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Chapter 213

“Yes, sir, ten thousand!”

The waiter smiled.

Lin Dong’s face suddenly looked very ugly. He thought he had fallen a thousand dollar to pretend to be done, but he didn’t expect that this flower arrangement would be so expensive.

If you take out your father to clamor.

Certainly not.

This western restaurant is headquartered in Roston, and the owner is pretty good in Roston. This relationship does not work at all!

But let yourself really pay 10,000 dollar, where do you have money?

“Huh, ten thousand is ten thousand, what’s so great!”

Jiang Ranran said coldly at this time.

She even wanted to throw the money on the waiter’s face.

Now, in front of Sheldon, I’m fighting for my breath without steaming the buns!

Now he looked at Lin Dong who was aside. She knew that Lin Dong must have a way!

Lin Dong touched his pocket and whispered in Jiang Ranran’s ear, “I have two or three thousand dollars left on me now, how can I have money!”

“Ah!” Jiang Ranran thought that Lin Dong had to have five or six thousand no matter what, he still had five or six thousand, and he thought that two people would get together and mix up the face and it would be done.

But I don’t think that Lin Dong has such a point!

His face was a bit awkward right now.

“That waiter, count it on my account! I will pay them the money first!”

Sheldon watched the two of them chattering, but he didn’t want to help.

But after seeing it, Lin Dong may be tight.

As for Jiang Ranran, his expression was even harder to see the extreme.

Although these two people didn’t put themselves in their eyes, Sheldon was embarrassed to see Jiang Ranran like this.

After all, when we met, Sheldon also said something to the other people. If you have any difficulties in the future, just ask him.

At the moment, he actively said.

“Huh, Lin Dong doesn’t want your money, Lin Dong has friends!”

Jiang Ranran said.

At this point, who would Lin Dong pick up 10,000 dollar with? Besides, if he really borrowed it, his father would have known it sooner or later, so he wouldn’t be hacked.

Right now, I want to not borrow for nothing.

He said, “Okay, Sheldon, you lend me ten thousand dollar first! I will pay you back tomorrow!”

“No problem! By the way, you have to give me an IOU!”

Sheldon smiled faintly.

As for the waiter, he immediately brought paper and pen.

Although Lin Dong looked ugly, he still wrote an IOU and handed it to Sheldon.

Then he took the thousand dollar he had thrown on the table and put it back in his wallet.

Take Jiang Ranran and go out.

“Huh, of course, this fool’s money is not borrowed for nothing, hehe, I was ashamed of him today, but when he asks me for money, just wait and see, anyway, this kid has no money!”

Lin Dong still thinks about Sheldon.

Looking at Lin Dong like this, Jiang Ranran suddenly felt that he was unfamiliar, so unfamiliar as if he had never known him.

Just one word, LOW!

Yes, now Lin Dong is so LOW, before, Jiang Ranran actually felt that having money is not too important.

After all, she grew up in a greenhouse and has never had much desire for money.

I feel that looking for a boyfriend in the future may not necessarily have more money, just bring yourself to eat!

Therefore, there is a relationship, and there is also Lin Dong who everyone envy of work, so she is naturally her first choice.

Because Lin Dong is respected no matter where he goes.

But today, in the western restaurant, Jiang Ranran’s worldview was refreshed.

Can I bring myself to eat?

Haha, without money, I can’t even eat a decent meal.

Jiang Ranran wanted to eat the bunch of delicious Sheldon ordered, but Lin Dong had no money.

I can’t afford to break a vase.

I borrowed money from other people, but still thinking about how to harm them.

Is this the guy you like?

Jiang Ranran shook his head.

“Come on now, I’ll drive you home first!”

Lin Dong said at this time.

“Forget it, you can leave first, I’ll just take a taxi and go back!”

After Jiang Ranran finished speaking, he stopped a taxi directly on the side of the road and left.

Only Lin Dong was left blankly.

Of course he understood what was wrong with Jiang Ranran and hated Sheldon in his heart!

It didn’t take long for Sheldon and Xu Xin to exchange contact information, and they finished eating.

Sheldon called Xu Xin a car to take her home.

I ran to the KTV next door and took a look. The scene was gone, and the KTV was temporarily closed tonight.

Sheldon didn’t expect so many things to happen on this day, it was really tiring.

I took a taxi and returned to the hotel where I was staying.

Just went back.

My cell phone rang again.

At first glance, it was still the unfamiliar number I called during dinner.

Who is this?

Sheldon was surprised and called to answer.

