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Chapter 193

A Car With Letters Doesn’t Crash
Sheldon did not expect that Wang Liang had been blowing, that very awesome iron buddy was actually Cohen.

Yes, I should also think of it.

There are only a few people driving the BMW 7 Series in the school, including this Cohen.

When Cohen saw Sheldon, he meant that his enemies were extremely jealous when they met.

Yes, first in the breakfast shop, in front of a group of girls, I slapped myself in the face.

Then, it seems that the relationship between his goddess Myla and this kid is not simple. Let’s just talk about the incident yesterday.

Myla had been talking to Sheldon in the library, and Myla said in front of her that she would watch movies and eat with her.

As a result, Myla got out of the car as soon as she left Sheldon’s sight.

fu*k, Li went back yesterday and thought about it all night, the more he thought about it, the more things went wrong, and finally thought about it, wouldn’t Myla be using herself?

Therefore, from last night to today, Cohen was actually a little depressed.

I just want to take this opportunity to relax.

Unexpectedly, I encountered Sheldon again!

Of course jealous.

Cohen arranged for Sheldon to sit down without a smile.

“I said, Master Cohen, don’t worry about it, just let Wang Liang arrange something. Today is really too much trouble for you. You are the eldest master of a listed company. How embarrassing is that!”

“Mother Elma, did you say I was right? Well, these Wang Liang’s buddies are like this. They are so capable and so humble. It seems that the relationship with Wang Liang is really strong! But you Don’t worry, Wang Liang and Li Mei can spend the money!”

Li Mei’s mother praised Cohen while still chatting with Elma’s mother.

As for Elma’s mother, she didn’t say a word since she entered the door.

I’ve been holding a breath in my heart.

Originally, the situation of the two families in the city is similar, and even if it is true, Elma’s family is better than Li Mei’s.

And Elma herself is better than Li Mei.

Therefore, Elma’s mother always came here with a touch of arrogance.

Moreover, I have imagined countless times, what kind of scene would it be like when my uncle came to pick me up? How envious this Li Mei would be when seeing her future son-in-law?

The results of it? The results of it! ! !

Elma’s mother wants to find a hole to go in.

Not to mention that Vern’s identity is inferior to Wang Liang.

Even the circle of friends is far from Wang Liang.

This Young Master Cohen is not easy to see, let’s look at the two beside Vern.

The man with glasses is called Liyan, and he has such a little eye power.

Look at the one called Sheldon!

A dick, what a thing!

Ugh! Don’t say it, it’s almost done!

Cohen took the topic at this time and said:

“You two aunts, you must not be polite, you are the elders, come to Roston to play, we will definitely accompany you, as for the money, don’t worry about the money, as long as you are happy, I can do it alone by Cohen!”

Talk about trouble and trouble.

Cohen also saw that the two beauties sitting beside Sheldon were really beautiful, and he also pretended to say.

“How can this work, let alone you, Master Cohen, even if Wang Liang wants to contract himself, where do you put Vern? Besides, Vern won’t agree, right?”

Li Mei’s mother glanced at Vern and said.

“Hmm, we have already said, AA!”

Vern nodded disappointedly.

“AA is good. Auntie will try your Roston dishes today!”

After Li Mei’s mother had finished speaking, she started to order a few special dishes and asked Elma’s mother to order a few special dishes.

Elma’s mother also had a temper, so cruel, she ordered more than Li Mei’s mother.

how? The boyfriend my daughter is looking for doesn’t even have this money!

Gradually, with the addition of drinks, this table has already cost 30,000.

Vern was already in a cold sweat.

Of course Sheldon knew his difficulties.

So he slapped Vern’s arm quietly and let him look at his mobile phone.

Afterwards, Sheldon transferred 20,000 dollar to him.

Just tell him to rest assured.

And just after the turn, Sheldon realized that something was wrong, turned his head to look, fu*king! It turned out that Shelly and Zyra were both looking at themselves with wide-eyed eyes!

