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Chapter 183

The Mystery of Sheldon’s Identity
After the two parties finished the call, they waited in a stalemate.

As for the police, they can’t tell if they are in this situation. As for whether they are public or private, wait until they finish the round.

“Who is better?”

Arlene also hesitated in his heart.

For a while, she hoped it was Ding Hao, and for a while, she hoped that Ma Fei, who has been looking at her infatually until now.

In short, she is very complicated.

At this time, there was a sound of footsteps in the guard room.

Quite hurriedly, it seems that a lot of people have come.

“Damn, Dad? Isn’t Mr. Chapman here?”

Ding Hao is coming!

“How is it possible, President Chapman and the others will not come forward in person for this kind of thing!”

Ding Hao’s father said softly.

The door was pushed open at this time.

A group of middle-aged men in police uniforms walked in.

“Commissar Zhao, Bureau Liu!” The two police officers hurriedly saluted.

Behind him, there were also many people with extraordinary tolerance.

“Zhao**, I called Mr. Chapman!” Ding Hao’s father looked at the police flower and was about to tremble with excitement.

“Liu*, our victim has also contacted Ms. Kristine. It was Ms. Kristine’s younger brother who was beaten!”

Ma Xiaoyun also took a deep breath.

At that time, my sister said that she had been rescued by seven or eight big bosses driving the Maybach. She still didn’t believe it. Now when I look at the energy of my cousin, it is much stronger than her.

Even ** and ** are alarmed!

Therefore, both sides expressed their positions to the two leaders.

“Huh, what is Mr. Chapman, what kind of brother! Xiao Wang, have you asked the whole process?”

Zhao Gang asked.

“It’s clear, it was Ma Fei who was making trouble at Taihe Jinpu, hitting Arlene, and then Arlene called for someone to beat Ma Fei!”

“Okay, I think neither of you will let either of you be. Then you don’t have to be public or private, go through the normal procedures, and administrative detention and punishment! All the troublemakers will be detained!”

Zhao Gang said coldly.

At this time, both sides were confused.

“What does this mean? Didn’t you come to help?”

Ma Xiaoyun did not expect that her insistence would actually send her brother in!

What’s going on?

Isn’t it the sister’s energy? If not, then this thing will not alarm ** and **!

“You are Mr. Sheldonchen, right?”

Next, a few people swept around and their eyes fell on Sheldon.

“I am!” Sheldon nodded.

In fact, when Sheldon was on the police car, he had already contacted Huang Weimin.

Tell him about the situation.

This is not a shady, after all, I have nothing to do.

I wanted Huang Weimin to say hello, but I didn’t expect ** and ** to come in person.

“O’ao, you are just an eyewitness, now there is nothing for you, you go back first!”

“Okay, trouble!”

Sheldon didn’t say anything, and then walked out directly as everyone was dumbfounded.

And everyone can see it.

They obviously came for Sheldon.

Because after Sheldon left, they ignored the people in the house and left with Sheldon.


When Ma Xiaoyun was embarrassed, she was shocked and surprised!

Arlene and Rosemarie are the same.

All shocked.

Sheldon’s interpersonal relationship, just look at their attitude towards these people, obviously better than Ding Hao’s father and Ma Fei’s sister!

What is Sheldon’s identity?

Both thought at the same time.

The falling boulder was lifted up again.

Ma Xiaoyun really didn’t expect that she would be beaten in the face like this!

And I was a little nervous.

The three women are so afraid that Sheldon is the boss!

But he said that Sheldon had come out now. What surprised him was that Huang Weimin, the boss of the Bureau of Commerce, had already drove outside and waited.

Got in the car.

Huang Weimin smiled and said, “Sheldon, you are an eyewitness, why are you still being held on hold! Haha!”

He was talking about Ma Xiaoyun who insisted on treating herself as an accomplice.

Sheldon made a prevarication at random.

“By the way, Sheldon, I still have a little thing! I don’t know if it should be said wrong!

Huang Weimin smiled while driving Sheldon back to school.

Sheldon had a very good impression of Huang Weimin.

This is a leader who wants to further develop and grow Roston’s business community.

So generally speaking, Sheldon is also responsive here.

“That’s right. Some time ago, our business management received a task indicator, which is to strengthen urban and rural economic construction. Of course, the business management bureau must cooperate and must make achievements. Therefore, I plan to build in counties, towns and towns. Pilot!”

“Originally, Sheldon has been in a lot of trouble, so I put some investment sources on other big groups, but it was all agreed. But who thought, the Haishan Group suddenly collapsed a few days ago, causing many affiliated companies to also After being affected, the original investment is gone!”

Huang Weimin smiled bitterly.

Sheldon cried and laughed, but Haishan Group was actually destroyed by himself.

