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Chapter 207

Jiang Ranran’s Classmate
The girl stared at Sheldon curiously.

To be honest, seeing Sheldon dressed in ordinary clothes and dressed up as a countryman, I look down upon him.

And now I heard this.

Don’t mention how embarrassing the faces of Jiang Weidong and Tang Lan are.

Especially Tang Lan.

Just now I said that Jiang Weidong is in a hurry, and he will have a meeting soon, so Sheldon will not be left for dinner.

As a result, the daughter suddenly jumped out to say this sentence.

Isn’t it just embarrassing the two of them?

I said, my daughter, it’s okay if you come out a while later, he just left!

“O’ao, of course, you forgot, this is the kid near your uncle’s house, didn’t you two met you when you were young?”

Tang Lan said something embarrassingly.

“I remember, he seems to be called Sheldon…”

Said the girl.

“My name is Sheldon, you still remember me, Sister Ranran! I haven’t seen you for many years, you are getting more and more beautiful!”

This girl was named Jiang Ranran, whom Sheldon knew.

Because when he came to her house when he was a child, Jiang Ranran would point to Sheldon with a look of disgust and said: Mom, please let him leave our house, he soiled the floor of our house!

It’s also self-esteem. Playing Xiao Sheldon is afraid that Jiang Ranran will mock him.

But now it’s much better, Sheldon said politely.

“Thank you Sheldon, you have also become handsome! Please take care of me if you have any questions in the future!”

Jiang Ranran also generously reached out and shook Sheldon.

Although Jiang Ranran’s words are just a courtesy.

But this is the warmest sentence that Sheldon has heard since he came to Jiang’s house.

At the moment he smiled and said, “Okay, no problem, you can call me for anything in the future!”

Jiang Ranran smiled and retracted his hand, but thought in his heart:

Hum, I’m looking for you for everything, who do you think you are, you just forget about it if you are polite with you!

Yes, Jiang Ranran was born in a family of officials, not to mention his father’s contacts, even his contacts are not bad.

And after graduating this time, I will definitely enter a public institution, so who else will I need in the future!

Not to mention Sheldon’s help?

“Then Sheldon, why don’t you stay here for dinner at noon, and your friends are coming, let’s take it together, you see, I forgot what I was busy just now, I’m going to prepare dinner!”

Tang Lan said something embarrassingly at this time.

I was going to drive Sheldon away, but my daughter exposed it, so her face didn’t look good.

If you don’t leave it for a while, it’s a bit too slapped.

“Hmm, stay, and know more people!”

Jiang Weidong also said lightly.

Only Jiang Ranran’s face didn’t look so good.

The original intention was to invite classmates, but the countryman inserted in, which was embarrassing.

But the parents have invited, so I can’t say anything.

It was just that the attitude towards Sheldon became colder.

After a while, all of Jiang Ranran’s classmates arrived.

Seven or eight men and women came.

After chatting for a while, Tang Lan’s food was also ready.

Jiang Weidong hurriedly greeted these classmates of his daughter to take a seat.

“Lin Dong, come here, sit next to me, today you must have a good drink with me!”

Jiang Weidong took Lin Dong’s hand affectionately and had to let him sit next to him.

Lin Dong, a handsome boy, according to the chat just now, Sheldon also knows that his father seems to be a *level leader.

Very capable.

Moreover, looking at this Lin Dong, he seems to be interested in Jiang Ranran.

And Jiang Weidong was anxious that Lin Dong could develop a relationship with his daughter Jiang Ranran, so the attitude was not to mention more affectionate.

“Of course it is an honor for our Jiang family to be able to be good friends with you! Look at Ricky, not to mention the talents, but the ability and quality are also strong. I don’t know whose girl can be with Ricky in the future! Our family is certainly sure Nothing, look at it, it’s like a child, too far behind you!”

Jiang Weidong smiled.

“Uncle Jiang, you laughed, but it’s so pretty. Whose blessing is if she can be a girlfriend, and Ranran told us that when you were a soldier, you didn’t promise Ranran the son of your comrade-in-arms. Huh, huh!”

Lin Dong smiled bitterly.