It turned out that both Shelly and Zyra were secretly observing Sheldon’s every move.

Until just now I saw Sheldon making money.

Although the two were mentally prepared, they were really shocked.

Yes Yes! As guessed, Sheldon is not poor, he is rich!

I guessed because there was no evidence.

And now, the two witnessed Sheldon transferring money from the wallet.

And the most important thing is the balance of Sheldon’s wallet. I can’t see the specific value, but there is a series of numbers on it!

“Two beauties, what would you like to drink? Or else have a wine bar, I will order it for your ladies. Don’t worry, I will drive you to you later!”

Cohen looked at Shelly and Zyra at this time.

Believing in their own strength, they have already seen it.


Shelly and Zyra replied together: “No, we don’t drink anything!”

Then Shelly looked at Sheldon and said:

“Sheldon, what do you drink, I will pour it for you!”

Put Cohen directly aside.

It made Cohen feel as uncomfortable as if he had eaten a fly.

Damn it, why? Why are the goddesses in my heart so good to Sheldon?

To be honest, Cohen had never regarded Sheldon as a competitor before.

But now, Sheldon is really his worst enemy!

It’s a pity that Cohen wanted to suppress Sheldon through dinner, but Sheldon never took the initiative to speak or answer. He took the initiative to introduce the topic to Sheldon. Sheldon just smiled bitterly and shook his head in response.

There is a sense of powerlessness with a punch on cotton.

It was so anxious.

Wait until the lunch is over after lunch.

Elma is about to arrange a place to live and is about to take a taxi.

At this time, I listened to Cohen said: “No need to take a taxi, all of us are coming by car. You want to arrange where the auntie lives, let’s go there together, let’s go, and go to the parking lot together!”

“There are two beauties, let’s take my car, my car is big and comfortable!”

Cohen invited Zyra and Shelly.

Neither girl spoke.

At this time, everyone also arrived at the parking lot.

Cohen put the car key in his hand, biubiu twice.

Start directly in the car.

Just ready to open.

Just listen to a little brother on the side greeted:

“Brother Li, slow down, the car next to you is too tight on your right side, slow down!”

“fu*k, how about being close together? Isn’t it just a brilliant!”


Cohen was originally slow to drive, but as soon as this little brother said, his vanity came up.

If you really drive out slowly, what’s the cause!

I want to reverse the car when I kick the accelerator.


Suddenly, there was a crisp sound.

Cohen felt his body shook, and his butt had already rubbed against the car next to him. It was still a serious one!


Cohen slammed the steering wheel and walked out angrily.

“Brother Yue, what should I do?” Wang Liang said nervously.

“Fart, call the owner, and throw him ten or twenty thousand!”

Cohen didn’t care.

“No, Brother Yue, take a closer look, this car doesn’t seem to be Hui Ang, it’s Phaeton, with letters!”


Cohen’s hair is over. If you want to know Hui Ang, you can start with a minimum of 300,000 dollar.

But the Phaeton is different. Although it has been discontinued, it now costs one or two million units!

And if you look closely, isn’t it the Phaeton?

It’s over…

Chapter 194

“How to do how to do?”

Cohen’s heart suddenly chilled.

Just now, they all glanced at this Volkswagen casually.

Because everyone knows in everyone’s consciousness that a better public can start with two or three hundred thousand.

So I didn’t take it to heart.

But forgot what if it is the low-key master Phaeton in the public?

What are you afraid of?

“Ah! That would cost a lot of money, Phaeton’s back butt is deformed!”

Li Mei’s mother is also a little nervous.

“How about this, Brother Li, you quickly call the owner of the car and beg him, can’t you let your uncle come?”

The little brother said again.

“Damn, what are you afraid of? I hit and hit, what’s the matter? Who told him to put the car so close to me, fu*k, besides, a Phaeton of one or two million, you think I can’t afford it! Abron’s 7 series is used to pass the internship period, OK!”

