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Chapter 163

Sheldon couldn’t stay in the library anymore. After wiping his nosebleed, Sheldon ran out.

It’s shameful to think about it.

But it’s really involuntary. First of all, the girl is indeed very beautiful, and she has a very good body.

It’s the kind of goddess that even wretched men can’t even think of.

Furthermore, the scent on her body was so fragrant, immersed in it, making Sheldon always sneeze.

Alas~Sheldon sighed, often people of this kind of goddess level must belong to the rich second generation in the end.

After all, ordinary people, who can keep it!

what! Wait, I seem to be the rich second generation, damn! Why forgot this identity again!

Sheldon shook his head wryly.

After looking inward along the window outside the library, she found that the girl did not know when she turned her face and was staring at Sheldon curiously.

The two looked at each other, and the girl quickly lowered her head.

Sheldon did not continue to stare at them.

Thinking about it, I blamed myself. I now have Lilla, how can I still stare at a girl like this.

Besides, there are so many beautiful girls, you can never meet one and love one!

Sheldon is not that scumbag yet.

Suppressing the restlessness in his heart, Sheldon was also a little bit unwilling to study.

Looking at the time, it was almost noon. I had an appointment with Su Qiangwei before. Today I went to Carolina University to find her for a meal.

Su Qiangwei just arrived at Carolina University for some course training two days ago.

I haven’t visited her yet.

So Sheldon called and came to Carolina University.

Carolina University and Roston University are both higher education institutions located in Roston.

It is the same name.

The two schools are not too far apart, and they will be there in about 20 minutes.


After Su Qiangwei received Sheldon’s call, she had already been waiting at the school gate.

We met and gave a few simple greetings.

“Go, take you to dinner!”

Sheldon smiled.

“No need, Sheldon, I will invite you today!”

Su Qiangwei suddenly said somewhat mysteriously.

“Ah? Why?”

“Because today is my birthday…”

Su Qiangwei whispered: “I had no friends or relatives before, and I never had my birthday, but now, I’m just a friend of you, and you have helped me so much, so I want you to have a meal!”

“But Sheldon… are you going to the cafeteria?”

Sheldon is the eldest young master after all, and Su Qiangwei asked even though she knew that Sheldon would not despise herself.

“No wonder you called yesterday and asked me when I would be free to play. It turns out that today is your birthday. Why didn’t you say it earlier? I didn’t prepare a gift!”

Sheldon scratched his head.

“I don’t want gifts, just sit and have a meal!”

When Su Qiangwei said so, Sheldon couldn’t say anything.

But, after all, it was Su Qiangwei’s birthday, and Sheldon couldn’t really let her treat her, and it was the first time she had a birthday with a friend, so it was not too simple.

So Sheldon decided to eat in a western restaurant called Surati in Carolina University.

When I played with Bren and the others before, I often heard them talk about it.

The environment is pretty good.

Of course, although it was more expensive, since Sheldon liked it, Su Qiangwei didn’t say anything, and followed Sheldon in.

There is elegant music in mind. At this point in time, a lot of guests have come.

All of them are luxuriously dressed rich second-generation wealthy daughters and the like.

When I saw Sheldon and Su Qiangwei, who were wearing ordinary clothes, came in.

Many girls squatted their mouths, a little disdain.

“Isn’t this Su Qiangwei? Why did she come to Surati for dinner?”

At this moment, four or five boys and girls walked in.

When passing by Sheldon and their table, they suddenly stopped.

Looking at Su Qiangwei in amazement, there was still a playful smile in her eyes.

“Student Wang Ling, is that you?”

Su Qiangwei blushed a little and said, she didn’t dare to eat anymore, holding her clothes tightly with both hands.

This girl named Wang Ling is very coquettish, especially the black short skirt that she wore, which barely covered her PI stock.

The others are also very bold in dress.

The boys around, some wearing ear studs, they all seem to be from good families.

Listening to this, these people should be classmates of Su Qiangwei’s training class.

Sheldon and his school also have this kind of university education and training classes.

There are some dudes who have not been admitted to a bachelor’s degree, there are also small business owners, and office workers.

For the dude, he came to the course to pick up girls.

Sister Xiaolang, is undoubtedly fishing for a beetle-in-law.

The rest is someone like Su Qiangwei who is willing to learn something down-to-earth.

“Hehe, Su Qiangwei, aren’t you very poor? How come to eat in this kind of place?” Wang Ling hugged her shoulders, glancing at Su Qiangwei triumphantly.

It seems that she belittles Su Qiangwei in this way, she has a sense of accomplishment.


