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Chapter 165

Danna, who was about to take a nap, was startled.

Picking up the phone and hurriedly looked at it, then, she was surprised at first, and then rushed out of bed in surprise, and ran towards the cafeteria in her pajamas.

She was pleasantly surprised because the person she was thinking about had come to her school.

Surprised, I shit, Sheldon was beaten in the face on live broadcast?

at the same time.

In the free fighting club of Carolina University.

This is a large society. It was a rich young man who spoke directly to the school and built it by himself after approving the land.

There are many members of the study, more than 300 students.

At this moment, inside the octagonal cage.

“Okay! Great!”

After one player knocked down another player with a Shenlong swing, the audience immediately heard a loud roar.


The young man shook his neck and walked out, and immediately a younger brother came over and unscrewed the bottle cap to deliver it. After a few sips, he threw the water aside.

“Wow, so awesome and handsome!”

Several beautiful girls threw their phones into his arms and smiled.

“Handsome shit, just now you thought I didn’t see it, so you were all staring at your phone, what are you looking at? You didn’t even watch Ben Shao punching?”

The young man snorted coldly.

“Hmph, it’s watching that Liao Hong hit someone, look at it, Liao Hong is teaching a poor cock!”

The girl took out the live broadcast and handed it to him.

“fu*k, Chen…”

The whole body shook violently, pushing the girl in his arms abruptly.

“Young Master Bai, what’s the matter?”

The girls were dissatisfied.

“Hurry up, go call me someone, and then go to Surati restaurant!”

This young man is naturally Bren!

As soon as the boys heard this, they all gathered and rushed towards the Surati restaurant.

Even Zhou Ze Zhou Shao, who is now playing with Bren, was immediately eliminated.

Come back to Surati restaurant.

Wang Ling had already slapped Sheldon three times.

“Hmph, dare to bully my sister Liao Hong, I will kill you!”

Wang Ling was so excited that she was about to fall off her fourth slap, so she shouted:

“Damn, Young Master Bai, they are here! And so many people!”

The crowd blocking the entrance of the western restaurant immediately dispersed.

I saw one or two hundred people rushing towards this side.

“Yeah! Brother Fei is here too, hum, it gives me face, knowing that I’m doing errands, come here to join in!”

Seeing Bren, Liao Hong stood up directly.

This is an expression of respect. Although she is not Bren’s person, Bren is very capable at Carolina University after all.

So I usually play pretty well.

However, when Bren rushed in and Liao Hong wanted to say hello, he heard Bren shout:

“Damn, smash me, all the standing guys smash me!”

A group of people rushed in with a bang, and several people holding Sheldon were directly smashed unconscious.

Even the tables and chairs in the dining room were smashed into nothing.

And the men and women standing next to Liao Hong, let alone, can’t help but be beaten!

Liao Hong was almost stupid.

“fu*k you! Bren, are you crazy? I’m Liao Hong. What are you doing when you beat my Liao Hong?”

Liao Hong’s eyes widened.


When Bren went up, a mouth was drawn on Liao Hong’s face.

“Bitch girl, you were the one I smashed!”

After smoking, Bren hurried to Sheldon’s side:

“Chen…Sheldon, are you okay?”

Bren’s cold sweat came out.

Sheldon touched his face that had been slapped three times, and also held back the evil fire.

If Bren doesn’t come today, maybe how these people tortured themselves!

Fortunately, it came in time.

“Sheldon, what should I do if this woman hit you just now?”

Zhou Ze had already grabbed the scared Wang Ling’s hair and came to Sheldon.

Really stupid.

Think about it, Zhou Ze is very famous in school, and he is even less called Bren.

Now, they brought so many people to rescue Sheldon.

What does it matter?

And now they are clearly at a disadvantage.

“Ask what else, bring it down and call me!”

Bren said angrily.

Zhou Ze took Wang Ling to the side, and directly asked the little brother to start smoking her face.

“Crazy crazy, Bren, you really plan to have trouble with me for two dicks today, right?”

Liao Hong didn’t expect the plot to reverse so suddenly.

This Bren dared to treat her like this.

“Hehe, what can you do to you like this? You are just a chicken of the Haishan Group!”

Bren sneered.

“Damn, you dare to insult me!”


Liao Hong became angry and wanted to rush to fight with Bren, but Bren slapped him on the ground.

The corners of the mouth are bleeding.

She really couldn’t understand, Bren took the wrong medicine today, right?

However, Liao Hong couldn’t bear the unbelievable look everyone looked at him.

And Bren still wanted to fight.

At this time, Liao Hong’s cell phone rang suddenly.

The caller ID on the number shows the big end.

Liao Hong’s eyes lit up and immediately connected.

