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Chapter 195

Who is this boy?

But it was Ding Hao.

Just now on the road, Sheldon was still thinking that after going there, I would meet Ding Hao and the others, and as long as Ding Hao is there, there must be Rosemarie and Arlene.

Sheldon didn’t want to see them.

But unexpectedly, I happened to run into it.

And Ding Hao is actually Wang Liang’s high school classmate?

“Ryoko, just come, wait for you to have a while!”

Ding Hao said hello with an arrogant face, after all, he is now the host of such a big scene, and his vanity is greatly satisfied.

“Yeah, there was a traffic jam on the road. By the way, Ryoko, let me introduce you. This is my girlfriend Li Mei, and this is Li Mei’s mother, Aunt Wang. They are Li Mei’s friends. They came to play together!”

Wang Liang said at this time.

Standing with Ding Hao, there were naturally a few girls and boys, including Rosemarie and Arlene. Ding Hao also introduced his friends to Wang Liang.

“Everyone, this is Ding Hao. No, it should be called Ding Shao now. The entire Yunmeng Mountain project is demolished. Ding Hao’s family has at least three houses in this area!”

Wang Liang said with some envy.

This introduction is over.

Li Mei was a little stunned.

Li Mei’s mother and Elma’s mother were also stunned.

On the way here just now, I have read some introductions of Yunmeng Mountain. It is a large tourism, entertainment, and catering project. There are also plans to build several tourist business districts, as well as the construction of surrounding real estate, etc.!

In other words, in the near future, this piece will become a hot spot.

And this Ding Hao actually owns three properties here.

Enough for a lifetime of carefree.

Li Mei’s mother couldn’t help but look a little bit off.

“Haha, it’s serious. If you want to say it is awesome, it is also Sheldon Niubi. This new world is built by Sheldon!”

Ding Hao said admiringly.

“What? Sheldon? That Sheldon, I read on the Internet and said that he has already done business and lost money. After all, the Roston Commercial Group has been dissolved! fu*k, he is going to build a new entertainment base?”

At this time, Li Mei couldn’t help but say.

After following Wang Liang, she is considered to be part of the wealthy circle, and naturally she is very concerned about some of the gods in Roston.

And this topic naturally attracted the attention of Shelly and Zyra.

Obviously they have read this news.

Guess everything online.

“Xiaomei, who is Young Master Sheldon that you are talking about? Is that great?”

Li Mei’s mother is also interested.

“Mom, of course it’s amazing, but as I said just now, it doesn’t seem to work anymore. His group is disbanded!”

Li Mei said.

Ding Hao just shook his head and smiled bitterly:

“Don’t listen to those people on the Internet guessing, you don’t want to think about who is Sheldon, and this project is much larger than the original Roston Commercial Group, because Sheldon bought the entire mountain. In the end, the surrounding planning has been completed. Only the initial investment, Sheldon has already spent 50 or 60 billion, and there will be more money coming in in the future!”

After listening to the crowd, their eyes widened.

“Hehe, so, we saw some people guessing about Sheldon at night, we all shook our heads and smiled bitterly!”

Rosemarie proudly held her shoulders at this time.

“Oh my god, it’s too powerful, this is too powerful!”

Li Mei said suddenly.

As for Shelly, he looked at Sheldon in shock.

Sheldon felt guilty for a while.

Fortunately, I didn’t offend Sheldon again. If Sheldon was Sheldon, then I really had a chance.

Shelly thought.

“Wang Liang, I didn’t expect you to know such a great Ding Hao. You have so many contacts!”

Li Mei’s mother smiled openly.

“Sure, let’s find a tourist car, how many people? Let me find a bigger one!”

Ding Hao said.

After speaking, I looked at Vern and prepared to click his name.

“fu*k, Sheldon?”

Ding Hao was shocked, but he did not expect Sheldon to be here.

And Rosemarie and Arlene both stared at Sheldon in a daze. They really didn’t expect to meet Sheldon again.

Since the last time Ding Hao had a fight with Ma Fei, everyone was arrested, and Sheldon was finally taken away.

It slapped everyone in the face.

Who is Sheldon?

Arlene and Rosemarie were thinking in their hearts.

Isn’t it a great man?

This made Rosemarie and Arlene feel uncomfortable.

“Sheldon, you are here!”

Therefore, at this moment, greeting Sheldon, both girls kept a low profile.

“Huh? Ding Hao, do you know this person?”

Wang Liang was surprised.