Because when the class just started two days ago, a rich second-generation in the class was too full to choose class flowers.

You choose, Wang Ling must be her part.

As a result, several rich second generations voted for Su Qiangwei!

He also asked Su Qiangwei to go up and give a speech on the selection of the class flower.

Of course Su Qiangwei didn’t listen to the rich second-generation group.

Faced with their strike-ups, I have always deliberately avoided them.

However, this made Wang Ling, who had always been striving to win and had never lost the battle in appearance, felt extremely uncomfortable.

Is there a saying that is not said.

What is the cruelest thing to a woman? That is to make this woman admit that other women are prettier than her!

Even if some confess it with the mouth, it will feel bad in the heart.

Wang Ling is like this, not to mention, Su Qiangwei is still a female dick.

“I have my birthday today, and invite my friend to dinner!”

Of course Su Qiangwei could also feel Wang Ling’s hostility.

At the moment, he replied without saying anything.

“Oh my god, do you still invite your friend? I think this guy is your boyfriend, right?”

“Hahaha, I have to say Wang Ling, Su Qiangwei really matches this boy! Look at their clothes!”

A girl also smiled.

“I said you two should stop being sour. Didn’t you order two steaks and two glasses of juice without seeing them? After all, today is Banhua Su Qiangwei’s birthday. Let people have a good birthday. Don’t delay them!”

A boy couldn’t help but shook his head and smiled bitterly.

And when I heard about Banhua, Wang Ling became even more anxious.

“But look…they eat so simple, they don’t even have a cake for their birthdays. From what they look like, all the money they collected can be used to eat a meal here, haha!”

“Then I won’t bother. No wonder I heard from the people in Su Qiangwei’s dorm yesterday that she never eats dinner. Even lunch, she only eats a serving of white rice. She thought she would stay in shape, she probably didn’t have money. !”

Wang Ling snorted coldly, probably enough to relieve her sneer, before turning around with her shoulders.

“After leaving, I won’t bother you. We have to accompany Malcolm to Sister Liao’s birthday party, right Bowen!”

Wang Ling took a rich and young arm and left affectionately.

And Su Qiangwei was humiliated, and she buried her head and didn’t speak or eat anymore. Not long after, Sheldon saw Su Qiangwei’s two lines of tears streaming down…

Chapter 164

“Sheldon, I’m sorry, I shame you too, I shouldn’t have come, I shouldn’t have come to this place!”

Su Qiangwei sobbed.

Yes, it was my birthday today, and I was ridiculed in this way in front of the only friend like Sheldon. Su Qiangwei would definitely not be able to bear it in terms of dignity.

No one understands Su Qiangwei’s current mood better than Sheldon.

I had no money before, and whenever my dignity was trampled on, my heart felt like a needle.

Sheldon just listened to their ridicule and wanted to fight back.

But he fought back this time, what should Su Qiangwei do to study and live with them in the future?

The main reason is that Sheldon did not understand their identity for a while.

After the confirmation, these people left.

Sheldon can’t catch up and beat them in the face, right?

“It’s okay, this day will pass soon. What you have to do now is to learn as much as you can in school!”

Sheldon said with relief.

I also thought about it in my heart, to see if Bren could take care of it.

Su Qiangwei nodded heavily.

“Wait for me, I’ll get something, it will come soon!”

Sheldon smiled at this time.

After speaking, he turned and left.

He is going to get the cake.

Just now from the Internet, Sheldon had already ordered Su Qiangwei a cake in a dessert shop in Carolina University.

And when Sheldon came out, he saw about two dozen men and women, complimenting a girl wearing sunglasses to the store.

This large group of people are dressed in special fashion.

Sheldon didn’t care either. I just heard the girl named Wang Ling say, what sister’s birthday is today, maybe it was her birthday.

who cares.

Sheldon came to the dessert shop not far from Surati.

After waiting for nearly fifteen minutes, I got the cake and I was ready to go back.

At this time, Sheldon saw that Surati Western Restaurant had gathered many students.

Around the door of the store, some even took pictures with their mobile phones.

Something seems to have happened.

“Damn, that woman seems to have offended Sister Liao, it really is. Who should offend Sister Liao, but offend Sister Liao?”

“That is to say, Sister Liao is celebrating her birthday today, so she is relatively restrained, otherwise this woman will be finished!

“But how did you offend?”

“It seems that I have had grievances before, but now I run into it, alas, this girl is also pretty, I guess it will be miserable today!

All the people were talking.

Sheldon didn’t think elsewhere, but when he squeezed in to take a look, Sheldon’s whole body shook suddenly!

