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Chapter 159

Of course Elsa was surprised.

fu*k, she never mentioned this to her roommate, and this Sheldon, he actually knew about the private red envelope.

Except for Brother VeilBoy, she didn’t say anything.


Faced with Elsa’s questioning, Sheldon was also a little panicked.

Just now, he really couldn’t understand Elsa being such a person, so he couldn’t help but interrupt.

Besides, I didn’t think about it carefully at the time, so I just stated what I was thinking.

Then it came to light that Elsa had told herself through her trumpet.

“Well… when I watched your live broadcast one night, I saw that Jiujiang seemed to talk to you about red envelopes in private, so I thought, he must have given you red envelopes in private!”

Sheldon made up a nonsense.

Elsa’s nervous heart fell.

Du Yu on the side sneered: “Haha, I didn’t expect Sheldon, you are quite a bitch. You really watch our Marcella live broadcast every night. To be honest, are you on the screen when our Marcella broadcasts live? Does that party do bad things?”

Du Yu smiled lasciviously.

Elsa was very generous to this kind of thing, and now stared at Sheldon coldly.

She didn’t expect Sheldon to be her own little brother.

“I do not have!”

Sheldon said truthfully.

Naturally, such bad things have never been done, but Sheldon must have thought about it more than once.

“Hmph, it’s better not to have done it before, we Mayer, the goddess you will never get!”

Du Yu knelt and licked.

“Okay, let’s see how the outside is cleaned. Let’s go to the emperor! Sheldon, clean it up!”

After Elsa finished speaking, she turned around and left.

Sheldon let out a long sigh.

It was so risky just now, it was almost impossible to explain.

But after thinking about it, Sheldon took out his mobile phone and boarded his trumpet.

Sent a message to Elsa.

In general, it means that you have recently watched your live broadcast, and you have changed so much, you don’t have the same taste as before, and you don’t have that kind of enthusiasm for fans.

It’s boring, it seems that I have to watch other beauty anchors in the future.

Use this to scare Elsa.

Because what Elsa said she indirectly lifted her up, and her current defiant attitude would harm her sooner or later, so Sheldon had to give her a vaccination in advance.

Hold on to the waves!

After the cleaning, Elsa also called a lot of cars to wait outside, ready to go to the Emperor to play.

The crowd came out and waited.

“Sister Elsa, look quickly, it was Brother VeilBoy who sent you a Instagram message!”

At this time, Du Yu ran out with Elsa’s mobile phone.

“Ah? When was it sent?”

“Four minutes ago! I didn’t hear it!”

Du Yu apologized.

“fu*k, I asked you to hold my mobile phone so that you can check my Instagram 24 hours a day. Why did you delay it for four minutes?”

When Elsa heard this, she was immediately anxious.

“Sister Elsa, just now, everyone has left, but I see, there are still a few places that have not been cleaned, so Sheldon, who is leaving late, cleaned it up again. As a result, I saw the news from VeilBoy. , Four minutes have passed!”

Du Yu said with some fear.

“It’s okay, I will reply VeilBoy now…”

But take a look at a few pieces of content sent by Brother VeilBoy.

Elsa was stunned.

Even almost crying.

“What’s wrong, Marcella?”

Du Yu asked.

“Brother VeilBoy, he may not love me anymore. He said that I have changed. Did I change Du Yu? Did I really change? Am I still the cute baby Marcella in his heart before?”

Elsa cried directly.

It’s totally urgent.

No one cares more about the eyes of ordinary brothers than they do.

“Sister Elsa, don’t worry, quickly explain to VeilBoy!”

Du Yu persuaded.

“Well, which car do I get in?”

At this time, Sheldon, who had finally finished his work, walked out.

Seeing several cars in front of him, the people were quite full, and couldn’t help asking Du Yu, who left him to clean up.

Can’t you let yourself take a taxi like last time?

“Oh, which car do you really fall in love with? Didn’t you see what happened to Mayer? What a guy who only knows how to eat and drink!”

Du Yu cursed impatiently.

“Du Yu, ignore him, and think about what I will reply to Brother VeilBoy?”

Elsa said anxiously.

The two discussed, Elsa came up with the content of the reply, and immediately replied.


Immediately, there was a crisp Instagram receiving message, and it passed vaguely, as if it was uploaded from the mobile phone of a classmate in the car next to him.

Elsa was stunned.

“fu*king? What’s the situation? Du Yu, did you hear anything just now?”


“I don’t know if it’s a coincidence, do you know that when I sent a message just now, I didn’t know which Instagram in the car, and a receiving voice immediately sounded?”

Elsa thought to herself, even if it is a coincidence, it can’t be so coincidental, right?

