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Chapter 19

Vern knew that Sheldon was a very honest person.

Even if there is vanity.

But he won’t wait for people to leave before calling them to lie to them these good brothers in the dorm.

So everyone doesn’t understand what is going on?

Does Sheldon really have the ability to let everyone go to the Heaven Brick Residencia?

how is this possible!

After hearing Vern’s questions, Sheldon just smiled.

This means that you will know later!

“Gentlemen, excuse me, do you continue to eat, or?”

At this time, a beautiful waiter in the store came over and asked them politely.

Although polite, she couldn’t hide the little contempt in her heart.

She naturally knows who the treat is today.

But she had seen what happened just now and knew that the beauties had been pried away by two rich and young girls.

At the same time, other people dining in the lobby looked at Sheldon and Vern with a smile.

This is as embarrassing as being robbed of a girlfriend in public.

So, the beautiful waiter came to ask them if they still need to have a meal. If they don’t need it, they should go to the front desk to check out!

“No need, just pack it for us, and later we will go to the Hot Spring Mountain Villa to eat!”

How could Sheldon fail to see the contempt in their eyes.

Seeing Vern like this, who still wants to eat here.

But it is a pity that a table of new meals is thrown here.

The beautiful waiter and the people in front of them almost laughed when Sheldon said this.

“fu*k, this guy is not a fool, right?”

“Who are you? You have to pack a meal, so you still want to eat at the Hot Spring Mountain Villa?”

“Don’t you know that a dish of Hot Spring Mountain is going to top their table? Haha…”

“It is estimated that the beauties they were hosting just now left with others, looking for a sense of presence here, the current college students, it is really for the sake of face, even if you don’t even care about the word shame, you know you are bragging!”

There was a murmur of mockery from the people around.

Vern couldn’t help but scratch their heads. He bowed his head and dared not speak.

The waitress rolled her eyes and glanced at Sheldon: “In that case, gentlemen, who are you going to check out?”

“I’ll come, I’ll come!”

Vern said hurriedly.

Don’t underestimate this table, it cost more than 800 dollar.

It was Vern’s living expenses for most of the month.

Sheldon took a few plastic bags and packed the food there.

As for the ridicule of others, he ignored it!


At this moment, three luxury cars roared past the door.

Stopped directly at the door of the store.

“Wow! Three Rolls-Royce Phantoms!”

“Damn, who is so awesome! A car is worth tens of millions.”

“It’s not just cars that are awesome, look at the license plates!”

For these three Phantoms, the license plate number is 689 three-digit five consecutive numbers.

The number alone is worth one or two million!

For a time, all the people eating in the lobby looked outside.

Even the waiter was stunned.

If the owner of the car wants to come to dine, then go to meet him, will he get the slightest favor?

She hurriedly sorted her clothes, then trot to the door.

See if you came in for a meal.

Three people got off the car.

These three people are dressed in black straight suits, sunglasses and headsets.

It’s like the bodyguard around the big guys on TV.

The aura is very strong and solemn.

“Three gentlemen, may I ask you…”

The beautiful waiter hurriedly entertained.

But no matter what, the three of them didn’t even look at them, and walked straight to Sheldon who was packing.


The three of them bent over ninety degrees and shouted respectfully.

“What? Sheldon?”

“This fool who talked a lot earlier, did they call him Sheldon?”

Everyone in the lobby was stunned.

Vern and the others were even more surprised.

What is going on here?

Sheldonis so awesome?

And Sheldon only packed the rest of the food at this time.

“Become Hui brother, shall we go to the villa by car?”

“Young Master Sheldon, let’s carry things!”

Several bodyguards ran over and took over the food that Sheldon had packed.

Then Vern and the others, as if dreaming, went out with Sheldon.

“Sheldon…you go slowly!”

When she walked to the door, the beautiful waiter’s face was already pale, and she hurriedly said something respectfully.

Sheldon just nodded.

At the same time, the face is still a little red.

It’s really embarrassing to be stared at by the crowd!

