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Chapter 177

Meeting the Library Goddess Again
As for what Chapman would do, Sheldon didn’t care.

After resting early that night.

The next day, although it rained heavily, Sheldon hurried back to school. After all, homework review was also very important.

As usual, the driver stopped outside the school gate, and Sheldon entered under his umbrella.


Suddenly at this time, Sheldonard a female whisper.

Looking sideways, I saw a girl in a white dress, who was about to come out with an umbrella, but she accidentally tilted her foot. She was holding the umbrella with one hand and touching her ankle with the other.

It seems that Wei is not light, and he is almost unable to walk.

“Are you OK?”

Sheldon happened to pass by her and couldn’t help but ask.

“It hurts!”

The girl raised her face while talking half crying.

“It’s you?”

Sheldon was taken aback.

As for the girls, they were obviously surprised.

Not someone else, this girl is exactly the temperamental girl who sat next to him when Sheldon was studying in the library last time.

Sheldon was almost embarrassed last time.

Not only did he have a nosebleed, but he also sneezed. In short, it was a shame.

Unexpectedly, when I went back to school this morning, I ran into her!

“I was planning to take a taxi and go out to buy some information, maybe I went too hastily!”

The girl also obviously remembered what happened in the library last time, and said with a red face.

“It’s raining so hard, don’t buy it, I’ll help you to the infirmary first!”

Cooper Family.

Not to mention the embarrassing first encounter last time, this girl gave herself a tissue.

Even if it is a stranger, if you see this situation, you have to help.

What’s more, this girl is very beautiful and very temperamental.

Even if Sheldon wanted to leave her alone, he wouldn’t be able to make it through his conscience.


As for the girl, she hesitated, but it was so painful that she nodded.

Help her she can’t walk again.

Sheldon had no choice but to use the back. Fortunately for girls, she felt that Sheldon was a very honest kind from the first time.

The umbrella is of course held by girls.

Sheldon inevitably blushed as he sniffed the scent of the girl.

But after another thought, I already had Lilla, so I was thinking about everything.

At the moment, he closed his mind, and took hold of his steps.


At this time, a Mercedes G500 passed by Sheldon and the others.

“Beauty, it’s raining so heavily, get in my car, where I’ll take you there!”

The window rolled down, and a boy dressed up as rich or young shouted.

After hearing this, Sheldon stopped involuntarily.

In Sheldon’s impression, isn’t it that way, beautiful women love luxury cars.

However, the girl didn’t even look at it. Instead, she pinched Sheldon’s shoulder gently: “Go away, I am so painful!”


Sheldon nodded. It seems that she is different from other girls.

“fu*k! I would have known that I had come one step earlier, and this woman is so good-looking!”

The boy looked at the back of Sheldon trotting with the beauty on his back, and hit the steering wheel with hatred.

Fortunately, the clinic is not too far away. Sheldon took the girl to the clinic, and naturally a doctor came to check the injury.

As for Sheldon, it was not convenient to stay here, so he wanted to leave.

“Wait, what’s your name? My name is Myla.”

The girl asked at this time.

“My name is Sheldon!”

“Thank you so much for today. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t know how to come back! By the way, I think you have a book. Are you going to the library to study?”


Sheldon nodded.

“Xiaoya, are you okay? Why are you so careless?”

At this moment, the door of the infirmary was pushed open, four or five tall girls with very good image and temperament walked in.

How beautiful are they?

Let’s put it this way, everyone can crush the car model net red!

It seems that they are all Myla’s roommates.

Just now, Myla did send a text message to her roommates and came to the infirmary by herself.

“My ankle is broken, and Sheldon came back when he hit my back!”

Myla looked at Sheldon and said with a smile.

“My God, Xiaoya, it’s a hero who saved the United States, haha, then we have to thank the handsome guy who saved Xiaoya!”

Several girls twittered and looked at Sheldon.

On closer inspection, the girls are somewhat disappointed.

The clothes Sheldon wore were a little tasteless.

To put it ugly, at first glance it is the kind of dick configuration.

But people are innocent and pretty.

And it seems that people are quite honest and silly.

After all, I didn’t know him before, so I can’t talk about anything to look down on.

“Hey, you saved our Myla? Handsome guy?”

“Well, I can’t talk about saving, do me a favor!” Sheldon didn’t know what to do. He was a little nervous when he saw these beautiful women.

Obviously it wasn’t like this before.

“O’ao, our family Myla never owes favors, so what do you say, handsome? How can our family Myla pay back this favor?”

The girls held their shoulders and teased Sheldon.

“Haha, I think so, little handsome guy, how about making Myla agree?”

The other girl giggled.

“You don’t need to beg by your body, or we ask Myla from our family to sleep with you!”

“Oh, I’m ashamed!”

The girls noisy.