Is it possible that ordinary little brother is in his own class?

Who will he be?

Elsa said excitedly.

“I didn’t hear it? Besides, you now listen carefully. There are more Instagram users. Marcella, are you too sensitive?”

Du Yu was speechless.

Elsa listened intently, and sure enough, many classmates’ mobile phones were ringing to receive voices from time to time.

At the moment, he nodded in disappointment.

Yes, for Brother VeilBoy, I feel very nervous every time, especially now, I have reached the point of sensitivity.

“Maybe I think too much, let’s go!”

Elsa looked at VeilBoy and didn’t reply to herself.

In the car at this moment, Sheldon wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and quickly switched the Instagram account.

fu*k, it was really dangerous just now!

Sheldon thought.

Sheldon is no stranger to Emperor KTV.

And Elsa can be considered strong, and he directly booked a super large box, which is enough to accommodate more than sixty people.

A large group of people is like opening a part, it is very lively.

At first, some people didn’t want to sing in public, but it didn’t take long for Maiba to appear.

Although the singing voice is not flattering, don’t you just enjoy it.

Sheldon was also drinking beer with Vern and the others.

“What the hell do you mean, you are sick!!!”

At this time, Elsa suddenly yelled into the mobile phone, shocking everyone.

The audience immediately calmed down.

The music has also been shut down.

“What’s wrong with Sister Faye?”

Gerard and the others asked immediately.

“fu*k, this Jiujiang actually threatened me. He didn’t know where he got the photos of my life. He also knew that I’m coming to the emperor now. He wants to come to me. Damn, this person is sick! Okay, let He comes, I see what he can do!”

Elsa scolded anxiously.

“Yeah, let him come, so many of us!”

Gerard picked up the beer bottle and shouted.

“Marcella, calm down, you think, this Jiujiang is from Roston, and he can get your life photos, and he knows that you are now the emperor, he must have some means, you calmly handle this If it doesn’t work, just talk to your extraordinary executives about it, right?”

Kristine, who was drinking with Sheldon, reminded me at this moment.

“Hmph, I don’t care, I’m going crazy, he said he wanted to block me, and he wanted to find someone to force me, shit, be someone else! I want him to know that Elsa is not annoying! “

Elsa cursed directly.

Chapter 160

A Call From Elsa

“Huh? Sister Elsa, then you can call your company’s executives, and also, quickly contact VeilBoy!”

A girl said nervously.

After all, girls, when they heard that someone came to block or fight or something, they must be a little nervous.

“Huh, I’m afraid of a woolen thread, I don’t need anyone. If Jiujiang really dare to come to the emperor to stop me, believe it or not I let him stand and lie down? Because a person who knows us well, even the emperor’s boss Be afraid of her! Haha, this is our territory!”

Elsa pinched her waist and laughed.

Sheldon was taken aback, what the fu*k? Could it be that you exposed yourself?

“Ah? Who is that person?”

When they heard that they were familiar with everyone, Du Yue and the others were very curious.

“Hmph, don’t ask, I just ask you not to be afraid, I cover everything, we should eat and drink!”

Elsa greeted.

Gerard and others were also excited holding the wine bottle and started pouring it violently.

The playing became more lively.

Sheldon felt a little nervous on the side.

This Elsa is too floating, still so defiant.

Sheldon is a little regretful, let’s see if I can find time to talk to Chaofan and step on her.

Just thinking about it, suddenly there was a bang.

The door of the box was kicked open directly.

Then I saw a large crowd of people coming in.

There are more than 30 people.

“What the fu*k!”

Gerard was taken aback for a moment, then he cursed directly.

Then a few youths grabbed his hair, waved a bottle of beer, and smashed his head directly on the ground.


The girls screamed instantly.

“Don’t move!”

Some young people yelled with full face.

You know, these girls usually have seen fights, but they have never seen such a cruel one, and there are still so many people.

They’re all pretty straightforward, so I’ll do it when I come up. Of course I’m afraid.

“What are you doing? Do you know where this is? Do you know who I am!”

Not to mention others, even Elsa is a little scared at the moment.

No matter how awesome it is, after being blocked by others, it will inevitably be guilty.

Blushing now, stood up and said.

“Of course I know who you are, Elsa, a pretty awesome internet celebrity, haha, don’t you tell me to stop you, now I’m here, how can Elsa look at my support for you? For sake, won’t you drink a few drinks with me?”

A fat man of 39 years old stood up and sneered.

Among these people, he is the most casual, just a T-shirt.

And on the arm, the dragon tattoo is very social at first glance.

“Are you Jiujiang?”

Elsa knew who it was when he thought about it.

