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Chapter 231:

Shock Coming

“Arlene, you dare to hit me, Ding Hao, this bitch hit me, haven’t you seen it?”

Rosemarie covered her face and looked at Ding Hao.

Ding Hao turned his head aside to show his attitude.

“Wow, you guys, count me Rosemarie blind!”

After Rosemarie scolded, she ran out crying.

And when Arlene lost her chopsticks, it was obvious that she was so disturbed, and she was not in the mood to eat, and it didn’t take long for her to leave with Ding Hao.

“Unexpectedly, these two good girlfriends are now at this point…”

After watching the whole process, Sheldon also understood the situation.

In fact, to put it bluntly, Rosemarie and Arlene are not after Ding Hao’s real estate.

After all, Ding Hao, who had no money before, followed them all day long, and the two girls who had never seen him treated him well.

It’s not bad now, once Ding Hao has real estate and personal connections.

In the eyes of the two girls, they became handsome and steady.

Alas, Sheldon has the most experience of this kind of thing.

I just don’t know that these two girls will know that everything about Ding Hao is actually given by themselves. What kind of expression will they look like?

Ha ha, smiled helplessly.

Sheldon left after eating.

“Oh, grandson, wait a minute!”

As soon as Sheldon left the restaurant, he was hugged by an old man lying in front of the restaurant.

“fu*k, what are you doing?”

Sheldon was taken aback.

“Grandson, if you can eat in this kind of restaurant, you must have money. Give me some money. I haven’t eaten for many days!”

The old beggar hugged Sheldon’s leg and said.

This old beggar, shaggy-faced, has gray hair.

Now he hugged Sheldon again, as if you would not let Sheldon go without paying.

Sheldon was helpless.

He took out his wallet and gave the old beggar a one hundred.

Hey, really rich!

The old beggar hurriedly put away, but still held Sheldon in his hands.

“Are you still endless?”

Sheldon had a temper for a while and said coldly.

“Grandson, I also want to ask you for a favor. Can you send me to the hospital? I want to treat my legs!”

The old beggar said again.

“Damn, you old beggar is too leaning on your old age, you want to blackmail me!”

Sheldon was speechless for a while.

“Who is an old beggar, I’m just in trouble, not a beggar, OK?”

Old man said.

And now, many people on the street have gathered around.

Looking at this scene pointing.

Sheldon thought that he was really unlucky.

The old man shouted another grandson.

In the end, there was really no way, Sheldon sent him to the opposite hospital.

Just when the old American doctor in the hospital showed him his legs.

While paying the money, Sheldon glanced at the old man bitterly.

Only then did I see that this old man actually had a tattoo on his chest, and he was also tattooed with a dragon head. The dragon head is very hideous and seems to be devouring everything.

Is this old beggar really a hero?

Sheldon said inwardly.

Maybe this old guy was once a king.

But it’s my own business.

A total of a thousand dollar was spent for this old man, if in normal times, Sheldon would not be a good person to save him.

Isn’t this because of him?

After a glance at him, Sheldon was about to leave.

At this time, on the TV of the medical center, a radio from Roston TV station suddenly sounded.

It was about the disappearance of Myla of the Qin family.

The police have already intervened.

Obviously, Myla’s father is also relying on the media to find it.

Seeing this news, Sheldon blamed himself for a while.

“Hey, this girl is pretty, I hope it’s okay, after all, there are no perverted bad people in society now?”

“That’s right, the girl is outside, so you must protect yourself!”

Some patients said.

“I seem to have seen this girl some time ago, she is alone, blocked by several men!”

The old beggar lying on the hospital bed said something.

Sheldon, who was about to go out, fell back after hearing this.

“What did you say? Have you met her?”

Sheldon asked anxiously.

The old man looked at Sheldon and smiled: “I have seen it. I saw it outside Roston Station. It was like noon that day. She was alone. Because this girl was quite white and tall and beautiful, I was impressed, but Several people came to pick her up, and those people chatted with her, and she hurried into the car after a while!”

“Why, do you know someone else?”

The old man smiled.


Sheldon nodded.

I asked the old man about some details. From the old man’s description, it was Myla that happened that day, and the time was right.

As long as you figure out where Myla disappeared, and if she was kidnapped, it would be easy to resolve this matter after investigation.

See Sheldon and have to leave again.

The old man hurriedly grabbed him again.

“What else are you doing?”

Sheldon asked.

“Grandson, you are a great man, can you tell me what your name is?”


Sheldon saw that he had provided a clue, and immediately replied.

“My surname is Chen, then let me see your chest, right?”

An excitement flashed in the old man’s eyes.

Moreover, Sheldon could not help but pull Sheldon’s collar when he came over.

Sheldon naturally resisted.

But this old man didn’t know where the strength came from, and Sheldon couldn’t move his arm directly after a little effort.

Pull his collar apart.

The old man frowned.

“Hi, that’s weird, no!”

The old man said, and let Sheldon go.

How crazy this old guy is!

Sheldon thought while rubbing his wrist.

