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Chapter 161

And this woman came in. Everyone, including Sheldon, finally knew who Elsa was talking about.

It was Tenner!

“Tour guide!”

While everyone was shocked, they all shouted very cordially.

Yes, of course, I am shocked. Everyone just knows that Tenner loves to dress up, and he has a very high vision, and he doesn’t have any boyfriends.

However, no one thought that Tenner had a relationship with Fredrick of the commercial group.

And Fredrick seemed to have a special respect for her.

This is amazing!

As for Elsa’s and Tenner’s affairs, we have to start talking about Sheldon’s rescue of Tenner at the new bar that night.

That night, didn’t Sheldon send Fredrick to take her back.

Then Tenner found the power bank left by Sheldon in the car.

It was terrified at the time.

Could it be that Sheldon saved himself?

When Tenner wanted to go back and confirm.

I happened to see Elsa coming back from the live broadcast.

Seeing Tenner being picked up by Rolls-Royce, she was also shocked.

Ask the instructor what’s wrong.

Tenner simply talked to her, of course, she was very bullish and told Elsa that in the future, if there is something to do with Roston Business District, just ask herself.

Because I was entangled with Sheldon, I went back to the place where I was staying and quickly checked.

The answer was that Fredrick had already told Sheldon about the process, so Tenner didn’t doubt it.

Of course, this matter is not so simple.

Probably last week, Tenner and Elsa went to the Business District to buy some cosmetics.

Then there was some minor trouble and was molested by a few drunk bosses.

Tenner was also scared at the time, so she simply called Fredrick, and Fredrick immediately led someone to beat up the big bosses.

It made Tenner so cool, and Elsa’s worship of Tenner was broken.

This feeling of backing is really cool.

So, when something happened today, of course Elsa called Tenner as soon as possible.

Only then has the present scene.

And Fredrick was also afraid that Zhu Jiang didn’t know him, so he leaned in his ear and said something to him softly.

I saw Zhu Jiang’s face turned pale.

In this way, this woman is indeed not in the same rank with herself!

“Marcella? I was beaten? There are yellow hairs. They beat me?”

Tenner looked at Elsa and asked with her eyes.

Originally, Tenner secretly contacted Elsa about ordinary things and didn’t know it. To put it bluntly, Elsa gave it to herself. Of course, she should be relatively good to her.

“Yes Sister Meng!”

Elsa said hard.

“Damn, who can fight, call me back!” Tenner said, hugging her shoulders.



Elsa slapped Zhu Jiang in the past. Zhu Jiang’s eyes were red, but when he remembered what Fredrick had just said, he didn’t even dare to let go.

As for Gerard, he got a headshot when he got up and took the bottle.

That’s so cool, this is so cool.

All the students said excitedly.

And Zhu Jiang definitely couldn’t stay. He broke his tooth and swallowed his stomach, and had to apologize to others.

There is a feeling of suffocation of smearing a pile of shit in front of him, and then sticking out his tongue to say it smells good.

After the matter was almost resolved, Fredrick naturally withdrew.

He did so much to indirectly curry favor with Sheldon.

But Sheldon was sitting in the corner, he didn’t see it.

“The guide is domineering!”

Everyone shouted excitedly.

Toast to the instructors one after another.

All respected, even Vern and the others passed by.

Sheldon, it’s not embarrassing to go there.

“Guide, I toast you a glass!” Sheldon said with a drink.

“Hehe, Sheldon, you are here too? How can something really happen? I didn’t notice you just now, where are you?”

Although Tenner still looks down on Sheldon, this is in his bones, and of course he can’t change it.

But his words were not as targeted as before, after all, Sheldon indirectly saved himself last time.

“Haha, you said he, the instructor, he has been sitting in the corner over there. Just now when Jiujiang brought people in, Gerard and them all stood up. I saw it. Sheldon has been sitting! I’ll go, Not even us girls!”

Du Yue said immediately.

Just now when she was going outside, she happened to pass the corner where Sheldon was sitting and saw it.

“Yeah, besides, do you expect this man to fight?”

“It’s probably scared that my legs are weak, I can’t stand up, otherwise I believe Sheldon will definitely stand up, hahaha!”

Several girls ridiculed wildly.

Looking at Sheldon, Tenner shook her head and gave a wry smile, but still drank Sheldonjing’s wine.

“I’m going to the bathroom!”

Listening to the ridicule of the crowd, Sheldon couldn’t say anything. After all, he didn’t help at all with today’s affairs.

Went out.

“Hahaha, scared to pee! This is!”

“Oh, really, whoever wants to find a boyfriend like Sheldon in the future, just go and die!”

“Puff, in terms of Sheldon, which girl can be seen!”

“Mom, don’t talk about him. By the way, the instructor. When you called in the afternoon, you said you have something to do, what’s the matter?”

Elsa turned the topic helplessly.

