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Chapter 185-

I’m Sorry

“Who knows? Didn’t Xiaoya say it last week? The first time Sheldon saw her, he actually had a nosebleed. It was because of the smell of Xiaoya’s body that it was smoked. Hahaha, I don’t believe this is true!”

“Yeah, why didn’t any boys shed nosebleeds when they saw me! You said it was Xiaoya? So I think Sheldon is looking for Xiaoya!”

Girls, you say a word to me.

As for Myla, sitting here, could not help but blush.

The last time she was in the library, she was really embarrassed.

Plus the teasing of this group of sisters.

I am embarrassed.

Just now, they were indeed learning.

But at this time, Zhao Tongtong pounded Myla and let her look at the door.

Then I saw Sheldon coming in with the review materials, and kept looking around from time to time.

Just let a few sisters discuss it.

“Hey, Sheldon!”

At this time, Zhao Tongtong yelled softly that the library was already very quiet, so Sheldon really heard Zhao Tongtong’s call.

When he raised his head, he saw Zhao Tongtong standing there, beckoning to let him pass.

And beside her, it was not Myla and the others.

Sheldon was a little happy, but he found it.

I just walked over now.

“Sheldon, what are you looking for when you walked in just now? Are there other classmates in the library?”

As soon as it passed, Zhao Tongtong asked with a smile.

“Huh? No!”

Sheldon said nervously.

I was thinking of fu*king, but they saw everything I did when I came in.

“Then what are you looking for?”

“Hahaha, I see, are you looking for Xiaoya, do you want to see if Xiaoya comes?”

Zhao Tongtong covered her mouth and smiled.

“I…” Sheldon didn’t know what to say.

It is indeed a bit embarrassing to be said that I have achieved my goal.

Myla also raised her face, looking at Sheldon with some questions and expectation, wondering if what Zhao Tongtong said.

“Yeah, I’m looking for Myla. Didn’t I accidentally break Myla’s bracelet last time? I want to pay you!”

Cooper Family.

“Ah? No need for Sheldon, the bracelet is not expensive, only tens of thousands of dollars, but it is me, I want to find you, thank you so much!”

Myla was stunned.

Then smiled.

Of course, her remarks had no other meaning, but tens of thousands of dollars were indeed nothing to Myla’s family background.

She said it casually.

“Well, since I have to thank Sheldon well, it’s just right, it’s still early, Sheldon, you haven’t had breakfast yet? It just happens that a new breakfast shop has opened next to our school. Let’s have breakfast and chat!”

Zhao Tongtong smiled.

Then he said, “Sheldon, now I’m giving you a chance to invite six beauties to breakfast. You have to hold on to Ao!”

“Okay, let’s go!”

Sheldon nodded.

“Don’t ask Sheldon, I’ll ask for breakfast today!”

Myla smiled heartily.

Then, several girls and Sheldon left.

“You go there first, I have to go back to the dorm to get something, and then I will go look for you!”

After leaving the library, Sheldon said.

He has to go back and get the jade bracelet.

Return it to Myla as soon as possible, so that the two owe nothing.

Although Myla is very beautiful, she is indeed the kind of girl who makes boys feel excited at the first glance.

But Sheldon’s heart was already filled with Lilla.

I always feel that if I entangle too much with other girls like this, I will feel guilty in my heart.

This is why Sheldon hides Shelly and Zyra everywhere.

Back to the dorm, took the 50,000-packed jade bracelet, and talked to Vern who hadn’t gotten up, and Sheldon ran downstairs to find them.

But at this time.

Several sisters have also come to the breakfast shop to find a place.

As soon as they sat down, Zhao Tongtong and the others covered their mouths and laughed:

“Xiaoya, I dare to be 100% sure of you, Sheldon, this kid must like you!”

“Yeah, I can see it, you don’t know, I asked him, he is in the literature department, he seems to be quite poor!”

“What about being poor? Is our Xiaoya someone who lacks money? The big deal is to give Sheldon a career after getting married!”

“It’s also Austrian, Sheldon looks pretty pretty!”

“I’m going, you guys are enough, what are you talking about, what is the big deal? After getting married, Sheldon is quite honest. This kind of joke is with me. Don’t tease him like that later. Anyway, Sheldonlped. Me once!”

Myla couldn’t stand it at this time.

Really, my sisters can say anything from their mouths.

The more we talk, the more we go.

“But Xiaoya, you haven’t been in love since childhood, don’t you want to taste it?”

