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Chapter 233

Ding Hao Regrets His Death

“Yes, so many luxury cars!”

Linlin was also a little surprised when she saw a luxury car.

Maybach, every car is worth a house here.

If anyone can marry into such a family, it must be so enviable.

Alas, it’s a pity that I, Rosemarie, looks pretty, but Ding Hao actually looked down on me and chose Arlene’s bastard.

What does she have, doesn’t she just pretend!

Yes, this girl is Rosemarie who is renting with her female colleague here.

Seeing the scene right now, I couldn’t help being envied.

Many girls at the scene also left with mixed feelings.

As for Cohen, he was taken away by the police.

When the next day came, Sheldon went to the hospital to visit Myla.

“Sheldon, thank you for saving me!”

What happened yesterday, after Myla woke up, Myla’s parents naturally told her the matter.

“It’s okay! I’m all to blame, I didn’t take care of you!”

Sheldon reproached himself.

“Sheldon, did you save my mother’s affairs? Because Cohen had already explained to the police that he had lied to me for saving my mother, and if it wasn’t because he held my mother to talk about things, I would never get in his car that day!”

Myla looked at Sheldon at this moment.

Because when Myla heard her father say that Sheldon is actually Sheldon, she was confused.

It was shocking.

“it’s me!”

Sheldon nodded, and now there is nothing to hide.

“You’re so stupid, why didn’t you tell me, do you know that for a while, I wanted to be with Cohen, if I was really with him, wouldn’t you hurt me!”

Myla twisted Sheldon’s arm lightly.

“I know, are you afraid that I will pester you?”

Myla looked at Sheldon with red eyes: “I know now, what is the reason why you don’t want to be with me? You are Roston Young Master Sheldon, your ID card is noble, how could you look at a girl like me, hehe, say It’s all because I am passionate!”

“No, I’m not what you think, but you know, it’s impossible for me to like other girls with Lilla!”

Sheldon said truthfully.

“Oh, I know it, it’s okay. I have thought about it clearly after going through this. Maybe I didn’t really like you, but was moved by the most precious thing you gave me. I now know that it’s for you In terms of it, it’s not even a mere dime!”

“That’s good, I’m relieved, Sheldon, I wish you and Lilla happiness!”

Myla smiled heartily.

Sheldon saw that she understood and was relieved, and felt relieved a lot.

“Well, we will be good friends in the future, as long as you have anything to do, I will definitely help you!”

Sheldon smiled.

Speaking of it, to Myla, apart from self-blame, it is self-blame.

After all, she had let her pigeons many times before, and now she almost had an accident.

So Sheldon’s remark is not polite.

“Okay, I remember your words. When I have something to do, I will ask you for help!”

“Yeah, take a break, I’ll go to the restaurant to make you some porridge!”

Sheldon got up and walked out.

Looking at Sheldon’s departure, the smile on Myla’s face gradually disappeared, and he slammed his quilt a few times.

Sheldon just walked out with Myla’s lunch box.

As a result, he almost hit one person.

“Oh, you are blind, do you walk without eyes?”

That was a girl, and another girl was holding a bottle and dripping a drip, directly cursing at Sheldon.

“Sorry, I’m not…huh? Rosemarie?”

Sheldon glanced, isn’t this Rosemarie!

“Sheldon? Why are you here?”

Rosemarie also asked in surprise.

Last night, it was actually those roommates who shared the room who accompanied Rosemarie to sling.

Because Rosemarie was in the rain when she came back last night, and her mood was stimulated.

She had a high fever.

Then, instead of a lot of convoys blocking the road, many police cars came from behind.

In short, I didn’t go out at that time.

Thinking of carrying it all night.

As a result, she woke up early this morning and her roommate found that she was more serious.

Hurry to the hospital.

This is just a little bit, and things are getting better.

Unexpectedly, he was almost hit by Sheldon.

“My friend is hospitalized, I’ll go and make him a bowl of porridge!”

Sheldon smiled.

“O’ao, Linlin, I see, this is the rich and young dog-legged Sheldon from your class, right?”

Another girl looked at Sheldon in contempt.

“Oh, Xiaoqian, what are you talking about!”

Rosemarie was embarrassed for a while.

“Isn’t it him? Make legs for those rich and young, but it’s really okay. Now I’m going to make porridge for others!”

The girl sneered.

Rosemarie’s face blushed and white.

My friend Xiao Qian is like that, and she’s very straightforward.

More heartless than myself.

Yes, Rosemarie told her these words.

Because last time at the Yunmeng Mountain Festival, wasn’t Sheldon very awesome, Rosemarie almost knelt and licked it, and she had to give Sheldon the milk tea.

There is even the thought of whether to chase Sheldon back.

So she and Arlene and Ding Hao wondered who Sheldon was, and why did it seem that he played well with those rich and young, and those rich and young treated him so well?

