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Chapter 169

“When did it open? Why haven’t I heard of it?”

Tenner was a little awake from the wine at this time, and she couldn’t help but wonder.

Just now, at Fredrick’s site, he said that Fredrick invited himself to eat in the home kitchen and apologized.

Tenner didn’t think much about it.

Coupled with seeing the black Laozi Royce, Tenner felt familiar.

So here it comes.

But when he said about going to the west of the city, Tenner couldn’t help but wonder.

The west side of the city is full of factories, and there are few entertainment places. Why do you open the branch of Home Kitchen?

“Probably it was opened a few days ago. The chef’s taste is good! When I came, Manager Chapman also ordered that it was the last time I greeted the emperor badly, and this time it was a special banquet!”

The driver said.

“Then why doesn’t Mr. Chapman call ahead?”

Elsa questioned this time.

“Ahem, I don’t know about that anymore. When it comes, you can ask Fredrick!”

The driver smiled.

“You called President Chapman’s name directly?”

What Tenner thinks now, why is this driver unreliable.

When the driver heard the words, he just smiled awkwardly.

At this time, the car also began to accelerate, turned a corner, and went directly onto the main road west of the city.

Since there are many factories in this area, there are not many vehicles on the road, only bright street lights are shining.

The more this goes, the more Tenner feels that something is wrong.

“That driver, I’m a little uncomfortable, I can’t go today, so let’s take it back!”

No way!

I’m afraid this is not right. If it wasn’t for the home kitchen in Roston Business District, few people would not get in the car.

But when he was out of the Business District, the driver drove so fast that everyone had no time to ask anything.

And this driver is erratic.

So Tenner was worried.

“It’s all here, just go have a look!”

The driver smiled.

“Don’t watch it, don’t you hear it, we are going to get off the car, you park me!”

Elsa said coldly at this time.

The driver pointed to the rearview mirror: “Can’t stop, you see, a car behind is also driving. When I slowed down, he would bump into him. Besides, is President Chapman waiting for you?”

“Huh, I’ll call you Mr. Chapman!”

After speaking, Tenner continued to call, but the line was still busy.

How could this be?


Suddenly, the driver slammed the steering wheel and saw the car turned a corner and descended a dirt slope directly from the road.

Tenner and the others were almost fainted.

“This is not going to the home kitchen! Who are you!?”

Tenner roared at this time.

The driver did not answer him.

Instead, he held his earphone and said, “I received it, everyone is in my car, and there are two other little beauties here. It’s over, it’s over!”

“Who are you? Are you kidnapping us?”

Du Yue, the co-pilot, was terrified.

Looking at the direction of the car’s end point, it looks like a broken building.

Suddenly she remembered those clips that were only in the movie.

“Damn, stop, stop!”

Du Yue frantically pulled the driver’s arm.


With a crisp sound, the driver raised his hand as a mouth, and Du Yue almost fainted on the seat.

At this time the driver stopped.

Four or five people came down from the vehicle trailing behind, and three people came out of the unfinished tail.

All Tenner and the others were pulled out.

Everyone fully reacted now.

This is a kidnapping, a kidnapping that was planned long ago!

“Hey! We are kidnapped, come and save us! We are…”

At this time, Kristine suddenly yelled to her mobile phone.

But before finishing talking, one of the bodyguards was quick-eyed and quickly grabbed Kristine’s mobile phone and smashed it to the ground.

Then there was a slap on Kristine’s face.

“Damn, dare to call, third child, what should I do? Don’t take all their phones!”

“Come on! Bring it to me!”

A few bodyguards all got on, and Elsa hid the phone and was about to make a call for help, but apparently he was taken away without calling.

“Hmph, tie them all up, and wait for the boss to let go!”

One person greeted, and Tenner and the others were torn and tied to the chairs in the abandoned building.

“Haha, all of them are so beautiful. If the boss is happy to play today, maybe he will reward them to us and play!”

Said a bodyguard.

“Come on, brethren, go downstairs to meet the boss! You, you and you, the three of you are watching upstairs, the boss is not coming, you show me the bird is strong, be careful that the boss came and cut you off!”

The three horses nodded respectfully immediately.

Several others went downstairs.

As for the three horses, seeing these four beauties, I was so afraid that I couldn’t help but kiss each other. They simply couldn’t see their eyes and squatted at the door to play games.

“Kristine Kristine, did you get through just now? Marcella, how about you?”

Tenner asked with a pale face at this time.

Elsa cried and shook her head: “I didn’t have it. I was taken away by them before I dialed. Instructor, what should we do now? I’m an internet celebrity, and I can’t be like that by them, ohhhh!”

Du Yue’s mouth was bleeding and she was so scared to cry.

No matter how cold a girl is usually, she is completely scared when she encounters this kind of thing at this moment.