“Then I won’t count it long ago!” At this time, Tang Lan smiled and brought the vegetables over, and said to Lin Dong: “No, this Sheldon is the boy whose father had promised to be drunk, but you see, Sheldon. Now that the appearance is dignified, our family is certainly not worthy of it, Sheldon, right?”

Tang Lan asked Sheldon who was sitting on the edge.

“Yes Yes Yes!”

Why couldn’t Sheldonar Tang Lan’s meaning, because he was afraid that everyone would lead the topic to him, so he nodded hurriedly.

But this scene made Lin Dong a little bit jealous.

To be honest, it was not a day or two that he liked Jiang Ranran, but there was no confession. The two have always been in an ambiguous relationship.

But, Aunt Tang Lan said that the boy who was betrothed to someone else was here.

This drama is here.

Because everyone also turned their attention to Lin Dong and Sheldon.

I want to compare the two.

At the moment, Lin Dong smiled and stood up: “Yeah! If it weren’t for the introduction of Aunt Tang Lan, we really don’t know, you almost became the husband of our goddess, come on, you have to officially meet, Brother Sheldon, my name is Lin Dong, currently working in the ** Bureau, ha ha…”

Lin Dong pretended to be surprised and stood up and shook hands with Sheldon.

While talking, he shook his wrist, the gold watch in his hand was very dazzling, and he said with a humble expression:

“It was all arranged by the family, and I was so touched! After all, I have nothing to do with myself!”

“Haha, Ricky, don’t be humble. If you are not capable, just say Sheldon. Even if you cede your position to him, he will not be able to do things. Stop talking, come here, let me have a drink!”

Jiang Weidong smiled and patted Lin Dong on the shoulder.

Then there was talk about some things inside the **, a group of people talked and laughed and listened to the conversation between the two.

And Jiang Ranran also looked at Lin Dong with a satisfied cheek.

I feel very proud.

Jiang Ranran’s vision is not low, and ordinary people also look down on her.

Sheldon was sitting in the assistant position, standing up from time to time and pouring drinks to everyone.

“Thank you Sheldon!”

At this moment, a beautiful girl sitting beside Sheldon smiled at Sheldon.

“You’re welcome!” Sheldon replied.

“Don’t keep pouring drinks, whoever drinks it by himself is fine, hehe, do you rarely come out to eat with others?”

The girl looked at Sheldon curiously and asked.

This girl is also very temperamental. In short, her appearance and temperament are no worse than Jiang Ranran.

It’s just that the girls don’t drink, but they sit a little bit too far.

And through their chat just now, Sheldon knew the girl’s name.

Her name is Xu Xin.

“Oo, not too much!”

Sheldon did not attend many occasions.

The main reason is that this occasion is different from the previous ones. After all, there is an elder Jiang Weidong here.

At this moment, Tang Lan brought another dish to Lin Dong’s side.

But Lin Dong didn’t pay attention, waved his hand, touched Tang Lan, and directly knocked over a dish!


Tang Lan screamed.

Lin Dong immediately stood up and said sorry.

“It’s okay, you child, Aunt Tang is afraid of burning you, so I can clean it up. Your father and I will continue to drink, and I will fry you a plate later!”

Tang Lan smiled and said something.

Hastily cleaned up the ground.

At this moment, Sheldon saw that their wine glasses were full, so he got up and poured wine for them.

As a result, Lin Dong didn’t know if it was intentional. When Sheldon poured it to him, his hand shook, and then the wine glass fell on the table and broke.


Lin Dong was taken aback.

At this time, Tang Lan came out of the kitchen to see this scene.

“Do you know how to pour wine? How did you pour it? You dropped the glass?”

Tang Lan pointed at Sheldon angrily.

And Jiang Weidong also glanced at Sheldon coldly, this is disrespectful of Sheldon…

Chapter 208

Because of this, Sheldon was given a reprimand.

It made Sheldon quite embarrassed.

Damn it, obviously he didn’t hold it, okay, it turned out to be directed at yourself?

But Sheldon also understood.

Ha ha.

To put it bluntly, Lin Dong has status, but he has no status!

