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Chapter 173

Sheldon’s Two Suits
When Sheldon and Vern arrived.

Kristine’s sister Ma Xiaoyun is already here.

Including the instructor Tenner Elsa Du Yue, besides, sitting next to Ma Xiaoyun, there is also a twenty-seven-eight young man in a suit and shoes.

Ma Xiaoyun looks very feminine.

A good hand in social.

Sheldon and Vern and the others have been dealing with her no less. How can I say that someone who is quite arrogant in their heart is looking for a part-time job for Sheldon and the others. It is entirely because of Kristine’s face. As for Sheldon and Vern, they are simply indifferent.

“Sit down, Sheldon, you guys!”

Ma Xiaoyun said lightly.

Sheldon sat down.

“What happened last night really made everyone sweat. Later, I will have a good drink with you. In addition, I will introduce you to him. His name is Meng Bin. He is my high school classmate, Roston. The leader of the investigation detachment! I just called him!”

“Ah! Hello, Meng Bin, thank you for saving us!”

When Du Yue heard this title, she couldn’t help being favored.

“You are polite, this is my own business. In addition, let me tell you that the suspects of last night have been arrested by us, and we have also uncovered a bigger case behind them. By the way, I thank you for it, otherwise, Zhu Jiang, the big fish, don’t know when it will surface!”

Meng Bin smiled.

“Kristine, look at how well your classmates can talk, and you should also quickly toast a glass of wine to your benefactor!”

Ma Xiaoyun noticed that her sister would be so uncomfortable, she hurriedly reminded.

“O’ao, in addition to thanking Captain Meng, I also want to thank Sheldon today. After all, without him, we still don’t know what danger will happen!”

Kristine said.

After all, this information was released by Sheldon anyway, otherwise there would be no more.

“Kristine, what are you doing! I asked you to thank Captain Meng, what are you doing to Sheldon?” Ma Xiaoyun became unhappy.

“That’s right, what did he do with this dick? He said that he was going to call the police. I guess I was scared at the time. If Sister Xiaoyun knew it in time and notified Captain Meng to go to the police as soon as possible, we would really be finished!”

Du Yue said.

And Meng Bin just shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“That’s right, even if you want to thank you, it is Sister Yun and Captain Meng that we want to thank. I will replace the wine with tea and toast you a cup. I didn’t like Kristine and the others. I will do it first!”

Tenner said with a smile at this time.

Obviously, people didn’t care about Sheldon.

And Kristine.

She actually found it strange.

I always felt that this Meng Bin didn’t show up during the whole process, and the White Wolf last night was stronger than this Meng Bin in terms of aura and strength.

So Kristine felt something was wrong.

Coupled with the mockery of Sheldon, Kristine couldn’t pass it.

“Kristine, I know you have a very good relationship with Sheldon, so let’s go back, I will try to find a relationship, and arrange a job with five insurances for Sheldon!”

Ma Xiaoyun also didn’t want her sister to lose face too much, so she said.

“Really cousin? Can’t you find someone with five insurances and one housing fund for Sheldon?”

Kristine said.

“This is awful enough. In the current market, except for some powerful companies, there is only one gold, but Sheldon, ahem, it’s not easy to arrange, but I will try my best!”

The meaning is obvious, that is, Sheldon’s basic ability is not good.

“Yes, if Sister Yun arranges Sheldon with that kind of strength, the competition will definitely be big. Put Sheldon in, isn’t this a foil for others!”

Du Yue said directly.

“Yeah, Sheldon has a character like that, in some clerks, clerks, and other professions are really not good. This is the truth. I told the instructor some time ago about him!”

Elsa also smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Sheldon’s scalp almost exploded when he heard it.

Damn, every time, I don’t seem to mention myself, you guys have nothing to talk about, right?

Being honest before does not mean that I am stupid.

Why be honest? If you have no money or power, you can’t be honest.

Sheldon was silent.

At exactly this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang.

At first glance, it was his sister who called.

Sheldon immediately went out to connect.

