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chapter 21 Brother Sheldon’s Words Makes Good Point

Above the clouds.

Sheldon and VernKristine sat together.

Admire the beautiful surroundings.

As for Kristine’s consternation, Sheldon also used the same reason to prevaricate.

What Sheldon didn’t expect was that Zhenguo gave himself too much face today.

Dining in this place should be of great value.

When I think about it, the entire villa is owned by my sister and myself, and Sheldon feels a different kind of excitement in his heart.

At this time, Shelly and other girls all came up.

Shelly’s face was a bit ugly.

After all, she has always felt that Sheldon is a poor D silk, an existence that Shelly has always looked down on.

But now, I really feel looking up at Sheldon’s back.

It made Shelly extremely uncomfortable.

“Sheldon! How did you come here with money?”

So as soon as Shelly came up, he first asked her the question she most wanted to ask, but also the most feared question.

She was afraid that Sheldon would tell her that she had money.

In this way, Shelly will be even more uncomfortable.

“Yes, Brother Sheldon, why are you here with money? It’s so expensive!”

Zyra’s tone improved a lot, and she even felt ashamed to answer.

Charlton and Chandler joined together to listen.

Sheldon smiled and said, “Oh, I happen to know the general manager here, so he invited me to come here for a meal and bring friends!”

? ? ?

Question marks on everyone’s faces.

Even if it’s true to know the general manager, isn’t it too grand?

Shelly stared at Sheldon.

Kristine couldn’t help telling the truth at this time.

Just how Sheldon got to know the general manager, and how he came to this villa to talk to everyone.

Shelly asked with a sigh of relief:

“Kristine, what do you mean is that the precious Urbane Hitch that Sheldon bought back then, and that he was able to eat in the most noble place of the villa this time, was all because he saved the general manager’s daughter and received great treatment?”

Kristine nodded: “This is also Sheldon’s luck. Good people are always rewarded!”

Scared me!

Shelly couldn’t help but cried out in his heart.

Even Charlton and the others took a long breath.

Although Sheldon’s treatment now is better than their rich second generation.

However, this is just a favor given to him by others. After today, what is Sheldon for him?

After clarifying everything, Shelly and the girls felt much better.

Of course, Sheldon saw that although Shelly had no serious contempt before, she did not have that kind of gratitude in her eyes.

It means that if she can come, she has already given Sheldon’s face.

For this, Sheldon just smiled faintly.

“Look, is this an oil painting? Or it was painted by a foreign master, really or not?”

A crowd of people eat and drink, relaxing and cozy.

At this time, Zyra focused on the four paintings of different styles hanging on the four pillars of the attic.

One of them is an antique oil painting by a famous painter in foreign history.

Zyra recognized at a glance.

“It should be true…” Sheldon laughed.

Few things seem to be fake in this villa.

It can be said to have invested a lot of money.

“Huh, what should it mean, it’s true!”

After hearing Sheldon’s words, Charlton couldn’t help but contempt.

He has studied abroad.

Appreciating some foreign works, he is naturally his strong point.

Sheldon, who is poor at 13, obviously has the ability to invite everyone, but he also spent 8 to 90 thousand.

For nothing!

Therefore, Charlton must not find some face in other ways!

At the moment he self-channel:

“The market price of this painting in foreign countries has reached a million and it is very expensive! The other three paintings on the attic of the villa are also very valuable. Otherwise, eating here, can it be so expensive!”

“My God, start with a million!”

The girls are all revered.

Zyra was even more excited: “No, I have to take a picture and take a photo with these million famous paintings!”

It made everyone laugh again and again.

And Sheldon stood up at this time and took down the famous painting directly: “You want to see, just take it down and take a look!”

“Hey hey hey! I rely on, Sheldon, can you please stop touching, fu*king, if it breaks, who can afford it!”

Charlton’s eyes widened directly.

Chandler on the side also said sourly, “When someone invited you to dinner, do you really think you are the host?”

Although Shelly stopped speaking, he looked at Sheldon.

Still shook his head disappointed.

Whether Sheldon is doing things for people or speaking of knowledge, they are more than one grade worse than Charlton.

No matter where it is, she feels ugly, too ugly!

Sheldon gave them paintings to adjust the relationship.

Unexpectedly, he was regarded as reckless.

Don’t worry, just forget it.

Sheldon wanted to put the oil painting on again.

However, his hand shook, and the place was not accurate, and another gust of wind blew over.

The oil painting came out, was blown directly by the wind, and fell into the water below the waterfall!


This hand operation directly caused the girls to exclaim.

Even Shelly stood up in shock.

It’s over, this picture is completely over.

One million!

Everyone couldn’t help but swallowed their saliva.

Only Charlton and Chandler laughed in their hearts, I rely on, one million oil paintings are simply abandoned, people owe you favors, just the cloud attic dining, even if you pay it back, but this oil painting depends on how you explain !


