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Chapter 187

Myla’s Invitation

“This jade bracelet… was worn by my grandma before, and I have nothing to pay for, just take it…”

Sheldon lied.

“I’m going, Sheldon, don’t you know the value of this jade pendant? You gave her to Myla, you are sure you do not regret it, I tell you, if you regret it now, there is still time!”

Zhao Tongtong’s hanging heart fell.

fu*k, I was really scared to death just now, Sheldon can actually afford a 200,000 Longyun jade bracelet, is it possible that Sheldon is a low-key rich second-generation.

Zhao Tongtong didn’t have that kind of contempt for Sheldon.

But I felt that Sheldon was a little dick, and suddenly became the second generation of the rich, which was quite unsound.

Fortunately, it is not.

“I didn’t know before, now I know, what do you regret, Myla, take it!”

Sheldon pushed the jade bracelet to Myla.

Now that such embarrassing things have happened, Sheldon can only carry out the lie to the end, and can’t tell the things that were sent out, and then come back.

As for Myla, she just stared at Sheldon with wide eyes.

This jade bracelet is so precious, it must be the most precious thing in their family, right? Now you give it to yourself?

Myla was a little touched inexplicably.

As for Cohen, he was very angry on the side.

This face was hit off guard!

Especially in the presence of his own goddess, and staying longer, he must be ashamed.

Right now, after giving Sheldon a vicious look, he left angrily.

Sheldon certainly didn’t want to stay longer.

He wanted to end this matter, so he would skip breakfast.

Otherwise, the atmosphere is awkward.

He also found an excuse to go downstairs and prepare to leave.

“Sheldon, stop!”

Myla chased down the stairs with the Longyun jade bracelet sent by Sheldon.

And after she gave Sheldon a shy look, she gave Long Yunyu to Sheldon, “What do you mean? What do you leave me with the jade bracelet your grandma gave you? And my jade bracelet is not worth so much! “

“Ah? I don’t mean anything? Just take it as I pay you!”

If Sheldon says that he still has a 50,000 dollar, do you want to change it back? I’m not embarrassed to open this mouth.

“You should pay me for whatever. This is the most valuable thing in your family, and it was left to you by your grandma. It must be for your future daughter-in-law of the Cooper Family. Why do you have to give it to me now? You don’t know what Tongtong and the others said when you left just now…”

Myla’s face was a little red.

The temperament goddess of Myla must have been chased by countless boys, but there are very few that really tempted Myla.

Of course, it’s not that after Sheldon gave this piece of Longyunyu, Myla was tempted by Sheldon.

It was just a little touched, but in my heart, I felt a little unspeakable for Sheldon who had helped me.

I feel that Sheldon is honest and dedicated to others. Such boys are really rare now.

Study and work hard.

I really appreciate the feeling.

Sheldon asked, “What did Tongtong and the others say?”

“I don’t know…” Myla gave Sheldon a glance, and then said, “Anyway, you take such a valuable thing back, I don’t want it!”

“You should keep it. You will graduate soon. After school starts, few people stay in school. I’m afraid I won’t have the chance to pay you!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.


This sentence amused Myla: “Sheldon, are you the kind that doesn’t like owing favors to others?”

“Hmm!” Sheldon nodded.

“Okay, then I will keep it for you first, and when you are getting married in the future, I will return the jade bracelet to you!”

A thick smile appeared at the corner of Myla’s mouth.

“it is good!”

Seeing that she had accepted it, Sheldon thought that the matter was finally over, turned around and left.

“Hey hey, Sheldon!”

Myla ran after him again, “Don’t ask, how will you notify me when you get married? Don’t you even want my contact information?”

“This… well, let me add you to Instagram. I will let you know when I get married later!”

Sheldon didn’t know what to say.

He just refused to turn his head and walked away. Sheldon is not such a person, after all, he can’t take it easy to lose face.

So just follow Myla’s meaning, Sheldon added Myla’s Instagram.

Of course, Sheldon would not be narcissistic to feel that such a beautiful goddess Myla would like him.

Even after this time, adding Instagram may not be able to chat.

So I didn’t think much about it.

Myla naturally took the jade bracelet sent by Sheldon upstairs, because it was just a box. Sheldon left in the dorm and didn’t take it. Several girls believed Sheldon’s words. Doubtful.

“Xiaoya Xiaoya, he didn’t want it for him?”

Seeing Myla coming up, several girls asked with a smile.

“Hahaha, sure enough, my guess is right. Sheldon absolutely loves you Xiaoya, and he doesn’t like it in general. It is enough to give you the most precious things in their family!”