“Sister, what’s the matter?”

“Brother, are you busy? Let me tell you something. One of my housekeepers and some of my subordinates arrived in Roston ahead of schedule. You can find someone to pick me up. Chapman and Zhao Zixing have been arranged by me for other jobs, so you can arrange something casually. People, pick them up at the airport and find a place to live for them!”

“Aoao, no problem!” Sheldon nodded.

To be honest, this is the first time Sheldon has dealt with family members.

“Hey, I’ll be there the day after tomorrow, and we can see each other!”

Alicia said with a smile.

Of course Sheldon missed her sister very much.

After a few brief conversations, Sheldon hung up.

Chapman and Zhao Zixing were both busy, and Sheldon was too embarrassed to disturb them.

Who should be arranged?

Cough, thought for a while, anyway, there are Elsa and others here, and I don’t want to eat here anymore.

Just pick it up by yourself.

After all, she is also the housekeeper of her sister.

So Sheldon went in and talked to Kristine. He had something to do and left.

“This Sheldon is quite busy!”

Ma Xiaoyun said something sourly.

I, Ma Xiaoyun, invited you to eat today enough to give you a face, ha ha, there is still something left!

“He, he can’t stay here anymore. By the way, Brother Meng Bin, please tell me, what kind of position is that handsome guy with white hair?”

Du Yue said at this time.

“Hehe, to be honest, I have always been curious about the topics you talked about. What are you talking about Maybach, a cold handsome guy with white hair, how could our police force have this?”

Meng Bin said something embarrassingly at this time.

In fact, he heard something wrong just now. Last night, the police force was indeed deployed.

It is said that relevant leaders in the province also came to investigate.

The internal movement is quite large.

At that time, Meng Bin happened to receive a call from Ma Xiaoyun, saying that his sister had been kidnapped. There were four girls in total.

When Meng Bin heard this, isn’t this the same as the big case that was dispatched this time?

So Meng Bin said that the police had been out.

By the time he followed the large army, all the gangsters had been arrested and the hostages had already been rescued.

As for the situation, it is not his level to know.

So this meal was weird.

Otherwise, how could Meng Bin smile awkwardly before.

Only now did he understand that it was two groups of people who had saved people.

I went to collect the net.

“Ah? Not from your police force? I think so, it’s impossible to open the Maybach so generously!” Du Yue suddenly wondered.

“Captain Meng, is it not your people to save us?” Tenner was also surprised, why this little thing is so troublesome!

“Strictly speaking, no, because when we arrived at the scene, you had been rescued!” Meng Bin explained with a smile.

Without going into details, I talked about some of the history at that time in general.

He didn’t need to take credit for these things.

“Ah? After a long time of trouble, it still means that someone specially came to save us? Who is it?” The four girls were surprised again.

At this time, Elsa’s cell phone rang.

“Hello. Who is this?”

“Hello Miss, we are the customer service of the flagship store of Rex Suit, where you bought a suit yesterday. That’s how it is. Yesterday you bought a suit for your boyfriend. Then late last night, he came to ask for the exact same suit. Yes, we only had one smaller number at the time, so we gave it to your boyfriend first. Today we got the number he asked for. I want to ask, do you come and replace it? He walked in a hurry and didn’t leave us a phone number. “

“My boyfriend? You mean Sheldon from yesterday? He is not my boyfriend? Besides, what did he buy two suits for?”

Elsa was a little silly.

Tenner, who obviously heard the voice of customer service, was also a little dumbfounded.

“So, the suit that Sheldon bought last night was not the one that Faye bought. He deliberately lied to us! But why did he lied to us? The suit in the car last night… It’s…”


Tenner suddenly exclaimed…

Chapter 174

Is it Sheldon’s?

Reminiscing about the last power bank, Tenner really can’t help but believe it now.

Sheldon must be weird, and there must be many things hidden from everyone.

Yes, for the first time he was taken to a hotel, Sheldon was almost the first to know.

So I was rescued in time.