“Guide, I don’t know if the call is through. It seems that it is through, so I called out.” Kristine was relatively stable, but he gasped for breath.

“Ah? Who did you call?” The crowd seemed to see the straw.

To be honest, these girls are all college students after all.

Some thoughts.

When nothing was right, the bodyguard hit Du Yue and stared at Tenner closely.

Elsa and Kristine hurriedly called.

In fact, Kristine reacted faster. As early as when the car was going downhill, Kristine realized that it was wrong and started to fight.

After all, everyone had hoped before on the phone Tenner called Fredrick.

Who would have thought that four or five consecutive calls would fail.

“I called Sheldon!” At that time, the first number Kristine saw was Sheldon. The situation is urgent, so how can I manage so many?

“Huh? You called Sheldon?”

Tenner was disappointed.

“What use is it for you to beat this trash? What can he think of with his kind of pig brain!”

Elsa was also nervous, and she cursed directly.

“It’s over, I don’t want to die!”

Du Yue cried.

“Don’t be damn arguing, Liu’er, put tape on their mouths! fu*k! When you scream! Then you can scream as much as you want! Hehehe!”

The bodyguard smiled lustfully.

at the same time.

Male dorm.

Sheldon was still holding his mobile phone in a daze.

Just three minutes ago, Kristine called herself. At that time, Sheldon had just finished taking a bath, and the phone rang for a while.

As soon as it was connected, Kristine yelled.

Sheldon couldn’t hear what he shouted.

It looks like I was kidnapped! Then he hung up the phone.

What’s the situation?

Sheldon called back, but the phone was turned off. Those who call Tenner and others are also turned off.

Hi, what is this?

Sheldon secretly said.

I was a little worried about these girls. Knowing that they were in the Emperor KTV, I called Fredrick.

The result is busy.

Then Sheldon dialed Fredrick’s private number again.

“Sheldon, you haven’t rested yet?”

“No, why is your public account always busy? Are you still the emperor?” Sheldon asked.

“Don’t mention Sheldon, I’m investigating. Just forty minutes ago, my mobile phone was bombed, and I called every two seconds. I’m at the emperor now, who is investigating who is hacking me!”

“Yeah, Tenner and Elsa are both playing with the emperor, so go and see if they are still there?”


Without hanging up the phone, after waiting for three minutes, Fredrick said, “Sheldon, they were picked up 20 minutes ago!”

“Huh? Go and watch the surveillance, who picked it up?”

Sheldon also realized that something might be wrong.

As for Fredrick, he was not even stupid, knowing what might have happened.

The monitoring of Roston Business District was immediately transferred.

Then Fredrick said anxiously:

“Sheldon, I checked, they were picked up by a Rolls-Royce, the car was very fast, and they left the Business District and headed west!”

“Sorry, is it possible that Kristine and the others were really kidnapped?”

Sheldon is sweating in his head.

“Quickly, tell Chapman and Zhao Zixing that they are all coming to the Emperor KTV, and I’ll go over immediately!”

Chapter 170

Emperor KTV.

In the office.

A little solemn at the moment.

“I found Sheldon! According to the person in charge of our contact, Miss Kristine’s last call was in the unfinished factory in the west of the city!”

Zhao Zixing said.


At this time the door was pushed open and Chapman walked in.

“Just now we did a survey of the underground forces in Roston and the Haishan Group. According to our undercover, Zhu Jiang was a little weird tonight. At eight o’clock, he organized a dinner and invited several bosses from the Roston business community to dinner. During the period, he often went out to make phone calls, and he arranged for his subordinates to prescribe the medicine during the dinner, and then asked the driver to drive him away ten minutes ago. The location was in the unfinished factory in the west of the city!”

Chapman said.

Sheldon couldn’t help but wonder, “President Chapman, why do you know so clearly over there?”

Chapman smiled: “It’s true that Sheldon is not hiding it. To prevent the Haishan Group from engaging in petty actions, I have already planted our people in their group. One of Zhu Jiang’s cronies is ours!”

“Well, that’s right, Master Sheldon, people are already ready, let’s set off as soon as possible?”

Zhao Zixing said something.


A group of people drove quickly towards the west of the city.

At this moment, the factory is unfinished.

“Boss! Boss!”

The little brothers shouted one after another.

“Hahaha, where is my little beauty? Where is it?”

A wretched laughter came, and Zhu Jiang came upstairs.

And seeing this person, Elsa and Tenner’s eyes both widened.

Last time, the two offended Zhu Jiang to death.

This time, people are taking revenge!

“Haha, they’re all here! Come on, tear off the tape from their mouths!”

“Zhu Jiang, don’t you want to die, do you know whose woman I am? Tell you, I am Sheldon’s woman!”

Tenner shouted directly.

What is his relationship with Sheldon? Fredrick told him last time.

But this time there was no way, just moved out of this relationship to scare him.

