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Chapter 205

Grand Prize Winner


Sheldon raised his head and looked at the incoming person, and saw a middle-aged man hurriedly running towards him.

This middle-aged man looked straightforward.

It seems that he knows himself?

Sheldon stood up right now.

“fu*k, Sheldon, why are you standing up? Didn’t you hear someone calling Sheldon?”

“Haha, yes, awkward?”

The high school classmates who followed Li Chao directly laughed.

Even Li Mingxue was covering her mouth and laughing.

Even after being raised, Liu Min had already rolled his eyes.

“I am really drunk with this Sheldon, speechless!”

Liu Min shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“Sheldon, I drove your car for you, and it’s in the C area of ​​the parking lot. This is the key, and the master ordered you to go back soon!”

After speaking, the middle-aged man handed over a car key respectfully.

“I know Uncle Chapman, it’s okay for you, go back!”

At this time, the boy next to Li Chao stood up with a wry smile shaking his head.

“fu*k, I made a mistake!”

Sheldon is also a little embarrassed.

“Are you funny, Sheldon and Sheldon are not homophonic!”

Some boys continued to tease.

“It’s alright, let’s go back and drink. By the way, Teacher Liu Min, when you are free, I will organize a classmate gathering. Then you must go to Austria!”

Li Chao was too lazy to tease Sheldon, at this time he was just talking to Liu Min.

“Okay, no problem, you can organize your classmates then, I will definitely be there!”

The group agreed, Li Chao and the others did not continue to talk to Sheldon, so they went back to drink.

Follow Liu Min upstairs.

“You are not ashamed of you? Are you ashamed of you? If they call Young Master Sheldon, you will show up, fu*king, I will panic for you!”

Liu Min scolded Sheldon a few more words.

Just walked back to the scene.

Sheldon got used to it too, and continued to sit down in the empty seat beside Liu Min.

Liu Min was about to scold him. At this time, the hosts seemed to be hosting the show.

And it’s been a while since the opening.

I had to be quiet now.

Just look at the stage, I don’t know when there is an extra turntable.

Several names are written on the turntable.

One of the titles was Sheldon, and he didn’t write his name or anything.

After all, this was Sheldon welcoming the dinner, and everyone knew what Sheldon meant.

This is a bit similar to a live lucky draw.

In the middle is the prize pool, and the prize is actually a Mercedes G500.

“Liu Min, you almost missed a good show, look at it, whose name is on it?”

At this time, the female opponent on the side grabbed Liu Min’s arm and said.

“Wang Qiang? Damn, have you participated in the lottery?”

Liu Min also excitedly pulled his husband Wang Qiang’s arm.

“Haha, yeah, I was shortlisted just now. I was shortlisted. It is already very honorable to be able to share my name with Sheldon. As for this G500, it is not important to miss it!”

Wang Qiang is also satisfied.

“Don’t be unimportant, that’s a Mercedes G500, a small two million! If we are drawn, it would be great to go out with a big G!”

Liu Min excitedly said, “By the way, is Sheldon here? Which one is Sheldon? Look at that table, it seems they are all big guys!”

“Sheldon didn’t come, but the legendary Roston giant crocodile Chapman and Zhao Zixing came. Mr. Chapman spoke just now and said Sheldon might come later. In short, Sheldon said, he will definitely come tonight!”

Wang Qiang was also excited.

As for Sheldon on the side, he was looking at his mobile phone. Sure enough, Chapman had already called himself several times.

Seeing Sheldon playing with his mobile phone, Liu Min was dissatisfied again.

Just about to scold him away.

At this time, the host’s voice has rang.

“Everyone, the lucky draw has officially started. Let’s turn the wheel to see who will win the first prize G500 tonight!”

In the county town, the big G is quite good, which shows the sincerity of this chamber of commerce.

As the host’s voice fell, the turntable began to spin.


“Congratulations, Mr. Sheldondong, for getting a golden keyboard worth 100,000 dollar!”

The turntable continues to rotate.




Gradually, three gifts have been given out.


“Congratulations, Mr. Wang Qiang, for obtaining a jade bracelet worth 200,000 dollar!”


Liu Min fainted with excitement as he listened to the host’s voice.

There was also bursts of applause at the scene.

This prize alone is actually part of the temptation.

The main thing is, I can go on stage with Wang Qiang, and with so many bigwigs, you know, there are reporters beside him.


The glory is so far, what a woman can ask for!

The happy Liu Min also slapped Sheldon. He didn’t mean anything else, just excited!

“Who can win the final prize?”

The host’s voice sounded, and the scene fell silent.

And as the pointer fell, everyone’s eyes naturally grew wider and wider.