“Sheldon, what are you doing? Why don’t you answer the phone!”

As soon as it was connected, there was a beautiful female voice.

And hearing this voice, Sheldon was also a little confused.

“Myla, why are you!”

Sheldon doubted.

Speaking of it, half a month has passed since the holiday began.

In the past half month, Sheldon spent most of his time in the hospital serving Uncle Wu, and Myla seemed to ignore himself because of the incident on the day of the holiday some time ago.

Sheldon thought this was just right.

The two basically broke contact.

Unexpectedly, I suddenly received a call from Myla at this time.

“Huh, it’s surprising. I called you from the landline in my room. What do you mean? You don’t contact me anymore. You really didn’t consider me a friend!”

Myla groaned.

“No, I was surprised that you would call me!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

“Why can’t I call you?”

Myla said playfully.

“Because I am not a rich second generation, just a little poor dick!”

“I don’t allow you to belittle yourself like this!”

Myla said angrily.

“Really, most girls call me like this!”

“That’s the majority. I never looked down on you. On the contrary, I think you are much better than those rich second generations. I know you are hiding from me because you love your girlfriend. Actually, if you don’t have your girlfriend, you will be nice to me, right?”

“Maybe…” Sheldon didn’t know what to say.

Myla, the girl, to be honest, is beautiful and has a good temperament, and has a very good heart. It is a great blessing to make her a girlfriend.

But Sheldon, because of Lilla, although he liked Myla, he didn’t like that.

“Are you calling me something?”

Sheldon asked.

“I can’t call you if I’m fine? Okay, I’m fine, then you can hang up!”

Myla said sharply.


Sheldon hung up the phone.

But he called again immediately, and Sheldon connected.

“What do you mean! Why are you doing this! I’m really mad at you, I have something to do with you, and it’s a very important thing!”

Myla was speechless.

“what’s up?”

“Tomorrow I want to go to your hometown to find you. Is it convenient for you to stay in your house for a few days?”

“Hey, Sheldon, can you hear it?”

Chapter 214

“what did you say?”

Sheldon was directly surprised.

How many days have you come to live with? How can this be convenient, I have to call Lilla every day, and let’s talk about it.

I have a girlfriend, but I just study abroad, and then I live with a girl at home.

Even if public opinion can stand it.

Sheldon’s conscience can’t stand it either, what has happened!

“No, it’s not convenient for me!”

Sheldon said.

“O’ao, it’s okay, I thought there would be someone who would help me, I see…”

Myla’s voice fell suddenly.

“What happened to you?” Sheldon asked curiously.

Yes, Myla would not take the initiative to say that she would come to live in her own house for no reason.

Myla likes herself?

Hehe, Sheldon hasn’t reached such a point of narcissism.

Just wonderingly asked.

“I’m going to make a kiss!”

Myla paused and said suddenly.

“Congratulations…” Sheldon just prepared to congratulate, and suddenly felt that Myla’s tone was not right, so he constricted and said, “Who has made a kiss? This is a good thing!”

“With Cohen, my dad is now in a business crisis. My dad wants to use Cohen’s company to help overcome this crisis. During this time, Cohen has been chasing me and let his dad Come to propose a marriage, and my mother is also Cohen and his dad helped save, my dad agreed and let me and Cohen be married!”

“But I don’t want to be married, do you know? Sometimes I feel like I’m dreaming. I obviously have a lot of plans. I think I have to be 30 to consider getting married. But now I have not graduated from university. I am married with someone else, and I still don’t like someone, I really don’t know what to do!”

“I want to run out, but my friends Cohen all know him, and he will definitely find him, so I thought of you, but I didn’t expect you to ignore me!”

While speaking, Myla burst into tears.

Listening to Sheldon, he finally knew what was going on.

Yes, this kind of thing is very uncomfortable for anyone.

Moreover, there are more or less mixed with own factors.

After all, Myla’s mother was saved by herself.

In order not to entangle Myla too much, Sheldon never admitted.

Let Cohen have been holding this incident to force them Qin Jia.

To be honest, for driving Myla to this point, he also has the responsibility!

What to do now?

Myla obviously wanted to go out to hide, or threatened her father in this way of running away from home.

So I want to come to myself.

Reject her and let her go back to get married? But to be honest, marrying someone like Cohen is really a good cabbage to let the pig go, and Sheldon feels violent.

Promise her?

But how did Lilla explain it himself?

Besides, if you really refuse, you really can’t make it through your conscience.