“Sheldon, let’s go, anyway, we are almost eating!”

Kristine asked carefully at this time.

Staying longer, one million, Sheldon won’t be able to pay it!

“Oh, it’s not good, look down, someone is coming up!”

Zyra pointed at the bottom nervously at this moment.

Sheldon also looked up.

I saw Chapman walking towards this with a few waiters and good wines.

I want to come to toast.

Sheldon couldn’t help but feel helpless.

I have already told Chapman that his identity should not be revealed for the time being. What else is he doing to toast?

Soon, Chapman walked up.

And Charlton naturally knows Chapman.

“Li…Mr. Chapman!”

Charlton whispered.

Unexpectedly, the manager Sheldon said was actually Roston rich man Chapman!

Shelly was also obviously surprised, even a little afraid to speak.

This Sheldon, good luck!

And Chapman nodded slightly to the crowd.

Finally looked at Sheldon respectfully: “Chen…”

Suddenly I remembered Sheldon’s previous admonition that he should not reveal his identity.

Chapman: “Brother Sheldon, how do you feel about your arrangements today? Are you satisfied?”

Sheldon smiled and nodded.

At this time, Charlton swallowed his saliva and said, “But Mr. Chapman, this Sheldon just ruined your oil painting into the water!”

“Yes, Mr. Chapman, it’s all Sheldon. He had to take off the oil paintings, and in the end the oil paintings let him throw them away!”

Zyra also hurriedly separated from Sheldon.

Kristine said anxiously, “But President Chapman, Sheldon didn’t mean it!”

Vern also helped Sheldon speak. One million, what can we do if we pay for it?

As for Chapman, who is like a human being, how could he fail to appear on the scene.

It seems that these people are not all friends of Sheldon, and Sheldon obviously has not revealed his identity.

Also, Sheldon is introverted and low-key. It seems that he doesn’t want to get rid of the earth’s qi.

In addition to Sheldon’s previous reminder, Chapman is not stupid, and he will definitely not directly stoke Sheldon’s identity.

Right now, his face condensed:

“What! Did that oil painting fall into the mountain stream?” Chapman shook his whole body, his face was horrified, and he seemed to care about this oil painting!

The atmosphere suddenly became tense.

Kristine said anxiously, “Mr. Chapman, I’m really sorry!”

“Brother Sheldon, my famous painting can cost more than one million… And, this is what my boss likes very much, how can you tell me?”

Chapman stared at Sheldon.

Sheldon knew that Chapman wanted to give himself a step down, and he couldn’t break his identity, he could only do so.

Ha ha… This Chapman is really interesting.

Sheldon made a particularly regretful look:

“Mr. Chapman, I didn’t expect this. The main responsibility is not with me!”

“Not in you?” Chapman frowned.

Zyra on the side thought Sheldon wanted to put the blame on herself, and hurriedly said, “I tell you Sheldon, it’s you. This painting clearly flew out of your hands. Don’t blame others!”

“That is, if you do something wrong, you have the courage to take it, or you are not a man!”

The girls are also contemptuous.

“It is estimated that I am afraid of one million, so I dare not pay it back, I just want to push three and four!” Chandler also said sourly from the side.

Sheldon’s meal did not draw everyone’s distance, only the envy and jealousy of others!

There was a wry smile in Sheldon’s heart.

Now I have to pretend: “This is Mr. Chapman. I did take out the painting just now. The reason why I said the responsibility is not with me. It is because when I want to re-hang it, there was a gust of wind. Blow away the painting!”

“Hehe, this is really stunned!”

Contempt in the hearts of the crowd.

Charlton even said: “Sheldon, you are too persuaded, you actually put the blame on Feng, you really have a way!”

However, Chapman was thinking hard.

After a long time, he patted his forehead: “Brother Sheldon, it turns out that this is the case. It seems that I misunderstood you. This painting was blown down by the wind! The responsibility does not seem to be you!”

“Yeah, you hang the painting here, the wind is so big!” Sheldon said busy.

“Yes, yes, Brother Sheldon, if you don’t remind me, I forgot it. It seems that it is all our responsibility!”

what? ? ?

Seeing Chapman like this, everyone was shocked.

In a few words, Chapman was convinced?

Charlton felt like a knuckle in his throat, and he was very uncomfortable.

And Shelly and the others are even more unclear.

“Well, in that case, thank you Mr. Chapman for your hospitality today, we will go back first!”

Sheldon smiled.

In this case, Chapman was really funny.

After everyone left, everyone looked at Sheldon in a daze.

Especially Shelly, Sheldon gave her a sense of unreality.

“Sheldon, you are so amazing, you said that, you actually convinced President Chapman who cares about that painting!”

After leaving the villa, Kristine admired Sheldon not to mention it.