Zhao Tongtong said.

“I haven’t talked about anything, and I don’t think there is anything good about you who have experienced battles!” Myla smiled bitterly.

“Xiaoya, it’s such a coincidence, you are also having breakfast here?”

Several girls were talking, and a boy came up.

When I saw Myla and the others, my eyes lit up.

In particular, he still carries a beautiful box in his hand.

“Yeah, Bowen, why are you?”

Zhao Tongtong smiled and waved his hand.

The tone could not help being flattered.

The boy in front of him was Malcolm Cohen who was pulling Sheldon in the infirmary that day.

The financial conditions of Cohen’s family are not bad.

Run a company.

He drove a BMW 7 Series worth more than 800,000 dollar.

Some strength.

Naturally, take a high look in the eyes of Zhao Tongtong and others.

After all, whoever wants to marry Cohen, for girls, can almost be said to be stable in the second half of their lives.

But Cohen had been chasing Myla frantically, but Myla didn’t feel at all for him.

“What are you talking about laughing and laughing? I was looking for you Xiaoya too. I didn’t expect it to be such a coincidence!”

Cohen smiled, and sat down in the seat reserved for Sheldon very familiar.

“We are talking about graduating soon, so we are looking for a boyfriend for Xiaoya, Bowen, do you have a suitable candidate?”

Zhao Tongtong blinked and asked.

“Really? Then it depends on Xiaoya not seeing me…”

Li Dahei.

“Okay, don’t say anything, Cohen, tell me, are you looking for something to do with me?”

Myla suppressed a smile and asked.

“Ahem, didn’t your jade bracelet broken yesterday? I was a little bit reckless. I bought you a new one yesterday. See if you like it!”

Cohen said, putting his jade bracelet on the table.

After opening it, Zhao Tongtong and the others were a little surprised.

“fu*k! This jade bracelet looks unusual, Bowen, how much did you pay for it?”

Zhao Tongtong’s shout also attracted the eyes of the ungirl students who were dining.

One after another looked towards this side.

Cohen just gave a faintly wry smile: “You can guess, if you have to guess right, I will give you one too, haha!”

Chapter 186

I’m Sorry To Slap You In The Face
But said Sheldon had also come.

Also holding his own bracelet.

Although Myla wouldn’t let herself entertain, Sheldon also wanted to understand that after asking these girls to have breakfast, that’s it.

So Sheldon paid out of his own pocket for playing music.

But when he came up, he saw that Myla’s suitor, Cohen, was also there, and he had obviously also come to give Myla a gift.

“Sheldon, here and here!”

Myla didn’t look at Cohen, but kept looking at the stairs. After seeing Sheldon, she smiled and waved to Sheldon.

“Why is this kid here?”

As soon as Cohen saw Sheldon, his face suddenly didn’t look good.

Once in a while with Myla and the others, Cohen couldn’t get jealous when he saw Sheldon’s dress up.

But now, it’s obviously too close to Myla.

“Of course it is. Xiaoya specially invited Sheldon for breakfast today. Bowen, you are sitting in Sheldon’s seat!”

Zhao Tongtong said at this time.

“Huh? Sheldon, what are you holding in your hand?”

“I didn’t hold the jade bracelet yesterday and accidentally broke Myla’s jade bracelet. I bought it to compensate her!”

Sheldon said bluntly.

“Sheldon, didn’t I let you lose it? Why are you still buying it? What are you doing to pay me a jade bracelet with so much money! It’s not to blame you!”

Myla also heard from her roommate once in a while, knowing that Sheldon’s family background was very bad.

Now, he obviously helped himself, but he made him spend so much money at once.

How can I go in my heart?

And these tens of thousands of bracelets, Myla really didn’t care too much.

I was a little anxious now.

“Huh, this kid, you still spend so much money, Xiaoya, you think too much, I’m afraid it was a gadget for a few dollars bought at the night market!”

Cohen coldly hummed directly.

“Hahaha, we know, can Sheldon really pay 50,000 dollar to Xiaoya for Myla’s jade bracelet!”

Zhao Tongtong laughed: “Bowen, you should tell us the price of this jade pendant, we really can’t guess it!”

“Okay, okay, let me just say it, it’s not much money, one hundred and twenty thousand!”

After Cohen finished speaking, he looked at Myla, wanting to see Myla’s attitude.

But Myla’s face was still plain.

But the rest of the girls were all shocked.

“fu*k, one hundred twenty thousand!”

