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Chapter 203

“Hmph, why? Why should I be converted to someone else this time? Only I can’t. Actually, he just doesn’t give your dad face. Doesn’t he know the relationship between the two of us? Let another doctor not transfer Give me the place!”

Li Ming was so angry that he would throw his chopsticks.

Li Gang on the side persuades.

Sheldon almost understood as he ate and listened.

In general, Li Mingxue’s appointment as an intern clinician in the hospital was arranged by Vice President Chapman Gang’s father.

Of course, Li Mingxue really has two brushes, and his professional skills are quite good, and he has received unanimous praise from the hospital, including the patients.

But Li Gang’s father seemed to be at odds with the dean.

Therefore, Li Mingxue became a victim of the resistance between the two parties.

It is estimated that it is difficult to become positive, and the consequences of not being able to become positive are also obvious, that is, leaving the hospital.

I gave the quota to the person on the dean’s side, but the intern on the dean’s side was far worse than himself.

It seems that the director deliberately embarrassed Li Gang’s father.

As for Li Gang’s father, Li Gang meant that he was about to retire, and he couldn’t give up a lot of rights.

So it’s embarrassing.

This thing may not be done!

That’s why Li Mingxue has to invite Li Chao to them.

Li Chao and Sheldon naturally knew each other. They were in the same class. Li Chao’s father worked in the hospital, and his mother worked in the Health Bureau.

In short, the young couple will discuss it with you.

Sheldon was also very embarrassed to listen.

Just eat it quickly.

“Have you finished eating? Are you full? You see, I have a lot of things here. Don’t be surprised if the hospitality is not good!”

Li Mingxue greeted Sheldon lightly.

The attitude is no longer enthusiastic.

That’s right, people in today’s society are not just superficially polite, they are also polite to you for about three minutes. After a long time, who knows you and who is not!

“It’s okay, by the way, Li Mingxue, you just said that your work was not well arranged? Don’t worry about this, don’t worry, everything will get better!”

Sheldon can’t eat and leave.

There is also a word of comfort at the moment.

Even Sheldon thought about it. If he can help, he will help.

Although it can be seen that Li Mingxue doesn’t pay much attention to herself, but when someone invited you to a meal, no matter how high or low, this can be regarded as a friendship!

So Sheldon just wondered if he could help, and returned the love.

“Thank you Sheldon. By the way, Sheldon, tell me about your uncle’s ward. I will let Li Gang say hello!”

“it is good!”

Sheldon said the ward number.

So they didn’t bother Li Mingxue and the others, and walked out by themselves to take care of Uncle Wu.

At the same time, he called Chapman and asked him to help him and put Li Mingxue in the hospital.

This is naturally not a big problem.

After all, Sheldon’s large financing will definitely invest in many industries in Ping An County in addition to building free industries.

Hospital education is naturally included.

“By the way, Sheldon, do you have time tonight?”

At the end of Chapman’s words, he asked again.

“what happened?”

“This is Sheldon. The leaders of Ping’an County knew that you had come back a few days ago, and they blamed me. They missed you while drinking. They even went to the station to meet you, but they didn’t receive it. No, they specialize. I set up a table for the wind party to welcome you! I want to ask, do you have time?”

“In the evening… well, let me go over!”

At the exit that day, feelings really picked up myself.

To be honest, Sheldon was very embarrassed to release such a big pigeon.

As for the show’s receiving wind party, if Sheldon does not go again, it is really impossible to justify.

He agreed.

In the afternoon, after waiting for Uncle Wu to sleep, Sheldon also went.

The location was set in a place called Chunhua Hotel in Pingan County.

After all, attracting investment has always been the top priority of a region, so this time to receive the wind party, it seems special attention.

Even many business owners in Ping’an County have arrived.

Because of the need to take care of Uncle Wu, Sheldon did not come with Chapman and Zhao Zixing and let them come first.

At this moment, Sheldon stood at the door and took a look, and was about to go in.

On the other side, a car had just stopped from the parking space. From the car, a man and a woman got out, arm in arm.

The women are very dignified and grand, while the men are in suits and ties.

“Oh, I asked you to come early, look at what time it is, I hate it!”

The girl complained.

“Hmph, blame me, it’s all you, putting on makeup for so long! My dad called several times to urge him, after all, Young Master Sheldon is coming today! Being late is too embarrassing!”

The man retorted.

And these boys and girls are not others, but Liu Min and her husband Wang Qiang.

“Stop talking, go in!”

Wang Qiang also said.

Suddenly, he glanced at him and saw that a boy had also entered the hotel. He couldn’t help but point to the boy in amazement:

“Xiao Min, look at it, that boy is not your student, is that one named Sheldon?”

