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Chapter 179

Sheldon sat in the VIP waiting area and waited, watching the two making noise.

In the end, it was the turn of the quarrel.

Sheldon also understood.

Basically, Arlene broke up with Ma Fei without any preparation, saying that he wanted to be quiet.

fu*k, it seems that when Marcella broke up with herself, she also said she was alone.

Stop thinking about her.

Back to the quarrel between the two.

The rest is simple. Ma Fei was not reconciled at first, but later found out that Arlene was walking very close to the second generation.

And the best friends who heard Arlene revealed that Arlene was chasing people.

This simply made Ma Fei hate and love.

Of course he still liked Arlene, but he was betrayed.

So during this time, Ma Fei has been pestering Arlene, wanting to get back with her, not for anything else, just for the dignity of a man.

So this is where we are today.

Now, Arlene asked Ma Fei to buy her a piece of jewelry in the Taihe Gold Shop, and she agreed as long as she bought it.

This can be difficult for Ma Fei.

The jewelry at Taihe Gold Shop is too expensive. He needs to start at least 30,000 dollar. He just started working, so where is the money?

“Arlene, the jewellery here is too expensive, can you switch to another one? As long as it does not exceed 10,000, I will definitely buy it for you!”

It can be seen that Ma Fei is also cruel.

“Hehe, you want me to be your girlfriend if you don’t exceed 10,000 dollar, Ma Fei, Ma Fei, are you stupid? Ding Shaoguang bought us a mobile phone for six to seven thousand dollars!”

Arlene sneered.

Now that you have torn your face, just tear it straight!

“I see, you are the second generation of Ding Shao, he is richer than me, so you like her, even if I bought you more than 30,000 jewelry today, you will not be with me. One piece, right?”

Ma Fei’s face is red.

“Ma Fei, to be honest, I don’t want to hurt you too much because you were so good to me in the past. Let go, don’t bother me? It’s impossible for us, and I like Shao Ding, not because of him. Do you have money, but because of the feeling that you never gave me this feeling. Just that, it’s impossible for the two of us! Give us a chance, will we still be friends in the future? And, I also found out, The two of us are really inappropriate, you are a very good person, and you will definitely find a girl you love more!”

Arlene said seriously.

“Arlene, you are too much, I treat you so well, for you, what I am willing to do, now, if you say you break up, break up! I understand, you must be fu*ked, right?”

Ma Fei’s self-esteem had also been trampled on to a certain level, and his eyes were red at the moment, and he said anything vicious.


And the answer to him was a loud slap.

“fu*k, madman, you are simply mad!”

Arlene scolded.


As for Ma Fei, he immediately slapped Arlene to the ground very hard.

At this time, many people were also onlookers.

“I will die with you today! I…I’ll kill you! Give me back the money I used to pay you!”

Ma Fei held Arlene, punching and kicking.

It’s crazy.

Sheldon watched from the sidelines, and didn’t want to show up, even though he had been ambiguous with Arlene before, and he almost became a couple.

But now it has been three years, and Sheldon can also see that Arlene now looks down on him.

I thought the two would quarrel for a while, but I didn’t expect to develop into a martial arts show!

I’m embarrassed if I can’t go over and pull it up now, but how can I say it was very emotional before?

And speaking of it, the separation of the two has a very indirect relationship with him.

Sheldon passed, and at the same time, many big bosses who came to buy gold and silver jewelry came over to buy things.

“It’s a good young man, what kind of ability to beat a woman? If you are kind, you can mix it up by yourself, make her regret it, and fight for her breath!”

A middle-aged man dressed in gold and silver, with good looks scolded Ma Fei.

Ma Fei also calmed down by three points, just clenched his fists and sighed.

“Yeah, there is a kind of mixing that makes me regret it, but is it possible for you, cock lunatic, you beat me today, you are done!”

Arlene also clamored on the ground.

“Don’t say a few words, too. You are a girl, too. Don’t always think about seeing people who are rich. Rich men are bothered. If you break up, just explain things to them. Saying these things stimulates others to have What’s the use!”

He reprimanded Arlene.

Arlene covered his face and cried, and stopped talking.

After all, they are big bosses.

“Arlene, are you okay?”

Sheldon didn’t know how to persuade him, so he came over and said something.

Arlene glanced at Sheldon in surprise, she didn’t expect Sheldon to be here.

“The eldest brother is right. If you have anything, you should calm down and talk together. After all, you have been better before. This is fate. There is no need to be like an enemy…”

“fu*k! How can I care about your ass? You need your stinky cock to teach me! Didn’t you get kicked too? A cock like this Ma Fei, you have a face to say I!”