And Sheldon’s power bank was found on Fredrick’s car.

This time, Sheldon was the first to know, and the four were rescued in time.

Actually found Sheldon’s coat and mobile phone.

Originally thought that Sheldon did all this, but this time, Sheldon did not favor himself, but Kristine.

Who has the best relationship with Kristine, and of course Sheldon?

There is more!

Last time Sheldon furiously beat Storen, the vice chairman of the student union, but you can see the dean’s respectful attitude towards Sheldon.

Moreover, Sheldon didn’t know when he became rich, especially the rich kind!

Most importantly, Sheldon’s surname is Chen, and Sheldon is also surnamed Chen!

Oh my god~

If Sheldon is Sheldon, everything can be explained!

Tenner’s face suddenly turned pale.

Even Elsa and the others understood some things with hindsight.

All were terrified.

“Is Sheldon a Sheldon? Or an ordinary little brother?”

Elsa whispered nervously.

“I don’t know, but in all likelihood, he didn’t run away!”

Tenner said weakly, “But don’t worry, let’s observe Sheldon in the dark until we fully confirm his identity!”

Tenner could only think so.

She would never think that she would fall in love with Sheldon?

In short, this meal is very weird. Some girls’ hearts are overwhelming…

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

At this moment, he has gone to the villa to drive the high-end RV and pick up his sister’s butler.

It is said that these are directly distributed by the family, and they have a certain status in the family.

Sheldon, I’ve never taken a plane before, and I don’t know what the airport pick-up is like.

Can’t stand at the exit with a paper sign, right?

So, just drive this RV, and stop at a more conspicuous place outside the exit. After all, the parking lot is not allowed.

And the license plate has been told to the housekeeper through the mobile phone number left by my sister.

However, Sheldon soon regretted it.

When I stopped here, many young people, especially the girls, looked sideways here.

Some even took photos of this RV.

It made Sheldon feel embarrassed in the car.

And this time.

The airport exit.

“Grandpa, don’t you, Shaohui Chen, arrange for someone to pick us up? People?”

A group of four people came out.

It was a gentle and honest white-haired old man who came out with an eighteen or nine-year-old girl with a cardamom age.

Behind them, there is a pair of twin brothers.

They all seem to be around 30 years old.

They were dressed in suits, but they couldn’t conceal the unreliable atmosphere on them.

It seems that they should be the bodyguards of the grandparents.

“Yeah, Shaohui Chen arranged for someone to come, and the license plate number told me, Tianlong and Dihu, you two go look for it!”

“Yes, Robert!”

The two bodyguards patrolled around immediately.

“Grandpa, they all say that Roston’s snacks are the most distinctive. I haven’t eaten them before. Can I eat them later?”

The girl looked self-willed and naughty, begging now.

“Well, we will stay in Roston for a while. You can eat whatever you want!”

At this moment, the two brothers Tianlong and Earthhu came back.

The RV has obviously been found.

When everyone came to the car, Sheldon was also waiting for them.

It’s just that Sheldon didn’t feel embarrassed to introduce herself for a while listening to what the girl next to the old man said.

“Grandpa, do you think Sheldon is very handsome and handsome? Sister Alicia is very beautiful, and Sheldon must be handsome too!”

I heard the girls say before they came.

“Of course Sheldon is handsome and extraordinary, but Duo Duo, when you see Sheldon later, you are not allowed to talk nonsense, let alone presumptuous. She is not the eldest lady, so spoiling you like that, if you irritate Sheldon, grandpa is No way! Your wayward temper!”

“I know, I’ve inquired about it. I heard that Sheldon is very boring and nasty. He seems to have many wives!”

The girl stuck her tongue out and smiled.

“Smelly girl, I smashed your mouth, where did you hear it!”

