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Chapter 211

“Ah? What is going on?”

When Jiang Ranran and the others hid on the side of the road and saw the scene, they were directly surprised.

Because there are many luxury cars parked at the entrance of KTV.

And people are bustling.

“fu*k, something must have happened, is it possible that Sheldon’s kid caused a big deal?”

Lin Dong analyzed.

“Sure, otherwise, in Ping An County, who else could make such a big disturbance? I would have said that I didn’t bring that kid with me. It’s better now. Once a major event occurs, it will be a burden to us. After all Liu Shao knows he is with us!”

A few boys whispered to each other, very depressed.

And Xu Xin paled with fright at their words.

If they really did what they said, then could Sheldon still live!

No, I have to go in and have a look, if it doesn’t work, I’ll call the police!

Xu Xin secretly said in her heart, then opened the car door and ran directly into the KTV.

Xu Xin had a very good impression of Sheldon. Of course, it was the first time I met. I would definitely exclude things like these.

I just think Sheldon’s people are very good, very real, and just now, in order to save everyone, Sheldon carried the whole thing down by himself.

If, like Jiang Ranran and the others, leave Sheldon alone, Xu Xin can’t do it anyway.

That’s why Xu Xin is so nervous.

“Xu Xin, you are crazy, come back soon!”

Jiang Ranran also ran out of the car and shouted anxiously.

Xu Xin was her best sister, and she couldn’t bear to see Xu Xin like this. Jiang Ranran was scared, so she ran to chase Xu Xin.

Let her not be impulsive.

As for Lin Dong and the others, they were sitting in the car and smoking cigarettes.

“fu*k, it’s so miserable inside, that Young Bowenu didn’t know who had provoked him and was crippled!”

“Who said no, I didn’t dare to watch it. It was really a drama. Master Liu thought he was awesome. I didn’t expect someone to be even better than him, haha!”

At this moment, several young men and women passed by Xu Xin.

Twitter discussion work.

Xu Xin was surprised at first when she heard this.

Liu Dashao was beaten and disabled?

What about Sheldon?

Immediately he hurriedly stopped them and asked what was going on inside.

Jiang Ranran happened to chase him at this time.

When several boys saw the two beauties, Jin came up and talked about their situation in the KTV box just now.

“Beauty, you haven’t seen it before you go in, you have always heard of Liu Dashao, Liu Li, the first rich young man in Ping’an County, was just about to be scrapped by a group of black bodyguards! That group is too cruel. It is said that they are from Roston City, you can see by looking at the cars they drive! Great!!!”

A man said excitedly.

“Liu Li is the same. I thought he said to call Da Fei, I think things will turn for the better. Liu Li will teach those people a lesson, but Da Fei came, as if he was very respectful to those two people. He passed cigarettes and poured alcohol! At that time, Master Liu’s face was green!”

“There are also a few big guys in the box, who are all compelling!”

The other two boys also said.

“I’m not asking you Liu Li how they are, I’m asking, is there any young man injured? Did Liu Li chop a young man?”

Xu Xin asked anxiously.

“Ah? Young man? Except for Liu Li and a man named Fourth Master who were fatally beaten, no one else was injured, O’ao, as for the bodyguards Liu Li brought, they were fainted when they came up. See what young people are inside!”

“How could this be? What about Sheldon? Will you admit your mistakes? The person who was beaten and disabled was not Liu Li?”

Jiang Ranran said in disbelief at this time.

“How is it possible, Liu Li, Young Bowenu, who has never seen a photo!”

The group of people talked and laughed and left.

“So, Sheldon is okay?”

The big stone in Xu Xin’s heart suddenly fell.

“But why do these wealthy people come to fight Liu Li? Of course, you said they were the people Sheldon called?”

Xu Xin suddenly said such a sentence.

Because she suddenly remembered that when Sheldon let them go again, he said he would call a group of people to accompany this Liu Li.

That means finding someone to fight with Liu Li.

At that time, Xu Xin didn’t think about it elsewhere, thinking that Sheldon was supporting Liu Li.

As a result, a large group of people really came, and they really beat Liu Li.

And Xu Xin’s suspicion.

Jiang Ranran’s body was shocked directly.

“How is it possible! Just him! I don’t know him yet, he is just a poor dick, how can he know so many rich people? Xu Xin, don’t be fooled by him!”

fu*k, if this is true, Jiang Ranran immediately hit the wall with his head and killed him.

But how is it possible?

Jiang Ranran then waved to Lin Dong and the others in the car to come over.

Tell them what happened just now.

They were all very surprised when they heard that Liu Li was beaten up.

