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Chapter 191

Elma’s Mother Is Coming
Myla didn’t know what was wrong with herself, sometimes it was really strange.

Just now, he saw that Sheldon still treated him the same way.

Feeling uneasy.

I don’t know if I want to compete, yes, I, Myla, is not attractive to a boy like you at all?

So when talking to Sheldon lightly, he sent Cohen a Instagram.

Let him pick himself up.

The meaning is to tell Sheldon that you are indifferent to your own answers, and I still make you unaffordable.

Girls, not all of them are like this. If she is interested in you, you should respond indifferently. If you control it properly, the effect will be better.

Sheldon certainly does not play these routines.

It’s also because Myla is interested in Sheldon. If you are not interested, you want to get rid of wool!

And giving Sheldon a jade bracelet also shows that Myla is going to sever her friend relationship with Sheldon.

But Myla was about to die of anger.

Sheldon actually took the jade bracelet back, and he was picked up, and he didn’t say anything.

Why is Myla still in the mood to accompany Cohen to dinner?

So we have to get off.

Cohen had a look of bewilderment. After Myla got off the car, he stopped a taxi and left.

Surprised hatred in my heart: “Did you say something wrong? Nothing!”

Let’s talk about Sheldon.

He sighed and went back to the dorm.

After returning to the dorm, he saw Vern squatting on the balcony smoking a cigarette.

She was scratching her own hair with a sullen look.

Liyan was also with him on the balcony.

“Lao Yang, what’s the matter?”

Sheldon also came over.

“Oh, Sheldon, you just came back. You can help me tell me what is this. I’m going to take an exam right away. I rely on. Elma’s mother said she would come to Roston to play for a few days, and then go back to her home with Elma. !”

“Furthermore, Elma told his mother what happened to us. Her mother has to see me!”

“Damn, I have to see the parents, this is a good thing, you have to celebrate!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“What a good thing, I can understand what Elma meant. She said her mother was coming to live, and she asked me to arrange a place to live. To put it bluntly, she just let me receive it. It must be received, and her mother will pay I will compliment you, the reception is not good, it is estimated that graduation is the season of breaking up!”

Feeling Vern is worried about this matter.

Alas, Sheldon also thought, isn’t it all like this when falling in love now?

As the saying goes, the mother-in-law is a shit stick, this is not a joke.

Although Vern’s family background is not bad, but now in Roston, it is inevitable that he is a little nervous.

After all, you can’t go to too good places.

As for Sheldon, I don’t know how to help, after all, Roston Business District is now auctioned, and Heaven Brick Residencia is not his own!

Otherwise, just like when Liyan’s female ticket came last time, you can arrange it yourself.

“What are you going to do with Lao Yang?” Sheldon still asked.

“Ahem, I also discussed with Binzi just now. This time Elma’s mother is coming. It’s still the three of us. You two will help me with reception. I arrange the hotel. As for the place to play, I happen to be online. I saw that there seems to be a big event in Yunmeng Mountain Village tomorrow night. It seems that the demolition funds are in place and a big party is held. The scenery there is very good. Let’s go there for fun and it won’t cost much. Not bad!”

Vern said.

Sheldon nodded.

Sheldon did not know about Yunmengshan Village’s activities. Besides, it was the successful demolition of their own village, which had nothing to do with this project. Chapman would not report such trivial matters to himself. .

Sheldon said, “Then, let’s arrange it like this. As for other needs, I will help you!”

After Vern listened, he put his heart in his stomach and patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

Elma’s mother came the next morning.

Three brothers, Sheldon, Vern and Liyan, gathered with Elma and others at the school gate early in the morning.

Elma and their dorm must not only be her own.

How should I put it, according to what Vern said yesterday, it was that the future mother-in-law came, and when I met Elma by myself, one seemed deserted, and the second seemed a little indifferent.

When there are more people, the lively and lively look warm!

So Elma also called two girls over.

Sheldon was a little stunned when he saw the two girls.

One is Shelly, and the other is Zyra, who looks at Sheldon with affection.

In addition, there is also a girl who Sheldon has never seen.

“Vern, Sheldon, you are here. By the way, let me introduce you. Her name is Li Mei. She is my middle and high school classmate. She grew up. Li Mei’s mother came with my mother today, so it’s one! “

Elma said.

Li Mei, as the name suggests, is pretty and very good at dressing up. Although she can’t compare to the natural beauties like Shelly, she is almost the same as Zyra, who is full of charm, and she has a unique style.

Enough to be the ranks of beauties.

“Hello Li Mei, I have seen it once before!”

Vern said hello dispiritedly.

Li Mei nodded faintly, but then suddenly asked: “By the way, I will pick up my mother and Alexandra’s mother at the high-speed rail station later, how are you going to go?”