And this scare shocked Elsa and the others.

No wonder Fredrick respects the instructor so much, it turns out that she has reached that level?

Elsa felt sour and uncomfortable.

“Haha, I know that you are covered by Sheldon, and Fredrick is helping you, but today, even the king of heaven can’t save you!”

“Damn, last time in the emperor, you made me so embarrassed, today, I will blow you up!”

“And you, Marcella, how did I support you in the first place, and the result? Haha, I didn’t expect you to fall into my hands? You slapped me in the face, right? Don’t worry, I’ll do it right away I want you to know how good I am!”

After speaking, Zhu Jiang grabbed Elsa’s chest hungrily.

When Elsa was nervous, she opened her mouth and bit Zhu Jiang’s finger.

“Ohhhhh! Bitch!”


A slap in the face.

The corners of Elsa’s mouth broke.

“Dare you! If you dare to do this to us today, even if you kill us, you will soon be known to Fredrick. No matter how awesome you are, Zhu Jiang will be finished. Don’t be proud!”

Tenner cursed.

“Hahaha, but don’t worry, Fredrick and others won’t know that Zhu Jiang did what I did, because of what? Now I am having a drink with a few bosses in the Chamber of Commerce, and then, the alcohol is too strong and I drank too much. , I will rest in the hotel with a few bosses!”

“Those bosses can testify for me, haha!”

“Come here, let me set up the camera. I want them to look back at their own waves. Also, I have to open a video with Boss Xu to make him enjoyable too!”

Zhu Jiang clicked on the video as he spoke.

On the other side of the camera, Xu Dadollar was lying on the hospital bed with his limbs wrapped around.

“Hey, Mr. Xu, it’s still your recruiter, you see, I went to the Internet today, and there are four beautiful girls on the Internet, I want to come one by one!”

“Damn, they are all so beautiful, fuking, beasts, the older one, I will give a close-up later, I will let the nurse come and fuk me!”

Xu Dadollar exclaimed excitedly.

“Okay, I’ll start, haha!”

Let the younger brother hold the phone, Zhu Jiang was the first to rush towards Tenner.

Several girls including Tenner started crying.

They thought that as long as Brother VeilBoy was there, they would be fine even if they were rampant in Roston.

But I didn’t expect that now I was in a desperate situation.

But also by that!

It was scared to death.

“Boss, your phone!”

At this time the little brother on the side said.

“No, I didn’t see that Abron was busy, Zhu Jiang cursed while taking off his clothes.

“But…” The bodyguard leaned in Zhu Jiang’s ear and said something.


Zhu Jiang sweats coldly, why is he calling this time?

But I didn’t dare not pick it up.

“Do you always misunderstand? How could it be… me!”

“Stop talking nonsense, your people have been controlled downstairs. If you know you, let them go, otherwise you will die tonight!”

The person on the phone said coldly.

Zhu Jiang swallowed.

Suddenly at this time, there were waves of footsteps in the corridor.

I saw that a group of people came in directly.

All bodyguards in black.

The head was a white-haired young man with a cold face and a long scar on his face.

It looks scary.

“You…who are you?”

Zhu Jiang said in surprise.

This man has all white hair and murderous eyes. It’s not easy at first sight!

And Tenner and the others just looked at the white-haired youth like a pardon.

All hope lies in him.


The white-haired young man only said one word, and his bodyguards all shot together, moving extremely fast, and at first glance they had received professional training.

Put Zhu Jiang and others directly on the ground.

“What are you doing? What are you going to do? I am a member of the Haishan Group. You must think about the consequences of doing things!”


The white-haired youth raised his leg and kicked it in the face.

Let it be pressed by two people.

Zhu Jiang still flipped through the air and lay on the ground.

The jaw was broken, and the teeth were sprayed all over the floor.

He spit out blood and convulsed on the ground.

Several of his subordinates were stunned in an instant.

“Ah! Big brother, are you here to save us?”

Du Yue shouted excitedly.

The white-haired young man still had a cold face, and swept to the four people and asked, “Who is Miss Kristine?”

“it’s me!”

Kristine said.

“According to the orders of the head, we are here to rescue you, you can go with me now!”

After speaking, the gray-haired youth personally untied Kristine.

Then I wanted to take Kristine away.

“Hello, how about us? Where are we?”

But Elsa and Tenner were dumbfounded.

“Sorry, I only said to save Ms. Kristine, not anyone else!”

“fu*k, Kristine, talk about it, save us too!”

Elsa said anxiously, she didn’t want to stay in this ghost place any longer.

As for this scene of theirs, Sheldon sat downstairs in Maybach and saw clearly through his notebook.

This was deliberately arranged by him, but he didn’t want Elsa and Tenner to pretend to be forced by themselves.

Look at how anxious they are.

Sheldon picked up the phone…

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