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Chapter 167

“Sheldon, are you busy this afternoon?”

After the call was connected, Kristine asked.

“I am not busy!”

At this time, Su Qiangwei was sent to class. She went to class, and naturally she was fine.

“O’ao, I found you a part-time job, I can earn five thousand dollar a day, and the job is simple, just drive to Marcella. I know you are not short of money, but it is okay to earn more, Sheldon, you said What?”

Kristine asked concerned.

Of course she knows that Sheldon has no money. The reason for saying that is that Kristine knows that Sheldon needs face, and even likes to pretend.

But in spite of this, this is also his own iron buddy, the love between two people has not changed.

In fact, when Sheldonard Elsa’s name, he wanted to refuse it immediately.

Especially today, Du Yue and Tenner were following Elsa.

The two chattering women are really annoying.

But thanks to Kristine’s kindness.

After a slight pause, Sheldon nodded and agreed.

It was completely directed at Kristine.

“Okay, then you take a taxi and come back here, first buy you clothes and dress you up!”

Kristine smiled happily.

Sheldon gave a bitter smile and took a taxi back.

They brought Sheldon, and bought a suit and small leather shoes worth one or two thousand for Sheldon.

Just let Sheldon put it on.

Not to mention, even Elsa, who has always been cold, glanced at Sheldon and felt that Sheldon was really handsome after putting on a small suit.

I am about to compliment Sheldon.

I saw Sheldon carefully packing up his old clothes and preparing to carry them.

fu*k, it’s a pity that he still can’t change his dick attributes.

“Sheldon, such expensive clothes, you usually save a little bit. The money for this clothes today, plus your temporary expenses as a driver, is less than 7,000 dollar!”

Tenner held her shoulders at this time and said.

“Hmm, I know!” Sheldon just nodded with a wry smile.

“Huh? Sheldon, is this your new phone?”

At this time, Kristine looked at the mobile phone held by Sheldon and suddenly curious.

“Yeah, I just bought it a few days ago!”

Sheldon nodded.

“fu*k, it looks so compelling, show it to me!”

Du Yue also glanced at Sheldon’s mobile phone, and suddenly became interested.

Regardless of whether Sheldon would like it or not, he took it in the past.

“Oh my God, look at the instructor, Sister Elsa, this is actually a new mobile phone, the price is 28888! Sheldon, you use this kind of mobile phone?”

Du Yue screamed as soon as she saw it.

It’s literally, the most expensive one she used was bought in installments, only more than 7,000 dollar.

In the end, the class forced Sheldon to use them. Can you buy four of hers?


Elsa glanced at her, and couldn’t help but say something unexpectedly.

“Sheldon, I don’t know why you like to show off so much now, but do you think it’s up to you to do with such an expensive mobile phone? Marcella is so successful now, but only spends about 10,000 dollar, you know, you don’t have Career, you haven’t got a job yet, what are you squandering? I don’t hesitate to talk about you!”

It was the instructor Tenner who said this.

She was like being stepped on her tail.

Yes, I just educate Sheldon on the two thousand dollar suit.

As a result, Sheldon directly took out his 30,000 mobile phone, but didn’t slap Tenner in the face.

“That’s right, why are you buying such an expensive one? I want to learn from the rich second generation of others, hum, some people are just showing off poor, Sheldon, do you know that only those who have no money use such expensive ones, really rich? Yes, people use cheap ones!”

Du Yue was also slapped in the face, so she naturally wanted to echo Sheldon’s words.

“Yes Yes Yes!”

Sheldon just nodded repeatedly.

Don’t want to care about them, just talk about it.

Next, Elsa, Tenner and the others took Sheldon to the car rental company, drove the big G, and headed to the Heaven Brick Residencia.

Follow the planned script.

When Elsa got off the car, Sheldon would respectfully open the door for her.

Afterwards, Elsa and others got off the car and received a warm reception from Heaven Brick Residencia.

As for why Heaven Brick Residencia treats people on extraordinary platforms like this?

This is very simple, the Chaofan platform and the Yunmengshan project that is being developed, although these two projects are not too powerful.

However, the people behind it are amazing.

Zhao Zixing’s grand reception was actually for Sheldon.

“Okay, Sheldon, go and wait for your car in the parking lot. Don’t participate in such occasions, lest you lose face! As for dinner, if you can’t go out and buy bread to eat, anyway, you can have such a big meal. Not used to eating.”

Elsa faced the staff’s photo.

While turning his head, he said something to Sheldon who was about to go in with them.

Obviously, I was afraid that when Sheldon talked later, Elsa would be embarrassed.


The day when you cry!

