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Chapter 209

I’m Sorry

“What? Was beaten?”

“fu*k, it’s trouble!”

The boys and girls in the room suddenly became nervous.

Even Lin Dong was a little nervous.

But he didn’t panic, and calmly said at the moment, “What’s the hurry, go, go out with me, I want to see, who dares to move my brother!”

Right now, he waved his hand directly, and a crowd of boys and girls followed out.

A few boys even took the wine bottles directly, and they seemed to be doing it!

Sheldon, although he thinks Wang Jiayun is quite easy to be agitated.

But I didn’t expect him to be fu*ked.

It’s all over now, and if I don’t feel embarrassed to sit and drink here, I’ll just follow everyone behind.

Let’s talk about Wang Jiayun. At this moment, a group of people surrounded the KTV hall.

He was curled up on the ground, blood from his forehead.

A dozen KTV bodyguards just beat him up.

As for Sister Hong, she hugged her shoulders and looked at Wang Jiayun with a cold smile.

“Boy, shame on you, dare to pull my old lady’s hair, I think you don’t want to live, do you know whose site this is? Believe it or not Big Fei hacked you to death! fu*k!”

Sister Hong scolded.

And hearing the three words Big Fei, several people on the sidelines couldn’t help but pale.

At the moment, he looked at Wang Jiayun on the ground with some sympathy.

Just now, Wang Jiayun suddenly called Sister Hong who had entered a box, angrily trying to pester Sister Hong to make a toast, of course Sister Hong ignored her.

In fact, there are not many people who can make Hong Jie toast in the whole KTV.

But Wang Jiayun stopped doing it. At the last moment, he pulled Sister Hong’s hair. It seemed that Sister Hong wouldn’t be able to toast today.

The result is like this.

As for the person in the other box, he actually came to the box and pulled sister Hong’s hair.

When the people over there waved their hands, seven or eight strong men rushed out.

He took the stick and knocked Wang Jiayun to the ground.

Good lesson.

It was also at this time that a girl who went to the bathroom saw her, and then she hurriedly ran back to report the letter.

“Sister Hong, let this kid be handled by his subordinates, and the guests at my table are waiting for you to pay!”

Next to Sister Hong, there was a silly boy standing right now.

A look of stubbornness, but it looks like a rich man.

“I know Bowenu, should I vent my anger first? Look, he pulled my hair just now!”

Sister Hong smiled.

“Haha, no problem. In this case, drag him into my box. I just made trouble for you at the door of our box. It’s not giving me Liu Li’s face. Damn, I have to take my breath today! Look at this kid. Forced!”

As soon as Liu Li raised his hand, several bodyguards immediately got the order, set up Wang Jiayun, and walked into the box.

Can just enter the box.

“Stop! Get acquainted and let go of my brother!”

At this time, I suddenly heard a shout.

Seeing Lin Dong with one hand in his pocket, he has led a large number of people walking over.


It’s awesome.

“Damn, it’s interesting, there are still people who come to seek revenge, who am I to see, why is it so awesome?”

And Liu Li also looked nonchalant, so he went into the box and asked the bodyguard to open the door to let them in.

Lin Dong thought that the kid was scared, and now he was more courageous.

The swarm rushed in.

However, when I saw the people in the house, not only Lin Dong, but also many people holding wine bottles behind Lin Dong were shocked.

“Master Liu, is that you? Brother Zhang, Master Tiger, Fourth Master, you… are you all there?”

Lin Dong’s eyes widened, his arrogance was instantly extinguished.

As for a few girls, they thought that they would be able to enjoy the scenery with Lin Dong. At this moment, seeing Lin Dong withered, they were all very embarrassed.

Especially Jiang Ranran standing next to Lin Dong.

“Little Li, who is this kid? Your friend?”

At this time, a man with a dragon and a painting style asked lightly.

“I don’t know, fu*k, you know me!”

Liu Li smiled lightly.

“Lin Dong, who is he?”

Jiang Ranran quietly tugged Lin Dong’s arm and asked.

“Liu Li, the mine in Ping’an County belongs to their family. The richest man in Ping’an County is ranked in the whole Roston. His dad is the leader of the underground forces in Ping’an County, and Brother Da Fei is with his dad. , Absolutely ruthless!”

“The few around him are also famous on the road!”

Lin Dong naturally knows many people.

He hurriedly explained.

With that said, Jiang Ranran and the others are even more afraid.

They had still heard of Liu Li’s name.

The influence is even clearer. How can I not panic when I hear Dafei’s name again.

“Yeah! I said, buddy, what are you doing here with a group of people and wine bottles? Are you going to scare me to death?”

Liu Li sat with Erlang’s legs tilted, and said with a sneer.

“Ahem, Bowenu, misunderstandings, all misunderstandings. I drank too much today. My friend has offended you. I hope your lord has a lot. Let him go. My name is Lin Dong and my father Lin Gan. Give me face! Fourth Master Tiger, last time my dad took me to drink with you!”