Many people are tired.

“So I think this is Sheldon. I found out that your hometown is in a township in Pingan County below Roston. I checked the information. The traffic location there is also quite good. If you are willing to be there If you invest in the development of enterprises, it will take a few years to improve the economy of Ping An County. Of course, we will provide resources to support you!”

Huang Weimin solicits Sheldon’s opinion.

Of course there is no problem with Sheldon.

There are still seven days to complete the exam. After the exam, Sheldon has a few months of free time to devote himself to developing these projects.

In fact, investing in his hometown has long been under Sheldon’s consideration, and he plans to talk to Huang Weimin about this later.

Now, he indirectly destroyed Huang Weimin’s original investment plan.

Sheldon has no reason to refuse this request.

Besides, it doesn’t cost much at all.

So immediately agreed.

After returning to the dorm.

Sheldon put down the jade bracelet he bought.

Vern and Liyan are busy reviewing in the dorm.

At exactly this time, Sheldon’s cell phone rang, and it was her sister Alicia.

It was not convenient to connect in the dorm, and Sheldon left the dorm and went to the big bathroom.

Because I count the days, my sister should have arrived today, and Sheldon had long wanted to call her sister.

And when Sheldon left.

The five people studying in the dorm immediately put down their textbooks.

There is also a special whistle at the door.

“Vern, look at what good things Sheldonbought again, and wipe it. If Elma and Shelly’s guess are really confirmed, Sheldonis Sheldon, and our brothers will follow suit!”

Liyan smiled.

Anyway, it’s not the first time that the roommates, including Sheldon, steal food from each other.

It’s not guilty.

What’s more, now everyone is very curious about the identity of brother Sheldon!

“Yes, I hope Elma and the others are right!”

Vern scratched his head and smiled. If it is true, Vern is really happy for Sheldon.

At this moment, Vern received a video call request on Instagram.

At first glance, it was Elma who called.

“Vern, Vern, Sheldon, is she back yet!?”

“I’m back, now I’m going to the big bathroom, and I brought back two packs of awesome things!”

“Huh? Let me take a look!”

It was not Elma who was talking, but her roommates, and Shelly was also curiously watching.

In short, a few people are not sure of Sheldon’s identity for a day, and can’t sleep in one day, especially Shelly, now living like years, every day is suffering.

Do you want to apologize to Sheldon? Now that Lilla is not there, maybe the two have a chance to get back together?

But what if Sheldon is not Sheldon, but a dick?

Damn! In short, this question drove Shelly crazy.

“Hehe, Liyan helps, open it and see what Sheldonbought again!”

Chapter 184

“fu*k, such a beautiful jade bracelet!”

After opening it, everyone was stunned.

Especially after seeing the invoice receipt that Sheldon got back, I was even more surprised.

These two things alone cost more than two hundred thousand.

“We also want to watch!”

At the other end of the video, Zyra jumped and shouted.

Vern and Liyan took the jade bracelet and showed them to the camera. Only the other roommates took a look at the box.

Just two boxes don’t look cheap anymore.

Now there is one thing that everyone is almost convinced, Sheldon definitely posted it, and this didn’t run away.

Suddenly at this moment, the boy at the door shouted: “Sheldonis back! Put it away quickly!”

Vern hung up the video in a hurry, and the others hurriedly put the box away.

The jade bracelet was put in a mess.

At this time, Sheldon opened the door and came in.

Seeing all the roommates standing and looking at themselves, Sheldon was puzzled and smiled and said:

“Look at it, it’s possible that I have money on my face!”

“Sheldon, tell the truth, are you really rich now?”

Vern asked curiously.

“Ah? How can I have money?” Sheldon reflexively said.

“Damn, you are not hiding it from us, brothers, crush him!”

Vern got on with them and pressed Sheldon to the bed.

Those who take off their pants, those who spank, and those who do everything.

“Surrendered, I surrendered, yes yes yes, I am rich now!”

Sheldon really couldn’t hide it.

My various practices during this period of time indeed attracted the attention of Vern and Liyan.

Yes, how could a former poor student suddenly become so rich, and not only rich, but obviously also very powerful.

Originally, Sheldon didn’t want to tell Vern the truth, just because he was afraid that the brotherly feelings like now would be gone.

But now, even though I don’t want to say that I am Sheldon.

They also guessed that it was 70 or 80.

Therefore, Sheldon only said that he was indeed rich, but how did the money come from, and what his identity was, Sheldon did not clearly admit that he was killed.

Vern couldn’t help them.

Only after the trouble was over, they were all very happy for Sheldon.

As for Sheldon, he had made up his mind a long time ago. In the future, he must help each other.

Then Vern and the others blackmailed Sheldon how to spend the past few days at school. The dorms used to help Sheldon, but now Sheldon’s treats are of course no problem.