Sheldon was originally good intentions, but the same words as the middle-aged man came out of two people, and the effect was different.

It was like lighting a gunpowder keg, directly making Arlene anxious.

Yes, Arlene thought, even if people from all over the world come to educate me, are you worthy of being like Sheldon?

And didn’t it just buy two good mobile phones?

In addition, this time Arlene was not only ashamed of the public, but Sheldon also saw that he was beaten or something.

Still pointing to himself like a person.

Arlene had a guilty conscience and did not dare to provoke Ma Fei this lunatic, let alone educate his big boss.

It’s also self-esteem, so I just got angry at Sheldon.

He shoved and shoved at Sheldon.

The curse is also hard to hear.

It’s like trying to earn the face that I lost.

“You are a person like you, so let’s just stay cool. I was really blind when I was in high school, and I almost fell in love with you!”

Sheldon stepped back and said nothing.

At this time, the receptionist who happened to pack the jewelry for Sheldon came out carefully holding the jade bracelet.


Seeing that my most distinguished client was treated like this by a little girl.

The female receptionist was as angry as her husband was slapped by others, and ran over to stop her.

“Go away!”

Arlene cursed and pushed backhand.

Just heard a creak.

The two exquisite boxes in his hand fell directly to the ground.

And the things inside seemed to be broken.

The sound was very crisp, and it also made the whole scene silent instantly.

You know, Taihe Jinpu’s jewelry is very expensive, and looking at the packaging of the two boxes, the contents are definitely not ordinary.

Arlene naturally calmed down, because she also heard it, as if something was broken.

“Ah! Jade bracelet!”

The female receptionist did not expect her to be so violent, and she broke out in cold sweat.

Hastily squatted down and unpacked the box.

I saw a jade bracelet, already broken into three pieces…

Chapter 180:

The Fifty Thousand dollar Collected Hardly

“This jade bracelet doesn’t look simple, it’s broken into three pieces, tusk tusk…”

“It seems to be Hetian seed jade, which is more than 50,000 dollar. What a pity, this little girl is really too rough. With this backhand push, at least 50,000 to 60,000 dollar!”

“There is one more, I don’t know what happened to that piece!”

Many people looked at Arlene with some playfulness.

The female receptionist was also dumbfounded, and she didn’t care about apologizing to Sheldon, and quickly opened another package.

As the packaging box opened, the surrounding exclaims rang instantly.

“fu*k, Longyunyu, this is Longyunyu. I heard that this kind of jade, if you look carefully, you can see that the jade inside is like a dragon-shaped cloud. It is very expensive!”

“I know, this is one of the top brands of this gold shop. It is made by the master himself, and the price is about 200,000 dollar!”

“It’s okay, I didn’t break it, or how much money would I have to lose!”

“What does it mean that it is not broken? Long Yunyu has to identify the jade color inside. Once the jade color is disturbed, it will not be in the shape of a dragon. It is better to break it!”

Some knowledgeable people exclaimed.

“Who, buy so many good jade bracelets!”

The big boss just now was also surprised.

“what happened!!”

At this moment, the young manager in the shop rushed out, and someone apparently reported to him.

Seeing that two jade bracelets fell to the ground at the scene, it was not to mention terrified.

“What are you doing here, don’t you quickly take it to the master to confirm whether the dragon-shaped jade is damaged!”

“Ah? I’m going now! That one…”

“Hurry up!!!!”

The manager is also anxious.

The female receptionist had no time to apologize to Sheldon, so she hurried to appraise.

“Miss, wait a minute, the appraisal result will come out later, we are talking about compensation!”

The manager said to Arlene coldly at this moment.

“Huh? Brother, I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t mean it, I just backhanded…”

When Arlene heard that these two jade bracelets were so expensive, his legs were almost frightened.

“I know you didn’t mean it. You can wait a moment. Of course, you can also call your home. If Long Yunyu is not broken, you only need to compensate Hetian Ziyu for the jade bracelet!”

Said the manager.

Sheldon didn’t say anything.

Of course, I bought these two jade bracelets by myself.

But now, Sheldon is very angry and sad.

Just now, I wanted to persuade Arlene, but she treated herself that way, without even treating herself as a human being.

Where is the kind of love a little bit ago?

Otherwise, Sheldon wouldn’t say anything if he broke these two jade bracelets, right?

But now, Sheldon wouldn’t say anything.

Just looked at Arlene quietly.

“Damn, I blame both of you, it’s really bloody to meet you two!”

Arlene cried and scolded, and took out his cell phone to make a call.