Cohen became angry, very domineering.

However, I called the owner of the car and asked him to come down to deal with it and see what he said!

Not long after I got through the phone, I saw a frail young man with glasses walking out of the restaurant. Next to him was a frail girl who looked like a young couple.

“You hit my car!”

After the weak boy came over, he said something softly.

Just look at this man, it looks like a silly look.

It’s like never seen the world.

And Cohen, who is like a human being, is happy when he sees it.

This is so cool. I encountered such a strange flower. Needless to say, it must be a nouveau riche redneck, who was forced to buy a car and bought a car, and he did not experience any major events.

If it’s an adult, maybe Cohen would be more polite.

At the moment, Cohen said with a stern face:

“You are so blind, who told you to park your car so close to me, now that my car can’t come out, please tell me, what should I do?”

Cohen rolled up his sleeves and walked towards the man with glasses.

As for Wang Liang and that little brother, they also surrounded the man with glasses.

The little girl on the side said, “You hit our car and have to fix it for us. Why are you asking us what to do?”

“Yes, you have to fix the car for me!”

The man with eyes whispered.

“What? You blocked my car, and you want me to fix it for you? fu*k!”

Cohen lifted his leg and kicked on the belly of the man with glasses, pointed at the bridge of the man with glasses and screamed:

“Don’t ask, who is Cohen! I really think I’m annoying, boy, where’s your family? Come on, give me an address!”

Cohen threatened.

The boy with glasses was so scared that he dared not speak.

“Oh, Master Cohen is too powerful!” Li Mei’s mother admired Cohen’s domineering appearance.

“Normal auntie, Cohen’s family is rich and powerful!”

Wang Liang said proudly.

“If you don’t let me go, if you dare to block my car next time, I will kill you!”

Cohen kicked the glasses man again.

Eye man was supported by her girlfriend and went back to the restaurant.

“Great Brother Li, it’s all right like this!”

That little brother worshipped.

“If it wasn’t for his car that was more expensive than mine, or if I hit him today, he would have to pay me!”

Cohen said something proudly, and was going to drive Shelly and the others first, and then go to repair the car by himself.

And at this moment, boom!

There were waves of footsteps, and suddenly thirty or forty boys rushed out of the hotel.

He ran over and surrounded Cohen and the others.

The leader was a tall boy wearing short sleeves.

At this moment, the boy looked at the eyes and asked: “Four eyes, who of them can beat you?”

“it’s him!”

All eyes pointed at Cohen.

As for Cohen, he didn’t dare to persuade him at first, but he saw clearly what the headed boy looked like.

His face turned pale in an instant.

“Are you Brother Shen Qiang? I saw you last time!”

Cohen swallowed and asked.

Shen Qiang!

And upon hearing this name, Wang Liang and that little brother, including Vern and Liyan, were all taken aback.

They all go to school in Roston. After a long time, no big people can hear about it.

Shen Qiang is the son of Shen Wanhao. Several of the biggest entertainment clubs in Roston are all owned by them.

And Shen Hao-hao is regarded as the helm of the veteran underground forces in Roston.

Marriott Group, speaking of being tough, is much better than Haishan Group. After all, Haishan Group still takes care of it, and this Marriott Group has nothing to do with it.

Just don’t accept it!

No matter how strong you are!

As for Shen Qiang’s name, everyone has heard it even more.

I didn’t go to a bachelor’s degree, and I studied at a junior college in Roston.

Someone once offended him and took someone directly to that person’s house to make trouble. In short, it was quite cruel.

As for Cohen, he couldn’t compare with others.

Of course I was scared right now, and hurriedly got close.

“fu*k! You hit the four-eyed car and hit people? Brother, you are also unreasonable? Can you leave a comment on this matter today? Otherwise, my Shen Qiang’s face won’t survive!”

