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Chapter 17

Sheldon had an indescribable feeling for Shelly.

Although she is very beautiful, she has an excellent temperament.

It’s just that her behavior that is too disgusting for the poor and loving the rich made Sheldon a little unhappy.

Kristine didn’t know what to think, she just wanted to make the two people sparkle in love.

So Sheldon really didn’t want to go in order to avoid embarrassment.

But he couldn’t hold back Vern’s persuasion.

Not wanting to sweep the interest of the brothers, he agreed to go.

The date of the appointment was in a chinese restaurant called Xinghui.

Vern naturally can’t go to any star hotel like Dawson Steven’s rich second generation.

The six people who came to the party this time were Shelly and Elma in their dorm.

The six people in Sheldon’s dorm plus Kristine.

It’s just that Sheldon didn’t go with Vern and the others because he went back to the dorm.

“Actually, in my opinion, Kristine, you and Vern have five dormitories, and we only need to come out to play with the twelve!”

Shelly sat in the seat, dangling his calf, drinking juice.

The meaning in words is self-evident.

She had a good impression of Vern, and Vern had been relatively stable too much.

It’s just that Vern’s parents are just ordinary middle school teachers. This is not up to the standard in Shelly’s heart.

“Yeah, that’s right, don’t let that Sheldon come! As soon as I saw him, I remembered those things he did! It was so laughable!”

Elma also added jokingly.

“Okay, okay, Shelly, Elma, don’t you hate Sheldon like this, really, others are pretty nice, you will know after getting along for a long time!”

Kristine said with a smile.

“Yes, Sheldonis pretty good…”

Vern said one after another.

“Haha, good people? If the people are really good, we won’t let the twelve of us sit here and wait for her. Elma, don’t you think?”

Shelly snorted coldly.

“Huh! Sheldon is here!”

At this time, Kristine stood up and waved to Sheldon at the door to let Sheldon come over.

“Excuse me, go back to the dorm to make a phone call and do something. I’m late!”

Sheldon smiled.

Kristine sat opposite Shelly.

At the moment, her beautiful eyes wandered, she got up and pulled Sheldon to her seat: “Sheldon, just sit here!”

How could Sheldon not know what Kristine meant.

But there was no hypocrisy, so he sat down.

“Zyra, let’s change positions!”

Unexpectedly, as soon as Sheldon sat down, Shelly said to one of her girlfriends with a cold face.

“Sister Shelly, I don’t want to change, I don’t want to be with this poor man! I don’t know, I thought he was my boyfriend!”

“Why? Sheldon is not happy to be your boyfriend. Look at Sheldon, you can afford 300,000 bags! Hehe!”

“Yeah, Zyra, if you meet a guy like Sheldon, just go with it, hahaha!”

Zyra is very gorgeous and knows how to make up.

And a brand name.

Naturally, I despise Sheldon very much.

Listening to the roommates joking, he said speechlessly: “Oh, since you regard Sheldon so well, just let him be your boyfriend!”

“Ah! I surrendered!”

Upon hearing this, the beauties stopped joking for an instant.

Obviously, they are very sensitive to the terms Sheldon is a boyfriend, as if whoever is Sheldon’s boyfriend will be ridiculed.

Vern and Liyan listened to them, but they were actually a little angry.

But can only endure it.

And Sheldon directly refused to sit with him to Shelly, although it was out of reason, it was expected.

“Kristine, I just sit on the side! Come here and sit down!”

Sheldon couldn’t help smiling wryly in his heart, how he looked like a plague god in the eyes of a group of girls.

The rich second generation of others, with a 30,000 to 50,000 in hand, can pretend to be in front of beautiful women and win the favor of beautiful women.

Sheldon is clutching at how many assets.

But why can’t it be favored by beautiful women?

Sheldon also thought about pretending to be forced with money, he can’t!


With that, Sheldon stood aside.

Kristine wanted to persuade Shelly to come with Sheldon again, this time she really wanted to adjust the relationship between the two.

They are all my good friends!


At this moment, a voice rang beside Sheldon’s table.

I saw a tall, handsome boy dressed in brand-name casual clothes standing in front of everyone.

He looked at Shelly with surprise and surprise in his eyes.

“Are you Charlton?”