“O’ao, I have something to do and I bought something. If it weren’t for Manager Chapman to do something important this afternoon, I would have notified him to take care of you early. It’s a pity that he took care of that matter very late. Half of Roston is a sensation!”

“Ah? What’s the matter?” Everyone became interested.

“Why didn’t it say in the news?”

Someone asked in surprise.

“You are stupid, such a big thing will naturally not be exposed. The specific Manager Chapman refused to say, but it seems that something happened to the elementary school. Then Chapman and Zhao Zixing all these giant crocodiles were dispatched, as well as business people. Quite a few big bosses led people to seal the street on the other side of Hope Elementary School, maybe close to a hundred luxury cars, it’s dead!”

“I go!”


Everyone was surprised.

At this time, Sheldon just closed the door and walked out. Hearing this, he just shook his head helplessly.

He didn’t know what was going on either.

Some people do not want to help, but instead help.

Some people want to help, but they hurt.

In addition, now that his identity cannot be exposed, Sheldon really does not want to make it public, so some things are very tangled and helpless.

It seems that I will really have to keep a low profile in the future.

If you shouldn’t get involved, don’t get involved!

Sheldon thought to himself, it’s better to finish your studies in peace and quiet.

At this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

At first glance, it was Su Qiangwei calling.

Connected in the bathroom now.

“Sheldon, are you busy?”

“Not busy, what’s the matter?”

“It’s Xiaoying, she said she was a little uncomfortable again, and I tried her temperature, the fever was very serious, I want to take her to the hospital!”

Su Qiangwei said softly.

Sheldon knew that since Su Qiangwei was making this call to herself, she seemed to be in trouble. It is estimated that her money is particularly tight, if it were not for no other way, she would not ask for help like this.

It seems that next, is it to help Su Qiangwei get a suitable job? After all, it is better to teach people how to fish than to teach people how to fish!

Worrying about Xiaoying, Sheldon didn’t dare to delay. After speaking, he took a taxi to pick Xiaoying and Su Qiangwei to the hospital for another visit.

There were also quite a few people who were registered to see a doctor this night.

Sheldon Xiaoying in line.

I was about to reach myself, and as a result, a woman suddenly stood directly in front of Sheldon…

Chapter 162

The Goddess Next to the Library
A young woman suddenly jumped in front of Sheldon.

Don’t even say hello, so you don’t respect people, right?

Sheldon is in a bad mood today.

I was a little angry: “Miss, can you jump in the line like this?”

In a word, she ignored it.

“Yes, sister, the teacher said you can’t jump in the line!”

Xiaoying frowned and said.

“Damn, I just jumped in, what’s the matter? What can you do? A bitch is hypocritical!”

The woman turned around and cursed coldly.

It can be seen that she is about 21 years old, her skin is white and she looks pretty.

They are also very s*xy.

But this pair looks down on human virtues and makes Sheldon feel angry.

“You are a bitch!”

Sheldon had eaten enough vainly, so he cursed directly.

“fu*k, you dare to scold me, why are you waiting for me, I will find someone to kill you!”

The woman scolded like crazy, and then she was pulled away by many people around her.

Finally she left angrily.

This is an episode.

Sheldon didn’t think much about it, so he arranged the number to see the doctor normally.

“Brother, you shouldn’t scold her, this woman doesn’t seem easy!”

At this time, the beautiful nurse in charge of registration said softly.

“She came this afternoon to see a patient with a very strong identity. She was in a big car and a small car. All of them were luxury cars. I think she is also very strong. Please look at it quickly and don’t cause trouble!”

The nurse warned.

Obviously she was rude first.

But the nurse was also kind, and Sheldon didn’t say anything.

Su Qiangwei also persuaded: “Forget Sheldon, let’s leave as soon as we finish watching!”

Sheldon took Xiaoying to see a doctor, but it was fine. It was just a cold. Just take some medicine.

Su Qiangwei was also relieved.

After reading it, Sheldon took Su Qiangwei out of the hospital.

As soon as I arrived at the door, suddenly, a black luxury car rushed to the hospital door.

More than a dozen cars.

Then a large group of well-dressed people got out of the car. Go to the hospital.

When she saw the woman coming down from the middle car, Su Qiangwei was immediately scared.

Isn’t it the woman who quarreled with Sheldon just now because of jumping in the line?

Could it be that she brought someone to find Sheldon in trouble?

Fortunately, it came out early.

“I just heard, how is President Xu? Is he out of the intensive care unit?”

A young man with extraordinary bearing asked.

The woman nodded, “Not yet, her limbs suffered a comminuted fracture, and she is still in the intensive care unit! But there is no danger to life!”

“Damn, whoever started so cruelly, I know, it must be Roston Commercial…”

“Hey! Don’t say something here!”

The man shouted directly, only to shut up after being reminded by the person beside him.