“Huh, yes, but let’s talk about it later, let’s get a sightseeing car first.”

Ding Hao said uncomfortably.

At first Vern drove.

As for Wang Liang, he was watching.

“Yeah! Although Vern doesn’t have a car, this kind of sightseeing car drives quite steadily!”

Li Mei’s mother said something half sarcasm and half praise.

“It’s just like the character, very stable!”

A girl also casually praised.

And these words made Wang Liang’s ears sound awkward.

It was as if he had been robbed of the limelight.

“fu*k, do you know the way? You should turn left! There is fun on the left, are you stupid?”

At this time, Wang Liang mocked Vern sourly.

Vern held back and said nothing.

“fu*k it, drive faster, can’t it, can’t change me to drive, you are really a sightseeing tour!”

Wang Liang mocked coldly.

As for Vern, after suffering a day of frustration today, he couldn’t help it at this moment.

At the moment, I really kicked the door, and the speed of the car rose up.

Impulse is the devil, this sentence is really not a joke.

Just look at a little girl, jumping across the road holding a balloon, chasing her little dog!

“Ah! Vern be careful!”

Elma shouted nervously.

But Vern thought it was too late to brake.

He was also completely panicked and hit the steering wheel directly to the right.

boom! boom! boom!

Several noises were heard one after another.

I saw the sightseeing cars wiping along the cars parked on the roadside.

The sight seeing car was almost deformed.

The sightseeing car didn’t stop until it hit a stone pier.

“Ah!” passersby screamed.

Several girls in the car also shouted.

Damn it! That’s it!

Vern’s cold sweat also came down.

“Look at him, this guy is so cruel, he hit seven Ferraris in one go!”

Shouted a passerby who had something good.

But Vern was so scared that they ran out of the car at this moment, and they were stunned to see the row of cars they had hit just now.

Ferrari, all Ferraris.

On average, each car is in the presence of millions, an absolute luxury car of the imported level!

What’s more terrible is that every car was seriously damaged, and some car lights were crashed!

“Damn, I’m crazy, this young man is crazy, seven cars, depending on the situation, I have to pay millions!”

More and more people gathered around.

Not to mention that Elma’s mother and Elma were completely frightened, even Li Mei’s mother swallowed in fright.

In this comparison, the car that Cohen hit before was not a car at all. In the blink of an eye, Vern hit him seven times!

“Give me a concession, give me a concession!”

Chapter 196

At this time, Ding Hao drove Rosemarie and the others in his more luxurious sightseeing car.

Seeing a lot of people around here, and seeing that it was actually Wang Liang and the others, they knew something was wrong and rushed in.

From this look, Ding Hao felt that someone had put two kicks in his mind, and it was blown up!

Damn it!

“Who can do this?”

Ding Hao said pale.

“Sao Ding, he hit him, he drove the car!”

Wang Liang hurriedly pointed at Vern.

As for Li Mei and others, after reacting, they stood directly on Wang Liang’s side.

Yes, now who is not afraid of getting involved in responsibility.

After all, there are millions.

Regarding Vern, it was true that he had caused trouble with his anger, and Wang Liang had done it, but now he dumbly eats coptis, breaking his teeth and swallowing it in his stomach.

After all, he hit it.

“Oh! You, you…I really convinced you, how can my daughter have a boyfriend like you!”

Elma’s mother was suffocated for a day, and she turned into two lines of tears and shed tears.

“Don’t worry about so much for now, that, does it matter to you, please contact me, or ask someone from your hometown to come here as soon as possible!”

Rosemarie said lightly at this time.

“Where does he matter? If Wang Liang caused the trouble, he might be able to alleviate it. After all, Wang Liang has a wide network of contacts and he is in the place of his buddy Ding Shao, but he is definitely not good. And Shao Ding is not familiar with him, it is impossible for him to offend the owners of these luxury cars!”

Not waiting for Vern to speak to you.

Li Mei’s mother hurriedly spoke.

It is a mature person, like a human being.

This sentence naturally pushed Ding Hao, Wang Liang and the others aside, telling them to ignore these nosy matters, so as not to provoke these people!

“Hey, don’t you have any friends in Roston?”

At this time, another girl said.

Vern flushed and said, “Of course, Sheldon and Liyan are my friends!”

“Oh, we are not talking about this kind of friends, we are asking if you have no such tall friends?

One of Li Mei’s roommates was speechless.

“Okay, don’t talk about it, now there are no friends anymore! This kid has gotten into a big disaster this time!”