“Brother Sheldon is not to blame. I didn’t hold it steady. By the way, Brother Sheldon, are you still not working?”

Lin Dong asked Sheldon with a smile at this time.

Sheldon shook his head: “No!”

“That’s not very good, you ask to find one? Why don’t you find it?”

Lin Dong looked surprised.

“How can the relationship be so good now, unless the relationship is really hard, such as Ranran’s job, I found it after a lot of effort, alas, it’s difficult!”

Jiang Weidong said lightly.

Just put aside this piece of myself.

“I’m fine!” Sheldon replied.

“Aoao, it’s really not possible. Let me help. By the way, Jiayun, the factory your father ran, didn’t you say that you want two young security guards two days ago? I think Sheldon will go over. You see Sheldon also Quite honest, work must be real!”

Lin Dong pointed to a boy beside him and said.


As soon as he said this, everyone at the table laughed.

Jiang Ranran even gave Lin Dong a sullen look: “Sheldon is from Roston University. How can he be a security guard?”

“That’s right, I don’t want to be laughed at by others!”

“Do you still want to find a girlfriend!”

Several girls laughed.

Xu Xin alone was silent.

“Huh, even if it’s a bodyguard, our factory doesn’t want it casually. It has to be able to do it, and it’s not a waste!”

The boy named Jia Yun heard what the girls said, and felt that Sheldon would be working for their family again. He thought he was mocking their company and retorted unconvincingly.

“Yes, don’t you think that Jiayun’s factory is so close, and it doesn’t matter whether it is college students or not. To be honest, in today’s society, there are all college students, and there is no distinction between high and low jobs. What happened to the security? “

“Security is also a profession that can be used conscientiously!”

Lin Dong said seriously.

“Good point, Ricky, I didn’t expect you to be young and mature. If you can have such insights, don’t laugh. Lin Dong said just now. It makes sense. You should learn more from Ricky!”

Jiang Weidong also said solemnly at this time.

The crowd nodded with a stern smile.

This meal Sheldon naturally ate was tasteless, and he was trampled so hard that he wanted to have an attack, but he was embarrassed.

Just thought, forget it, I came to visit according to my father’s wishes.

Although they look down on themselves.

But the father is a bit nostalgic.

What if I am surprised by others!

Simply smile and sullenly eat.

After eating, Jiang Weidong asked, “By the way, you guys said to go to KTV to sing in the afternoon. Don’t play for too long. You should go home early and let the family rest assured!”

“I know, Dad!”

“Don’t worry, Uncle Jiang, if I am here, I will look after them!”

Lin Dong said with a smile.

“Yeah, Ricky, you are so relieved when you are with me!”

Jiang Weidong smiled and nodded.

At this time, Lin Dong looked at Sheldon again: “By the way, Brother Sheldon, we will go to karaoke later and you should go play it. Are you okay this afternoon?”

“I won’t go, you guys have a good time!”

Just kidding, of course Sheldon will not go. Although Jiang Ranran is pretty, Sheldon feels that they are not in a circle with them.

“Don’t tell me, let’s eat together, of course we have to go and play together, don’t you look down on us, Brother Sheldon?”

Lin Dong said.

There was some discomfort on his face.

He let Sheldon go to play, in fact, is equivalent to taking Sheldon to relieve his boredom.

Some people are not like this. Now that they have the ability, they shouldn’t find someone who doesn’t have the ability to make fun of them?

And Jiang Weidong saw Lin Dong look at Sheldon, his face is not good, and he said:

“Sheldon, if you let you go, you can go. You don’t have any eyesight. What is Ricky? What is your status? If you are invited now, you are not going!”

“Okay, let me go!”

Sheldon is also somewhat indelible.

Especially the one named Xu Xin next to her, who has to blink her eyes and look at herself, wanting to play with herself.

Plus now Jiang Weidong also said it.

If you want to have fun, just play around, just ignore them yourself.


After a while, the group went downstairs.

Lin Dong and Wang Jiayun both have cars.

Two people drove the crowd.

Finally it was Sheldon’s turn to get into the car.

As a result, I didn’t sit down.