Shelly was also a little surprised. She trimmed her haircut and stood up with a smile on her face.

“Yes, Shelly, I haven’t seen you for two years, you are getting more and more beautiful, I almost can’t recognize you!”

Charlton smiled.

“By the way, Charlton, didn’t your father send you to England to study? When did you return to America?”

“I came back the day before yesterday. I was just looking for someone to ask for your contact information. By the way, you were all right at the Emperor KTV yesterday, right? Our high school classmate called me and told me that you I ran into trouble there!”

Charlton said with a smile.

And Shelly covered his mouth in surprise.

Even the roommates of Shelly suddenly felt a little suddenly realized.

“Ah! Charlton, is it you? Did you help yesterday?”

Shelly was surprised.

Charlton did want to help yesterday, and he did ask his father to call the Emperor Fredrick.

But Fredrick did not answer.

Right now, I heard Shelly say that you helped? Did not think too much.

Just said: “Um, I just let my dad ask!”

Shelly was excited in his heart, and at the same time there was a look of pride on his face.

Women, always have the greatest vanity in the world!

It’s all right now, and all the doubts came to the bottom. It turned out that it was not that Harold or someone else who called that day. It turned out that it was his childhood friend Charlton who was able to make the big brother Fredrick like.

In the past, Charlton’s father and his father were comrades-in-arms, so the relationship between the two of them was very good.

However, the business of Charlton’s family became bigger and bigger, and Charlton went to study abroad.

Naturally, there is no connection.

Unexpectedly, when Charlton came back, he actually gave himself such a big surprise.

Moreover, it is conceivable that the posture of Fredrick, Charlton’s family energy, can be imagined!

“Charlton, thank you so much anyway!”

Shelly was in full bloom.

And seeing Shelly doing this, Sheldon was not too embarrassed to mention it.

Damn, just got a Harold.

The fruit of his victory was stolen by this Charlton again?

Sheldon really wanted to tell them that it was him! Sheldon called to help!

But what else can they get apart from making Shelly even more contemptuous of themselves?

The main reason is that Sheldon doesn’t want to have too much intersection with Shelly.

Now, let’s love it!

“Yeah, I’m here to attend a party organized by our high school classmates. It’s upstairs. Shelly, I will go up to toast and come down. You can also introduce your friends to me!”

With that said, Charlton bowed slightly to the beauties, acting like a gentleman, and then left.

All the beauties I made were all silly.

Wow! very handsome!

“One sail, one sail, quick introduction, what is your origin?”

“Yes, do you have a girlfriend?”

Zyra and the others are very curious.

Shelly proudly said: “Charlton, he is amazing, do you know Mint Food Group? That is his family, it is a tycoon in the food industry!”

“Let me go, listed companies, among the top 100 companies in Roston! Strong strength!”

Zyra and the others reverently said.

“Didn’t it say in the news a few days ago that something went wrong with Mint’s capital chain?”

Sheldon has been listening quietly from the side, but when he heard them chatting in a few words, he wanted to add a few words.

But as soon as this remark came out, the atmosphere immediately solidified.

Especially Shelly glared at Sheldon:

“What do you mean? Isn’t it normal for capital chain problems? What are you sour here?”

“Hmph, some people are like this, envy and jealous of others, and then seize their shortcomings and beat them. It’s disgusting!”

Zyra also said contemptuously.

For a time, what Sheldon said almost led to war…


At this moment, Charlton was followed by a classmate, and the two walked down the stairs…

Chapter 18

“Shelly, it seems that you are in a bad mood just now, what’s the matter?”

Charlton walked downstairs with his hands in his pockets.

Seeing Shelly, who has now appeared to be more beautiful than two years ago, Charlton was already heartbroken.

“It’s okay, it’s just being disgusting by some people!”

Shelly glanced at Sheldon and said coldly.

“That’s it, just talk nonsense without seeing who you are!”

Zyra and the others are almost the same haters.

The sharpness pointed directly at Sheldon.

Charlton also glanced at Sheldon.

When he came in just now, he saw that Shelly seemed to have something to do with Sheldon.

Looking at it now, Shelly seems to be a little unhappy with Sheldon.

Could it be… this kid has an ambiguous relationship with Shelly?

Ha ha, how is it possible!