Shelly was listening.

My doubts are broken: is the truth of the matter really like this?

Chapter 22

Even after returning to the dorm.

Shelly and the rest of the girls felt uncomfortable one by one.

If Sheldon is really poor at 13, or if he wins the lottery with hundreds of thousands, it will not be particularly uncomfortable.

But now, he buys luxury bags and eats in the top places of the villa.

And one million famous paintings, just a few words persuaded Chapman to exist like that?

how is this possible?

“Shelly, what do you think of this matter today?”

Shelly sat on the bed, listening to Zyra who was removing makeup, frowned and said:

“I don’t know. Maybe we think too much. Didn’t Elma call Vern to confirm again? That Chapman always treats Sheldon like this because Sheldon saved her daughter! “

“It is estimated that Chapman just wanted to find a reason not to embarrass Sheldon about that famous painting. After all, it is the love that saved her daughter so much!”

Shelly did reason like this in his heart.

“That makes sense, huh! I thought Sheldon got rich today, it really scared me to death!”

Zyra let out a long sigh.

“What? Don’t call Brother Sheldon this time?”

The beauties joked.

“Who calls him, damn, it’s no one to waste such a favor. If I have this favor, let President Chapman Li arrange a position for me in the future, I won’t have to worry!”

“Yeah, Sheldon is not good. Today’s day’s work can be regarded as allowing people to completely pay off their favors. Uh, IQ is really worrying!”

Beauties, you say a word to me.

Shelly felt very helpful when he heard it. The more unbearable Sheldon was, the more relaxed Shelly felt.

This feeling is so strange…

But Sheldon didn’t think so much at all. After returning to the dorm, because he was so excited to play today, he fell asleep one by one.

Until the next day to go to class.

Seeing Vern and the others in the dorm, they began to write their names for the money.

Sheldon looked at the news in the group and realized that today the monitor has @ all members, it is the day to pay the tuition.

“Sheldon, for your tuition, do you wait for the poverty subsidy in half a month? Or?”

In fact, Vern wanted to ask if Mr. Chapman had given some money to make Sheldon pay the tuition.

But when he thought of the one million famous painting yesterday, Vern didn’t ask.

I am afraid that by today, brother Sheldon will have to be poor again.

Sheldon smiled and said, “It’s okay, I still have some money, enough to pay the tuition. By the way, you can go back to the classroom to pay the money later, I have to get some money!”

Vern didn’t see Sheldon as lying.

Thought Sheldon might really be a little bit.

I felt relieved.

Sheldon came to a bank cooperative at the gate of the campus.

“I withdraw five thousand dollar!”

Sheldon passed the card at the window.

As a result, the service staff inside was taken aback soon.

Picking up Sheldon’s bank card, he looked back and forth.

Finally asked Sheldon in surprise:

“What’s the matter with your card? Why has the business been changed!”

The business has been changed?

Sheldon was also a little startled.

In fact, the female service staff inside, seeing Sheldon dressed very ordinary, looked like a poor student with no money.

So the tone is a bit impatient.

But the bank card business has been changed, except for some top customers, but also very few.

At the moment, he explained: “Yes, your bank card has made a lot of business changes throughout UnionPay. With this card, you can only withdraw 200,000 dollar at a time, and you can’t get 5,000 dollar! “

The female service staff looked Sheldon up and down.

No matter how you look at it, the student in front of him doesn’t seem to be related to money.

Who set his bank card like this?

Sheldon knew who it was right away.

Apart from his sister Alicia, who else can it be?

This sister, what can I do if I save a little money, I rely on, the bank card also has to give myself a minimum limit, this is to make myself a loser!

He made a call right now.

It was picked up over there soon.

“Sister, did you manipulate my bank card?”

“Yeah, I adjusted the minimum withdrawal limit. Oh, no way. Who will let you not look like a rich kid now, brother, how are you now after our family has a foothold, so you will slowly adapt Live this way!”

Sheldon: “…”

“By the way, if you don’t call me today, I have to call you too. In addition to the bank card, I recently changed your limit. Do you remember the shopping cards I gave you?”

“There is about 10 million recharges left in there. I set it for you to expire at the end of the month. That is to say, if you don’t spend this shopping card clean at the end of the month, that 10 million shopping The amount of the card will become someone else’s for nothing!”

“I go!!!”

Sheldon’s eyes were almost red.

Too ruthless!

This is too cruel!

It’s 13 my own prodigal!

“You grow up quickly, don’t let your parents and my old sister worry about getting you out of the shadow of poverty every day…”

After speaking, my sister hung up the phone.

“I said what’s the matter with you? Do you take it? Don’t waste our time if you don’t take it!”

Unknowingly, behind Sheldon, there were already five or six students in the queue to withdraw money.

The man who was talking was a boy who was not well-dressed and still had a beautiful student in his arms, looking at Sheldon with contempt.