“Oao, take a taxi!”

Vern said something.

“What? Take a taxi? So you don’t have a car! Ahem, I thought the boyfriend Alexandra was looking for must be the same as mine. They all have to have a car!”

Li Mei couldn’t help but sneered, apparently she said so on purpose.

Although she was young with Elma, she knew from what Vern said just now that she had met Elma before, that she didn’t seem to have much overlap with Elma in school.

But now obviously there is no way. Elma’s mother came to Roston together with her mother to play together, so they arrived.

And girls, especially like Elma, are girls from third-tier cities who come to Roston Metropolis to study, don’t you like to compare who is better?

In addition, the two female roommates with Elma now look very beautiful.

It made Li Mei a little jealous.

So the language is a bit harsh.

“Vern hasn’t bought it yet! Your boyfriend bought a car?”

Elma was also a little ugly on her face, but she still asked.

Like Li Mei, the two-person family is of that superior type. From middle and high school, it is almost incomparable in financial matters. If you buy good-looking clothes, I can buy them too.

So just to learn from Bibi, Elma has been overpowering Li Mei.

Now universities are different.

There are so many things that can be compared.

“I bought it a long time ago, but it’s an Audi A4L. Originally, he saw his buddy drive a BMW 7 Series, and he wanted to buy it outrageously. I persuaded him. A4L is also good! After all, he loves me very much. , He listened to me!”

Li Mei held her shoulders, glanced at Shelly and the others proudly.

As for Zyra and others, they just dismissed it.

Elma also nodded in agreement: “Then your boyfriend’s buddies are pretty amazing!”

“Of course, who are Vern’s buddies…cough cough, let’s not talk about it, that’s it!”

Li Mei said.

As soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly looked at the campus with a look of surprise on her face.

“My boyfriend, they are here!”

Chapter 192

Looking at the distance, a white Audi A4L drove up quickly, and finally abruptly braked in front of the crowd. Then the window rolled down and came down a stylishly dressed boy with rich and young appearance.

“Wang Liang, you just came here. By the way, how about you, your buddies!?”

Li Mei asked.

“They, I asked them to book the restaurant in advance. After receiving the aunt, let’s go to the restaurant and sit together. After lunch, we will hang out together in the afternoon!”

As Wang Liang said, when he saw Shelly and Zyra behind Elma at this time, his eyes lit up.

“Two beauties, are you all Elma’s friends? Hey, how do you go?”

Wang Liang asked.

“We were discussing this matter just now. Vern has no car and has to take a taxi to pick up Elma’s mother.” Li Mei said hurriedly at this time.

“O’ao, otherwise, I can still sit three people in my car, or else Elma and two beautiful women, can you take my car together?”

Wang Liang also saw that Shelly and Zyra were indeed beautiful.

So deliberately please.

The result was not waiting for Elma and the others to speak.

Li Mei rushed and said, “Hey, how can I pick up my mother when I’m full? Besides, my two roommates have to come over later!”

Seeing Wang Liang staring at Shelly and the others, Li Mei felt jealous.

The tone is even worse now.

“No need for Li Mei, let’s take a taxi and go there!”

Elma also didn’t want Li Mei to quarrel with Wang Liang because of herself, so she quickly said something.

“Okay, let’s go to the station first, and it won’t be too late after you get the taxi. Then let’s go to the restaurant reserved by Wang Liang to eat together. Then, the number of people present is almost the same. How about AA?”

Li Mei said.

“no problem!”

Elma also nodded, now she is a little bit stronger.

When Li Mei’s two roommates also came, they went in Wang Liang’s car.

Then Sheldon and the others, when the taxi arrived, they took the taxi to the station.

“Hehe, my boyfriend drove an Audi A4L and watched her scream. Our family Shelly, just need to make a phone call, Ivan is here!”

Zyra smiled bitterly at this time.

“Zyra, what are you talking about? I haven’t been in contact with that Zhao Shao for how long!”

Shelly glanced at Sheldon and said something embarrassingly.

“Oh, but that is true. I heard that not long after Zhao Shao’s father arrived, all Roston Commercial Group’s properties were auctioned off. It’s a pity that such a large commercial group is gone! But a thin camel is bigger than a horse. , If Zhao Shaoken comes, there will be no problem with Wang Liang and Li Mei in the face!”

Zyra said.

The words Zyra said are also the reason why Shelly’s attitude towards Sheldon is somewhat cold.

Roston Commercial Group belongs to Sheldon. Although it is not certain whether Sheldon is Sheldon or not, Shelly has already decided to face Sheldon.

But unfortunately, such a thing happened in Roston Commercial Group.

Moreover, Shelly has never believed that Sheldon will be the master Sheldon.

So, the attitude is not too warm.