“What the hell? You read it wrong, shit, it’s really him!”

Liu Min was taken aback, then looked around, really surprised.

“Sheldon! Stop!”

As for Sheldon, he was about to go in here, but when he heard someone calling him, he looked back and found that by coincidence, it was Liu Min.

“Ms. Liu, why are you?”

Sheldon smiled and said hello.

To be honest, Sheldon wanted to kick Liu Min.

“You also asked us, we are still surprised you, do you know what this place is? What are you doing here today, what are you doing here?”

Liu Min asked, hugging his shoulders.

Without waiting for Sheldon to answer, Liu Min suddenly realized:

“I see, you came here to work, right? Hehe, okay, you Sheldon, I didn’t see it. You have a good eye. Knowing that this Chunhua Hotel must be busy tonight, will you come when you smell the wind? Not bad!”

Liu Min smiled and nodded.

“Okay, do it well, I will need your tip later!”

Liu Min patted Sheldon on the shoulder again, and then went in arm in arm with Wang Qiang.

Ha ha……

Sheldon just shook his head and smiled bitterly: “When you cry, my little lady!”

Then he entered the scene.

At the scene of the auditorium, many people came, crowded.

Sheldon is looking for Chapman’s position with his hands behind his back.

Suddenly, his face seemed to be smashed with a small object.

Damn it! Who? Free?

When Sheldon turned his head, he was not just Liu Min, who was sitting on the side table and giggling while covering his mouth.

Sitting with her, there are several young women, they all know and are pretty good.

They all looked at Sheldon and laughed together.

“Stand silly, come here!”

Liu Min looked at Sheldon and shouted.

Chapter 204

Sheldon frowned, but walked over

“Yeah, Teacher Liu, this is your student. He looks pretty good. Hey, why doesn’t he wear work clothes?”

A woman on the side said.

“Yes, you see that the waiters here are all wearing work clothes, but he didn’t wear them, really!”

“I guess it’s a janitor, he will do it wherever he has a job, after all, it is not a long-term, but a temporary one!”

Liu Min explained directly.

“Haha, come on, little brother, come to my sister, there happens to be an empty seat, sit down and talk for a while!”

“Yeah, don’t you be shy, little handsome guy! Look, it’s rare for you to sit with so many rich and young bosses today. You have to be rare!”

Several twenty-seven-year-old women saw Sheldon’s handsome appearance, so they became provocative.

As for Liu Min, he gave Sheldon a blank look, and said, “Why are you still in a daze? Didn’t you see Sister Xin and the others let you sit down? Really, stupid, no one! Four years of university for nothing, right? !”

Sheldon couldn’t stand the invitation of these women either.

It’s okay to think about it, just sit down and wait a while to see Chapman and the others.

Mainly because Liu Min mocked a few words, Sheldon was a little angry.


Oh, in terms of our teacher-student friendship, when I got from the bus station, I didn’t even get a thank you.

Now, taunting yourself from the moment you enter the door.

Obviously, I was here to welcome the party, but the sentence on your left became mocking.

Sheldon is low-key, yes, but not a bully.

Sit down unceremoniously now.

“Huh, it’s really simple and pitiful, let you sit, you really sit!”

Sure enough, Liu Min directly mocked again.

Amused several women giggling.

These women are all Mrs. Kuo in the business field of Ping An County, and their husbands also have an industry in Roston City.

And Liu Min is just a substitute teacher.

Therefore, on some occasions, they are always welcome.

Seeing that they are happy, I feel even more motivated.


Liu Min slapped Sheldon on the head: “fu*king, I haven’t stood up and poured wine on Sister Xin and the others, and regarded myself as a rich second generation!”

This scene made everyone at the table laugh again.

Sheldon remained silent, stood up and filled the wine one by one.

It’s just that when Liu Min was here, Sheldon deliberately turned a little harder.

I saw the red wine in the bottle, pouring it directly down Liu Min’s belly.

It’s all down on the skirt.

“Ah! Damn! My skirt!”

Liu Min called out directly.

“Sheldon, can you pour alcohol? You want to die? Do you know how much my dress is?”

Liu Min was furious.

The party is about to begin later, how can she meet people like this.

However, Sheldon looked dull.

Obviously, this guy has never experienced an occasion at all, and everything went wrong.

But the wine was poured by himself, and Liu Min couldn’t say anything bad.

“I was wrong, I was really wrong. From the beginning I shouldn’t let you sit here. If you don’t sit here, my skirt won’t get dirty!”