“Yeah, shit, look, our two cars are full. Can’t you sit with a few girls? It’s not convenient!”

Lin Dong rolled down the car window and smiled.

Apparently, since he heard that he and Jiang Ranran had a marriage contract, he has been mocking himself very hard.

Deliberately find something to embarrass myself.

And why Sheldon didn’t know that he let himself go to KTV, probably for this purpose.

“What’s wrong with sitting with a girl, I’ll point in, Sheldon, sit next to me!”

Xu Xin waved to Sheldon.

Lin Dong was a little unhappy, but Xu Xin was also a goddess, so he couldn’t say anything.

“Thank you!”

Sheldon smiled and nodded before sitting beside Xu Xin.

Soon, everyone came to a box inside a KTV.

And Lin Dong didn’t know where he called a group of friends.

There are both men and women, and all of a sudden the box becomes lively.

Drinking, singing, singing, so happy.

“This KTV, Jiayun often comes to this KTV, and I’m familiar with a female manager here, haha, so today you can order whatever you like, I will treat Jiayun!”

Lin Dong laughed.

“Thank you Dong Brother!”

“Love you Aodong, ah, ah!”

“Brother Dong is a natural person in our family, how can I say love!”

A girl patted her head and said.

It made everyone laugh again.

Wang Jiayun also smiled very happily, after all, he had a face today.

Jiang Ranran also blushed and bowed his head.

To tell the truth, she was really satisfied with Lin Dong’s life. On the other hand, Sheldon, who was sitting in the corner and dared not to speak, was a world of difference.

Looking at Sheldonlplessly at the moment, shook his head.

At this moment, the door of the box was pushed open, and a woman in red came in.

She is enchanting, very s*xy and beautiful.

At first glance, it is a master in social situations.

He was holding a bottle of red wine at the moment and said with a smile: “Wang Shao and Lin Shao, know that you are coming, I specially gift you a bottle of red wine, today I am going to have fun!”

The woman in red smiled and said, “Moreover, for today’s consumption, Wang Shaochang is here. I will give you a 10% discount. Have fun!”

“Ah? Why do you get a 10% discount? Jiayun, aren’t you familiar with this sister in red? Why do you get a 10% discount?”

Several boys joked and booed.

Wang Jiayun’s face is pretty unsightly, and he feels like he has lost face.

“No, at least a 20% discount!”

Wang Jiayun said with an ugly face.

“That won’t work, Master Wang, I still have to do business!” The woman in red covered her mouth and chuckled.

“Ahem, that’s okay, but how about it, sister Hong, you have to have a drink with us, too?”

Later, the boys saw the woman in red as s*xy and beautiful, and they had to take her for a drink right now.

“Sorry, I have an important client to accompany today, I really can’t drink it!”

After speaking, Sister Hong waved her hand and went out.

As a result, the atmosphere was suddenly embarrassing.

Several boys looked at Wang Jiayun one after another.

“Jia Yun, what’s the situation? Sister Hong won’t give you any face!”

“fu*k, if I’m familiar with a jiba, I will give a 10% discount. I thought it was a good relationship, but I ignored you!”

After Sister Hong left, the boys said sourly.

This makes Wang Jiayun feel like sitting on pins and needles.

Very uncomfortable.

Yes, Sister Hong did not show any face just now.

When she came before, she was still polite, which made Wang Jiayun feel familiar with her.

But I didn’t expect that Niubi was blown out, and when it was used, it was of no use.

“Hmph, well, don’t you believe me? I’ll take her to toast you now, and you will wait for me.”

After finishing speaking, Wang Jiayun opened the KTV door angrily and left. It seemed that he was looking for the Hong sister.

And Sheldon just smiled wryly and shook his head while watching.

I think face is really so important sometimes.

For such a small matter, it is worth making anger.

Moreover, Sheldon could tell that Sister Hong should belong to the kind of person who is very polite to everyone. It’s normal to be familiar with herself when doing business.

But it’s not good to have no self-knowledge.


However, it didn’t take long.

I saw a girl who went to the bathroom just now ran in with a panic on her face:

“Brother Dong, go out and have a look, Wang Jiayun was beaten!”

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