Sheldon, not far from them, and didn’t leave, because of what?

Sheldon knew the young man who came.

Isn’t it the Zhu Jiang who was beaten in the face just now?

And Sheldon understood what they said about Mr. Xu.

Maybe it is Xu Dadollar Xu boss.

It turned out that the goods were sent to this hospital.

It seems that this group of people, including that unruly bitch, are members of the Haishan Group.


Suddenly at this time, there was another sound of motors, and another dozen luxury cars were seen coming in.

I want to know Zhu Jiang and they all.

And the luxury cars are more than that, and they are coming over one after another.

Think about it, the Sea Mountain Group of the Xu family has been entrenched in Roston for a long time, and it can be said to be deeply rooted.

Absolute ground snake.

This Xu Dadollar must have some connections, and no matter how much he hides it this afternoon, the movement is really too big.

The fact that Xu Dadollar had his limbs abolished must have spread.

But it depends on how Xu Dadollar explained himself.

“Sheldon, do you know them?”

Su Qiangwei asked with some nervousness when seeing so many big people around the hospital.

“I know them, none of them know me. They came to the hospital to see people! It’s okay!”

Sheldon said with a wry smile.

“It scared me to death, I thought it was the girl who quarreled with you, who called me!”

Su Qiangwei let out a long breath.

After Sheldon glanced at the group of people, he didn’t stay too much, and drove Su Qiangwei back in a taxi.

Xu Dadollar had the handle in Chapman’s hands, and he did not dare to just provoke the grievances between the two sides.

On the way.

Sheldon still remembered Su Qiangwei’s future work.

“By the way, Qiangwei, do you want to change jobs?”

Sheldon asked with a smile.

If Su Qiangwei is willing, she can choose the job of Roston Commercial Group at will, and it is not always necessary to open a kindergarten for her in the future.

Su Qiangwei said, “I just want to tell you about this. Mr. Tang told me today that he is going to invest in our kindergarten. Besides, he is planning to apply for a training for me and study in Carolina University! Tomorrow I can go to some psychology courses at Carolina University!”

“Oh? That’s great!” Sheldon nodded.

Alas, sometimes boys are not as thoughtful as girls think.

In many universities, a social teaching course will be offered, so that those who have already participated in work, or who have not studied at university, go to attend classes and receive university education.

Sheldon used to introduce Su Qiangwei to listen to the idea, but he never had time.

For now, Carolina University is almost as famous as Roston University where it is.

It’s the same everywhere.

Sheldon was also more steadfast, telling Su Qiangwei that as long as she had time, she would go to Carolina University to see her.

When I finished all this and returned to the dorm, it was almost ten thirty in the evening.

Plus, today is really tired.

I fell asleep.

Two days have passed, Sheldon can be considered a short-term peace. For these two days, he has been studying and reading in the library.

Isn’t this summer vacation coming soon? You have to deal with final exams.

At ten o’clock this morning, Sheldon was working on a question in the library.

Suddenly, I felt a particularly nice fragrance coming from my side.

It’s the kind of fragrance on women.

Sheldon turned his head and saw that a tall woman also sat down next to the question he was doing.

Because everyone knows that the library of the university, especially now that Sheldon and the juniors, the postgraduate entrance examination, the end of the semester and the end of the semester, the library is almost full.

Sheldon’s position is still occupied from 5:30 in the morning.

The library is a bit crowded.

As for this girl, she is tall and thin, and she has a very good figure, especially those with white skin and long hair draped around her waist. She feels very quiet and a special goddess.

Obviously, she also didn’t want to sit down directly next to a boy, but there was no other place.

The most important thing is that since I came in, there were many boys staring at her, making her feel uncomfortable. It was only on Sheldon’s side that he was studying with his head down, and the pressure on her was relatively small.

Right now, his face was a little red, looking at Sheldon, he nodded and smiled, then sat down and opened the book.

One hand is holding his face on the side, and the other hand is turning the book quietly, which is really beautiful.

“I’m going, the goddess actually sat there, ah ah ah!”

“Damn, I’m much handsomer than that dick, so jealous!”

Some boys wailed with jealousy.


As for Sheldon, sniffing the body scent of the girl, he sneezed out.

Of course, the girl knew that it was caused by the smell of perfume on her body, and her face turned redder right now, and she moved slightly to the other side.

Sheldon is even more embarrassed.

Just lower your head and concentrate on the problem.


Suddenly, Sheldon felt a hot in his nose, and then he kept bleeding from his nose, dripping directly onto the test paper.

Want to find tissues, not yet!

When I was in a hurry, I saw the girl, still holding her profile with one hand, and didn’t look at Sheldon. With the other hand, she gently pushed Sheldon a pack of tissues.

She blushed even harder.

Sheldon was even more embarrassed and wanted to find a hole in the ground.

Sheldon, Sheldon, you go to die, you can really die, ah!

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