“That’s right, no one from other families in Negston tells you about it. They said that Sheldon, who is about to return to the family, became romantic in Roston, and they heard that many women were pregnant! Whoever offends him, he will let anyone become pregnant. , So I was scared of him!” The girl touched her stomach. “

“I think those yellow-haired children have enough life. They guessed it, and the arrangement was so ridiculous. Duo Duo, I heard from Miss Chen that Sheldon is a very good person! Those little guys, I guess they just listen to the wind. Rain, guess and talk, don’t talk to them!”

“The eldest sister is Sheldon’s own sister. Of course she will speak nice things for Sheldon!”

“Okay, damn girl, you shut up!”

Robert blew his beard and stared.

At the moment, he noticed Sheldon, who was standing aside and his face was flushed.

As for Sheldon, when she said that, she was embarrassed to introduce herself.

What the hell? Why did you do this?

“Hehe little brother, I just made you laugh, my granddaughter knows too little about Sheldon, but you can rest assured that she never insulted Sheldon. Are you Sheldon’s full-time driver?”

Robert asked with a smile.

After all, this is Sheldon’s person, and Sheldon is the future heir of the Cooper Family, and his status is much higher than Alicia.

Therefore, even if it is a driver of Sheldon, his status is definitely not low in the eyes of everyone.

What’s more, his granddaughter actually described Sheldon like that, obviously he heard this little driver.

To be honest, there are too many people discussing Sheldon within the family.

It has everything.

Some people say that Sheldon is low-key and reserved, while others say that Sheldon is slutty! Some are nice, some are not afraid of death, and some are bold.

After all, as the future heir of the Cooper Family, it must be hotly discussed.

“Huh? Hehe, I… I’m not…”

Sheldon smiled awkwardly.

Of course Sheldonard those words clearly, and he was embarrassed to admit directly.

Let the woman become pregnant again, and let whoever offends herself.

Don’t say you can bear it.

If this is true, the whole girls of Roston University will suffer, and none of them should offend themselves!

Therefore, if you admit it now, the atmosphere will be awkward.

Just hit haha.

At this time, I heard the girl shout: “Haha, this is great. Since you are Sheldon’s driver, you must be familiar with this area. Take me to eat the characteristics of Roston. You must be delicious to Roston. The fun is very clear, right?”

Blossoming asked Sheldon in surprise.

“Um, it’s okay!”

To be honest, Sheldon has never eaten some of the specialty snacks in Roston.

There was no money to eat before.

“Hahaha, well, take me now!”

The girl shouted directly.

“Okay Duoduo, don’t be naughty, the driver will accompany you to dinner, who is driving?”

Robert laughed.

“Hey, there are Tianlong and Dihu brothers, grandpa, I have been looking forward to this day for a long time, so let the driver’s brother accompany me. Don’t worry, it’s my treat today!”

“Okay? Or if I see Sheldon, I will tell him all these rumors, and let Sheldon make me pregnant too! Humph!”

Duo called.

Robert had nothing to do with this granddaughter. He smiled and said, “Oh, I’m really scared of you! Brother, then, we can still find the Heaven Brick Residencia, let us go by ourselves, you accompany me Granddaughter go around, I will explain to Sheldon myself later!”


Sheldon scratched his head.

Oh, originally, Sheldon wanted to meet people in the family well.

But I didn’t expect that I was actually that kind of image.

But now, if I accompany Duo Duo to eat, who do you see go to Austria?

Forget it, let’s admit it.

“Hello Robert, I am actually…”

“It’s actually him!”

At this moment, outside the field, a surprised girl sounded, with a kind of excitement of stepping through iron shoes and finding nowhere to go!

“Liao Hong, who is it?”

“Huh, Shao Xu, that’s the one who beat me into the hospital, he, who beat Bren! You said that you want to avenge me when you return to America, this man is here!”

Liao Hong bounced around and his eyes were almost red.

Behind her, stood a group of bodyguards in suits, and black luxury rushes stopped at the entrance.

As for her, there is a young master who wears sunglasses and attracts the eyes of countless girls, and he is Xu Wei.

“fu*k, Liao Hong, are you sure?”

Xu Wei lost his sunglasses and looked at Sheldon coldly…

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