In the end, the pointer stayed.

“Congratulations, Sheldon, for winning the Benz G500 award worth 2 million! Applause!!!”

The host shouted excitedly.


The audience screamed.

Of course, the others are really random. As for the final prize, Sheldon may not look good, but it will definitely fall on Sheldon.

Everyone knows the routine!

“Okay, please come to the stage for winning gentlemen and ladies! In addition, Sheldon, are you there yet? If you do, please come on stage too!”

The audience was quiet again.

Everyone’s eyes looked everywhere.

“Hurry up, Wang Qiang, you can be on stage with Sheldon!”

Liu Min adjusted his dress and blocked the stains.

He hurriedly stood up holding Wang Qiang’s arm.

As for Sheldon, it is not easy to release pigeons at this time.

I didn’t intend to keep a low profile anymore. I just stood up with Liu Min and walked towards the stage after them.

“fu*k, what are you doing?”

When he was about to take the stage, Liu Min found Sheldon behind him.

Asked immediately.

“Receive the award!” Sheldon said.

“Damn, I didn’t say your name. You got a fart award. That’s Sheldon, not Sheldon. Are you blind?”

Liu Min said nervously.

“Oh, Wang Qiang, you didn’t know just now. Didn’t I bump into my student in the downstairs hall, but a friend of my student’s housekeeper came and called out to Sheldon. At that time, Sheldon stood out stupidly. , I feel embarrassed for him!”

“Now, he actually wants to come on stage to accept the award! If he makes a joke and people know that he is my student, then we will be ashamed!”

Liu Min is worried about this.

“Sheldon, please come on stage!”

At this time, Chapman naturally took the stage as the award-giving guest.

At this moment, he respectfully looked at Sheldon and said.


Sheldon nodded without explaining.

Just stepped onto the stage.

And Zhao Zixing in the VIP seat below and the former cadres of the Roston Commercial Group also stood up and shouted respectfully:

“Sheldon, congratulations!”

“thank you all!”

As for Sheldon, he just smiled faintly.

“I’ll go, so he is Sheldon!”

But the whole scene fell silent for an instant…

Chapter 206

Especially Liu Min who has been reprimanding Sheldon just now.

The eyeballs are almost falling down.

Damn it!

She is very clear about Sheldon’s details, it’s a kind of poor man who doesn’t have any money.

And who is Sheldon?

He is a man of Roston, but also a man who wants to change the history of Ping An County.

Even if Liu Min was killed, he didn’t believe that the two of them could also be connected.

However, Chapman and Zhao Zixing must know Sheldon.

So Sheldon’s identity must be correct?

fu*k, Liu Min was messed up directly.

“Mr. Chapman, are you making a mistake? Are you calling this poor man Sheldon?”

Liu Min couldn’t help asking directly.

Chapman frowned slightly, then looked at the stains on Liu Min’s body, and suddenly said to the organizer with a bad face:

“What’s the matter? This woman can be so dirty that she dares to come on stage, and is so rude to us, Sheldon?”

“Sorry, Mr. Chapman, Sheldon, we are negligent!”

The organizer’s staff immediately nodded ashamed.

Suddenly he pointed at Liu Min and his husband Wang Qiang: “You! And you, get me out!”

“Ah? Why? This person is fake, he is a poor student, you really made a mistake, I am her teacher, fu*king, Sheldon, you say something, you say you are a poor man, they admit their mistakes People!”

Several people have come to push Liu Min and Wang Qiang.

But Liu Min shouted unwillingly.

First of all, the public will be driven out, which is too shameful.

Secondly, how could Sheldon be Sheldon? If it is true, she Liu Min is really going to die!

Therefore, she just wants Sheldon to say something and admit it.

After all, this Sheldon is too awkward. When he was downstairs just now, didn’t someone call Sheldon, did he take two steps ahead?

At this time, Chapman also looked at Sheldon.

It means asking what he means.

After all, if this woman really knew Sheldon, Chapman would not dare to take the initiative to do too much.

Unexpectedly, Sheldon said:

“I am not too familiar with her, or taught me before!”

Sheldon smiled faintly, “But if you have to let me admit it, yes, I’ll admit it, I’m a poor student, a poor student, they admit the wrong person!”

“Ah! President Chapman, did you hear that, hahaha, he confessed, he confessed himself just now!”

Liu Min shouted.

I thought that maybe I could still be appreciated by President Chapman.

Chapman sneered and glanced at Liu Min: “Come here, blow me both of them out!”

Someone had been waiting for a long time, and in an instant, Liu Min and Wang Qiang were driven out together with Liu Min.

The venue was quiet a lot.