Zhao Tongtong said confidently.

“Yeah, you probably didn’t pay attention just now, but I did. Sheldon looked at Xiaoya as if she was afraid that Xiaoya would reject his jade bracelet!”

“Hey, you know, this kind of jade pendant is only for the future daughter-in-law, haha, Sheldon, this kid is very smart!”

Several girls also said.

“Well, don’t talk about it, Sheldon is not like what you said, there are so many colorful intestines, you will not pick cute ones in the future!”

Myla smiled bitterly.

“Yeah, Xiaoya, you actually defend Sheldon everywhere, ah!!! Don’t Xiaoya, you…”

Zhao Tongtong pretended to be surprised and widened his eyes.

“What nonsense are you talking about, Tongtong, I’m going to buy you three pouches later, and feed you all to stop your bad mouth!”

Several girls chattered and laughed.

Sheldon did not go to the library at this time, because when he went, the library was full.

Just took the book and went back to the dorm to study.

Unexpectedly, when they were going to dinner with Vern at noon.

Myla actually sent over Instagram.

“Sheldon, which canteen do you eat at noon?”

Myla asked.

“Go down and have a look with our roommate. What’s wrong?”

Sheldon was a little surprised.

“O’ao, you have a room with your roommate. I originally wanted you to come out for a meal. After all, you helped me twice!”


“Yeah, you carried me to the infirmary once, and you helped me run away from Cohen, who was like a fly, haha, he was embarrassed to look for me today, he can finally be quiet!”

“Ahem, Cohen is also very good, he likes you very much!”

“??? What do you mean, I have to become boyfriend and girlfriend with Cohen, do you bless us?”

“I didn’t mean that!”

“It’s useless if you have that meaning. I don’t want to be with someone I don’t feel at all. By the way, I have to go to the library to study in the afternoon. I will reserve a seat for you. Come and study together. Companion!”

Sheldon looked at the phone and didn’t know how to reply.

People Myla definitely didn’t mean anything to herself.

But myself, being with a girl like Myla, I always feel awkward, and Sheldon is afraid that he will like this girl.

After thinking about it, do less of this kind of thing.

There was no reply at all.

Then I went downstairs to eat with Vern.

Sheldon didn’t go to the library after eating, he just reviewed in the dorm.

Soon the afternoon will pass.

At this time, Myla sent another message:

“Why didn’t you come? I’ll give you a good position. From 1:30 to your present, are you busy with other things?”

Chapter 188

“There are too many people in the library, I don’t want to go, I studied in the dorm!”

Sheldon replied.

“Ou, from now on we can come here earlier, whoever comes early, whoever comes first will take the place first, okay…”

“Hmm, I still have something to do, let’s talk back!”

After Sheldon returned the message, he threw the phone aside.

He was indeed avoiding Myla. In fact, since he got better with Lilla, Sheldon also deliberately kept a distance from the girls.

As for Myla, anyway, after finishing the exam this time, Sheldon and his department may stay in school for three months to defend or something.

Myla and the others may go out for internships or something.

Will never see you again.

It was mainly Myla’s circle, and Sheldon felt that he couldn’t fit into it.

There are no other messy ideas.

Just like that, another two days passed.

During these two days, Myla went to Sheldon almost in the morning, saying that he had taken a seat for Sheldon, and waited for Sheldon to study.

Sheldon all made excuses to push.

Myla always wanted to invite Sheldon to dinner, to express her gratitude, and knew that Sheldon was uncomfortable with Zhao Tongtong, so once said that she was the only one and let Sheldon come out.

Sheldon still looked for reasons to push.

Until the next third day, fourth day, fifth day, three consecutive days passed, Myla did not chat with Sheldon.

It’s like disappearing.

Sheldon didn’t think there was anything, besides studying and reviewing every day, he just talked to Lilla about her recent situation.

Everything is normal.

It was also the afternoon of this day. Sheldon returned to school from Chapman, at the milk tea shop in front of the school, ready to give Vern and the others a drink.


At this time, a female voice stopped him.

Looking back, it was Zhao Tongtong who came to buy milk tea. Seeing Sheldonzai at this moment, she was slightly surprised, but her expression was very ugly.

When she saw Sheldon before, she always laughed and teased Sheldon.

Seeing Sheldon now, he looked like he hated him.

Sheldon doesn’t matter. The milk tea is ready at this time. Sheldon laughed and said, “Plus this beauty, I’ll pay it together!”

“Come on!”

The little brother who sells milk tea just smiled and answered.