Today is the day to pay the tuition.

Many students come here to collect tuition.

Seeing Sheldon calling for so long and adding his clothes, you don’t need to think about it and you know that this product must be out of money. Call home to collect money.

“Oh, when do you have to put together money? We are almost in class, hum!”

The girl who was hugged by the boy spoke contemptuously.

“Take it!”

No way, see more and more people in the bank.

Sheldon wanted to take it quickly, first take 200,000.

He said to the service staff at the bank counter.

The waitress was dubious.

But the amount is still entered.

Afterwards, her computer directly displayed that the withdrawal was successful!

The eyes of the waitress lit up instantly.

Two hundred thousand!

I go, this student is really so rich!

“Sir, I have taken it!”

The waitress straightened her hair, stood up and operated, expressing her respect to Sheldon.

She directly picked up two bundles of money and put them into the money counter.


The machine inside sounded.

It’s all money!

The students who withdrew money in the whole hall stopped.

The boys and girls behind Sheldon grew their mouths suddenly, and they could almost fit two eggs in.

Just now, the two ridiculed people to quickly take it, thinking he didn’t have enough money.

Now it seems that this is not enough!

Many girls in the hall cast strange glances at Sheldon.

It seems to be saying, handsome guys look at me, look at me!

Sheldon touched his nose with embarrassment.

Seeing a lot of money, he still has nothing to install.

At a glance, I saw the black garbage bag in the trash can in front of the counter, just replaced, it is still brand new!

Just brought it over.

“You…you use this?”

The waitress was surprised.

Is it different in the rich world?


Sheldon didn’t say much. He packed the two hundred thousand cash in full, and took the card and ID and left the bank.

“Oh, look at the family, they were urged just now, do you have money?”

As soon as Sheldon left, the whole hall suddenly started talking.

And the girl gave the boy a punch with disgust.

The boy immediately looked at Sheldon’s back and said fiercely:

“Damn, what’s the comparison for rich people to dress like this!”

He said that although Sheldon wanted to hurry back to the classroom to pay the tuition, it was too late to hurry up.


Sheldon stood at the door of the classroom.

Tenner, the young and beautiful female instructor, immediately glanced at Sheldon.

“Heh! I thought you were scared to come when you knew you paid your tuition today?”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at the garbage bag Sheldon was carrying, “What, I don’t have enough tuition, so I went to pick up the garbage?”


As soon as Tenner said this, the classroom burst into laughter.

Sheldon didn’t say anything.

This is the case for her own female instructor, and she has a strong sense of disliking the poor and loving the rich.

how to say.

Among the wealthy Dawsons in the class, Tenner has a very good relationship with them.

I usually go out to sing together.

Dawson skipped classes and even didn’t take exams, so they could get high credits.

Don’t even ask for leave.

But if Sheldon, if he didn’t ask for leave to skip class, Tenner would be able to expel him. Although it is a bit exaggerated, it is almost like that!

“Looking at you, do you know that your tuition is dependent on poverty subsidies? Why didn’t I see Nimra report it to you? I tell you Sheldon, at the end of the month, it will be delayed until the end of the month at the latest. If you don’t pay, don’t look at your age. Three, automatically drop out of school!”

Tenner said coldly, “Okay, take your trash and go back to your seat! Ashamed!”

Because of Sheldon’s previous events, Tenner had already heard about it. Sheldon, who is currently worried about IQ, is even less angry.


Under Dawson, they covered their mouths and smiled.

Sheldon’s face was indifferent, “Guardian, who said I was delayed until the end of the month, I am here to pay the tuition today!”

“What what? Pay the tuition?”

Tenner looked surprised.

Even Marcella, who was sitting in the middle, gave Sheldon a cold look.

“Sheldon, don’t be like the last time, it’s ten dollar one by one, one by one, and I counted it with my classmates for a long time!”

Tenner was a little worried.

Last semester last year, when Sheldon paid the tuition, he really scared the whole class.

Last semester did not apply for the bursary, Sheldon pooled the money he earned part-time to pay the tuition. At that time, it was a sensation for the whole department.

Is there such a poor person?

Tenner is really worried that the scene of the year will be repeated, and then she, the instructor, will be ashamed again!

“Oh, instructor, I think we will have to work hard again! I feel sorry for my right hand who can eat and play games!”

Dawson, Gerard and the others, pretending to be painful, shook their right hand and walked onto the stage, meaning they were going to help the guide count the money.

In fact, Sheldon was deliberately disgusting.

Marcella turned her face even more. As an ex-girlfriend, she felt ashamed!

“Hehe, if you are willing to count, then count slowly, and tell me when you are done!”

There was a trace of anger on Sheldon’s face.

He threw the garbage bag directly on the podium coldly.


The money in the garbage bag spilled over the whole podium…

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