Zhao Tongtong shouted.

The other girls all opened their mouths.

Even some female students dining in the breakfast shop are constantly looking at this side.

Yes, when you look at the appearance of that jade bracelet, it doesn’t look like a normal product.

It was even more shocking at the price of 120,000.

The expressions on Cohen now changed one by one.

“Bowen, you are really willing to spend anything for Xiaoya!”

A girl said sourly.

After all, one hundred and twenty thousand, just buy a gift, how much strength is necessary to dare.

Is there any girl who doesn’t like such a boy?

Is there any girl who can resist such temptation?

“Xiaoya, do you still like it!”

Cohen was also refreshed by the admiration of the crowd.

I thought that even if you, Myla, have a heart of iron, you have to be moved by yourself now?

But Myla didn’t answer Cohen, this boy really bored her.

Cohen posted a cold butt, which was also quite uncomfortable.

Now he looked at Sheldon who was standing, and he also bought a jade bracelet.

“Hehe, your name is Sheldon, right? You can also take out the jade bracelet you bought for Xiaoya to open your eyes!”

Cohen thought to himself that it might be because of Sheldon that Xiaoya ignored herself.

It was at him right now.

“Just forget mine, I’m not as good as yours, don’t watch it!”

Sheldon said truthfully.

For the 50,000 he bought, he paid Myla for the original version.

Besides, if you want to make a mockery of Cohen, it is easy to slap him in the face.

But, with Myla, even friends are not counted, and Sheldon doesn’t plan to have too many intersections in the future.

After all, Lilla treats herself sincerely, and he has to treat her sincerely.

There is no need to compete with his suitor, what is it!

“Yes, Sheldon, don’t be shy, we won’t laugh at you, hurry up, show it to us!”

Zhao Tongtong said something, before Sheldon could speak, he came over and grabbed it, and then set it on the table.

Several girls are looking forward to it.

Haha, think about it, a jade bracelet of 120,000 dollar, compared with a jade bracelet of a few dollars, what kind of impact would it be?

It’s like the value of two people.

At the moment, Zhao Tongtong opened it directly.

As for Sheldon, he lowered his head, ready to listen to their ridicule, and then he would find an excuse to leave.

This is how the matter ended.

Then wait and wait.

But Zhao Tongtong and Cohen did not ridicule himself.

When I looked up, I saw Zhao Tongtong staring at his jade bracelet and was stunned.

“Sheldon…this is…is this the jade bracelet you bought?”

Zhao Tongtong and the others opened their mouths wide.

“fu*k, this seems to be a Longyun jade bracelet. I saw it on the Internet, 200,000!”

“Yes, is this a high imitation? But looking at the jade color, even if it is a high imitation, it is too realistic?”

“What a high imitation? The authenticity of this dragon cloud jade bracelet is easy to identify, and imitation is impossible!”

“That’s true, Sheldon’s jade bracelet is 200,000 dollar!”

If a few girls hadn’t met before, they wouldn’t believe it if they were killed!

As for Sheldon, he was stunned.

fu*k, what I took was a box of 50,000 dollar, because the two boxes were similar in packaging, so Sheldon marked a five and a twenty letter on the box.

But now in this obviously fifty thousand box, is your own two hundred thousand jade bracelets?

Damn it!

Sheldon’s heart is galloping.

And everyone was shocked!

Even the girls who had breakfast were all around.

“Let me see!” Myla was taken aback and took the jade bracelet from Zhao Tongtong.

After examining it carefully, Myla also looked at Sheldon in shock: “It’s actually real, and it really can’t be real, Sheldon, is this what you bought?”

Sheldon didn’t know how to answer.

Especially Cohen, who was on the side, had already reddened his face, because his face was too unpredictable!

“Damn, I thought you were quite honest, but I didn’t expect you to pretend to be forceful. I asked you, you said that yours is not as expensive as mine. Did you slap me on purpose?”

Cohen’s face was swept away, anxious.

“I… I didn’t mean it. I thought it was cheaper than yours. Who would have thought it would be more expensive than yours!”

Sheldon really didn’t want to compare, this is the truth.

Only then did he remember that he took these two jade bracelets and didn’t go back. He must have been passive, so he could only go back and ask Vern them.

But these words were tantamount to invisible force, which made Cohen even more embarrassed.

“Sheldon, answer us quickly, did you buy this?”

The girls all looked at each other with admiration and asked excitedly at the moment.

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