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Chapter 181



Seeing Sheldon put up two boxes and was about to leave, Arlene and Rosemarie were directly dumbfounded.

Yes, these two jade bracelets scared Arlene to death just now.

Now it’s finally solved, and I just got a sigh of relief.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon bought these two jade bracelets?

Arlene felt that someone had put a double kick in his head, and it was almost blank!

Both Rosemarie and Ding Hao’s eyes widened.

Especially Rosemarie, the other half of the jade bracelet in her hand could not be held firmly, and fell directly to the ground and broke again.

“Wait Sheldon! Are these two jade bracelets…you bought them?”

Arlene was surprised.

Sheldon didn’t speak either, and turned his head with the jade bracelet and left.

This time I was really angry.

Why do you still tell them so much?

“Hmph, who knows if he bought it! Forget Arlene Rosemarie, let’s go to the restaurant for dinner!”

Ding Hao was not to be outdone.

fu*k, abruptly, Sheldon slapped him in the face again.

As for him, he spent such a large amount of capital today because he wanted to overthrow Arlene, Nizi.

But now, it’s a bit cold!

So Ding Hao hurriedly turned his attention to his side.

“What the hell is going on? What if Sheldon really bought it? Where did he get the money?”

They walked out of the gold shop.

Arlene’s heart is also not a taste.

Like Rosemarie, it seemed that her heart was being pulled, and it hurt a little.

And I’m so afraid that this is true.

It’s scarier than what happened just now.

“Let’s do this, or let’s call Sheldon back, invite him to have a meal, and ask him about this. Also, you saw that Sheldon bought a mobile phone last time. He is really rich! You must ask. Know what’s going on!”

Rosemarie came up with an idea.

“Well, I think so too, but if I treated him like that, will he come back?”

Arlene worried.

“Don’t worry, leave this to me, Ding Hao, shall we investigate this matter clearly?”

Rosemarie asked Ding Hao, who looked ugly.

“Yeah, yes, no problem, isn’t it just a meal? You can order it!”

Ding Hao was a bit tangled, but he also wanted to know what was going on.

In the past, Ding Hao regarded Ma Fei as his most powerful competitor.

As for Arlene and the others that they almost became like Sheldon in high school, Ding Hao did not regard Sheldon as a competitor.

But I found out that it was this poor boy who was his greatest threat!

You can see how Arlene mentioned Sheldon to Rosemarie now.

After the negotiation was completed, Rosemarie called Sheldon.

But he said Sheldon was walking, took out his mobile phone and saw that Rosemarie was calling.

Rosemarie had Sheldon’s contact information last time I met the same township for dinner.

“Hey, Sheldon, where have you been? It’s like this. I was embarrassed about what happened just now. I calm down and think about it. It’s not right for you!”

“And me, I was impulsive just now!”

Arlene hurriedly shouted into the phone.

“Yeah, so, I and Arlene regret it a little bit, I want to treat you to dinner, apologize to you, and reminisce about the past!”

Rosemarie said.

Sheldon gave a wry smile. If he didn’t carry these two jade bracelets today, he probably wouldn’t apologize for the matter, let alone retelling the past.

To put it bluntly, it is just a word of money.

If you have money, people will want to talk to you.

If you have no money, if people can remember your name, it means you have a lot of face!

And if you have money, you might be able to reconnect with Arlene.

Ha ha!

“Forget it, it’s not a big deal!”

Sheldon didn’t want to go.

“No, Sheldon, you have to come. You look down on us, right? You look down on our high school classmates, right? Yeah, you are all admitted to Roston University. Those of us who take normal exams for teachers are naturally not worthy of you. Got it! I get it!”

Rosemarie chattered directly.

“I didn’t mean that, okay, let’s have a meal!”

Sheldon was also speechless.

However, they would eat as much as they wanted to eat, and they also had to eat a piece of meat, so they could save something in their mouths in the future.

See what they say!

So Sheldon went back.

A few people did not eat in the Business District, but came to an ordinary restaurant beside the Business District.

Arlene also ordered many delicious meals for Sheldon.

“Sheldon, talk about it, why are you rich now?”

In the end, Rosemarie and Arlene talked about the topic that they most concerned about.

“Rich? When will I be rich? I have no money!”

Looking at the expressions of the two, Sheldon found it ridiculous. At the same time, he also made a joke, and replied very plainly.

If you have big elbows or something, just put rice in your mouth.

“Puff, be naughty, you just don’t see it, Sheldon, you’re pretty good at pretending!”

Rosemarie, who studied art before, is more open in character.

While talking, he twisted the root of Sheldon’s thigh.

“I…I really have no money!” Sheldon said.

“Huh, no money? If you don’t have money, how can you buy a mobile phone for 50,000 or 60,000 dollar? Also, if you have no money, you actually bought two jade bracelets today! Two hundred and fifty thousand, who are you lying to!”

