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Chapter 171

Another Accidental Discovery in the Car
Sheldon is telling White Wolf to pick up the three girls by the way!

After all, it was just to frighten them, let them pretend to be less forceful by themselves, and Sheldon didn’t want to really throw them here.

The white-haired young man was the gold-medal bodyguard Bailang under Zhao Zixing, just like Fredrick under Chapman.

It was brought by Zhao Zixing from Los Angeles Island.

“Mr. Zhao, they have come out. It is not convenient for me to see them. I have to withdraw first. Is the car arranged?”

Sheldon asked Zhao Zixing, the co-pilot.

“All arrangements have been made for Young Master Sheldon! Let’s go first, and just hand it over to White Wolf! He will send Miss Ma and the others back to school safely.”

At this time, a RV stopped from the side, and Sheldon wiped the sweat from his forehead, and then got into the RV and left the scene with Zhao Zixing.

Just now, after finding out the location, Sheldon asked Chapman to stare at the Haishan Group and the police*, and he hurriedly got into a car with Zhao Zixing.

How can I take the RV prepared by Zhao Zixing?

Looking at Kristine’s surprise now, Sheldon’s hanging heart has completely fallen…

“Kristine Kristine, what’s the matter? You called these people?”

Four girls came out.

At this moment, Du Yue looked at Kristine with the same look of worship.

Obviously, this rescue operation was directed at Kristine.

And at the sight of these battles, it was a bit dumbfounded.

Six of the same Maybach came.

There are also high-end commercial vehicles.

Downstairs, there are still ten or twenty bodyguards standing with their hands behind them.

The instructor Tenner was awesome, right? At that time, it was just a few Rolls-Royce.

And this time the bodyguard team is obviously stronger, especially the white-haired young man, who is simply too cruel and rude.

Elsa and Tenner also looked at Kristine curiously.

“Ah? I don’t know, I don’t know these people! I don’t know what’s going on either?”

Kristine said in confusion.

“That big brother, who asked you to save us?” Tenner couldn’t help asking.

The white wolf just kept his face blank and cold, as if he hadn’t heard it.

Tenner had to wink Kristine and asked Kristine to ask.

“Brother, who asked you to save us, so that we can thank you in the future!”

Kristine had to ask.

“Miss Ma, I said at the top of my house, his identity cannot be said, so even if it is to you, I have nothing to say!”

White Wolf is extremely respectful to Kristine.

“Ah! I remember now, isn’t this person Sheldon?”

Du Yue suddenly exclaimed.


Elsa and Tenner were stunned.

“Yeah, you think, although we all wanted to call just now, but Kristine only called out, didn’t she call Sheldon? In other words, only Sheldon knew that we had an accident. !”

Du Yue analyzed, her face was unbelievable, and she was quite unwilling to accept it.

Not to mention Elsa and Tenner.

“How is it possible, even if you call Sheldon, do you think he has the ability to invite so many capable people? This is not logical at all!”

Elsa said.

Tenner also looked nervously at Kristine and asked, “Kristine, think about it carefully. Are you sure that your call was made to Sheldon? Or did you accidentally dial someone else? Are there any other powerful people in your family? Or relationship?”

Yes, of course I am nervous.

Usually Tenner and Elsa are the most despised Sheldon.

As a result, if Sheldon is a big man with great energy, then they should go to death.

This is also the reason why Tenner did not fall asleep all night tortured herself when she got her power bank from Fredrick’s car.

“At the time I was a little flustered. I was not sure if I called Sheldon. In my address book, the first number is Sheldon, and the second one is a call to my cousin this morning. It might be her cousin, who works as a deputy general manager of an international trade company! I know too many people!”

Kristine thought about the whole thing and said.

“Yeah, this makes sense. You must have accidentally pressed the wrong phone number, and it became your cousin’s mobile phone number. Then your cousin knew about it, so he hurried to arrange for someone to come over. , It may be a special police, or some underground forces!”

Tenner analyzed in a low voice.

“Are we right? Brother Gao Leng?”

Obviously everyone agrees with this statement, Elsa asked White Wolf.

The White Wolf was still expressionless, and at this moment opened the door of the Maybach headed by Sheldon and Zhao Zixing.

Said: “I personally take you back to school and get in the car!”

“Hmph, don’t say anything, then we guessed it right!”

Du Yue said.

“Big brother, can I use your phone? I want to call my cousin back!”

And Kristine also believed this statement.

“Yes, Miss Ma!”