Sheldon is really enough for Elsa. fu*k, he also has self-esteem, okay, you look down on yourself like that?

He cursed in his heart, Sheldon reluctantly drove the car to the parking lot.

After all, his identity cannot be revealed now.

Of course, Sheldon would not wait foolishly.

He planned to do it when he came, and found Chapman and Zhao Zixing to discuss about the Haishan Group.

When he came to Zhao Zixing’s office, he was reading the newspaper.

Seeing Sheldon, he stood up immediately, obviously very surprised.

And after a while, Chapman also hurried over.

Sheldon talked about recent events, and then the two of them also told what Haishan Group knew.

In general, the Haishan Group was an out-and-out triad family force long before the establishment of the group.

In Roston, the fame is very good.

Later, the more money he earned, Xu Haishan set up a group and began to wash himself.

But no matter how whitewashed, Sheldon has seen some of their methods.

For example, when the brothers of Xu Chao and Dawson beat Xu Wei, the Xu family was destroyed.

And that Xu Dadollar, so many horses under his hands.

The reason why Chapman treated them three points courtesy before was also because of the background of the Haishan Group. After all, the tribes raised by them and the network of relationships with the major underground forces in Roston were too complicated.

What is the so-called harmony to make money?

Knowing this, Sheldon can be considered almost to understand.

At this moment, Sheldon’s cell phone rang suddenly.

At first glance, it was the elder sister Alicia who had not contacted for more than half a month.

“What are you doing, Sheldon?”

Alicia asked.

“I’m not doing anything, I’m eating with Chapman and Zhao Zixing!” Sheldon smiled and thought about it. Let’s not tell the old sister about this.

No matter what the elder sister said, she wanted to give Roston Business District to herself and exercise herself.

Ask your sister whenever you have anything to do and talk about exercise.

“Yes, I called today to tell you that in three days, I will go to Roston and I will have to see my baby brother, haha!”

“Huh? Are you coming to Roston?”

“Well, and I also brought you a big news!”

Chapter 168:

Where Are You Taking Us

“What big news?”

Sheldon was stunned, but when he heard that his sister was coming, he thought that since a year ago, his sister and parents went abroad for labor services and never met. Sheldon was still very excited.

Of course, they deceived themselves by making up labor services abroad.

“Haha, you’ll know when the time comes. Okay, hurry up and eat!”


After speaking, Alicia hung up the phone.

The faces of Chapman and Zhao Zixing were a little pale at this moment: “Sheldon? Mr. Sheldon is coming?”

“Yeah, three days later! I don’t know what happened!”

Sheldon said something.

But look at the faces of Chapman and Zhao Zixing, they seem to be scared, very scared of the old sister.

Next, Sheldon talked with Chapman and Zhao Zixing while eating.

Slowly, three or four hours passed.

“fu*k Sheldon, where are you?”

At this time, Elsa called Sheldon directly.

The tone is rather bad.

Sheldon saw it, no, it was almost eight o’clock in the evening.

There is a rule in Heaven Brick Residencia. Generally, at night, you should not be too noisy, otherwise there will be no incident where the female celebrity secretly bathed here last time and almost got into a fight with Sheldon.

Not to mention a large gathering like Elsa.

“Ao, I drove over right away!”

After hanging up the phone, Sheldon drove the car, and only then did Elsa and the others who were leaving.

“Damn, Sheldon, did you deliberately? How did I explain to you? When you were about to leave, you parked the car in advance. As a result, you disappeared!”

Elsa cursed unceremoniously as soon as he got in the car.

“I didn’t mean it, you didn’t let me in, how do I know when you will leave!” Sheldon said helplessly.

“You, you, you, based on your words, today’s five thousand salary will deduct you two thousand five!”

Du Yue said directly at this time.

“Oh, it’s really not enough to succeed and more than fail!”

The two white rabbits on Elsa’s chest were bulging.

Yes, when I left just now, some senior executive drivers were waiting at the door, but what about your own? Didn’t see anyone in front of the car? Damn it, it’s a shame!

“I will send you back to school first, and then I will return the car!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Go back to school, come back, I haven’t had enough fun today, we are going to the Emperor to sing, and we have to sing all night, right?”

Du Yue cursed.

It was really fun to have fun today, and the Heaven Brick Residencia also saw it, but, including Tenner, they all had something to say.

Especially Tenner. Today, several senior executives of Elsa Company came to toast to herself and said to leave a Instagram or something.

If it were before, Tenner would definitely be willing.

But now that she has an ordinary little brother, her heart is also closed.

But my heart is quite refreshing.

“Hmm, send us to the emperor, and then you can return the car!”

Tenner said neither salty nor light.