Rosemarie grumbled.

Arlene also stared at Sheldon with wide eyes.

“O’ao, you said mobile phones and jade bracelets, these are not my money, I just run errands for people, today I have to send this jade bracelet back as soon as possible!”

Sheldon really didn’t want to tell the truth to them.

It would be nice to be a stranger in the future.

“Ah? What? It’s really not yours?”

Rosemarie and Arlene looked at each other, the big stone in their hearts finally fell.

“Arlene, help me bring your pig’s hoof, I can’t reach it!” Sheldon said at this time.

“fu*k, what kind of pig’s feet are you eating? Are you a pig? You have eaten so much, and you still eat it. Look at your unpromising appearance!”

Arlene directly hugged his shoulders and said coldly.

Yeah, damn, I thought you were developed now, and even invited you to dinner or something, but it turned out to be… an extraordinary runner?

As for Rosemarie, she also sat a little farther away from Sheldon.

At the moment a little coldly said: “Oh! Sheldon, I used to think that although you are poor, you can learn a lot and you will still be useful in the future. Now, I feel that you will be a little useless in the future!

The title has also changed from Sheldon to Sheldon.

“Didn’t we just say that, in the future, we will all be in Roston and support each other. You guys are better than me. Can you also help me? We are three years high school classmates!”

Sheldon asked.

“God, how can you support? What will you do! Don’t improve your middle school for three years, I haven’t spoken to you, you go and talk to Arlene, didn’t you two almost finished it at the time! Arlene I like you too!”

Rosemarie said this to Ding Hao on purpose.

How can Arlene fail to hear: “Rosemarie, what do you mean, what do you mean I like Sheldon? When did I like him!”

And Arlene threw his chopsticks angrily.

Seeing that the two sisters were about to quarrel.

Ding Hao was there to persuade.

In fact, Ding Hao is very helpless, handsome and rich, is it my fault?

And Sheldon didn’t think about it anymore, just continued to eat as if it was lively.

Suddenly this time.

The door of the box was pushed open.

Several police officers suddenly walked in.

“Are they?”

A policeman pointed at Sheldon and asked them coldly.

Chapter 182

At this moment, several police officers walked in, pointed at them and asked.

“It’s them!”

From behind the policeman, a boy with a white gauze on his head walked in, and pointed at Ding Hao viciously.

And Sheldon can see who this person is.

Isn’t it Ma Fei?

Now the situation is very obvious. After Ding Hao beat Ma Fei, Ma Fei must have called the police after he was bandaged. It seems that the police came all the way through the surveillance on Roston Business District.

After all, Ding Hao booked a box in a hotel near Roston Business District.

“Well, a few, come with us!”

Several police officers said coldly.

Ding Hao and Arlene suddenly panicked.

Ding Hao, although I think I’m pretty awesome right now, but after all I hit someone with a guilty conscience.

But still brazenly said, “Go and go, and it will be released after two hours!”

“Haha, okay, hit my brother, I want to see how you release it in two hours!”

A woman came over with her shoulders at this moment, and also said something arrogantly.

“Sister, this kid smashed me!”

Ma Fei obediently stood behind the woman.

“Don’t worry, I have already told the detachment leader about this matter, and he will definitely be fair for you!”

The woman said.

This sentence also shows that Ma Fei’s family is also somewhat related, and it is not simple.

Ding Hao became more nervous.

Arlene also didn’t expect that Ma Fei had a really awesome sister.

And that woman.

After giving Ding Hao a cold glance, she glanced lightly at the person who was eating with Ding Hao.

I couldn’t help but raised my eyes, and said in a little astonishment: “Sheldon? Why are you here?”

Sheldon was also very surprised.

The woman in front of me was not Kristine’s cousin Ma Xiaoyun, and I didn’t expect Ma Fei to have something to do with Ma Xiaoyun.

Ma Xiaoyun doesn’t have a brother, Sheldon understands.

fu*k, in this way, one side is my high school classmate, and the other side is Kristine’s relatives and friends, there are no outsiders.

Sheldon couldn’t help laughing wryly.

“Ang, have a potluck here!”

“Hmph, okay, you actually have a meal with the person who beat my brother, it seems that you can’t get rid of the relationship with your poor dick. I will take care of you like that in the future!”

Ma Xiaoyun said with a deep face.

To be honest, since the last time Ma Xiaoyun invited Sheldon to dinner with her sister, she has complained about Sheldon who ran away before finishing eating.

And what embarrassed me the most that day was that I wanted to make my high school classmates soar, but in the end, I don’t know what happened to Kristine’s female classmates. The girls whispered to each other and didn’t know what to say. .

I didn’t care about my classmates at all.

In short, it is quite embarrassing.

The culprit, Ma Xiaoyun of course blamed Sheldon, who was ignorant of promotion.

Unexpectedly, I encountered it like this today.