“You really dare to come to the emperor to stop me, believe it or not, I found someone to do you!”

Elsa shouted unwillingly.

As for Jiujiang, there was no fear on his face at all, but he walked towards Elsa with a sneer.


With a snap, a mouth was drawn on Elsa’s face with a backhand.

Elsa was knocked over and fell on the sofa.

“Damn, bitch, you really think of yourself as something. When I saw you look a little beautiful, I charged a little money to tease you. I didn’t expect you to be so ignorant and look down on me. Haha, today you are Don’t worry about finding someone to handle me, I will handle you first!”

Jiujiang sneered.

Suddenly at this moment, the door was pushed open again.

“Miss Du, who are you talking about? Who dares to fight here?”

It was the four or five bodyguards of the emperor who followed Du Yue in.

Du Yue is a very good woman. Just now, when they rushed in, didn’t Gerard want to fight with them, and then taking advantage of their effort to beat Gerard, Du Yue carefully spared them .

After all, there were black lights in the box, and fighting again, and no one had any scruples about Du Yue.

Then she called the security guard in.

The emperor’s security guards are all very awesome.

“Yeah! It’s Mr. Zhu Jiang here! Hello, Mr. Zhu!”

Unexpectedly, when several security guards saw Jiujiang turn around, they would be taken aback.

“What Mr. Zhu Jiang, he beat people here!”

When Du Yue saw the security guard’s attitude, she was a little surprised.

“What are you talking about nonsense? Can CEO Zhu Jiang be guilty of hitting you? He is the boss of a listed subsidiary of the Haishan Group. Do you have a common knowledge with you little shit boys? If you go away, you will talk nonsense next time. Your mouth, Mr. Zhu, are you busy!”

The security guards smiled flatteringly, and then backed out.

These security guards are not afraid of Zhu Jiang, but Fredrick has already explained to them that the Haishan Group people will give them three points of face no matter what they do.

No way, Haishan Group, a serious Roston local snake.

Although I am really not afraid of going to the Roston Commercial Group, usually, everyone is courteous.

Therefore, if some guests offend Haishan’s people, and they come here to look for trouble, the security will turn a blind eye.

Of course, Zhu Jiang also knows in his heart that he won’t make too much trouble.

But Elsa was really panicked at the moment after hearing a few security guards’ words.

fu*k, this Jiujiang, whom he has always looked down upon, is actually a boss of Haishan Group!

No wonder he has so much energy to investigate himself.

Seeing that the emperor’s security guards were scared to hide, Elsa’s confidence disappeared.

“Elsa, how is it? It’s okay to have a drink with me now? I know, you want to call your superb live broadcast executives, hahaha, okay, then you can give it a try, right? Please mention my Zhu Jiang’s name a little bit, and see if he cares about you!”

Zhu Jiang sneered.

Elsa covered her face and said: “Don’t be proud, who said I want to call the executives, I will call someone to come, you don’t want to stand with me and go out!”

The executive must be useless at this time, so I can only ask her.

“Okay, hit it, I see how much energy you have!”

On the contrary, Zhu Jiang was waiting and waiting.

Elsa dialed a number immediately and explained the situation to the person on the phone.

Then vowed to hold his shoulders and looked at Zhu Jiang instead.

Sheldon was sitting in the corner. There was nothing wrong with him, but she was a little surprised. This Elsa was really good. Besides covering her, does she have other big brothers?


It didn’t take long for Sheldon to hear the sound of a large group of footsteps outside the box.

Apparently a group of people rushed in here.

Immediately afterwards, the door of the box was opened again, and a black-clothed bodyguard came in, violently suppressing the people Zhu Jiang had brought.

This makes Jiujiang a little startled.

Then I looked at the last person who came in, and was even more astonished: “Mr. Chapman, are you…?”

The person who came in was Fredrick, the emperor’s general manager.

“Haha, Mr. Zhu, you’ve been mixed up for a long time, why didn’t you even let a few college students go? How about giving your brother a face today?” Fredrick walked to Zhu Jiang and smiled faintly.

“It’s easy to say, since you, President Chapman, spoke in person, and it’s in your place again, you cover them, how dare I say anything!”

Zhu Jiang looked at the bodyguards of the business group, and really didn’t dare to be too presumptuous.

“You are wrong, Mr. Zhu, this Miss Elsa, I am not covering, but one of my little leaders. She has been covering, and she said, everyone present today is If you have a relationship with her, you can’t touch any of them!”

Fredrick said.

“Oh? Then I have to ask, who is this? Can you let President Chapman be like this?” Zhu Jiang laughed.

“It’s me, what’s the matter!”

At this time, a crisp female voice rang, and then a woman stepped on high heels over!

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