“Big head, please come and save me. If you don’t come, your master will never see me again!”

Liao Hong cried and said.

“Hmm, Sister Liao, someone called me, can you call Young Master Bai now?”

The big head over there said coldly.


Liao Hong directly pressed the speakerphone in public.

“Hello, Young Master Bai! Is there any misunderstanding in this? You know, whose woman is Sister Liao!”

The big head said.

“I don’t care about Xu Wei’s relationship with her. Tell you, it’s Xu Haishan’s woman. Today, I’ll take the shot!”

It’s funny, for Bren and other family children who know how powerful Sheldon’s sister Alicia is, is it still unclear which is more important?

Put it straight, if the boss Alicia is here today, it would not be as simple as beating someone!

“Okay, it seems that your Roston Commercial Group really doesn’t put Haishan Group in your eyes? Shao Bai, your Roston Commercial is really good, but you can go back and ask your father. It’s only a dozen. In 2015, how long has the power of the Haishan Group been established?”

“Shooting Xu Shao’s woman like this is equivalent to hitting Xu Shao in the face!”

The big head over there said every word.

“Haha, Bren, let me tell you, my boyfriend is Xu Wei, and he has returned to America. Once he knows that I was beaten, your Roston business is very good, but you have to give my boyfriend’s face. Your dad is just with Chapman. Yes, even if Chapman helps you, he has to weigh the pros and cons, right?”


And Liao Hong was also arrogant now.

As for this, Bren couldn’t do some things for the Lord.

Look at Sheldon.

If Sheldon said to fight, it would be no problem, absolutely not afraid!

However, Sheldon didn’t say a word. He didn’t know which little brother got the electric baton from.

When he walked over, Liao Hong was instantly charged.


With a bang, Liao Hong felt aroused all over, lying on the ground and twitching.

There are certain things that I have to tolerate and take a step back. However, Sheldon couldn’t stand it when he heard this woman holding the Haishan Group to threaten him.

It’s really a narrow road.

Last time, I was almost crippled by Xu Dadollar. To be honest, I haven’t swallowed this breath completely.

Today, I was insulted by this Liao Hong again.

With this breath, he swallowed, Sheldon simply died!

Anyway, starting from Xu Dadollar, this account was settled with Haishan Group…

It was almost done, the meal was definitely out of food, and then Sheldon took Su Qiangwei and the others away.

As for the crowd onlookers, they were all quiet.

“Let me go, this person is called Sheldon, look at him like a dick, why is he so powerful, Bren will look at his face!”

“Yeah, I’m wondering too? And that Zhou Ze, his family is said to be quite rich, you can see how he was desperate for Sheldon like this dick!”

“Aren’t you stupid? You still have a bite of dicks, haven’t you noticed it? What is his last name?”

“Sheldon must be Chen? fu*k, is it…?”

Chapter 166

Sheldon was really relieved just now.

It’s never been so happy.

However, Sheldon also knows that this matter is probably not that simple. Even now, even in his low-key personality, Sheldon understands this truth.

Therefore, Sheldon didn’t want this incident to pass simply.

After some time, discuss this matter with Chapman and Zhao Zixing.

After also thanking Bren and Danna for coming, Sheldon let them go back first.

Su Qiangwei was both scared and humiliated today.

So she was in a depressed mood, and her clothes were wrinkled by Liao Hong and the others.

Looking at it made Sheldon feel distressed.

Alas, in the final analysis, the incident today was somewhat caused by myself, and Su Qiangwei was involved.

“Go, I’ll take you to buy clothes!”

Sheldon smiled.

“I’m not going anymore, so Sheldon will be fine!” Su Qiangwei lowered her head.

“You have to go, anyway, I am the one who made you tired today, and it’s your birthday!”

Sheldon took Su Qiangwei’s hand and took her to take a taxi to a luxury clothing store called **.

The clothes here are of good quality and fashionable.

I bought two of them directly for Su Qiangwei. During the period, I had been persuading her to stop being afraid. Sheldon promised that today’s things will not happen.

Just after closing the bill and preparing to leave.

“Sheldon, is it you?”

A beautiful female voice called Sheldon.

Obviously this girl had some unexpected surprises.


Sheldon looked back and found that the girl was not Kristine.

And beside Kristine, there are three other girls.

One is Elsa, one is Du Yue, and the other is Tenner!

Kristine is with them, this Sheldon is not surprised.

Didn’t something happen to Elsa two days ago?

At that time a group of people were very impulsive, but Kristine was calmer and advised Elsa not to be impulsive.

Facts have proved that what Kristine said is correct, and that Jiujiang’s identity is indeed not simple.