Taking advantage of this old hair’s daze, Sheldon slid away quickly.

At the same time, he also called Tianlong Dihu and Zhao Tongtong about this matter.

I believe it won’t take long for the Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger to find out the matter.

Because Sheldon thinks that this should be a deceptive kidnapping, just hope that Myla will not do anything…

As for the old man I met at the entrance of the restaurant today, Sheldon felt a little surprised. At the same time, this old man happened to know what happened to Myla, which surprised Sheldon even more. It was a coincidence!

But these Sheldon don’t think about it.

Sure enough, an hour later, Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger found out the matter.

Myla was indeed deceived, and at this moment, she was placed under house arrest in a luxurious community. I have been under house arrest for two days.

And the fuse of the whole incident appeared on a student named Cohen.

Cohen owed money from the underground forces in Roston, so he cheated Myla as collateral!


Sheldon cursed.

Then, let Tianlong Earthhu prepare the manpower, and hurry to save people.

In fact, before making this call to Sheldon, the people from all over the world had already arrived in that community.

Sheldon hurriedly wanted to rush over, but only then found out that his big G had been rented out, so he couldn’t drive to Belraen Villa.

Fortunately, the community was not far from this location, so Sheldon got into a small yellow car and hurried there.


At this time, there were heavy clouds and heavy rain outside.

After Sheldon sent a message to Zhao Tongtong, the phone was turned off without power.

He rushed to Yunhua Community under the rain.

At this moment, in Yunhua Community.

More than a hundred Maybachs arrived, and the entire community was blocked, and all four doorways were blocked.

And there were a lot of people in black in suits, all of them standing next to the car neatly with black umbrellas. The momentum is too strong.

Many people were shooting from inside the building with their mobile phones.

This is definitely big news.

God knows what happened, and the ghost knows who offends and the boss.

Anyway, I was shocked.

At the same time, at the door of a restaurant in Yunhua Community.

A group of young men and women were still standing, sheltering from the rain.

“Ms. Meng, it’s raining so heavily, and the gates of the community are all blocked, we can’t go!”

Said a girl.

“Ahem, if you can’t, just live in Teacher Meng’s house, anyway, Teacher Meng just moved to a new home!” A boy said.

“Seriously, if it weren’t for the instructor to ask our local students from Roston to move her to a new house today, I would not have liked this kind of scene. It was all Maybach! I fu*ked!”

More students are shocked by the Maybach surrounding the community.

“Ah? Look at the instructor, how does that person who ride the yellow car know so well?”

A girl looked at it in reverence, and suddenly saw the boy riding a small yellow car from outside the community, and suddenly shouted…

Chapter 232

“fu*k, isn’t that Sheldon?”

Some boys recognized Sheldon.

“Yeah, it’s really him, my God, it’s raining so much, why is he running around on his bicycle?”

“Didn’t it mean that he won the lottery, haha, I thought his mount would change, but I didn’t expect it to be so ugly!”

“That’s right, but in our class, knowing he won the lottery, I secretly liked him, haha!”

A group of girls began to discuss.

And this group of boys and girls are not bystanders, they are exactly a dozen of Sheldon’s college classmates.

That teacher Meng is naturally Tenner.

Today, Tenner moved to a new house again, from the staff apartment.

Yunhua District is a high-end, the price is around 25 thousand.

Tenner opened her own Taobao shop while acting as a university teacher. He also worked as a micro business. Anyway, Elsa helped to promote it.

Therefore, I also made a lot of money.

Just bought a new house with three bedrooms and two halls.

It is natural to find your own students when you move.

The local students in Roston were all called by Tenner.

At the moment, when he saw Sheldon riding in the distance, Tenner’s heart beat for no reason.

Similar to Elsa, she also likes ordinary brother.

Therefore, of course he is sensitive to Sheldon, who is likely to be ordinary.

After all, it was raining. Although Sheldon hurriedly hurried, he still rode slowly.

At this time, three consecutive cars had gone straight to the gate of Yunhua Community from Sheldon’s side.

Zhao Tongtong and others got off the three cars one after another, as well as Myla’s parents.

The last car was Elsa and Du Yue, who were holding mobile phone live broadcast equipment.

Sheldon told Zhao Tongtong about this, and Zhao Tongtong naturally informed Myla’s parents about them.

As for so many people blocking the community right now, it should be because they are shutting down and beating dogs.

Think about it now that Myla has also been rescued by Heavenly Dragon and Earth Tiger.

“Stop, what are you doing?”

As soon as Zhao Tongtong and the others passed, they were stopped by the bodyguard.

Myla’s parents hurriedly begged, and the bodyguard heard, isn’t this the parents of the girl they rescued? Right now they respectfully let everyone in.

“Marcella here! Marcella!”

A girl saw Elsa and hurriedly called her over.

And Elsa obviously didn’t expect to meet so many classmates here.

Just walked over with Du Yue.

“Marcella, you’re so amazing. They didn’t let anyone in. Why did they let you in? And what happened?”

