sheldon really didn’t hold back.

He directly replied with a bad tone.

“God, what are you pretending to be, you don’t look at your virtues, can you afford this phone?”

Rosemarie was even more angry.

“And Linlin, look, Sheldon actually got this 28888, shit, he still wants to buy this? Hahaha…”

At this moment, Ding Hao’s heart was relieved a lot. He couldn’t afford a mobile phone just now, and there was no sense of face. With Sheldon as a foil, it was gone in an instant.

Arlene also frowned a little while looking at Sheldon…

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