Looking at the luxury cars blocking the KTV, they all show admiration.

“Look at it, isn’t that Sheldon?”

Jiang Ranran glanced at him, and suddenly he saw Sheldon eating by the window in a western restaurant next to the KTV.

Almost blinded her.

“Impossible? Damn, it’s really him!”

Lin Dong was also taken aback.

Everyone thinks Sheldon is going to be miserable. What happened? He actually eats in a western restaurant and is in a good location?

This this this…

“Sheldon really didn’t have anything at all. Of course, what Sheldon said is true. He really called the group just now. Sheldon may know many rich people!”

Xu Xin said happily.

“Impossible! I just don’t believe it, Lin Dong, let’s ask him what is going on? And he is so poor that he can eat in a western restaurant!”

Jiang Ranran stomped anxiously.

People who I look down on have great abilities?

Isn’t this slap your own face!

“Okay, let’s go over and take a look! That Xiao Li, take some of them drunk home first!”

At this time, Lin Dong ignored his drunkenness and said to a little brother.

Because many boys just blew a whole bottle.

The wine is coming up, and some people are already uncomfortable.

Lin Dong had a better drinker, but he was reluctant to leave in such a big scene, so he insisted.

With Jiang Ranran and Xu Xin, the three of them went directly to the western restaurant.

“Sheldon, I think I’m blind, but I didn’t expect it to be you, oh, when I ran here, I didn’t order anything, I just sat there, don’t tell me you slipped out, there’s nowhere to sit. ?”

Jiang Ranran ran over angrily and asked.

At first, she was a little worried, worried that Sheldon was really rich and capable.

But when he came to see Sheldon’s table, Jiang Ranran was relieved.

This guy came to take refuge out of ten.

“Of course you may not know that this western restaurant is a goblin, a high-end route, and its headquarters is in Roston, so ordinary people really don’t dare to come in, and this is the best haven for Sheldon, haha! “

Lin Dong also mocked a few words.

As for Sheldon, he was just a little confused.

Just now in the KTV box, his own bodyguard hit Liu Li and the others, and Sheldon was watching the beating, and felt a little dull.

Just teach this kid a lesson.

So I didn’t plan to stay in KTV forever.

After all, it’s not Sheldon’s nature to pretend to be so coerced. In addition to eating less at noon, he was a little hungry at this point, so Sheldon went out to eat.

But I just ordered the meal and sat down thinking about my future plans.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ranran and the others would come back.

What’s the situation? Didn’t you let them all go!

Now, Sheldon didn’t even know how to explain it?

At this moment, I saw the six waiters in the western restaurant lined up, respectfully carrying the western food, and walking towards Sheldon…

Chapter 212

French Feast is too expensive

“This lady, please!”

The leading waitress looked at Jiang Ranran with a smile.

Then, under Jiang Ranran’s staring pocket, he placed a Western-style meal in front of Sheldon.

“Huh? What?”

Jiang Ranran was the first to be confused.

“Hey hey hey, did you make a mistake? Are you in the wrong position?”

Jiang Ranran was shocked.

As long as an individual can see that this Western-style meal is of great value, the standard has to start at 3000, and these are actually for Sheldon?

That’s right, she has always looked down on Sheldon, thinking that Sheldon is a poor man.

And before, she once said that she had leaked the engagement between her father and Sheldon’s father when she was a child. I don’t know how many people ridiculed her.

“Of course, your fiance in the countryside is still waiting for you!”

The laughter of the classmates seemed to be vivid.

This is the biggest sarcasm for Jiang Ranran.

I don’t usually say it, but Jiang Ranran is quite agreeable.

So, putting aside the issue of face, she was really disgusting Sheldon.

But now, Sheldon actually eats so well.

“How could it be wrong? This Mr. Sheldon ordered our most expensive set meal, which was personally cooked by a French chef! It costs 6,999 dollar!”

The waiter smiled gently, and after another respectful salute to Sheldon, he left.

“What? 6999?” Jiang Ranran was even more confused. She hasn’t been so extravagant, right?

“Sheldon, what do you mean, you are poorer than others, such a wasted life, you still order a French meal, are you sick! Do you know, your seven thousand dollars, what do you use to do something? It’s not good!”

Jiang Ranran said unceremoniously.

“That’s it, the less money is, the more you have money. What is my identity? My mobile phone is only 6,999. You need so much for a meal. Are you scared and confused!”

Lin Dong also followed the road.

To be honest, in Ping’an County, it’s awesome to have more than 3,000 mobile phones.

But Lin Dong is definitely more powerful, holding the 6999, which has face.

But now compared, what the fu*k is Sheldon’s meal money, no one’s face looks good.