This reminded Sheldon of the word cause and effect, and the planted cause will attract an effect sooner or later!

“Well, you come to me, let me first say yes, I don’t live in my hometown, I live in the county seat! And this matter is resolved, you have to go home!”

Sheldon said.

Since this matter started because of myself.

Of course, it should be solved by oneself.

The solution is also very simple, only expose your identity!

Everything is fine.

That’s why Sheldon dared to let Myla come to live.

“Okay, I see! Sheldon, thank you, I love you to death, don’t worry, I will scare my dad, let him refuse and it will be fine!”

Myla said happily.

After hanging up the phone.

Sheldon felt that this was somewhat inappropriate.

But I can’t control that much, I agreed!

As for the hotel where I was staying, it happened to be a suite, so it was convenient for two people to live together.

In addition to taking care of Uncle Wu, Sheldon had to discuss matters with Chapman and the others.

So the room booked by the hotel is not small.

And Sheldon also decided not to keep a low profile to Myla, let her know her identity!

And until the next morning, Myla arrived by car.

Sheldon naturally drove his Mercedes G500 to the station early to pick him up.

That is, his own Rambo was thrown at the Yunding Mountain Villa, or Sheldon would directly drive Rambo.

Let her know her identity, and then solve the matter for her. It’s that simple, Sheldon thought.

And take the big G to the station exit.

Sure enough, it also attracted a lot of onlookers.

Especially some little girls, all came to take pictures with their mobile phones.

After all, the car is worth more than two million!

“I’m going, there is a big G in Ping’an County, who will it be? It must be a rich and young driver!”

“Yeah, my goodness, can you see how beautiful I am today, what if you get off the bus later and you are attracted to me?”

“Hahaha, don’t be stinky!”

“Sisters, let’s go and strike up a conversation!”

Several young girls whispered to ear canals covering their mouths.

He giggled from time to time.

“The owner of this car should be rich, right?”

At this time, an eighty-year-old woman leaning on a cane asked a few little girls who were going to come and strike up a conversation.

“Of course, big G, two million dollar, how old grandma, you still have ideas, people are rich and young, alright…”

Several girls smiled.

“What’s wrong with the old grandma? The old grandma also has the right to pursue, huh!”

The old lady contemptuously said.

With crutches, he trot towards the big G.

And a few girls also ran over.

In the square, more and more people watched this big G.

Sheldon sat in the car and took a deep breath.

This is the first time this is so pretending.

In the past, I was always low-key, and occasionally high-key, which made Sheldon very excited.

There is a big kind of “I have waited for three years, just to wait for an opportunity, I want to fight for a breath, not to prove that I am great, but to tell you, once I lost, I must take it back! “a feeling of.


Sheldon put on his sunglasses and pulled out the car key.

Ready to come out directly under the public.


As a result, I just opened the door.

It seemed to hit something.

Then I heard a scream.

A gray-haired grandmother lost her cane and lay directly on the ground.

Damn it!

Sheldon was stunned.

“Boy, you, you…Is your car okay?”

The grandmother lay on the ground, howling in fright.

“What’s the matter?” At this time, someone rushed to watch, and many tourists were onlookers.

“Ahem, what else? Just now, the little brother knocked down the old lady when he opened the door. Actually, I saw it. The old lady took advantage of the time when he opened the door. porcelain!”

“That’s it!”

But some people came to watch after the unknown truth.

“Oh, why is this young guy so careless, this big G is probably going to be lost?”

Someone said.

Sheldon stepped out of the car helplessly and wanted to help.

“Don’t do it, I said it doesn’t matter to you, it’s my own collision. I am an old mother in my family, childless, I really can’t afford it!”

The old grandma cried.

“Hmph, grandma, don’t be afraid. If you have money, you will be great. If you have money, you have to lose money. The old grandma hits you with his car door. Don’t be afraid, we will be fair for you!”

There were also enthusiastic young people shouting.

After a while, the traffic police came.

What else can be done? The scene must be cleared away.

Although the old lady was maliciously touching the porcelain, it was indeed Sheldon who opened the car door and ran into each other.

So first, the old lady was sent to the hospital, and then Sheldon went to the traffic police brigade to sign something.

Sheldon wants to cry, what is this all about.

After dealing with this matter, it was already forty minutes later, and Sheldon lost the old lady some money.

As soon as he came out, he received a call from Myla.

“Don’t you say you want to pick me up? What about people?”

“Aoao, I’ll pass now!” Sheldon hurriedly said.

“Don’t come here, I have already taken a taxi to find you!”

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