Shen Qiang squinted his eyes slightly and sneered on his mouth.

Cohen shuddered when he saw it.

He patted his face and said.

“Misunderstanding, Brother Lawrance, all misunderstandings!”

“Haha, misunderstanding, okay, this is my uncle’s restaurant. There are many people here. I don’t say anything. Let’s go, brother. Come to the box with me. Let’s calculate the account and see if there is any misunderstanding! “

After Shen Qiang said something, he faintly glanced at Wang Liang and the little brother behind Cohen, and then waved his hand. Two strong boys came over and grabbed Cohen’s shoulders.

“Four eyes, other people didn’t do it, right?”

Shen Qiang asked.

“No, just him!”

Then, with both hands in his pockets, Shen Qiang entered the hotel with Cohen, whose legs were already weakening.

“What should I do? How can I do this? This is called Shen Qiang, is this amazing?”

Li Mei’s mother was also very scared just now.

“It must be amazing. His dad is a ruthless person, and he is also a ruthless person. In the past two years, it is said that Shen Qiang forced a female star!”

Wang Liang said. Obviously know who Shen Qiang is!

“Brother Liang, why not call the police, Brother Li must be abolished today!”

The little brother hurriedly said.

“Report your mother’s head, we can’t close this matter at all, I guess Li Ge’s father will know soon!”

Wang Liliang said with a cigarette.

As for Sheldon, he watched this scene on the sidelines.

There is nothing to say in my heart, I just want to say that Cohen deserves it.

In addition, he didn’t have much friendship with this guy, and he couldn’t understand his virtue, Sheldon was too lazy to care.

Then he said: “Auntie, we really can’t take care of this. Let’s go to the hotel and get you settled first!”


Li Mei’s mother said in unison with Elma’s mother.

Everyone left and settled in the hotel.

But in the afternoon, Vern didn’t have any arrangements, so he went to Yunmeng Mountain in the evening.

As for Wang Liang, he drove Li Mei’s mother around Roston first.

Make Elma’s mother jealous. Vern’s eyes are not eyes and his nose is not his nose!

Fortunately, it finally got past five o’clock.

At this time Li Mei’s mother also came back.

Because the celebrations held in Yunmeng Mountain today were very lively, and there were many celebrities.

So Li Mei’s mother and the others must go to see it.

As for Wang Liang, he had already got the ticket.

And I don’t know what channel I used to get that kind of VIP ticket.

After you enter, you don’t need to spend any extra money as long as you take advantage of this ticket.

And Vern’s is a normal ticket.

“Oh, Wang Liang, you said that you are too. With such a great skill, why don’t you get a VIP ticket for Aunt Li? In that case, let Vern save some money, or else go in with a regular ticket and eat You have to buy everything yourself, hum!”

“Ah, I forgot. I thought Chad Hui could get it by himself. It’s pretty simple. It’s okay if you care about it!”

Wang Liang smiled bitterly and scratched his head.

“Huh, people who don’t know think that they are capable, that Cohen was taken away, so I dare not put a fart!”

Elma’s mother was really humiliated, and she choked back with a cold face.

“Yes, our Wang Liang’s ability is not great, and the relationship is not great, but no matter how bad he is, he is like the boyfriend of some people’s daughters. He brought some friends with him. Let’s eat and drink!”

These words were directed at Sheldon and Liyan.

Sheldon just smiled helplessly.

Don’t say anything.

Then, everyone came to the scene of Yunmeng Mountain.

An admission ticket office has been set up.

“Hey? Wang Liang, didn’t you say that you have classmates waiting for us here? What about people? Are you reliable?”

At this time, Li Mei suddenly asked.

“It must be reliable, my high school classmates, he gave me these tickets, damn it, now it’s so awkward, and it’s a serious demo of the second generation! Look, don’t you wait for us? !”

Wang Liang pointed.

As for Sheldon, he also followed Wang Liang’s fingers. This look gave him another stunner…

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