So, Elsa felt that Kristine was very calm and calm, and beside her, there was just a lack of such a person to remind herself.

As for Du Yue, let it go, Elsa also knew that she followed her because of her popularity.

It is obvious that when we get along, I am naturally not comfortable with Kristine.

Probably the day before yesterday afternoon, when Kristine told Sheldon, Elsa asked her to help her in her studio.

At this moment, Elsa and Tenner naturally saw Sheldon.

But they didn’t say hello.

He just glanced at Sheldon, then stared at Su Qiangwei on the side and looked up and down.

“Sheldon, who is she? She’s so pretty. Tell us about it…?”

Kristine smiled maliciously.

“This is my good friend Su Qiangwei, Qiangwei, she is my buddy Kristine that I often mention to you, a girl who is quite a man!”

Sheldon introduced it carelessly.

“Hello!” Although Su Qiangwei was depressed, when she saw Kristine, whom Sheldon had not mentioned, she shook hands with Kristine happily.

After all, something happened more than an hour ago.

Sheldon didn’t want to talk more in front of Elsa and the others, and greeted Kristine, and left with Su Qiangwei.

“fuk, fuk!”

Du Yue, who was on the side, exclaimed dissatisfied at the moment: “This Sheldon is really capable. Marcella and the guide are here. This dick is actually not seen? Guide Mayer, have you seen it? He just directly Didn’t you look at us?”

In Du Yue’s heart.

People like Sheldon had to be polite when they saw him, and they had to behave very cautiously.

But Sheldon ignored it!

This made Du Yue too unbearable.

Obviously, Elsa and Tenner didn’t expect Sheldon to do this to them.

He didn’t say hello to him, and he didn’t say hello to them, it was a lot harder.

“Hmph, poor, I don’t bother to talk to him!” Elsa said in air.

“Okay, okay, don’t talk about Sheldon, I just saw Sheldon’s face is not very good-looking, I guess there is something, so I forgot to say hello to you!”

Kristine explained hurriedly.

“Kristine, you don’t need to explain to this person. Just do whatever he likes, hum, anyway, this afternoon we are going to the Heaven Brick Residencia, hurry back and put on the newly bought clothes! You are right, Phil !”

As soon as Du Yue remembered that he was going to the Heaven Brick Residencia he dreamed of today, his grievances disappeared.

Today, Sister Elsa’s company executives are going to have a meeting at the Heaven Brick Residencia, because the first-line anchor Elsa is local to Roston, so she naturally gave Elsa several places.

After all, after the previous intra-city live broadcast platform was upgraded to a national extraordinary live broadcast platform, the value of it has changed.

So the grades of places to go are also different.

At this moment, Kristine’s cell phone rang suddenly.

After connecting, I hung up with two beeps.

A little anxiously said: “Marcella, the company where we rented the car just called and said that the driver had left temporarily. Now the drivers of their company are all out for wedding celebrations. No one is driving the Mercedes G500 that we rented! Said we can find a driver!”

“fu*k, the driver is gone, damn, there is nothing early or late, but at this time, where do I go to find the driver? Besides, I personally pick the driver. He looks handsome, and I want to participate. This kind of gathering must have enough face!”

Elsa said angrily.

Really, how could it be so difficult to do something.

“Yeah, here, only the instructor can drive, but the instructor is going as a guest this time. I definitely can’t drive. Besides, I can’t let the instructor be our driver!”

Du Yue also said.

“Hey, I think of it, Sheldon has a driver’s license, he can drive, or he should be our driver? And Sheldon has also been to the Heaven Brick Residencia!”

Kristine said.

In fact, Kristine is somewhat selfish when talking about this.

Some time ago, Sheldon did seem to be rich, all kinds of extravagance, but after that time passed, Sheldon wilted.

All the students in the class knew that Sheldon had cleaned up the money, not much.

But the sudden wealth during that period also allowed Sheldon to develop a face-conscious vice.

Kristine saw it all.

But now, let Sheldon go to drive, you know, Elsa paid this big G driver five thousand dollar.

Earn five thousand dollar in one afternoon, which is definitely good.

“No, no, Kristine, didn’t you hear Elsa say that you must find a handsome guy, Sheldon’s low product, let it go!” Du Yue was the first to disagree.

“Hey…I think Kristine’s attention is pretty good. Sheldon is indeed LOW, but he is absolutely beautiful, very good-looking, hum, before Marcella in our dorm is not blind, I will wait Dress him up, maybe it’s just right to be our driver!”

Elsa raised her eyebrows.

“Hmm, let him try, he can indeed drive!”

Tenner didn’t have any comments.

“Well, Kristine, call Sheldon and say I hire him as a driver!”

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