Ding Hao frowned at this time and spoke.

“Ah? What’s the big disaster?”

Everyone asked in surprise.

“Do you know whose cars these are?”

Ding Hao took a deep breath.


“This is the car of seven young and old, Bai Shao, Ivan, Zhou Shao and the others!”

Ding Hao was a little frightened.

“Ding Hao, it’s Bren, Bai Xiao, Shannon, Ivan, do you still want Zhou Zezhou from the Los Angeles city to get theirs? Wouldn’t it be such a coincidence?”

Arlene has followed Ding Hao to see a lot of the world these days, and asked in surprise.

Ding Hao closed his eyes and nodded heavily: “It’s them!”

“This is how to do ah!”

Liyan was also a little panicked.

These seniors are even better than that of Shen.

“Let me see, Vern, hurry up and kneel in front of these cars. Maybe some young and old will spare you and offend them. It’s not as simple as what Cohen provoke just now!”

After hearing Li Mei’s introduction, Li Mei’s mother opened her eyes in panic.

“Furthermore, Vern, since you hit it, you will confess it yourself later, don’t say that we are in your car, so we can’t afford to lose this person!”

Li Mei’s mother said again.

And this time.

“Look, Young Master Ivanbai and the others are here!”

I don’t know who shouted, and saw the crowd open a mouth.

Ivan brought a group of people who looked like rich and young.

“Damn, who did it?”

Shannon threw the sunglasses away and said coldly.

Bren and others also gathered around with a group of people.

“Sorry, I hit it!”

Vern was also scared, and bowed at the moment.

“Then you tell me what to do about this? Come, call me, and let the 4S shop immediately judge me!”

“Also, none of the people who are with you can leave me!”

Shannon said something.

Bodyguards in black had already listened to them and went to call, and a group of people came to surround Li Mei and the others.

“Oh, it’s over, this time Vern not only ran into someone else’s car, but also obviously offended this Ivan, even us!”

“Yeah, he is too short-sighted. It’s better to just hit him directly, and he won’t pay so much, right? It’s not bad now. Not only did he hit the cars of the boys and girls, but also hurt us!”

“That is, the main reason is that this is a waste of time for these young and old to play!”

Li Mei’s two roommates connected nervously.

And when Li Mei and Wang Liang heard what Ivan meant, he seemed to be unable to leave. Everyone in Vern’s car had to be in trouble.

I was also nervous, looking straight at Ding Hao for help.

Ding Hao also immediately understood, and immediately walked up to Ivanbaishao and respectfully said:

“Several elders, I am Yunmengshan Ding Hao. I had a relationship with Young Bai before, ha ha!”

Shannon looked at Bren.

Bren said something to Shannon.

Shannon immediately nodded and smiled: “Well, Ding Hao, what are you going to say?”

“That’s how Ivan, I have a few friends who are in this car, can you give me some face? Because it doesn’t matter to them!”

“fu*k! You have a face! Get out of here, if you are in this car, Abron will forgive you because you are Yunmeng Mountain. If you are fine, don’t pretend to be in front of me! “

Shannon is not used to anyone!

Ding Hao, who scolded directly, was blushing.

Ding Hao didn’t dare to breathe, so he took Rosemarie and the others to hide in anguish.

When Wang Liang and the others saw that Ding Shao didn’t work anymore, their hearts were cold.

Especially Li Mei’s mother, wishing to smoke Vern big mouth.

“I see, don’t waste everyone’s time, just forget it!”

At this time, a sudden sound made the crowded scene suddenly as quiet as death.

All cast their eyes to the sound source, a boy.

Damn it, just forget it, right?

Don’t want to live anymore?

Yeah, I’m full, right? Who does he think he is?

Everyone was shocked.

Yes, this boy is naturally Sheldon.

As soon as this remark came out, even Rosemarie and Arlene, who looked at Sheldon high, couldn’t help but look at Sheldon and shook his head slightly.

“Sheldon, what are you talking nonsense!”

Li Mei’s mother directly scolded.

As for Sheldon, he originally wanted to wait for the car owner to come and pay for the matter himself.

But a tin of car belongs to Shannon.

Sheldon struggled again.

When they come later, if he doesn’t get out of the siege, Vern will really be miserable by them.

If the siege is released, the identity will have to be exposed.

But in the current situation, it is definitely impossible to keep a low profile and not help.

Alas, if it is exposed, just expose it, there is no way!

So Sheldon stood up…

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