“Huh, this person was there when I was beaten!”

Ma Fei added.

“It’s OK, don’t say anything, if you have anything, go back to the office and say it, all come with us!”

The policeman took all the people back.

And Sheldon was really depressed, he was bloody mildew.

But now, what can I say!

When you get to the police station, you just take a confession or something. There is monitoring, and Ding Hao can’t even admit it.

Then, they all arranged a few people in a small room, waiting for the results.

“What to do Ding Hao? Do you think I will also follow the filing? I have just been admitted as a teacher, and I haven’t joined the job yet. If I do, the school will definitely expel me!”

In the confinement room, Rosemarie said in a panic.

“I don’t know, after all, we hurt someone this time. The evidence is conclusive, and Ma Fei…Ma Fei’s sister is actually quite amazing!”

Arlene was also a little panicked.

Because she knew Ma Xiaoyun was not an annoying woman.

Looking at it now, Ding Hao’s face paled anxiously, as if he paced back and forth without going through major events.

Arlene was disappointed again.

She learned from the side just now that Ma Fei’s sister is amazing in Roston, she is a woman in society.

It shows that Ma Fei is also capable.

Considering this comprehensively, Arlene was a little regretful thinking, is he too cruel to Ma Fei?

What if Ma Fei’s future achievements surpass Ding Hao?

After all, Ding Hao couldn’t do anything except pretend, and Ma Fei, he was still extremely capable.

The more I thought about it, the more confused Arlene’s head became.

Oops! Why!

I have felt for three boys in total.

The first one is Sheldon, but this product has long been PASSed and can’t get into his own eyes.

The second and third are Ma Fei and Ding Hao!

Now Arlene suddenly got a little tangled.

“Okay, okay, don’t say it, isn’t this already notified to my dad, my dad will definitely figure out a solution for me, and you won’t file the record, don’t worry!”

Ding Hao scratched his scalp and said.

“Ma Fei obviously disagrees with the private, this situation still has to be filed!”

Sheldon said something at this time.

“fu*k it, use your mouth too much, you crow mouth, really, whoever meets you is unlucky!”

Rosemarie scolded unceremoniously.

“Okay, Rosemarie, what’s the use of scolding him now? Just say whatever he likes. After all, it’s me and Ding Hao who participated in the fight! I think Sheldon was just watching us joke!”

Arlene glanced blankly.

Not long after, Ding Hao’s father arrived, and the two parties were taken to the interrogation room to meet each other, and the police came forward to mediate.

Ding Hao’s father has some connections with him himself. After all, it is impossible to turn to a commercial group for his son’s beating.

This is not something that people look down upon.

Then I used my own relationship to dredge. As a result, the background of the victim was also quite strong, and the two sides were in a stalemate.

After all, no matter who starts the fight first, whoever is serious is the victim.

“Dad, think of a way, I don’t want to be recorded, and there will be stains in the future, why am I messing up!”

Ding Hao knew that he was afraid at this time.

“And me, uncle police, you saw it too. I just followed. I didn’t do anything. I am a teacher. Don’t make a note with me!”

Rosemarie begged.

He looked at Ma Fei on the opposite side: “Ma Fei, we were also friends before, have you forgotten!”

“Hmph, of course I didn’t forget. Arlene cheated and couldn’t get rid of you! This matter, my sister will definitely be investigated!”

Ma Fei hard airway.

Ding Hao’s father sighed and frowned at this time: “Ms. Ma Xiaoyun, I know that you have a great relationship, but don’t push people to death for certain things. I know Roston Commercial Group. Could it be that? Let the people of the group intervene?”

“Hehe, you don’t use people from the business group to press me down. How many big people do you think you know?”

Ma Xiaoyun hugged her shoulders.

Ding Hao’s father gritted his teeth and started contacting the business group.

As for Ma Xiaoyun, she also began to contact Kristine.


Because of the last incident, Kristine told herself what happened at that time. The younger sister said that a white-haired young man drove seven or eight Maybachs to rescue them.

“Kristine, I have something to trouble you now. The youth who saved you last time, don’t you have a cell phone number? Please contact me. Our brother has been beaten now. Didn’t he tell you what’s wrong? Just ask him, let him help!”

“Hey, Mr. Chapman, I am me, I am the docking accountant on Yunmeng Mountain. Last time I ate, Mr. Chapman said that I can do something in the future… Yes, yes, nothing will happen!”

People on both sides showed their magical powers.

They looked at Rosemarie and Arlene in a daze.

Damn it, Ding Hao and Ma Fei, whose background is not simple.

I used to think that Ma Fei was a young man who could only struggle on the bottom line, but now, the relationship between my sister and my sister actually drives the Maybach team.

Arlene always feels like he is missing something!

Really, Arlene now understands one sentence:

Thirty years in Hedong and thirty years in Hexi, don’t bully the young and poor!

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