However, Shelly also pays attention to his current image in Sheldon’s heart, and he has no contact with Zhao Shao at first. Zyra’s words seem to be broken.

What if Sheldon misunderstood it!

After all, Sheldon is at least rich.

Sheldon’s attitude is very cold.

Basically do not take the initiative to say anything.

In this way, a group of people went directly to the station by car.

Ten o’clock in the morning.

The Roston High Speed ​​Rail train has arrived.

“Mother Elma, I heard from Xiaomei that your Elma is also looking for a boyfriend? I was too embarrassed to ask on the high-speed rail just now, what do the kids do in their family? Are they rich?”

Two beautiful women with nice faces left the exit together.

Both women were nearly forty years old, but suddenly, they looked like they were in their thirties.

Quite fashionable.

“The girl of Elma didn’t tell me specifically. I don’t worry about it. Just come and have a look. Besides, where is my girl’s vision, how bad can I find it? After all, Elma is studying The grades are so good, I get scholarships every year!”

Elma’s mother said.

Li Mei’s mother is a little ugly.

Although each is looking at his baby girl.

But to be honest, my daughter is pretty, Elma is also pretty, and she doesn’t see Elma this child, she has excellent academic performance, and her personality is very good.

He is indeed better than his own daughter.

So the boyfriend I’m looking for must be extremely good.

Knowing that she couldn’t match it, Li Mei’s mother was vaccinated in advance.

“That’s right, Elma’s boyfriend is much better than Xiaomei’s boyfriend! My boy can’t be better than Elma at a young age!”

Li Mei’s mother said angrily.

When they looked up at this time, Li Mei and Elma were already waiting outside the exit of the high-speed rail.

“Mom, the road is going well, let me introduce to you, this is my boyfriend Wang Liang!”

“Hello Auntie, hey, this is Wang Liang, Auntie, I will get things for you, you get in the car!”

With that said, Wang Liang took the things with great vision and invited Li Mei’s mother into the car.

“Ah, Wang Liang, is this your car?”

Looking at the car key in Wang Liang’s hand, Li Mei’s mother said in surprise.

“Yes, I just mentioned it last month!”

Wang Liang smiled.

At this time, Li Mei’s mother glanced at Elma’s mother again.

“Mom, get in the car and let’s go to the restaurant together!”

Elma smiled.

“Hey, why is there a driver in the car? Is this Vern’s driver?”

Elma’s mother was a little surprised to see Li Mei’s future son-in-law driving an Audi A4L.

But look at my son-in-law’s side, there are actually two Volkswagen Magotan here. They look good, but there are obviously drivers.

Could this be Vern’s driver?

But Vern is not like the rich second generation.

“I said, can you leave? Hurry up! I have two more to live!”

A driver said impatiently.


Both Elma’s mother and Li Mei’s mother were stunned.

“Mom, this is our taxi!”

Elma’s face was extremely ugly.

Vern also lowered his head awkwardly.

“What what? This is your taxi, cough cough, I thought this was the driver of the Xiao Yang family…”

Li Mei’s mother was overjoyed.

“Mom, let’s get in the car first, Vern, take the co-pilot!”

Elma knew it would be awkward to stay, so she wanted to leave first.

“Let him be the co-pilot, let him go and sit in the car behind!”

Glancing at Vern coldly, Elma’s mother got into the car angrily.

The group then left.

“It’s over, it’s over!”

Sitting next to Sheldon in the back car, Vern scratched his hair in pain.

Sheldon patted Vern’s shoulder distressedly, and said with a smile:

“Don’t worry about it here. After all, you are going to marry Elma, not Elma’s mother. Besides, Liyan and I are here, don’t worry!”

“Oh, well, Sheldon, no matter what, you must help me today!”

Vern was really out of ideas.

Sheldon just nodded and said nothing.

Soon, the group went to the restaurant and learned that the restaurant was also booked by their future son-in-law, and Li Mei’s mother was not too happy.

Elma’s mother was very depressed, her face lost.

“Brother Li, wait a while, auntie is here, and Li Mei’s classmates are also here!”

After entering a luxurious box, Wang Liang took the lead in introducing it heartily.

“Auntie, these are my buddies. This is our brother Li, the head of our dorm. There is a listed company in the family, and they take special care of us!”

“Good, good, hello!”

Li Mei’s mother laughed happily when she heard that the future son-in-law actually knew such a big man.

And the head of the house named Li Ge, after saying hello, naturally greeted Elma and the others one by one.

However, when that brother Li shook hands with Vern one by one under the introduction of Wang Liang, he was stunned when he arrived at Sheldon.


This Li brother was surprised.

Sheldon was also a little surprised. This is so… dollarjia has a narrow road.

“Student Cohen, I didn’t expect to meet you here!”

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