In the end, I didn’t know who Ding Hao was inquiring about, so he said that Sheldon was not that awkward. He was actually someone’s dog-legged, and he even showed him home!

Rosemarie and Arlene also believed.

But in the future, we must be better with Sheldon.

After all, he played well with those rich and young.

Speaking of it, it was precisely because of Rosemarie’s thoughts and his performance at the Yunmeng Mountain Festival that day that Ding Hao felt that he was not good.

Instead, he got better with Arlene directly.

Damn, Arlene was shocked and didn’t react, OK?

Whoever looks down on Sheldon most must be Arlene.

As a result, Sheldon’s personal connections were better than Ding Hao’s. Of course, she was shocked and regretted.

It’s just that he showed it, this bitch didn’t show it.

Later, Rosemarie also discovered how unrealistic it is to please Sheldon just because of interpersonal relationships.

After all, Sheldon has nothing.

As for Ding Hao, he has property and shops.

He also arranged a better job for Arlene.

This is reality.

So Rosemarie couldn’t say anything good to her girlfriend.

Rosemarie was embarrassed right now: “Sheldon, don’t listen to her nonsense. By the way, where are your rich and young friends?”

Although I still look down on Sheldon, who runs errands to watch the door, but how can I say that Sheldon knows them as personalities.

So it’s better than that.

“Ao, they went to Hainan to play recently!”

Sheldon said.

“They won’t take you there!” Rosemarie asked tentatively.

“What are they taking me to do!” Sheldon smiled bitterly.

These rich and young people like to spend money on dudes. As for themselves, they like to lead a plain life, so in addition to activities, usually drinking or something, they don’t play together.

Rosemarie curled her lips. Feelings, they will take you without hesitation.

After a brief chat, they separated.

“Haha, that’s this guy, I think he is pretty handsome, if he is really capable, I will chase him! What a pity…”

Said the girl.

Rosemarie gave her best friend a glance: “Cut, if you are really rich or young, and you chase him, it would have been in my hands, alas, but speaking of it, I really wanted to chase him a few days ago. Just be with him. Together, even if he is just a follower of others, it is fine. After all, there are those rich and young people who are supporting him, I can slap Ding Hao in the face and make him regret it. Ding Hao is also very sensitive to Sheldon. At that time, Ding Hao will be stimulated and will definitely come back and chase me! This way I can be with Ding Hao and hold him for the rest of my life!”

“It’s just a pity that all those rich and young people have gone to Hainan to play, you see, he is so low now! Ding Hao still knows his details, how can Ding Hao regret it!”

Rosemarie said sadly.

“Hey! Linlin, why not? When you say this, I really thought of a way to make Ding Hao kneel in front of you and beg you to be with her!”

The girl slapped her head and said.

“What way?” Rosemarie asked hurriedly.

Chapter 234

Let Sheldon play the role of rich and young
However, Sheldon is now making porridge in the hospital restaurant.

“Sheldon, you haven’t eaten yet, come here, I bought something delicious outside, let’s eat together!”

At this moment, Rosemarie came over with a bag of food and patted Sheldon on the shoulder.

“No need, aren’t you still taking some drips, why are you coming to the restaurant?” Sheldon said with a smile.

I don’t know why, Rosemarie suddenly became so enthusiastic, which really made Sheldon a little uncomfortable.

Although this girl did not ridicule Sheldon less, Sheldon did not even hate her.

He spoke politely at the moment.

“I, alright, alright, I’ll be fine after seeing you! You are my medicine, you know!”

Rosemarie looked at Sheldon with an ambiguous smile.

Moreover, his body was very close to Sheldon, and he rubbed Sheldon’s arm seemingly.

Make Sheldon’s goose bumps all up.

To be honest, Rosemarie used to be an art student, the captain of the Latin dance team, and her body and appearance are extremely beautiful.

And compared with Arlene, she was a bit more enchanting.

It can be considered a seductive beauty.

But when I met upstairs just now, Rosemarie’s attitude was not like that. Why did she become so enthusiastic in only half an hour, and the enthusiasm was a little too much, right?

“Are you doing something Rosemarie?” Sheldon asked.

“Oh, don’t ask for now. I just ran downstairs to buy you something to eat. What’s the good food in the restaurant? It’s expensive, and you see, what is this? “

In addition to the roast chicken, drinks, and various dishes that Rosemarie bought for Sheldon, Rosemarie also carried a hot egg pie in her hand.

“I know, you love to eat egg-filled pancakes the most. I remember when we were in high school, you usually ate steamed buns and pickles. Only during the weekends did you save a few dollars to buy yourself an egg-filled pancake to eat! I saw some on the side of the road, so I bought it for you!”

Rosemarie took Sheldon and sat down.

Seeing this egg-filled pie, Sheldon’s heart was really itchy. Yes, there was no money at home in high school, and Sheldon thought the best thing to eat is egg-filled pie.