White Wolf respectfully handed the mobile phone to Kristine, and then several people got in the car.

“Hey, cousin, is that you? Hmm, I’m Kristine!”

“Huh? Cousin really you sent someone to save me?”

“I already called the criminal investigation team. Did their people pass so quickly? Ahem, you’re fine, you don’t know. I called just now, but I couldn’t find you anyway, and then hit your instructor. Yes, I can’t get in touch. I’m worried that something will happen to you, so I sent a Instagram account to your classmate named Sheldon and asked him. He told me that you were kidnapped!”

The cousin on the phone said anxiously.

As for why she knows Sheldon? It’s not because this cousin has a very wide relationship. In the past, Sheldon bought Marcella a mobile phone and bought clothes for a part-time job.

It was Kristine who asked her cousin to help Sheldon and Vern find part-time jobs.

Sometimes this cousin would ask Sheldon to do something for herself, so the one who came and went also had Sheldon and Vern’s Instagram.

“Ah? That’s it, we are fine, they are sending us back to school!”

“Okay, you have a good rest, and I will see you tomorrow. You are about to practice internship. I have to talk to you about work!”

“Yeah, I know my cousin, you should rest soon!”

Since I’m in the car, I can hear everything.

Everyone also understood what was going on.

It turned out to be the cousin whom Sheldon informed.

Then Sheldon, a dog breeder, learned that they were kidnapped? Damn it, did nothing?

If it wasn’t for the cousin who happened to find Kristine, wouldn’t they be over today?

Bastard, I will choke him when I go back!

Tenner said viciously in her heart.

“Oh, my ass!”

Suddenly at this time, Elsa suddenly snorted.

It seemed that something gave him.

A painful grin.

Afterwards, Elsa touched under his ass and found out a small suit jacket and a mobile phone inside.

“Ah? This big brother, I’m so sorry, I accidentally took your clothes down!”

Elsa apologized.

“Huh? Why is this little suit so familiar?”

And after that, Elsa was taken aback.

Chapter 172

“Huh? Didn’t I buy this dress for Sheldon?”

Elsa suddenly wondered.

Isn’t it the little suit that I bought for Sheldon at the mall in the afternoon?

“Marcella, are you sure you are right?”

Tenner was shocked.

I took it over and saw that, as expected, this was Sheldon’s little suit.

how could be?

How could Sheldon’s clothes appear on Maybach?

Several girls questioned at the same time, all staring at the white wolf who was driving.

The White Wolf was also very surprised at this moment.

According to Sheldon’s instructions, his identity must not be revealed.

But now it’s embarrassing.

“This is my suit. I usually put it in the car!”

The white wolf lied.

Elsa and Tenner looked at each other. They definitely didn’t believe it. This suit was only five or six hundred, and Sheldon’s outfit was only one or two thousand.

The suit on this white wolf obviously started at 20,000 to 30,000.

Damn it!

Did Sheldon get in this car?

Shocked, completely shocked!

“Really mine, I usually wear casual clothes!”

Seeing that they didn’t believe them, the white wolf said hurriedly.

This kind of guilty talk is more expression, why can’t they see Tenner who are like human spirits.

Then, Elsa didn’t believe it, put her hand into her clothes and took out the phone that had clucked her butt.

At this look, I was even more surprised.

“Isn’t this Sheldon’s phone?”

Elsa’s hands trembled.

“Let me see!”

Du Yue snatched the past, really!

Bai Lang thought to himself, it might be that Sheldon was a little busy just now, and he forgot his coat and cell phone in the car and didn’t take it away.

But White Wolf is also smart, and no matter how many girls ask, they just keep silent.

Until they were sent back to school to complete the task, they ran away with a kick.

“What’s the matter? Instructor? Sheldon’s clothes and mobile phone are in the car. This shows that Sheldon has been in this car. Moreover, he was the first person to know that we had an accident. Us?”

Du Yue almost cried nervously.

Yes, you have been stepping on people, and one day you are so much stronger than you, don’t you feel the same pain as your heart.

Elsa’s face also turned pale.

If it is true, who would Sheldon be? Is he Sheldon? Is it ordinary?

“Alright, alright! Don’t guess, calm down, everyone! The clothes and mobile phone may or may not belong to Sheldon. There is another possibility, that is, Sheldon is in a police car to rescue. We also said Uncertain, but surely the police have to keep the informant confidential, so he didn’t reveal it like us, and sent Sheldon away in advance? Is this understandable?”

Tenner’s temperament is relatively mature, and she is also a little breathless now.