Several people hurriedly got on the Phantom and went all the way towards the villa.

On the way.

Vern couldn’t help asking Sheldon, “Sheldon, this…what the hell is going on?”

Sheldon felt that it was still too early for the showdown, and he just said:

“Brother Vern, I will tell you about this matter slowly from now on, you just have to remember that we are brothers, and your business is my business. I will definitely give you this face today!”

Vern didn’t ask much, and nodded in shock!

Soon I arrived at the villa.

Originally, these drivers were tasked with bringing Sheldon and his friends into the dining room, and they also arranged a lot of entertainment.

But Sheldon couldn’t let go of Vern and the group of bodyguards.

In fact, Sheldon himself couldn’t let go.

When they arrived at the door, they asked the driver to put them down and go back, saying that they would have fun in the villa for a while before going to eat!

“Damn! Sheldon, you are too domineering, this villa, as expected, just enter!”

Liyan was walking around in the villa, and couldn’t help but admire him.

“Hey, I know their boss here! What do you want to play today? How to be happy, how to play!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Ah! I see, Sheldon, the boss you know, wouldn’t it be the boss who saved your daughter for you, for thank you, the boss who gave you the supreme shopping card…”

“Something to do with him…”

Because these cards were indeed sent by my sister to Chapman by mail.

Vern knew them all.

At the moment, the game will be practical.

The entire villa is very large, covering half a mountain.

Although the scenery outside this villa is very good, it is really nothing interesting.

The real hot springs and the dining places in the manor are actually in the inner core.

Sheldon is already relatively familiar with it, so he said: “Let’s just go inside, eat first, and then take a bath in the hot spring after the meal!”

“Inside, I watched it on the Internet. Isn’t there a charge for it, and no entry?”

Liyan asked curiously at this time.

In fact, he was very satisfied to be able to play outside the villa.

You know, no one can enter the periphery.

“It’s okay!”

Sheldon smiled. Although his sister opened this villa, he used his ID card.

It’s natural to relax now.

And from the outer periphery to the inner periphery, you need to pass a quaint bridge.

When Sheldon and the others walked over, they saw Shelly and others. They were all taking pictures here at the moment.

“Look, Sheldon and the others! How did they get in?”

Zyra saw Sheldon and the others coming at a glance, and immediately said in surprise.

And Shelly was chatting with Charlton.

When she heard Zyra’s words, she frowned and looked in the direction of Sheldon and the others.

Sure enough, it was them.

“How did they get in?” Shelly asked in surprise.

Chapter 20 A Meal At least 300,000

“Damn! Didn’t it sneak in from somewhere else?

It was Charlton’s friend Chandler.

At this moment, I looked at Sheldon and them with contempt.

In fact, this sentence is exactly what Shelly’s group of girls thought.

Think about it.

What kind of place is Hot Spring Mountain Villa, can one person come in if he wants to?

Even if it was Charlton’s existence, they had just made several consecutive phone calls to his father from outside to clear up the relationship and let the security guard let them in.

Rao is so, it can only be on the periphery.

“I’ll go, if I sneak in, it would be too shameful!”

“It’s a shame. If we are discovered by the security guards and know that they know us, don’t we have to be kicked out?”

The girls looked at Sheldon contemptuously, while murmured a little anxiously.

“Vern, how did you come in?”

Elma did not speak.

She walked directly towards Vern and asked softly.

On his face, he was quite worried for Vern.

“We came in from the front door!” Sheldon explained directly.

And Vern nodded towards Elma.

“Haha? The front entrance, is the security blind, will let you in through the front entrance?”

Zyra, who had been scratching her head all the time, shouted at Sheldon.

She swears that if she is really driven out because of Sheldon today, she must slap Sheldon ten times!


Shelly also knew the consequences of sneaking in.

She came to Sheldon with a stern face: “Sheldon, I hope you can tell the truth. If you sneak in for the sake of face, now tell Charlton in advance that Charlton might help you figure out a solution! “

“Yeah, it won’t make everyone ugly!”

