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Chapter 175

“Come on! Surround me!”

Xu Wei waved his hand, and a dozen bodyguards immediately rushed over and surrounded Sheldon and his party.

Behind Xu Wei stood a strong and strong man of 27 or 18 years old. He was wearing sunglasses and never said a word from beginning to end.

Holding his shoulders, half of his face seemed to have been severely burned and looked a bit hideous.

He should be Xu Wei’s personal bodyguard.

“Huh, it’s really a narrow road for dollarjia, I didn’t expect it, how many days have passed, we meet again!”

Liao Hong took Xu Wei’s arm and walked over, his eyes red and angry. If the eyes can kill people, I’m afraid Sheldon has already been cut a thousand times.

Yeah, who is the person that Liao Hong wants to kill most? It must be Sheldon.

She has been living in the palms of everyone since she was a child, and she belongs to the existence that she held in her hand for fear of losing it, and held it in her mouth for fear of melting.

Not to mention being beaten.

However, she was really beaten, not only by this person in public, but also by electric shock.

I am embarrassed to say it, that day at the western restaurant, I was so urinary incontinence!

All kinds of humiliation were added to his head.

It’s all because of this bastard!

“He can beat you? Huh, brat, I dare to beat Xu Wei’s woman, today I will let you know the consequences, come, first break my limbs, and then find his family to settle the account!”

Xu Wei said something.

Since the last incident, Xu Wei has returned to country M to play for a few days. No, I heard that his girlfriend was beaten, so he came back from abroad.

Offending Xu Wei is not as simple as being punished.

You usually have to sit in a row.

That is, Sheldon’s family is about to suffer.

While talking, two bodyguards rushed up, trying to grab Sheldon’s shoulder.

However, Sheldon felt a gust of wind passing by his side.


Then I watched the two bodyguards, flying out like a kite with a broken line.

It was Sheldon’s two bodyguards named Tianlongdihu who shot.

The action was too fast, and Sheldon did not see the two move the same.

As for Robert, just looking at the scene with a wry smile, he smiled at Sheldon:

“Little brother, is this your enemy?”

Sheldon nodded: “Yes! There have been conflicts before, haha!”

Sheldon is now not afraid of Xu Wei, Liao Hong and the others.

“Well, since it is the enemy of Driver Sheldon, that is, Sheldon’s enemy, naturally it is our enemy, the dragon and the earth tiger, it’s over to you!”

Compel smiled and nodded.

And the one named Duo Duo on the side is also confident.

“Wow, it’s been a long time since the two brothers, Tianlong and Earthhu, took action, right?”

Duo called.

“The two of them look really amazing!”

As for Sheldon, at this moment, looking at the two people’s skill like a dragon, he couldn’t help but admire him.

“Of course it’s amazing. They used to be the best soldiers in the military world, and Tianlong is even more powerful. The underground world in the West trembles when he hears his name! Humph, haven’t you touched it?”

Duo said triumphantly.

“The Cooper Family is kind to them. After leaving the military, they joined the Cooper Family! And they, on the orders of the master, have already left the eldest lady, and will only take orders from Young Master Sheldon from now on!”

Robert beside him couldn’t help but explain a few words.

Sheldon couldn’t help but his eyes widened.

It turned out that these were the two kings of soldiers sent by the family.

Originally, Sheldon thought that Fredrick and White Wolf’s two bodyguards were already particularly good.

But unexpectedly, these two people were even more perverted.

No matter who it is to or how many people are on the other side, both of them have the same expression, and they can accurately hit each other’s vital points with one punch.

Because it was only a blink of an eye, a dozen bodyguards were already lying on the ground.


Xu Wei and Liao Hong, who were proud of the spring breeze, were both taken aback.

These bodyguards are all Dad’s own bodyguards, and this time they come to pick up his own, all the best.

And ten people fought two for ten seconds, and all of them lost their combat effectiveness?

“Hehe, I don’t think you have long eyes, kid, now it’s your turn!”

Tianlong Earthhu smiled coldly and slowly walked towards Xu Wei.

“fuk, old ugly, you fuk me, kill them for me, come on!”

When Xu Wei saw it, he was frightened.

At first he thought it was a simple matter, it was to avenge his own woman and remove this kid’s limbs. He didn’t expect that there were two masters around him.

At the moment, he had to let his personal bodyguard take action.

But half of his face was burnt, and the young man called the old ugly man, after another look at the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger, his body suddenly trembled slightly.

This is not fear, it is more like he is suppressing a certain emotion in his heart.

He stood in front of Xu Wei right now.

“Two, you can kill me, but please let Shao Xu leave!”

Old Ugly said lightly.

The Dragon and Earth Tiger glanced at each other, staring at the disfigured young man.