Charlton understood Sheldon’s outfit. The total amount of his whole body was only one hundred and fifty dollar. How could Shelly have an ambiguous relationship with this kind of stuff!

“If there is any misunderstanding, just tell me! You are all classmates, you should get along well!”

Charlton smiled heartily, but his eyes were on Sheldon.

“My friend, my name is Charlton, I’m a young girl, hello!”

After speaking, Charlton was about to shake hands with Sheldon, and a Rolex gold was revealed.

This kind of gold watch is extraordinary at first sight.

For a time, all the girls who made him looked at him.

Sheldon looked at this Charlton, how he looked like he was unkind.

Is about to shake hands with him.

I heard Charlton said with a surprised look:

“Wow! My friend, what brand of your clothes are you? Excuse me for not seeing it just after coming back from abroad, why haven’t I seen it?”

Charlton looked at Sheldon’s shirt with a dumbfounded look.

The corners of the mouth evoke a touch of playfulness.

Shelly is here, and he can see that Shelly has a very bad relationship with this kid.

I might as well have a ride along the river and beat this kid a few words.

“Hehe, ordinary brand!”

Sheldon really didn’t have any good intentions.

However, Sheldon did not intend to care about this Charlton.

To be honest, Sheldon also wanted to use her sister’s shopping card to buy clothes, but the minimum consumption was 300,000 dollar, which made Sheldon feel too extravagant!

“Aoao, ordinary brand? By the way, Li Hao, have you seen this brand? You have always been in America!”

At this time, Charlton looked at his high school classmate.

The man named Li Hao has yellow hair and his skin is very white.

In fact, since he came, his eyes have been hovering over the beautiful girls Shelly, Elma, and Zyra.

After listening to Charlton’s words, Li Hao knew what Charlton meant to beat.

Li Hao shook his head and smiled: “I haven’t heard of it yet, do you want me to search the Internet?”

The two sang and got together, and looked serious and seeking knowledge.

In fact, he was mocking Sheldon.

Sheldon didn’t look embarrassed about this.

However, Shelly and the girls looked at Sheldon with some relief.

“Huh! I made you sour just now, now you are watching others ridicule you, poor dick!”

Zyra laughed in a low voice.

“After all, I came back from studying abroad, killing people without seeing the blood, and the ability to knock on the side is really too strong!”

Shelly also secretly said in his heart.

Obviously, Charlton aimed at Sheldon to vent his anger, and he did not spray directly at Sheldon like Dawson and others.

Instead, it adopts a way that people can’t tell.

This makes Shelly feel very happy about Charlton’s wisdom and what he has done for himself.

“Charlton, let me introduce my friends to you!”

After glancing at Sheldon, Shelly introduced Charlton to the people present.

And Charlton also introduced Li Hao, a high school classmate who came down with him. Li Hao’s family is a training organization, a strong training chain company in Roston.

Several people sat down one after another.

Charlton naturally sat opposite Shelly.

As for Li Hao, he seems to be very interesting to Elma and Zyra.

The eyes kept glancing at the two of them, and when they were chatting, they all showed off their superiority with the cooperation of Charlton.

The original theme of today is Vern and Elma.

As a result, I didn’t expect that Shelly’s post was an outrage.

This makes Vern a little unhappy.

Sheldon naturally saw all this in his eyes.

Sheldon naturally couldn’t ignore his brother’s place.

Fortunately, he was prepared.

Before Sheldon went back to the dorm, he called Chapman, the boss of the Heaven Brick Residencia, and told him that he might take a friend to the Heaven Brick Residencia today, and asked him to help arrange it.

In order to let Vern have face in front of Elma today!

Besides, doesn’t Kristine really want to go to the villa to play.

Sheldon looked at the man named Li Hao, and after learning that Elma had been invited out by Vern for dinner, he bit Vern crazy.

Asked what Vern did at home.

In a word, do you have money in your family?

Right now I want to mention the matter of organizing a group to the villa.

At this time, Charlton said:

“By the way, I seem to have heard about something after I returned to America, and you should have heard that the Everette family in Roston Business District seems to be abandoned! Alas, it’s a pity that my dad still knew that Everette family Where’s the boss! No, I beg my dad to buy that Taste Point!”