“No…no need!” Sheldon also didn’t expect that these girls looked very goddess, but they didn’t expect to chat so boldly and directly.

Sheldon was embarrassed.

“Why don’t you? You dislike our Myla for being ugly and not worthy of you, right?”

Several girls gathered around.

“That was not what I meant!”

“It’s not like this means a few things, little handsome guy!”

As for Myla, she has been quietly watching her roommates in the hospital bed. Of course, she knows who her roommates are. It really is, let alone boys playing with them, any of them. A dozen boys who can play around.

At the same time, I also looked at Sheldon.

Seeing Sheldon being teased by them all blushed.

Myla sneered and laughed: “Well, you guys, stop teasing Sheldon! Tongtong, I want to eat an apple, you can peel an apple for me!”


The tall girl named Zhao Tongtong glanced at Sheldon with a smile, “Little handsome guy, you just said that you didn’t mean that, then all right, would you cut an apple for our Myla?”

“Ah I?”

Sheldon was taken aback.

“Yeah, don’t worry, I won’t let you cut in vain. If you cut, I can let you kiss me anywhere! How about?”

Zhao Tongtong approached Sheldon step by step.

Sheldon really met such a girl for the first time, is she bold enough like Zyra?

But Zyra is just a younger sister in comparison with the girls!

Ten sentences, eight sentences must be driving.

And everything is straightforward, bold and familiar.

Sheldon couldn’t bear to cut the apples, and let Sheldon grill bananas.

He also asked Sheldon to help scald the bracelet on Myla’s hand with boiling water.

As for Sheldon, he couldn’t wait any longer.

Just want to do this favor, and withdraw quickly.

Unexpectedly, standing up with the bracelet that Myla had just taken off, a big, strong hand suddenly pulled Sheldon away. When he was not careful, the bracelet broke off.

“Xiaoya, I heard that you are injured, and I am worried to death!”

It was a boy who didn’t know when he rushed in, and said nervously at this moment.

Chapter 178

“I’m fine, Cohen, don’t worry about it!”

Myla said lightly.

This boy, dressed in a small suit, looks pretty and handsome.

However, Cohen was not angry at all seeing Myla’s ignorance.

“Oh! Xiaoya, your bracelet is broken!”

At this time, Zhao Tongtong couldn’t help exclaiming when he saw the bracelet broken into pieces.

“Sheldon, why are you so careless? Is it possible that you are not happy to see Cohen come over and care about Myla?”

Another girl said.

These words naturally attracted Cohen’s attention.

Yes, Cohen likes Myla very much, like the obsessive kind.

However, Myla was not interested in Cohen at all.

Although Cohen’s family was in good condition, Myla treated him, alas, if you didn’t feel it, you didn’t feel it.

Of course, it is impossible to say that just because Sheldon saved her once, he felt about Sheldon.

In fact, Myla’s roommates are also joking with Sheldon.

Because everyone has seen it, it was Cohen who caught Sheldon just now before Sheldon let go.

“It’s okay, it’s just a bracelet, I just buy another one!”

Myla was also embarrassed and joked with Sheldon, after all, he also helped herself.

“Bowen, we saw that the bracelet of our family Myla was broken by you and Sheldon. We must pay for it!”

Zhao Tongtong said.

Obviously, several girls should respect Cohen when they speak.

“Hehe, I just buy a new one for Xiaoya. How can he afford to pay for this person?”

At this time, Cohen glanced at Sheldon a little unhappy.

“It’s nothing to do with me, I’ll go back first, Myla, please cultivate yourself!”

And Sheldon knew that if he stayed any longer, he would have to be teased by everyone, and that Cohen looked hostile in his eyes.

These girls, Sheldon didn’t want to care about them too much.

To gain absolute respect is too simple, just drive your own car and stop here.

After all, people think you are honest, or they think you are fun and bully, isn’t it because you don’t have much money!

Besides, it happened to help Myla today, and Sheldon didn’t want to be too entangled.

As for the broken bracelet, Sheldon also thought about it. It has something to do with him. Buying one to compensate Myla, this is the case.

And watching Sheldon leave, Myla intentionally called Sheldon, but obviously, he couldn’t adapt to such a circle.

Wait for a chance someday.

After leaving the infirmary, Sheldon went to the library to read.

In a blink of an eye, I saw noon.

At this time, Chapman called Sheldon.

“Master Sheldon, everything is done, Roston, there will be no Haishan Group again!”

Chapman smiled.

“Trouble Mr. Chapman!”

Sheldon said.

As for how to handle it, nothing more than coercion.

In the past, the well water did not offend the river water, and in order to make money by harmony, three points of courtesy were given to each other.

But if Haishan Group wants to play for real, how can it be the opponent of its own family!

“By the way, Sheldon, I just checked. The boss also uses your ID card in other industries in Roston. Are you busy? If you are not busy, you need to sign a few more characters. Of course, I will look for it. You can too!”