“Damn! I didn’t want you to die, I asked you to kill them for me, you are ugly, you don’t listen to me?”


Xu Wei angrily slammed a punch directly on Old Chou’s mouth.

Old Chou didn’t dare to dodge, letting a punch fall, a blood stain came out of the corner of his mouth.

“Huh, Xu Jiabai has raised you this kind of trash, bang!”

As for Liao Hong, Lao Chou was also angry.

What time is it now? It’s to vent their anger, not to let you cover and escape!

“Xu Shao, Miss Liao Hong, hurry up, I am not their opponent!”

Old Ugly said lightly.

“fu*k! You are not great? My father raised you for nothing! You rubbish, when I go back, I will let you hold the trash can every day!”

Xu Wei did not expect Lao Chou to directly surrender.

I was a little nervous at the moment, and pointed to Sheldon and them again:

“Smelly boy, this young man is not ready today. There are some kind of things, let’s make an appointment and try again!”

Xu Wei now sees more and more people gather, and if he stays, he is either beaten or embarrassed.

At this time, Sheldon looked at Robert and glanced at himself, meaning to let himself have an idea.

Of course, after all, it was the driver Sheldon that had something to do. In the face of Sheldon, Robert would definitely help.

“Okay, I have to make an appointment to compete, but you can go today, this woman has to keep me!”

Sheldon smiled slightly.

Yes, Sheldon is usually very low-key, but it doesn’t mean that Sheldon is an idiot.

The Xu family must have gotten into it, and I can’t get rid of it.

So Sheldon thought to himself, it’s better to find an opportunity and trample to death with one foot.

This Xu Wei is the Xu family he relies on. As far as he is concerned, there is no aura, and it is useless to step on him.

But Liao Hong became anxious when he heard this.

“Xu Shao, don’t leave me to them, take me with you, Shao Xu!”

“Liao Hong, don’t worry, you stay here first, I will come to rescue you soon, you must wait for me!”

Xu Wei said in a hurry, ran into a car after finishing talking, and drove away directly. Nobody cares about these bodyguards.

And the bodyguard named Lao Chou, nodded slightly to the dragon and earth tiger, and turned to drive by himself.

“Duan Fei!”

Tianlong Earthhu shouted at the old ugly who was about to enter the car.

The old ugly body gave a sudden stop, then as if he hadn’t heard, he went straight into the car…

“Damn, it’s so alike, really like that kid!”

Earth Tiger stared at this time and said.

“It’s very similar, those eyes haven’t changed, but how did Duan Fei become such a young master’s attendant?”

“I don’t know, and he obviously doesn’t want to recognize us!”

The two whispered.

Robert said at this time: “Okay, let’s talk about these things when we go back. Let’s go to see Sheldon first, and take this woman with you!”

Chapter 176

After bringing Liao Hong, Sheldon drove directly into the Heaven Brick Residencia

And let the bodyguards who came to open the door to take her to a room to watch.

“Yeah! Little driver, I didn’t expect you to have a face at the Heaven Brick Residencia. These bodyguards will listen to you!”

Duo Duo couldn’t help laughing.

“Sheldon, you are here!”

In the villa, at this moment Chapman and Zhao Zixing saw Sheldon coming and hurried over to greet them.

At the same time, he respectfully greeted Robert.

His Chapman and Zhao Zixing were usually bullish in Roston, but in front of Alicia and the housekeeper Robert, that was just a little girl.

However, these words made Robert, the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger behind him, and his granddaughter Duoduo all stunned.


“Are you Sheldon?”

Robert was shocked.

“Well, it’s me, I just wanted to introduce myself, I didn’t have time!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.


While Robert was surprised, the old face was a little ashamed.

You know, what Sheldon discussed in the car just now?

Even more unexpectedly, this simple-dressed and introverted person is Master Sheldon.

It seems that what the eldest lady said is really good.

“Ah? You’re the one… that Sheldon?”

Duoduo was very close to Sheldon at first. How can I say that he felt that the little driver was quite honest, and then Duoduo was shocked when he heard this!

Sheldon just shook his head with a wry smile. ·

This is just a small episode, Zhao Zixing has naturally arranged a dinner party, everyone eats and drinks, and soon gradually became familiar.

“Sheldon, the reason the eldest made us come first is because there is something to be announced to you. At the same time, this is what the master meant. I think the eldest has mentioned it to you more than once!”

Robert said respectfully at this time.

“This is the case. The assessment for the eldest lady was completed six years ago, and the assessment for you also means that it has officially started now. So this time the family decided to establish Roston as the original lady and you in Roston City. The commercial group conducts an auction. After the auction is over, you will get an exclusive asset. With this asset, you need to create another group belonging to you in Roston, and you will control the development by yourself!”

Of what Robert said, Alicia had certainly vaccinated Sheldon many times.