Lin Dong hurriedly introduced.

“O’ao, I know he, but Lin Dong, I am so old, no one has ever held me in a box with a wine bottle like this. What do you think about this?”

Liu Li said with a smile.

But his gaze couldn’t help but sweep across the faces of Jiang Ranran and the other girls next to Lin Dong.

I thought, one by one, they are all top quality.

“That’s not going to work, look at Bowenu, if I blow a bottle of wine, I will make you apologize!”

“Yes, right, Bowenu, we blow a bottle of wine!”

Several boys also said one after another.

“Well, in this case, then each of you will blow up the bar, and everyone will give me a drink! This matter is over.”

Liu Li looked at a few scared girls and smiled:

“But there is a condition. Drinking beer will definitely not work. Just change to a white bar, each with a bottle, after blowing things, and you little sisters who walked in!”

“Huh? Baijiu?”

Lin Dong was dumbfounded.

“Why, don’t you give Liu Li this face?”

Liu Li’s face tightened.

Only after the voice came, a bodyguard had come in with a box of liquor.

But Lin Dong gritted his teeth and had no choice but to fight first.

He pinched his nose, and slurped down a bottle like drinking boiling water.

The other boys followed suit, and soon, everyone drank a bottle of white.


Liu Li applauded admiringly. At this time, he looked at the girls in Jiang Ranran: “Beauty, you have to drink too? You can’t go out of this door today without drinking!”

“As for you, you can get out!”

Liu Li pointed to Lin Dongdao.

“Bowenu, she is my girlfriend, can you let me take her away! Please, give me some face!”

No matter how stupid he was, he knew what Liu Li wanted to do, so Lin Dong said, clutching his stomach.

“No, you don’t have any face with me! And if you don’t get out, you won’t be able to leave!”

As soon as this statement came out, many boys hid in fear.

As for Lin Dong, gritted his teeth, he didn’t know what to say, after all, Liu Li was quite ruthless.

I had to lower my head and walk out.

As for Jiang Ranran and Xu Xin, they were naturally controlled by a few bodyguards.

Just when Jiang Ranran was scared to cry.

“Young Bowenu, give me a face, let them go…”

Chapter 210


After this voice was finished, there was a moment of silence in the box, all looking at the speaking youth.

Give you a face?

who are you? Just give you face?

And the person who spoke was naturally Sheldon.

Originally, Sheldon had been staying outside the box, and seeing Lin Dong eating embarrassingly, Sheldon just happily watched the excitement.

After all, it doesn’t matter what it is.

However, that Liu Li apparently cast his gaze on the heads of Jiang Ranran and Xu Xin.

Jiang Ranran, because her reason is less.

Although Jiang Ranran was kind of polite to him on the surface, Sheldon knew that this girl was quite despised of him.

I don’t need to pretend to be forceful in front of her.

However, with Xu Xin here, Sheldon would be embarrassed if he really didn’t care.

After all, Xu Xin treated herself well from the beginning, and did not look at people with colored glasses.

Xu Xin might think it was nothing, but in such a comparison, Sheldon was still very grateful to her.

So he stood up and decided to take this matter for Xu Xin.

“Sheldon, what are you talking nonsense, don’t hurry up, you don’t understand the things on some occasions!”

And Jiang Ranran said with a cold face.

She was all drunk. Jiang Ranran grew up in a small city and was well-informed. Naturally, things on this occasion would be overnight.

Even Jiang Ranran had decided. It’s a big deal that he followed Lin Dong’s way, pouring a bottle of wine, and then ran out quickly. Liu Li didn’t dare to be too innocent, right?

But unexpectedly, Sheldon actually came out to be a hero at this time, she was really drunk.

They both wanted to slap Sheldon one or two times.

“Give you face? Why do you?”

Liu Li frowned, and the other big men also looked at Sheldon.

Sheldon put both hands in his pockets, and smiled faintly: “This girl is my friend, so I will carry this for her. If you really want to drink, Young Bowenu, it is better to wait for me to finish the call and I will let someone come. Drink with you!”

Sheldon naturally wouldn’t pay attention to a small crouch.

She looked at Xu Xin and smiled.

“Boy, the hero pays a price to save the beauty, and I listen to what you mean, and I want to find someone to compete with Liu Li, hahaha, don’t you look at your dick, do you deserve it?”

Liu Li looked at Sheldon for a while, then sneered.

“Sheldon, don’t worry about this, you go!”

Xu Xin said worriedly at this time.

Sheldon turned around and gave her a relieved look, then smiled slightly: “It’s okay, don’t worry!”

After that, I looked at Liu Li: “How about Young Bowenu, do you dare? My people will come over later, how about a good drink with you?”

“Well, well, in Ping’an County, the first time I saw someone dared to make an appointment with Liu Li in front of so many big guys! Then we really have to know about it today, but I put the shame on top, and I will not forgive later. I believe you will be clear if you inquire about the fate of someone who offended my Liu Li!”