“No, no, whoever pays with you, does it need you to be nosy!”

Zhao Tongtong glared at Sheldon contemptuously.

“I… Classmate Tongtong, what’s wrong with me?”

Sheldon doubted.

“Don’t you know what’s wrong with yourself? Huh, you know, how many times have you let Xiaoya dove?”

Zhao Tongtong frowned and said angrily.


Sheldon also thought of this.

Zhao Tongtong said again, “Do you know that Xiaoya had to get up 20 minutes earlier every day than before and ran to the library to occupy a place. We asked her why she was so early, and she said, Sheldon will join us in the future Study, and then, every time you occupy a position, you say you have something to do!”

“Also, that afternoon, Xiaoya made an appointment with you again, and she also bought you fruit, saying that she had told you that she would go to the library in the afternoon, but in the end, you didn’t go again!”

“For two days in a row, brother, don’t mention that she would invite you to dinner. She was afraid that you would not be used to eating out, so she ordered a meal for you in the cafeteria. She wanted to invite you to lunch, and she was afraid that we would mock you. Let accompany you. fu*k, you let her pigeon go again!”

“What are you hiding? You can’t be as generous as a boy, and I can see that Xiaoya has a good impression of you, we don’t know why she has a good impression of you, but you really Xiaoya’s heart is cold!”

Zhao Tongtong said all these words like a cannon.

After Sheldon listened, a touch of self-blame suddenly appeared in his heart.

Indeed, Myla invited herself three times and four times, but she refused.

Sheldon just thought that Myla was polite, but she didn’t expect that what she said was true, and when she invited herself in the cafeteria, she had already ordered a meal.

Sheldon felt very sorry for others.

“Do you know what Xiaoya said about you before?”

“Say what?”

“Xiaoya said that you are very honest, kind, and a little dull and cute. She was very curious about you and said that this was the only male friend she had made with a serious mind. As a result… I pooh, Now there is something wrong with Xiaoya, you don’t care about it, and you still have the heart to say that you should drink milk tea with beautiful women! Xiaoya is blind!”

After Zhao Tongtong scolded, he felt more comfortable.

Sheldon was a little surprised: “Myla has something wrong with her?”

“It’s not that Xiaoya had an accident. Just now she was confused. It was her mother who was ill. It was a disease that was difficult to cure. It made me even more angry. The day before yesterday afternoon, Xiaoya didn’t tell you to go to the cafeteria for dinner. This time she brought the food from home, and sat in the cafeteria waiting for you to pass. Then you said something was wrong with you. It was also that time. She called at home and said that her mother had passed out, so Xiaoya asked for leave. Up!”

“And we can also see that you didn’t even take Xiaoya as a friend, so why are you giving Myla such a precious jade bracelet?”

Zhao Tongtong gave Sheldon a contemptuous look.

Then her milk tea was ready, she paid, turned around and left.

But Sheldon was dumbfounded.

An unspeakable pain surged in my heart.

This of course will not involve any love affairs.

It was obvious that Myla regarded herself as a friend.

As for herself, she didn’t treat Myla’s friend sincerely. Now there was such a big incident in her family, and on the afternoon of the incident, she was waiting for herself to eat.

And in these three days, I haven’t contacted her.

Now, Sheldon opened her circle of friends and took a look. Sure enough, Myla was saying, Mom, I hope you can survive this time and everything will be better! Dad and I will find the best doctor in the world for you, and he will definitely cure your illness!

Moments was posted three days ago.

Oh, I didn’t even care about greetings!

No matter how I think about it, I don’t seem to be anything.

I don’t know how I can help. At this moment, seeing Zhao Tongtong who hasn’t gone far yet, Sheldon chased him up again.

“What are you doing?”

Zhao Tongtong said coldly.

“Aoao, I want to ask which hospital Xiaoya’s mother is in and what disease did she get?” Sheldon asked.

“fu*k, now I remember to ask, get out of you!”

Zhao Tongtong took a sip of milk tea and cursed, but still said:

“In the Provincial People’s Hospital, the disease is very troublesome. Many doctors are helpless and have not been able to diagnose it. It is rare in the medical profession anyway, and I don’t know the specifics!”

Zhao Tongtong left after speaking.

Sheldon is struggling, is he going to visit him? Still not going?

I went to visit, what I said, and I couldn’t help much.


Sheldon suddenly remembered one thing, that is, he now independently controls the emergency base.

Including armed medical and intelligence forces.

As Robert said, these powers are among the top in the world, and I don’t know if his medical power can help.

Thinking of this, Sheldon called the two brothers Tianlong.

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