So Sheldon was preparing some time ago.

The preliminary talks have been made on Chaofan Live, two projects with Yunmengshan.

But I didn’t expect that the family would auction off Roston Business District.

“I know that I am developing this by myself, but this Roston Business District is already profitable, there is no need to auction it out?” Sheldon smiled bitterly.

After all, Sheldon has experienced so many things, and he has feelings for this Business District.

“Ah? This profit is only for the assessment of you and the eldest lady. How can the family allow such a small group to survive forever, but if Sheldon likes it, after you complete the assessment, you can buy it again as your usual leisure A place for entertainment is fine too!”

As for Sheldon’s question, Robert didn’t understand it.

However, Sheldon also understands that, yes, Roston Commercial Group is more powerful than the Cooper Family, which has industries all over the world.

Alas, the auction will be auctioned, right?

Anyway, I am not short of money anymore, is it to be forced to keep Roston Business District? vulgar!

“Also, Sheldon, some of the family’s defense forces in Roston will be in your personal control from now on, and Tianlong and Earth Tigers will be sent as your personal bodyguards!”

Robert said.

He glanced at Chapman.

Chapman knew immediately and carefully took out a button machine and handed it to Sheldon.

Sheldon is no stranger to this button machine.

Last time he was almost killed by Harold, Chapman used this to summon forty or fifty helicopters to rescue himself.

“This is the communicator of the emergency base, Sheldon, it will be yours from now on!”

The next step is to sign what kind of transfer formalities, all of which are completed, it is almost 8 o’clock in the evening.

To be honest, the face of the family in Roston is now fully developed for themselves.

Sheldon was quite surprised.

The so-called emergency base not only has a part of the armed forces, including the strongest medical team, as well as the intelligence collection office and so on.

Just like it was in the movie.

Sheldon had never touched these before.

And it is precisely after taking charge of these, it means that Sheldon will really have to carry on his own in the future.

Okay, take your time!

When everyone had a rest, Sheldon was also ready to rest.

At this time, I suddenly remembered, yes, there is one more thing left!

With a sneer at the corner of his mouth, Sheldon came to a room.

“Damn, be honest, or you will kill you. You bit me. Are you a dog?”

As soon as I arrived at the door, I heard the bodyguard scolding inside.

“Let me go, bastard, believe it or not that Xu Shao is here and hack you to death!”

Liao Hong scolded.

“Hahaha, Young Master Xu? I’m so scared, don’t you look at this place, girl, tell you, if you offend us Roston Young Master Sheldon, you just wait to die!”

“What Sheldon? When did I offend Shao Roston Chen?”

Liao Hong was surprised.

“Still pretending to be a fool, it is Sheldon who caught you today!”

“Ah? He? What? What? He is Roston Master Sheldon?”

As for Sheldon, he opened the door and walked in.


The two bodyguards immediately nodded respectfully, and then walked out knowingly.

“You, you… what are you going to do?”

Only then did Liao Hong know he was afraid.

I finally understood why he was able to let so many people rush over in Surati last time.

It turns out he is Sheldon!

“Bring you to this room, what did you say?”

Sheldon smiled.

“But Sheldon, I am Xu Shao’s woman!” Liao Hong was tied up. At this moment, he actually said something softly, and then lowered his head.

It looks as shy as it is shy.

Yeah, those two bodyguards were right, and Xu Shao was nothing compared to Sheldon.

Since the woman who is Xu Shao can’t reach the top.

It would be good to be the woman of Sheldon.

Although there have been grievances, Sheldon should still like his beauty.

“I take care of whose woman you are, and I don’t touch you anyway, but now that you have fallen into my hands, the bill has to be paid off, and you have nothing to pay back. Just use your body! “

“Huh? What do you mean?”

As Sheldon said, while walking outside, he made a call and went out, “Hey, get me some tramps on the street…”

“fu*k! What are you doing? You come back to me! Ah!!!”

Liao Hong was so scared that he shouted at Sheldon’s back.

You don’t need to think about what Sheldon means, right?

And Sheldon, of course, would not touch a woman like Liao Hong.

Right now, Sheldon walked out, enjoying the moonlight that night.

Before half an hour, Chapman called.

“Hehe Sheldon, this girl was so scared that she said everything, she didn’t expect that she also knew many secrets of the Haishan Group, and she agreed to help us get what we wanted!”

Chapman smiled.

“It’s Mr. Chapman, your idea is clever, if it weren’t for your reminder, I would really hold her and beat her!

Sheldon smiled awkwardly.

This matter was naturally reminded by Chapman and Sheldon.

“Then Sheldon, don’t worry, since Haishan Group does not have long eyes to offend you, please give me a day and a night, and I will give you a satisfactory answer!”

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