“Sheldon, it’s not that we said you. With this money, you can buy yourself some good-looking clothes or change yourself to a good-looking mobile phone than anything else. You can improve yourself, but now you… !”

Jiang Ranran directly shook his head at Sheldon silently.

His eyes were full of disappointment.

Indeed, compared with Lin Dong, Sheldon is far behind in terms of his life and thinking.


At this moment, Sheldon’s phone vibrated.

Take a look, it is a strange number.

And Jiang Ranran and Lin Dong stared at Sheldon at the moment.

Sheldon was embarrassed, and he was embarrassed to accept it.

I just hung up the phone and wanted to put it in my pocket again.

After all, she is Uncle Jiang’s daughter, and Sheldon is not easy to slap her in the face.

“Don’t move, let me see your phone!”

Jiang Ranran was stunned and hurriedly snatched Sheldon’s phone.

“This is…?” Jiang Ranran whispered.

“This phone has just been launched, 29,999. Sheldon, do you use this?”

This time not only Jiang Ranran and Lin Dong, but also Xu Xin was shocked.

“Ahem, this is my classmate’s I used! Doesn’t it make sense to bring it!”

Sheldon hacked himself.

“Hmph, you just pull it down without telling the truth, you think I can’t tell, this is your phone!”

Xu Xin glanced at Sheldon slightly.

Jiang Ranran was so entangled that he couldn’t speak.

What’s the matter, how could the people that I hate… are those people really called by Sheldon?

“Forget it, what’s so good about a mobile phone? You just drank and didn’t eat, or I would invite you to a French meal!”

Sheldon smiled and tried his best to change the topic.

“Okay, okay, I’m really hungry, I have never eaten a 6999 French meal before, haha, Sheldon, would you like a treat?”

Xu Xin giggled.

“of course!”

“Xu Xin! Have you forgotten what you are asking? Also, isn’t it Sheldon that you were most worried about just now? You don’t want to know why he is okay?”

Jiang Ranran still said sternly.

“By the way, I forgot when I was happy, Sheldon, please tell me, why are you all right? Are you calling the people outside?”

“Yes? Why am I okay?”

Sheldon said dumbfounded.

“We will ask you again!”

Jiang Ranran stared at Sheldon and frowned slightly.

Sheldon slapped his forehead at this time: “Oh, it’s like this. Originally, I was going to fight Liu Li, but at this time, the guests from the next box broke in. They should have enemies with Liu Li. It’s a fight! I took the opportunity to slip away!”

Sheldon called haha.

Jiang Ranran was speechless with anger.

Obviously, Sheldon didn’t tell the truth.

fu*k! Did you take the opportunity to slip and sneak into the next door to have a French meal? Lie!

Oh, don’t ask, it’s really anxious and angry!

“You two stay here for dinner too, just treat you two!”

Sheldon asked Jiang Ranran.

To be honest, Jiang Ranran looked at a table of French meals, she really wanted to stay, girls, aren’t they all foodies!

But the relationship with Sheldon is like this, how can she stay.


“Hmph, no need, we want to eat, just order it ourselves!”

Jiang Ranran hugged his shoulder and said, looking at Lin Dong.

She really wants to eat.

As for Lin Dong, he touched his wallet. A meal costs more than 6,000, and he has more than 10,000 dollar in total.

When he came out from KTV just now, he had already settled more than 8,000 pieces of meat and it was so painful, how can he spend 7,000 dollar to eat a big meal now?

If his family is powerful, it doesn’t mean he is rich.

“That’s okay, or next time, I will treat you to eat next time! I drank too much today!”


Jiang Ranran could also tell that Lin Dong was really out of money.

Suffocated immediately.

And Lin Dong himself felt quite useless.

I want to leave when I stand up.

Turning around, he knocked off a bottle of flowers on the table next to him.

With a bang, the vase shattered.

Damn it!

Lin Dong was taken aback.

At this time the waiter heard the sound and rushed over.

“Sir, this vase of flowers…”

The waiter whispered.

“Isn’t it just a bottle of broken flowers? What’s the show, fu*k, pay you, is one thousand dollar enough?”

Lin Dong took out a thousand dollar from his wallet and slammed it on the table.

You are as handsome as you are.

Then he glanced at Jiang Ranran, “Ranran, let’s go!”

Jiang Ranran was also handsome, and nodded immediately.

“Sir, wait!”

“what happened?”

“This vase of flowers is an artistic flower arrangement. You have broken it now. One thousand dollars is not enough! You need to pay ten thousand!”

The waiter smiled.

“What? Ten thousand?”

Lin Dong was stunned.

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