Of course she didn’t dare to beat her family members. If her parents knew, she would not be beaten to death.

So I called Ding Hao, Rosemarie and the others.

Next, just wait for the result.

Arlene clenched his fists and stared at Sheldon and Ma Fei.

A look that wants you both to look good sooner or later.

Soon, Ding Hao and Rosemarie came.

When I heard about this, I was very angry.

Especially when I saw that Arlene was beaten.

“Who did it?”

Ding Hao asked generously.

“That Ma Fei!”

Arlene was also hardened a lot.

Although he failed with Arlene, Ding Hao still maintained this ambiguous relationship with Arlene and Rosemarie.

The so-called love rivals meet, especially jealous.

Ding Hao picked up a vase directly from the side and smashed it towards Ma Fei.

With a bang, the head shot directly.

As for Ma Fei, he was a little stupid because of the jade bracelet being broken. He didn’t expect Ding Hao to smash himself and lay on the ground holding his blood-filled head.

“fu*k, dare to mess with me Ding Hao and kill you!”

At any rate, he was stopped by the manager and stopped. Ma Fei was helped by some kind people to the hospital.

“fu*k, Sheldon, why are you here?”

As for Rosemarie, only then did he see Sheldon standing aside.

“Rosemarie, what do you say, if it weren’t for this dick silk, I wouldn’t have broken the 50,000 Hetian seed jade and the 200,000 Longyun jade!”

Arlene said with a look of disgust.

“What? More than two hundred thousand…”

Ding Hao was also dumbfounded. Just when he called, Arlene just said that there was an accident in Taihe Jinpu, and didn’t say anything specific.

Of course I was a little confused when I heard it now.

Rosemarie was also nervous.

Scold Sheldon directly:

“Sheldon, are you idiot, what’s the matter for you to be beaten by Arlene? Do you need to persuade you? Are you full? fu*k, what do you say about this? Do you pay the compensation?”

Rosemarie pointed at Sheldon’s nose and cursed.

“I bought two mobile phones, and I see you are awesome! Disgusting!”

“Oh, Rosemarie, leave this person alone, Ding Hao, you can help me figure out what to do with the money, right?”

Sheldon was shocked by the ugly words said by these two people.

I don’t know how to refute them.

It’s because Sheldon is very sad. After only three years of contacting, the relationship has been so weak!

“It came out, it came out!”

The female receptionist ran over excitedly at this time.

Ding Hao, Arlene and the others immediately stared in surprise.

“Fortunately, Long Yunyu is intact. They only need to pay Hetian Ziyu’s money, fifty thousand dollar!”

The female receptionist said.

“Oh my God!”

When Arlene heard this, his hanging heart finally fell and he almost fainted on the ground. After all, he was too nervous just now.

But now the problem is coming.

50,000 dollar is not a small amount of money, what can I do?

“Ding Hao, Rosemarie, how much do you have? Help me!”

Arlene was about to cry again.

“I have more than 30,000 left here, Rosemarie, how about you?”

“Me, there are still five thousand dollars!” Rosemarie said.

“I have more than five thousand left here, but this is only four thousand, which is still ten thousand short!”

Arlene jumped anxiously.

“It’s okay, let me call my dad! Let him transfer me ten thousand!”

Ding Hao was also very painful, but so many people looked at it and said that if there is no money, it is not faceless.

Three people called to the side of the store.

“Dad, just ten thousand, and another ten thousand. Isn’t another batch of demolition funds coming down these days! I am really anxious to spend money now, okay, okay!”

Ding Hao hung up the phone here.

Just listen to the ding of Instagram.

The money has come.

“Okay, we have enough now!”

Ding Hao smiled.

Don’t mention that Arlene now admires Ding Hao a lot. I feel that as long as Ding Hao is there, I feel safe.

Even Arlene has made up his mind that Ding Hao will not marry in this life.

As for Rosemarie, seeing that Ding Hao spent 40,000 for Arlene, she felt uncomfortable.

Girls, it is inevitable to be jealous to see such a good boy.

“By the way, boss, give me this broken jade bracelet. I can repair it and wear it! Pack it for me and I will take it away!”

Ding Hao took the phone and said to the manager again.

“Haha, all right!”

The manager also shook his head with a wry smile.

Ding Hao and the others took the broken jade bracelet and checked if it could be repaired.

At this moment, the female receptionist walked over again with two beautifully packed boxes.

“Mr. Sheldon, I am really ashamed to keep you waiting so long, now the two jade bracelets are packed!”

He respectfully came to Sheldon and said.

Sheldon nodded: “Trouble!”

Took the box from her hand…

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