Although I don’t know what Rosemarie wants to do.

But seeing that she was so enthusiastic and bought a lot of things for herself, Sheldon was not embarrassed when she left with a face shake.

Besides, she entered the Hope Primary School built by herself as a teacher, and she will be able to take care of her in the future, and it will be nothing to eat her.

Mainly it is not good to refuse.

“Come here, roast chicken, fill the cake, hurry up and eat while it’s hot, you put the porridge down first, and I will tell you something after I finish eating!”

Rosemarie pushed things in front of Sheldon.

Then he put his fragrant cheeks in both hands and looked at Sheldon with a smile.

Sheldon ate it.

“What’s the matter, tell me!”

Sheldon thought, could it be that Rosemarie had changed her sex? If this is the case, Sheldon still talks about the sentiment of the classmates, and he will help.

“Hehe, I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend one day, and one day tomorrow, I will always remember this kindness!”


Sheldon was so scared that he almost threw the filling cake.

Pretend to be boyfriend again?

To be honest, Sheldon has already pretended to be boyfriends for several girls.

It is precisely because of this that Sheldon also teased several girls.

After all, it’s impossible for oneself to really be together with others, what do you pretend to be boyfriend?

So Sheldon is very sensitive to this.

Because Sheldon is really afraid that in the future someone will find him to fake marriage, which is even more troublesome!

“Ah, what are you afraid of? Just one day, you helped me act out a scene, please help me?” Rosemarie’s hand stroked the back of Sheldon’s.


“It’s because of Ding Hao?”

Sheldon knew Rosemarie’s purpose as soon as he thought about it.

Sure enough, there is no such thing as a free lunch in the world.

There is no love for no reason!

“Hmm, yes, I just want you to act for me and make him angry! Then he will change his mind. Ding Hao is very small and narcissistic, so he will never tolerate me and compare him. Good people are together!”

Rosemarie said with a smile.

Sheldon said, “Then you will look for me to act. Maybe you won’t be mad at him, but will laugh at him. I am not better than him. Ding Hao is much better. There is Yunmeng Mountain at home, and he also bought a shop there. , The future will be great!”

Sheldon said so deliberately.

“Of course I know that you can’t compare to him, so I asked you to act, do you know Sheldon, because you had an ambiguity with that slut Arlene in high school, plus you asked Ding Hao not to come to the stage in public. , So he is very sensitive to you! If you can appear in front of him in another identity, he will definitely be jealous of you, and then, will regret me! Your task is completed! So you are the best Candidate!”

Rosemarie looked confident.

And this idea is naturally the method her best friend gave her just now.

Although Sheldon is not rich or young, Sheldon can be packaged as rich or young!

“Wait, you said to change your status? What do you mean?” Sheldon asked in confusion.

“Yes, you play the role of rich and less. As for how rich you are, you have won the lottery! Anyway, you have to pretend to be richer than Ding Hao, and you can drive? I have rented you a luxury car, huh , As long as you play according to the arrangements between me and my girlfriends, waiting for tomorrow, Ding Hao’s face will definitely be swollen!”

“So, now that I have everything ready, I owe you Sheldon, and I have already rented the car. Will you promise me?”

Rosemarie begged.

It seems that Rosemarie paid a great price this time in order to regain Ding Hao’s love.

In this way, Sheldon really didn’t know why he refused.

Originally, I was going to say goodbye to Myla tomorrow, and I would drive back to Pingan County because my car was due tomorrow.

It seems that the plan has to be delayed by one day.

“Well, I promised you!”

Sheldon nodded.


Rosemarie smiled excitedly.

“Then how do you know that we will meet Ding Hao tomorrow?”

Sheldon asked again.

“Hmph, you can definitely meet, so don’t worry! Then we will just meet at the hospital entrance tomorrow, I will pick you up!”

After Sheldon finished eating, he went back with Rosemarie. Rosemarie was also energized and the fever subsided.

Sheldon couldn’t help thinking, could this be the power of love, love can really make a girl crazy?

Or is this the power of money?

Alas, I sigh for no reason. If there is no accident and his identity is exposed, will Arlene change his mind?

After all, Sheldon can see through the poems.

Go back to feed Myla and drink porridge.

Nothing happened for a day.

By the morning of the next day, Sheldon, as agreed, waited for Rosemarie by the park next to the hospital.

At this time, a brand new and dazzling white Mercedes G500 drove over and stopped directly in front of Sheldon, and then the window rolled down.

Rosemarie and her girlfriends are in the car.

Rosemarie said, “Sheldon, I didn’t expect you to be punctual. Hurry up, let him put on the small suit first, and then take him to design a new hairstyle!”

“Hey hey, Sheldon, what are you in a daze? Did you see such a good car stop? Hurry up and get in the car, please take a big G today!”

Damn it!

Of course Sheldon stayed. Because this big G is too familiar, right?

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