This scene is really too similar to the last time I found out the facts by myself.

To be nervous, Tenner should be the most nervous.

Because last time, Sheldon borrowed his own power bank and left it on a Rolls-Royce. Now the clothes and mobile phone fell on the Maybach. Is this really a coincidence?

And Sheldon was the first to know about the two accidents.

So, Tenner dare not combine the two things now.

“Okay, otherwise, let’s go to Sheldon’s dorm and ask in person, what is going on today?”

Tenner said again.

“Well, if we have cell phones, we can call Sheldon!” Du Yue suddenly reacted.

Elsa said helplessly, “It’s useless, I tried it just now, and the phone is dead and turned off! But, we took the clothes and the phone, and after we found Sheldon, the truth became clear!”

Male dorm.

Sheldon took off his clothes and just lay down in short shorts.

With a bang, the dorm door was directly pushed open.


Vern’s screams were heard, and Vern immediately blocked the middle with a basin.

“Guide, Elsa, what are you doing?”

Vern said nervously.

“Huh, Sheldon, get me up!”

Du Yue lifted Sheldon’s quilt at once, and no matter what Sheldon was wearing, she directly pulled Sheldon up.

“What are you doing?”

Sheldon was almost speechless while clutching the key parts.

Several girls, this is too scary.

Then the girls didn’t speak, Du Yue ran directly to Sheldon’s bed and turned around.

And Tenner and Elsa looked at them with their shoulders.

“Ah! Look, guide Mayer, Sheldon’s clothes and mobile phone are here!”

Du Yue quickly took Sheldon’s suit and cell phone.

Several people were startled.

It seems that I really think too much?

It’s not Sheldon at all!

However, this did let everyone breathe a sigh of relief, as if they were released after serving their sentence.

Especially Tenner is a little happy, it’s not him.

But when he calmed down, all the boys in Sheldon’s dorm looked at themselves in amazement.

Tenner cleared her throat before asking:

“Sheldon, let me ask you, after receiving Dao Kristine’s help call, where have you been? What are you doing?”

“I was anxious to call the police at the time, and then Sister Xiaoyun sent me a Instagram to ask me where Kristine was, and I told her about it, and she immediately arranged for someone! You are fine, it’s really great Up!”

Sheldon smiled.

“fu*k, the instructor is still right. We were too uncomfortable just now. I even thought about going there. It seems that Kristine’s cousin really saved us!”

Du Yue shouted excitedly.

“Oh, Sheldon, you don’t even wear pajamas to sleep. Get out of here, hot eyes!”

After speaking with a mockery of Sheldon, a few girls were willing to leave.

Only Kristine said hello to Sheldon, saying that she was finally in a hurry today, and the other two women left directly.

Sheldon couldn’t help but smiled bitterly, what’s all this.

Fortunately, I react quickly.

To be honest, Sheldon was very nervous during the whole process of saving Kristine. He took off his coat in the car.

In addition, Kristine and the others came down in a hurry from the surveillance.

Sheldon went directly to the RV with his surveillance laptop.

I forgot to take the phone jacket.

This is how to do?

Sheldon thought it must be exposed.

Fortunately, with a brainstorm, he bought all the new ones that should be bought. Sheldon could only bet that his cell phone would be shut down as soon as possible, or it would be finished when he called.

But it seems that his mobile phone has been turned off.

And just now, Sheldon had logged out the phone number, and they couldn’t call in either.

no other meanings.

These girls, apart from Kristine, Sheldon doesn’t want to have too much intersection with others in the future.

Why do you expose your identity to them?

The night passed without risk.

Wait until the next day, which is Saturday.

Sheldon is in the dorm to review his homework, about ten o’clock.

Kristine called.

As for the mobile phone card, first cancel it, and then ask Chapman to help. It is not difficult to apply for another one with the original number of his ID card.

Early in the morning, Sheldon went to the business hall and took the card back.

“Sheldon, my cousin came today. I heard about what happened last night. She set up a table in a restaurant near our school. You are my great benefactor. Come here! Hey! By the way, you can I can’t let my cousin arrange a job for you! And Vern and others, you also yell…”

“I’m not going. Besides, I didn’t help you much?”

Sheldon gave a wry smile.

“Come on! Or I will go to your dorm to call you! Besides, my cousin said, I have to thank you!”

“Then… well, let’s go over!”

Sheldon is not hypocritical anymore. The actual situation is that he really helped, so he should go for a meal.

The main reason is that cousin who doesn’t want to see Kristine…

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