Sheldon really bothered Liu Min too. Since he was at the bus station and Liu Min treated himself like that, in fact, this Liangzi was settled.

In the past, Sheldon had tolerated some things, such as Shelly’s mockery at the time, because Kristine and the others were on their face.

So Sheldon can bear it.

But you, Liu Min, who do you think is good for yourself? Why should I give you face!

So Sheldon decided a little bit.

This time, Sheldon also won a Mercedes G500. The organizers thought that Sheldonhui would feel shabby. After all, hosting the event was also a sponsorship.

But Sheldon didn’t say anything.

Big G is quite good in Sheldon’s eyes.

And when I came back, I couldn’t drive my Lamborghini around.

At first, I wanted to borrow a car from Chapman and drove it. This happened to be a new car.

Next is the toast of the toast, and the topic is discussed.

In an instant, a week passed.

Uncle Wu was also discharged from the hospital.

On this day, Sheldon had nothing to do, so he was going to Chapman to stare at the project.

My sister has called several times.

After chatting, I suddenly remembered that my father told him to visit his comrades-in-arms in Ping’an County. After I came back for more than a week, I had long forgotten.

On this day, Sheldon was fine, so he bought some gifts and went to a high-end community in Ping’an County to visit that Jiang Weidong Uncle Jiang.

As mentioned earlier, in fact, the relationship between the two companies has faded a lot after a few things later.

But Dad is a very nostalgic person.

He didn’t believe it anymore, and reality returned to reality, but people, how could there be no human touch?

I remembered the indifferent attitude of my dad six years ago when my father led him to beg others to go to high school.

Sheldon understands his father’s mood.

Is it just this time I’m here? But I changed my identity!

I don’t know if it will be the same as before, ha ha…

While thinking, according to the memory location, Sheldon has also arrived.

Knocked on the door.


The door opened. It was opened by a middle-aged woman.

The middle-aged woman, Sheldon, naturally knew her. Her name was Tang Lan. Sheldon called her Aunt Tang, who was Jiang Weidong’s wife. She was said to be a good leader in the bank.

“Hello Auntie Tang, do you still recognize me? My name is Sheldon. I have been to your house with my dad before!”

Sheldon said with a smile.

“Ao Ao, I remember now, aren’t you the son of old ginger comrade Donald? I haven’t seen him in years. You’ve grown up like this! Come in!

Looked at what Sheldon was carrying.

Tang Lan’s politeness also had nothing to say, very plain.

This scene is commonplace for her, and seeing Sheldon looks like this, she knows that she is here to trust her.

I have already planned it right now, how will I refuse it later.

But the etiquette is not too harsh.

Go into the living room.

Sheldon saw a middle-aged man reading a newspaper on the sofa with his legs folded.

It looks like a big leader.

He is naturally Uncle Jiang Jiang Weidong whom Sheldon said, and he should now be the leader of the Development Bureau.

Standard official home.

“Hello Uncle Jiang!”

I don’t know why, after many years, Sheldon is still quite restrained when seeing them again.

“Yeah, it’s Xiao Chen. I haven’t seen him for many years. By the way, I heard that your father went abroad to make money because of debts?”

Jiang Weidong dropped the newspaper and asked.

“Yeah, it’s making money abroad!”

Sheldon smiled and said.

“You just graduated from university this year? What major did you study?”

Jiang Weidong asked faintly, picking up the tea and gently blowing the tea a few times.

“In the Department of Literature, English Language and Compilation Major!”

“Ahem, although this major is unpopular, but the job is easy to arrange. By the way, have you found a job?”

Jiang Weidong asked.

“Not yet Uncle Jiang! I’m here this time just to visit Uncle Jiang specifically, and my father also specially told me…”

“By the way, old ginger, do you have a meeting this afternoon?”

Tang Lan on the side interrupted at this moment.

“Aoao, there is a meeting, alas, it’s anxious to speak, otherwise I will leave Sheldon for a meal later!”

Jiang Weidong smiled lightly.

Sheldon was not stupid. Of course, I could hear that Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan had come to visit specially, and they must have thought that they had come to ask them to arrange work.

So drive yourself away in disguise.

Alas, it seems that there is no sense of sentiment at all. If you go back and talk to your dad about what happened today, I guess your dad will give up.

During the conversation, Sheldon stood up and was about to leave.

At this moment, a girl came out from the second floor of the duplex room, wearing headphones, very pretty and pretty.

“Mom, my classmates will come to eat at home later, are you ready for meals? Would you like me to help!”

The girl said with a smile.

Suddenly looking at Sheldon, his gaze instantly condensed: “Mom, who is he?”

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