Charlton added a sentence in time.

Xin said: What are the strange things of Shelly’s friends?


Sheldon listened to them endlessly.

I felt helpless.

This is so obvious that he came in from the front door, and he asked himself to tell the truth.

Do you have to say that you crawled out of a dog hole to be satisfied?

“I’m telling the truth. If you are willing, let’s go to the villa to have fun together, eat some food, bubble hot springs or something!”

Sheldon said these words completely because of Kristine’s face.

In fact, Kristine was a little worried for Sheldon.

I am afraid that Sheldon will get into trouble for this.

But after a good intention, everyone looked at Sheldon’s idiotic eyes:

“What is it? You still want to go inside? You don’t pee and look at yourself, just your virtue? Didn’t you see the group of bodyguards guarding the inner circle?”

Zyra said angrily.

“Yeah, even Master Zhuang can’t bring so many people in. It’s up to you?”

A crowd of girls started to talk.

“Hehe, fourteen of us, if we don’t talk about eating, but just the hot springs, we won’t be able to buy at least 150,000. If we’re eating, we’ll have to go for two to three hundred thousand! If we have fewer people, I can arrange it. With so many people, I am also a little stressed!”

Charlton looked at Sheldon with a wry smile.

When Shelly heard that Charlton was so good for them, he couldn’t help feeling a little moved at the same time.

Even more speechlessly looked at Sheldon:

“Forget it, or let’s come again next time, in order to avoid embarrassment later, or let’s go out!?”

“No, why go out because of this dick!”

“Yes, yes, sister Shelly, we finally came in and have a look!”

For a while, they all looked at Sheldon angrily.

And Shelly, for this effect.

Force Sheldon out.

And Sheldon just smiled bitterly and shook his head: “If you are willing to follow up, just do whatever you want!”

After speaking, he looked at Kristine: “Kristine, do you believe me? If you want to believe me, just follow me in!”

Kristine gritted her teeth and nodded.

Afterwards, Sheldon led a few people across the bridge and headed towards the inner circle.

“Haha, wait for death! If something happens later, don’t connect us together, ashamed!”

Zyra watched silently.

“This guy is good at playing!”

Charlton also simply stood aside and watched the show.

Only the next moment, their eyes widened.

Because where Sheldon passed, he could pass straight through.

Moreover, a group of bodyguards bowed directly to Sheldon.

“What’s the situation?” Charlton’s expression was incredulous.

Zyra even covered her mouth.

She originally thought that Sheldon would be beaten, and she was gloating.

As a result, Renjia went directly in.

The faces of all the beauties have complex expressions.

Especially Shelly, if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, she wouldn’t believe it if she was killed.

In her eyes, Sheldon has always been that kind of contemptible poor dick.

She knows that Kristine intends to further the relationship between the two.

However, from Sheldon’s purchase of the bag to the present series of things, Shelly felt that he was a guy who was too ugly to force him.

I get bored at a glance.

And now, he can go in and out of the Hot Spring Mountain Villa freely.

Even Charlton is not qualified to bring so many people into the Heaven Brick Residencia.

“Sister Shelly, what shall we do now?”

Zyra kept staring at Sheldon and the others, feeling a little unwilling.

And Shelly glanced at the two of Charlton and Chandler who were on the side, with an inquiring look in his eyes.

You know, since Charlton’s father can make Fredrick of the Emperor KTV bend his knees, if his father is willing to make a move, it must be fine!

Charlton’s face was already a little ugly at the moment.

With this hand, Sheldon slapped the two of them directly.

If Charlton followed Sheldon now, these few slaps would be settled!

How to do?

Call dad again!

He didn’t want to fall off in front of Shelly.

At the moment, he took out his mobile phone and started calling his father to talk about the situation.

The father of Charlton over there was also a face-saving person, and when he heard that his son had been slapped in the face with money.

This is pretty good.

He immediately promised to support Charlton with one hundred thousand dollars today and earn back his face.