Liu Li sneered, as if watching a clown.

As for Sheldon, Xu Xin, Jiang Ranran and the other girls are now leaving.

Xu Xin looked at Sheldon with a worried look, very tangled, she wanted to stay with her.

As for Jiang Ranran, he gave Sheldon a blank look like an idiot, and then forced Xu Xin to leave.

Liu Li didn’t stop it, because he knew very well that there must be a sequel to this matter. When the time comes, we will find a few girls, but it’s not as simple as letting them drink only a bottle of liquor.

So Sheldon was on the phone.

Of course it was calling them.

“Scream, call me as many as you have, hahaha!”

After Sheldon finished the call, he looked at Liu Li with a slight smile.

Sheldon, in front of acquaintances, had to keep a low profile for various reasons, just like at Jiang Weidong’s house today, because he is an elder after all.

Sheldon is not a dude in nature, so he swallowed some things.

Because if Sheldon wanted to hit their family in the face, it would really be a matter of raising his hand.

But this time Liu Li was different, just like dealing with Xu Wei of the Haishan Group. Sheldon didn’t persuade him at all when he was involved.

And soon.

Hearing bursts of sudden braking sound, I saw the KTV door, the luxury cars stopped directly.

Teams of black-clothed bodyguards swarmed down, and the two headed by them were Tianlong and Earthhu.

As Sheldon’s current base manager, the two are also Sheldon’s personal bodyguards.

Where Sheldon is, they will naturally appear there so that they can provide support at any time.

“Young Master Sheldon is inside, rush in for me!”

With a violent wave, a group of people swarmed into the KTV.

At the moment in the box.

Liu Lizheng played with the wine glass in his hand and looked at his watch: “Boy, it’s been five minutes now, and you don’t even have a phone call. Are you kidding me?”

Talking and laughing.

Hearing a bang, the door of the box was kicked open.

A group of people poured in directly.

The bodyguards of several big guys were also alert, and immediately wanted to do it.

But before he took the shot, a few black-clothed bodyguards had been directly knocked to the ground.

The action is swift and violent, like a tiger rushing for food!

“Who are you?”

Liu Li was taken aback.

Seeing the skill of these people and the cold breath on them, Liu Li also knew that these people were not easy anymore.

“Sheldon, is that him?”

Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger walked to Sheldon and whispered in a low voice.

“Yeah, let me teach you a lesson!”

Sheldon nodded lightly.

“fu*k, dare you? Do you know whose territory this is?”

The middle-aged man named Long Ye said coldly at this moment.

Although his face was fierce, his forehead was already full of sweat.

I thought this time I might encounter hard stubble!

“This is Da Fei’s site. When Da Fei arrives, don’t even think about standing out one by one!”

Liu Li also shouted.

“Sister Hong, call Da Fei!”

Now she winked at Sister Hong again.

Sister Hong nodded: “Hmph, I have already sent a text message just now. Big Fei is bringing people over. When the time comes, just wait for a good show, right?”

And the other side.

“Lin Dong, you stop the car, I want to get off!”

Lin Dong drove away in embarrassment.

But halfway through, Xu Xin suddenly anxiously wanted to call to get off the car.

“What’s wrong with Xu Xin?”

Jiang Ranran asked.

“No way, no, I still don’t worry about leaving Sheldon alone! Everyone knows who Liu Li is, he will really pick out Sheldon’s hamstrings!”

When Xu Xin thought about it, she cried worriedly.

“Hmph, what are you worried about him doing, who made him punish the hero, deserve it!”

Jiang Ranran contemptuously said.

Now she can see clearly, Sheldon and Lin Dong are simply incomparable.

One is like a fool, the other is a man who can bend and stretch.

Especially when Lin Dong set an example for everyone just now and took the lead to kill a bottle of wine, Jiang Ranran was moved.

Man, nothing is better than this!

But thinking of that Sheldon, Jiang Ranran just shook his head speechlessly.

“That’s right, Xu Xin, besides, you two don’t know each other well. What does he care about us alive? You don’t think people are paying attention to him. Damn, don’t tell me, Xu Xin, do you like that poor dick?”

Lin Dong asked while driving.

“What do you think and think, I know, if there is no Sheldon today, everyone shouldn’t think of getting out so easily, you stop, I will go back and take a look!”

Unable to bear Xu Xin was really anxious, Lin Dong stopped the car.

Xu Xin ran back when she got out of the car.

“Xu Xin, come back!”

Jiang Ranran also yelled anxiously: “Lin Dong, what do you say? If Xu Xin is in danger, how can I explain this to her grandfather!”

“Oh, I think so, let’s turn around if we can’t!”

“Huh? No, Brother Dong, you want to save that Sheldon?”

“fu*k, what am I doing to save him? I’m afraid that Xu Xin will have an accident, so let’s go back and let Xu Xin see the situation from a distance, so that we can also grasp the situation!”

Lin Dong explained.

Everyone agreed, and the two cars turned around and returned…

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