The girls all asked gossip.

Elsa looked at such a big scene and was really shocked.

“It was a girl who was kidnapped. When we received the news, we came over. I didn’t expect so many people to rescue her!”

“Ah? Who is this girl? But the look of his parents doesn’t look like the leader of this group?”

A girl asked.

Tenner also looked at Elsa curiously.

Elsa shook her head: “I don’t know this. Sheldon told us that the man had been rescued, but he was frightened. He is in Yunhua Community now!”


Tenner was surprised.

“Yeah, this girl is Sheldon’s friend. Sheldon asked me to help find her!”

As Elsa said, she seemed to have reacted.

Looking at each other with Tenner for a while, both of them were a little surprised.

“Hahaha, look at it, Sheldon’s drunkard came over!”

“Look at him, low or low, really, Xiaoyun, didn’t you just say that you still liked Sheldon, confessed to him in the past!”

“Will you die, the fool will confess to him!”

The crowd frolicked.


Suddenly, holding a black umbrella, the black bodyguards pressed against each other, shouting in unison.

The voice was loud, and it seemed that the whole community was shaking for a few minutes.

Two bodyguards ran over and put their umbrellas on Sheldon’s head.

Sheldon wiped the rain off his face and got off the little yellow car.

And the other bodyguard immediately put a white towel on the ground.

“Sheldon, the man has been rescued, but he was in a coma because he was frightened. Other than that, he was not injured at all, just under house arrest!”

Bodyguard Road.

“Then I can rest assured! I’ll go in and take a look!”

The big stone in Sheldonxuan’s heart finally landed.

Then walked forward.

The bodyguards at the door stood respectfully in two rows.

Holding the umbrella, they all looked at Sheldon.

The other bodyguards at the door had heard the news of the team closing.

They ran over.

After seeing Sheldon, he stood respectfully on both sides of the road.


The newcomer bowed slightly and shouted in unison.

These two shouts together.

Zhao Tongtong, the girls and Myla’s parents who were preparing to enter the community were all startled.

At this moment, he was looking back at Sheldon in surprise.


“Sheldon… is he Sheldon?”

Zhao Tongtong and the girls were shocked.

The identity was exposed.

Sheldon didn’t think there was anything, because with Zhao Tongtong and others, he didn’t taboo anything.

But when Sheldon turned his head, he himself was shocked.

Elsa, Tenner, and her classmates were all there.

At this moment, they all looked at themselves dumbfounded.

Why are they all here?

There was embarrassment on Sheldon’s face.

But now, saving lives is important.

“Sheldon, you are here!”

At this time, Zhao Zixing walked out of the building and said respectfully.

“I found out that a man named Cohen colluded with the underground forces in Roston. The young master of the Shen family, Shen Kai, put Ms. Myla under house arrest. Fortunately, nothing happened. As for the reason, that Cohen owed Shen Kai money. Shen Kai offered to take Ms. Myla as a condition, and the limit is three days. If Cohen can’t exchange money for three days, Shen Kai will use Ms. Myla!”

Zhao Zixing explained what he knew.

Shen Kai was thrown from upstairs because he wanted to do something just now, and he fell unconscious.

This is why the community is blocked.

Chapman coerced the Shen family and went.

This is basically the case.

Sheldon didn’t care about Zhao Tongtong, Tenner, Elsa and the others, who went in and took a look.

It was not until the unconscious Myla was pulled away by the medical cart that Sheldon’s heart completely relaxed.

This time Sheldon walked out of a unit building.

Zhao Tongtong, Tenner and the others are all here.

Looking at Sheldon, he felt so strange for an instant.

“Oh my god, Sheldon is the Young Master Sheldon of Roston! Oh my god!!! I’m dead!”

The girl named Xiaoyun bit her lips regretfully.

Not to mention other girls and boys.

Tenner and Elsa became even more short of breath.

“It turns out that the person who has been helping me is actually Sheldon! The rich and young man who has been looking for is in my class, and the relationship is so close!”

As for Elsa, the mobile phone in her hand was even more unsteady and fell directly to the ground.

Because her brain is completely blank now.

Sheldon took a breath and walked over to pick up Elsa’s phone and return it to her.

“I didn’t expect you all to be there, instructor, what are you doing here today?”

Sheldon asked with a faint smile.

“We are moving Sheldon for the instructor, no, no, we are moving to Sheldon! The instructor has just moved and invited us to dinner!”

A girl blushed and said.

“Oh, that’s right, take my car and take you back!”

Sheldon said something.

A bodyguard immediately opened the door.

Sheldon got into the car and left first…

Staying longer, Sheldon doesn’t know what to say…

“It’s really him!”

Elsa tremblingly looked at Sheldon’s back and said something.

“Linlin, don’t feel gloomy anymore, take a look, what happened to this community today? So many people?”

At this moment, a group of three or two girls also came out of the first unit.

Seeing the scene before her, a girl hurriedly grabbed her and was distracted, and apparently just cried, the girl named Linlin…

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