Although it hurts, but the face is serious!

“Huh, what’s so great, Shelly, let’s also go in, and today we will take everyone to the inside of the villa!”

The corner of Charlton’s mouth twitched.

“Okay! Brother Charlton is so handsome! Yes, I just can’t let the poor guys compare!”

Zyra and others began to cheer.

Admission is about 10,000 dollar per person, not including hot spring services and catering services, let alone golf and other entertainment items.

Eight of them cost 80,000 in one go.

“What if he goes in? But it’s just a look inside. Today, I can ask everyone to play bowling!”

Charlton and Chandler winked, and 80,000 dollar was spent, and it was also enthusiastic.

Today is a big deal, I will spend it towards 150,000!

Bowling should be the cheapest activity in the villa, at least cheaper than eating!

Everyone followed Charlton in.

The inner circle is indeed very different from the outer circle, just like entering a new world.

No wonder even the wealthiest people from other provinces regard the Hot Spring Mountain Entertainment Club established by Yishan as a paradise, really like a paradise.

Shelly was a little shocked.

The emotion of being slapped by Sheldon just now calmed down a bit.

“Ah! Look, what is that?”

At this moment, Zyra, who was busy applying makeup and preparing to take a selfie, found that there was an elegant attic above the most beautiful hot spring waterfall in front.

Someone is eating inside.

The surrounding water mist evaporates, and there is a rainbow bedding.

Let the people below see it as if dining in the cloud.

so gorgeous.

Shelly also discovered that it is indeed beautiful. I really hope that it is me who is eating there at this moment, and I can receive the envy of everyone.

“Into the micro dining pavilion? That is to the micro dining pavilion!”

Charlton couldn’t help but said with envy.

“Brother Charlton, what’s the matter of entering the micro-dining pavilion? It doesn’t sound like the name? Is it expensive?

Zyra asked the girls in surprise.

“Not so good? Very expensive? It’s not just expensive. If you don’t talk about ordering, just use this small dining hall for dining? Do you know how much it costs? It’s 300,000!”

Hearing this, everyone was shocked.

Only this place costs 300,000 dollar?

Damn it!

And Charlton obviously knows a lot: “And there is no money to eat there, you must have the identity in place, so those who can eat there must be the top rich people who have very high-level business tycoons. There!”

Shelly was shocked.

“Hey, that’s not right! Sister Shelly, Brother Charlton, look at the people at the meal, how come they look like Sheldon and his roommates?”

Zyra looked carefully for a long time, and finally found something wrong.

Elma nodded: “Yes, I saw Vern!”

Shelly felt a little bit in his heart, and watched with Charlton and Chandler.

Upon closer inspection, it really looked like Sheldon and the others.


Shelly couldn’t believe it, how could he be in that position?

Absolutely impossible!

Toot toot.

At this moment, Shelly’s cell phone rang.

It was from Kristine.

“Shelly, why did you guys come in? The dishes are all served, I saw you, you are coming up soon! The scenery above is so beautiful!”

While talking on the phone, Shelly still saw Kristine in the attic, standing up and beckoning to them below, motioning them to go up quickly!

“Oh my god, it’s really SheldonKristine and others…this this…”

Zyra swallowed her saliva, so unreal!

Both Charlton and Chandler’s faces became eggplant-colored, and today it is not a bit of face!

“Sister Shelly, go, let’s go up quickly!”

Zyra can’t wait, mainly because many of the nobles who are visiting the villa now look at them with extreme envy.

Vanity was too satisfied.

Shelly bit his lip: “Yeah! Go up!”

She had to ask, what happened to Sheldon? Otherwise, she won’t want to sleep at ease in the future.

Chandler looked at Charlton nervously: “Brother Lawrance, that poor man is so awesome, I think let’s go, and his friend’s sister should stop soaking in?”

Chandler was already scared.

Charlton snorted coldly, “Damn, you’re afraid of a hammer! I don’t believe that poor dick can be so powerful. Go, let’s go up and see what’s going on!”

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