Just now, Su Qiangwei was pulled by several girls and pressed her hair to the ground.

A woman is sitting with Erlang’s legs upright, like a big sister.

Su Qiangwei’s cheeks were red, and she was obviously beaten.

“Let her go!”

Sheldon shouted directly.

He ran over and slammed the girls who were holding Su Qiangwei away.

“Hmph, shit, it’s really you guys, it’s really nowhere to find any way through the iron shoes, it’s all effortless!”

And that girl stood up at the moment and said coldly.

Until now, when the girl spoke, Sheldon suddenly recognized her.

Wasn’t it the woman who Sheldon scolded at the hospital registration hall last night because of jumping in the queue?

This girl seems to know Xu Dadollar and the others.

As for why I almost didn’t recognize it just now, it was because my dressing style last night was obviously different from today’s.

“It’s you, why did you hit someone?”

Sheldon angrily said.

“Why beat her? Haha, I told you, thank you for leaving early last night, or else you would have been hospitalized directly to Abron! I was worrying about how I would ask you to vent your anger. I didn’t expect you to come here and wait. Me!”

The girl smiled.

“Sister Liao, this kid was the one who quarreled with you last night?”

“Grass, it’s just a pair of dicks. Why are you big people? I said I couldn’t find them. I really have enough. I dare to offend our sister Liao Hong!”

Several boys said flatly to Liao Hong.

“Sister Liao Hong, I know them. This girl is from our training class. Her name is Su Qiangwei. This boy seems to be her boyfriend!”

And Wang Ling, at this moment, knew why, when she was welcoming Sister Liao Hong just now, Sister Liao Hong suddenly pointed Su Qiangwei and asked someone to catch her.

Then he slapped her in the mouth.

It turned out that Su Qiangwei, who doesn’t have long eyes, offended Sister Liao Hong.

Wang Ling was excited for no reason at this moment, and hurriedly introduced.

Liao Hong’s history is very impressive in Carolina University, and Haishan Group is backing him.

Is one of the big sisters of the school.

Usually arrogant, who dares to provoke?

And this is exactly the reason for Liao Hong’s atmosphere. Originally, last night, I wanted to behave in front of my uncle’s subordinates, so I went to queue temporarily and arranged arrangements for the subordinates of Uncle Xu Dadollar. The doctor followed the good ward.

As a result, he ran into a stupid guy who didn’t have long eyes and told himself not to jump in the queue.

by! Do you think this kind of person should die?

What is her status as Liao Hong, if she doesn’t want to show, does she need to queue up?


In short, this incident made Liao Hong very upset. There were no episodes at the time. When he came down after watching Xu Dadollar, Liao Hong called several people in the car, but Sheldon was not found.

So, it’s a coincidence now.

“Come on, catch him for me too, haha, I feel that this is the best gift God has given me, I have to take my breath away!”

Liao Hong shouted excitedly.

Many men immediately held down Sheldon.

Sheldon also really did not expect that this woman was from Carolina University.

“Liao Hong, I quarreled with you, no matter what happened to her, you let her go!”

Sheldon was held down to death, and he just said that his plan was inevitable.

But what about Su Qiangwei?

This matter really has nothing to do with Su Qiangwei.

“Haha, it’s kind of affectionate, but the more you let me let go, I just won’t let it go. I want you to know the consequences of offending my Liao Hong, just you! You give me two slaps on them, whoever, give me When the live broadcast goes out, I want people to watch it. This is the end!”

Liao Hong pointed at Wang Ling and laughed.

But Wang Ling was selected, but she looked proud.

When she goes to college, besides catching a beetle-in-law, doesn’t she mean to broaden her connections and know more and more awkward people?

Are you so close to Sister Liao Hong now?

At the moment, she walked up to Sheldon and Su Qiangwei with a sneer.

“You heard that, Sister Liao Hong asked me to fight. If you want to blame it, you don’t have long eyes and offend our sister Liao Hong, hum!”


After speaking, there was a slap on the faces of Su Qiangwei and Sheldon.

Many students are broadcasting this scene on their mobile phones at this moment.

Of course, the live broadcast went out immediately.

“fu*k, Danna, take a look, that Liao Hong is teaching people in Surati restaurant, who is so unlucky to provoke her, hehe!”

In a female dorm, a girl said excitedly after seeing the live broadcast.

“Yeah, there are some special people who slapped the face. This Liao Hong just loves to make, Danna, should we go and join in the fun?”

The girl persuaded.

“Don’t go!”

Danna said something, but still glanced at the live broadcast content, and then looked back uninterestedly, and lay on the bed playing with her mobile phone.

About ten seconds have passed.


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