Sheldon had to follow their instructions one by one, and then took a taxi back to the school by himself.

“Hey, you say, what kind of girl does a person like Sheldon be willing to follow him?”

In the box, several sisters happily drink, chat and listen to music.

At this time, everyone who didn’t have any good topics naturally brought the topic to Sheldon.

“Hehe, to be honest, people like him can’t find a girlfriend. Even if they want to get married in the future, they will definitely not find a beautiful one. Even if they are beautiful, they may be second marriages. The reason is very simple. He has no money. Second, he’s like a dick!”

Elsa drank a lot of wine and spoke boldly.

“No, Sheldon has a girlfriend. You may not know, it’s still a beautiful girl from the broadcast host department!”

When Kristine heard them say Sheldon this way, her heart was a little uneasy.

“Puff, then Marcellapiao was not pretty before, so what happened?” Du Yue contemptuously said.

“By the way, Marcella, what kind of boyfriend do you want to find?”

Du Yue opened the chatterbox and asked again.

“Well, I must be a male god. First, he must be handsome, second, he must be able to support me, and third, he must be a wealthy young man. Fourth, good character, fifth. , He wants to be willing to spend money for me, sixth…”

“fuk, fuk, can you just ask me to find a normal brother?”

Du Yue laughed.

Tenner’s expression on the side was a bit embarrassing, she was quite jealous when she said it.

“The guide, what kind of husband do you want to find?”

Du Yue asked again.

“I just want to find someone who is low-key and calm, with a handsome connotation! It needs some money. After all, what we girls are saying, the rest of our lives will depend on men!”

Tenner smiled slightly.

“Hahaha, your standard for the instructor is also like that of Brother Ordinary. Brother Ordinary is not typical and calm in connotation. By the way, you say Ordinary is handsome or handsome? Isn’t it a ugly man?”

“Will not!”

“Will not!”

As soon as Du Yue finished speaking, Tenner and Elsa said in unison.

After that, Elsa glanced at Tenner a little strangely.

Through Tenner’s nervousness just now, Elsa seemed to perceive something.

Because before, in order to ask Tenner to find out which class VeilBoy was in, Elsa had sent VeilBoy’s Instagram to her.

I didn’t think much at the time.

But some things later made Elsa think more and more wrong.

Until just now, Tenner was so nervous, would she… she also fell in love with VeilBoy?

Women are the most selfish animals in the world.

What’s more, it’s a young man like ordinary brother.

Needless to say, how excellent the little brother Ordinary is, today he has the ability to bring people from the extraordinary platform to the Heaven Brick Residencia.

It is even possible that the ordinary little brother is the mysterious Sheldon.

Who doesn’t want to have such a boy?

I might have been careless…Elsa said inwardly.

Next, no one spoke, and the atmosphere was a bit awkward.

At this time, the door of the box was just pushed open.

“Excuse me, is Miss Tenner here?”

He is a bodyguard figure wearing a black suit and a headset.

“It’s me, what’s the matter?”

Tenner asked.

“This is Miss Meng. I am the driver of Manager Chapman Feihong. He said he asked me to invite four people to sit in the kitchen of the home. He set up a banquet there and said he wanted to apologize to the four and let me come. Pick you up!”

The bodyguard said.

“Huh? That’s it!”

Tenner nodded, although she was a little surprised, but it didn’t matter to think about it. Fredrick had a special respect for him, plus the last time something happened, Fredrick must be upset.

After all, he was Sheldon’s subordinate and knew that he had a lot to do with Sheldon.

Haha, at this point, there is one thing Tenner hasn’t told Elsa, it’s not very possible, that is, the ordinary little brother is Sheldon.

As for why Fredrick knew he was here, is this his place!

But after thinking about it, Tenner still called Fredrick and was polite with him.

The result has been busy.

“Let’s go quickly, the home kitchen is not far from here, don’t let Manager Chapman wait for a long time, how bad it is!”

Du Yue said something at this time.

Tenner also nodded.

“Well, let’s go over, you go drive!”

Tenner spoke to the driver, and then left.

Outside the door, a black Rolls-Royce was already waiting.

Several people got in the car and drove to their home kitchen.

The home kitchen is located on Roston Business District. Although the Business District is very large, it does not take seven minutes.

However, the driver drove directly out of the Business District and drove west.

“Huh? It’s over, the home kitchen is over!”

Du Yue, who was sitting in the co-pilot, called at this time.

“Aoao, I saw it. It’s not going to this home kitchen. Our commercial group has opened a new store in Chengxi. Let’s go to tPittmanxi store!”

The black bodyguard said something at this time.

Only after saying this, a smile appeared on the corner of the bodyguard’s mouth…

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