Chapman respectfully said.

“No, let me go!”

Sheldon’s book is almost ready, and I was about to go to the gold shop in Roston Business District to make Myla’s jade bracelet as it is.

Compensate to her.

At this time the rain also stopped.

Sheldon drove to the Heaven Brick Residencia first, and after signing the letter, he turned to a jewelry shop in the Business District.

“Boss, I want to choose a jade bracelet!”

Sheldon looked around and found a piece similar to Myla’s.

“Sir, this jade bracelet is made of excellent Hetian seed jade and is of great value. Are you sure you want this one?”

A female receptionist now showed a professional smile.

Although she was smiling, she couldn’t hide the contempt on her face.

Yes, the young man in front of him is not well dressed.

I want to buy jewelry, and it is of Hetian seed jade quality.

Are you kidding me?

However, her good professionalism did not show her on her face.

Sheldon didn’t care about it. After picking it up and looking at it carefully, he said lightly:

“Help me wrap it up! Just buy this!”

“Ah? Are you sure, sir, this excellent Hetian seed jade bracelet costs more than 50,000 dollar…Would you like to look at others?”

The female receptionist’s smile faded a lot.

“Let you pack it, just pack it, what nonsense!”

Sheldon’s tone was cold.

The female receptionist had to pack it up and took out the credit card machine.

But Sheldon took out the card and swiped it, and the result was a drop.

Sheldon just remembered, fu*king, his bank card must be at least 200,000!

“Hehe, when did I say that Taihe Jinpu took the low-end route? Any cat or dog can come in? Where is our noble customer experience?”

At this time, a middle-aged man walked in with a young woman in her thirties.

It happened to see that Sheldon couldn’t pay.

Immediately speak out with contempt.

Human, isn’t it that way? Without stepping on someone a few times, how can you show that he is awesome?

The female receptionist smiled apologetically at the middle-aged couple.

Turning to look at Sheldon, he was already impatient.

Yes, Sheldon is just a poor boy to open his eyes. After all, the jewelry of Taihe Jinpu is well-known throughout the country.

In the past, it was not uncommon for people to come in and pretend to be forced to take a photo on their mobile phone.

And obviously, in her eyes, Sheldon must be such a person.

“Sir, if you don’t buy it, you can go first, don’t delay other customers shopping!”

The female receptionist directly issued an eviction order.

“Who says I don’t buy it, this is too cheap, I have to pick an expensive one!”

Sheldon said in his heart, isn’t this showing the door on his face.

The beautiful woman in the arms of the middle-aged man sneered at this time: “Oh, how come the children are like this now, it’s too vain!”

“That’s right, if I have this kind of son, just break my legs!”

“I’ll buy this, wrap it up for me! Swipe the card!”

Sheldon didn’t hear anything, and pointed to the jade bracelet in the middle.

“Hehe, this is a famous jade made by the master. The market price is a full 210,000 dollar. Are you sure you want this one?”

The female receptionist’s tone was already a sneer.

“Not only need this one, but also wrap this 50,000 dollar! Buy it in one piece!” Sheldon said lightly.

“Puff, this is two hundred and sixty thousand, haha, this silly boy, he didn’t pretend like that!” The middle-aged man laughed.

And the receptionist, really swiped the amount on the credit card machine.

This poor looks pretty stubborn, and the female receptionist has come to get angry too, she must make you ashamed.

“Huh, don’t you know what’s wrong, isn’t this person!”

The beautiful woman hugged her shoulders and said with great interest.

But immediately afterwards, their eyes widened, including the receptionist.

After seeing Sheldon swiping the card and pressing the password, it directly showed that the account was successfully received.


The three were surprised.

Suddenly I felt hot on my face. I thought I was a poor dick, but I didn’t expect people to be really rich!

“Pack these two for me. The packaging should be good. If the bag is wrinkled, you should go out!”

Sheldon said lightly.

“Yes, sir, I must pack carefully!”

The female receptionist quickly bowed respectfully to Sheldon.

Hehe, Sheldon is used to this. Sometimes it is like this. You are polite to others but regarded as humble. Only this kind of attitude can be respected.

“Sir, please go to the rest area later!”

The female receptionist hurriedly said again.

Sheldon just waited aside.

The 50,000 dollar was paid to Myla, and the two hundred and ten thousand dollar would be given to Lilla later.

Sheldon planned this way.

“Arlene, please, can you give me another chance? I really love you!”

“Haha, okay? Do you love me, then come in and buy me a piece of jewelry!”

“Hehe, don’t worry, I won’t compare you to Ding Hao. Just buy me a cheaper one. If you can buy it, I’ll follow you, OK?”

At this moment, a pair of young men and women walked in noisily.

Sheldon raised his head and raised his eyebrows.

Isn’t this Arlene and her ex-boyfriend Ma Fei?

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