Shelly’s eyelids twitched slightly.

Of course they knew very well about Ning Jia and Harold.

Because when the incident happened, that Harold was beside them!

It’s just that when he heard that Charlton’s family was about to take over the Taste Point, the beauties made up their minds in their hearts and must make friends with Charlton.

Shelly nodded at this moment and said, “Actually, the Harold we know, it is said that he offended a big man behind the scenes, and then the entire family business went bankrupt overnight! Especially the Taste Point that their family relied on. The industry will be forced to withdraw from Roston Business District! What? Uncle Zhuang will take over?”

Charlton watched all the beauties look at him.

Vanity was immediately satisfied.

He nodded and said, “My dad has this meaning. After all, Roston Business District, as everyone knows, the money there is like running water, no one doubts the commercial value there! What’s more, Roston Business District, which my dad often visits, is also a hot spring. A frequent visitor to the villa!”

“Heaven Brick Residencia!”

As soon as I heard the Heaven Brick Residencia, the expressions of the people became wonderful.

Charlton nodded and smiled: “Why, have you been there?”

When I said this, I remembered the embarrassment with Harold that day.

But Shelly did not intend to deceive Charlton.

He told Harold all that day.

After listening, Charlton smiled and said, “I didn’t expect that Harold was so embarrassed, but Shelly, since you didn’t make it last time, I’ll take you there this time. I let my dad make a call!”

“Ah! Really, Brother Charlton?”

Zyra asked charmingly.

“Of course it’s true! Wait a minute, I’ll call my dad!” After Charlton finished speaking, he dialed a number on his mobile phone.

I told the situation, and then hung up.

“Or let’s leave? I’m afraid that there are more guests over there in the afternoon, and my dad won’t be able to arrange it!”

“Wow, wow!”

Of course the beauties are willing.

“Okay, let Li Hao go and drive, two cars!”

Charlton said something, and Li Hao immediately drove happily.

“But Charlton, there are seven girls and Kristine, two cars are enough, but what about them…”

Shelly pointed at Sheldon and Vern at this time.

Charlton asked, “Why, didn’t you drive?”

Vern flushed and shook his head: “Forget it, you go, we won’t go!”

Kristine was really uncomfortable in the middle, so she said, “If they don’t go, I won’t go either!”

Sheldon didn’t want Kristine to be so uncomfortable every time, she could see that she really wanted to play.

Immediately said: “Kristine, you go first, we also ordered a table of dishes, we will go to the villa to find you later!”

Sheldon’s words were actually meant to be heard by Shelly and Elma.

Today, Vern ordered a table of dishes. You didn’t eat a bite, and you just left. He didn’t take people seriously.

And the sensitive Shelly heard it immediately, and immediately said with contempt: “Hehe, you will go later, and later, without Charlton leading you, can you go in? And isn’t it just a table of dishes, as for Why, should I pay you this money?”

Vern waved his hand hurriedly, “No, no, you go first, Elma, see you later!”

Vern glanced at Elma.

Originally wanted to say that I would see him later, but Shelly was right, how can I go in later!

Then Shelly and the others left happily, hoping that this time they won’t be as embarrassed as they were yesterday.

After they all left, they looked at a table of drinks and food.

Vern was also out of interest.

“Brother Hui, don’t be discouraged, I said that when we go to the villa, we will go to the villa!”

Sheldon patted Vern on the shoulder.

Vern smiled bitterly: “I know what you mean, Lao Chen, oh, thank you just now, forget it, so many things, don’t eat and waste, let’s eat, and go back to the dorm to sleep after eating!”

Sheldon knew that he had misunderstood that he was just stubborn.

He smiled at the moment and felt that he could no longer be as low-key as before. To be honest, Vern and the others often couldn’t hold their heads up and were ridiculed, most of which were caused by themselves.

Sheldon was also upset.

I took out my mobile phone and called Chapman: “Brother Zhenguo, I will go to the villa with my friends later. If it is convenient for you, can you send two cars to pick it up!?”

Chapman on the other end of the phone is very respectful: “Sheldon, of course it’s convenient. Where are you?”

Sheldon said an address and hung up the phone.

Then Vern looked at Sheldon in surprise.

“Damn, Sheldon, who are you calling?”

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