After the review, Sheldon and the others went out to eat, drink and have fun before returning to the dorm to rest.

As for the fact that Sheldon’s sister Alicia came to Roston.

I’m afraid I will have to turn back time when Sheldon went to the bathroom.

After leaving the dorm and going to the big bathroom, Sheldon was connected. He wanted to ask when Alicia would come and he would pick it up.

In the end, my sister Alicia couldn’t tell.

“Brother, now there is an important guest in the family. Dad asked me to accompany me. I’m afraid I won’t be able to go there for a while. Dad asked me to tell you about the matter. I told you on the phone. Right!”


Sheldon was a little disappointed, after all, he really missed his sister.

“Do you remember that when we were in Roston’s hometown, didn’t my father have a comrade-in-arms brother?”

Sheldon nodded: “I remember!”

This is a long story. For some things, when he talked with my dad on the phone some time ago, he said that their Cooper Family has always had the education method of raising children.

Dad is no exception.

At that time, my father was poorly raised and failed to pass the university entrance examination. So he was sent to serve as a soldier by his grandfather. It was a comrade-in-arms he made at that time.

After being a conscript for two years and returning, my dad farmed in his home town.

After all, there was no money for the poor at that time.

Using the retirement fee, somehow he opened a steamed bun shop in the town. Later, because his father was too nosy, he disabled a thief, and the steamed bun shop was paid to others.

And also borrowed a foreign debt.

At this time, the poor had no money for the New Year, so my dad went to his comrade-in-arms.

This comrade-in-arms is from the county seat. He has money in his family and his parents are both civil servants.

As a result, according to the address in the county town, I found people several times and said that they were not available, and finally no one was seen.

At that time, it was a bit cold.

When I used to be brothers, I didn’t want it. I also promised that I would have two boys in the future to be brothers, and a man and a woman would be a husband and wife.

Haha, just listen to it as a joke.

Anyway, since then, there is not much contact.

Until Dad was twenty-two years old, grandpa told him that you were actually a rich second generation.

Then my father was led out to start a business or something, and finally inherited the family.

It wasn’t until they gave birth to their sister and themselves that the father and mother returned to their hometown while remotely controlling their business, and began poor education for the brothers and sisters.

Of course, when Sheldon was taking notes, it was the neighbors Uncle Wu and Aunt Wu taking care of themselves. Mom and Dad have been making money abroad to pay off their debts.

I came to visit my sister and brother two or three times a year.

This is the general process.

As for meeting his comrade-in-arms again.

It was when I was in junior high school that I was in high school, and I was led by my dad to find his comrade-in-arms once again, because I wanted him to run a school for myself. After all, I got good grades.

As a result, I saw someone in the parking lot of their house, and they said they were busy with meetings, and they changed the topic when they talked about the old things later.

In the end, Sheldon also entered the first-line high school based on his grades.

The impression of that comrade-in-arms is limited to this.

That uncle seemed to be a member of the system, with an extraordinary status, and it was normal to look down upon Sheldon and his family.

“What’s the matter, sister?” Sheldon asked, taking back his thoughts.

“It’s like this. Dad has been talking about it all the time. I miss my old friends. But you know that Dad is indifferent to fame and fortune. Now our poor education is over, and Dad can’t see them in person. Yes, although people used to look down on our dad, but our dad always thinks that they are good, and there is no one, and I can’t see them, alas, so, this matter can only be put on you!”

“This summer you are going to do things at your stall in Roston, take the time to go home and stay for a while, visit my old friend of my father, and a special friend. Then I will mail you something in the past, you Special friends who I haven’t met have all the information on it, so go and check them out. If you can help, please help.”

“As for Uncle Wu who has been taking care of us, Aunt Wu, help them build a villa on the mountain and give their children a lot of money!”

My sister confessed all these things before she hung up the phone.

Sheldon was a little puzzled.

Who is Dad’s special friend?

If I didn’t understand it, I didn’t even think about it, so I went back to the dorm.

After returning to the dorm, everyone will know.

No words for a night.

In the early morning of the next day, Sheldon still went to the library with his textbooks to review.

There are still many people.

Sheldon came to his position by the window again.

At the same time, as soon as I saw this place, I remembered Myla, the first time the two met was here.

I also want to pay her a jade bracelet, but till now, there is no one and no contact information.

So when Sheldon came to the library, he wanted to try his luck and see if he could meet her.

So after sitting down, Sheldon’s eyes looked around from time to time.

At the same time, in the other corner of the library, there were five or six girls, especially the kind of temperament.

Both eyes looked at Sheldon.

“Hey, who do you guess this little cock is looking for?” a girl said with a smile holding her cheek

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