“Oh, what are you doing in a daze? I’ll go to the bathroom and quickly bring me a tissue!”

Because now her boyfriend Wang Qiang has gone to talk to a few elders next to her, she is ugly holding the tissue paper by herself, so she poked Sheldon in the head and said.

“it is good!”

Sheldon looked at Liu Min with a sneer, and then nodded in agreement.

Followed Liu Min to the bathroom.

“fu*k, I asked you to take a box of tissues, what do you mean by taking a piece?”

Liu Min became even more angry.

It’s almost mad.

Since the sink is public, there are male and female toilets on both sides.

At this moment, a girl walked out of the bathroom on the side.

Just came over to wash his hands.

“Huh? Teacher Liu, why are you?”

The girl was surprised.

“Mingxue, why did you come to Chunhua? Didn’t you say in the group, are you going to Baosheng tonight?”

Liu Min was also taken aback.

Isn’t the girl Li Mingxue who was the representative of her class at the beginning and now working at the county hospital?

“Don’t mention it, Baosheng is temporarily closed these days, so I came to Chunhua to book it, and Chunhua Hotel seems to have some activities today. Fortunately, we booked it early, otherwise there would be no place!”

Li Mingxue hugged her shoulders and grumbled.

It seemed that Sheldon, who was standing by the side, hadn’t seen it.

“Ms. Liu, why are your clothes so careless? You have poured red wine on it!”

Li Mingxue asked at this time.

“Hum, don’t mention it, I’m here to participate in a business event, but Sheldon is the bastard! You got me all up!”

Liu Min cast a blank look at Sheldon.

Li Mingxue saw Sheldon standing aside.

Sheldon smiled and waved to Li Mingxue.

Li Mingxue also greeted Sheldon:

“Sheldon, why are you here? Don’t tell me, you are attending a business event with Teacher Liu Min?”

Li Mingxue was surprised.

“Huh, it’s him, he’s here to work as a handyman. How can he participate in business activities!”

Liu Min said angrily.

It couldn’t be cleaned no matter how, and it was about to start, Liu Min had to walk out angrily.

“Hey, Li Chao, come and see, who is this?”

As soon as Li Mingxue walked out with Liu Min, a few boys came out in a box in the lobby on the first floor.

But it’s not Li Mingxue’s boyfriend Li Gang and Sheldon’s classmate Li Chao.

Speaking of it, I haven’t seen Li Chao and the others for several years, because I didn’t communicate much in high school, let alone after college.

So when they came over excitedly and greeted Liu Min.

Sheldon didn’t interrupt and greeted him actively, just listening quietly beside him.

“Li Chao, you were the most handsome when you were in the class at that time. I didn’t expect that you are still so handsome now, how about it, where do you go to develop in the future?”

Liu Min asked Li Chao.

Li Chao, wearing a small suit, combing his back, is quite formal, handsome but handsome, the key person in high school, although not the richest one, but the family is the most well-connected, very highly regarded by the teacher!

“I don’t know yet, wait for the arrangement at home!”

Li Chao made a haha.

Needless to say, everyone understands that public institutions are stable.

Make everyone really envious.

“But Li Chao, you can’t stabilize yourself. Now Mingxue is also working in the hospital. If you can help, you have to help!”

Liu Min still doesn’t forget his class representative.

“Don’t worry, no problem!”

“Oh right, isn’t this Sheldon also your high school classmate? Why does it seem that you don’t know each other?”

At this time, Li Mingxue’s boyfriend Li Gang suddenly pointed at Sheldon and asked with a smile.

“Huh? Sheldon? fu*k!”

Li Chao and the others listened to Sheldon’s side and looked at Sheldon. Sure enough, they discovered that it was Sheldon in high school!

“Yes, yes, I forgot to tell you, I saw Sheldon at noon today, and now Sheldon is working as a waiter at Chunhua Hotel!”

When Li Mingxue saw Sheldon hanging aside, she felt embarrassed and introduced with a smile.

“O’ao, that’s not bad, Sheldon, you are in the back kitchen or the front hall, it will not work then, I will find a relationship for you, promote you to be a foreman or something?”

Li Chao smiled and nodded.

“Is he your high school classmate?”

Among the group, there was also a boy who Sheldon hadn’t seen. Looking at Sheldon at this moment, he asked with some playfulness.

Yes, it is very news in itself that an old classmate is working as a waiter in a class gathering.

“Yeah, he is a well-known poor man in our class, haha!”

The other boy smiled.

The group of people started to introduce Sheldon’s deeds to the boy without hesitation.

“Sheldon, so you are here!”

At this moment, a voice suddenly rang from the hall…

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