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Chapter 237

Miss Lin’s Birthday Banquet

“Miss Chen?”

A woman about twenty-four or five years old came over.

Looking at Rosemarie respectfully said.

As for Rosemarie, when she saw her, she naturally pretended not to know her.

Who is she?

Wasn’t it Wang Xiaozhang, the business manager who rented this car to himself.

“Aoao, what’s the matter with you? If there is anything, I will tell you on Instagram when I go back! It is not convenient for me now!”

Rosemarie’s face was lighter and paler.

Oh my god, how could it be such a coincidence.

Actually ran into the manager of the rental car.

Wouldn’t I show my stuff later? I just got back together with Ding Hao.

“It’s okay, Miss Chen, I’ll just tell you, because when you rented this car, I didn’t pay attention to the time at the time. I wrote that the car will be delivered tomorrow. I am mistaken here. You should have it before 4pm. Deliver the car, we have to return the car to the customer before five o’clock! I’m really sorry, it’s our negligence in our work! I originally planned to call you later!

Wang Xiaozhang smiled.

Then he waved his hand with Rosemarie and left.


But Ding Hao and Arlene were all blinded by these words at this moment?

“Rosemarie, rent a car? What’s the situation?”

Ding Hao didn’t react.

“Ah? I… I don’t know too!”

Rosemarie didn’t know what to say.

Completely blinded.

“Hmph, I see, Rosemarie, you rented this car, right? You rented it to deceive Ding Hao? It must be so!”

Arlene said.

Ding Hao looked at Rosemarie: “Lin Lin, is what Arlene says is true?”

Rosemarie didn’t know how to answer.

When the left and right are uncertain.

I saw Sheldon coming back from the toilet.

Suddenly, Rosemarie had a plan.

Instead, he ran to Sheldon.

“Sheldon, come here and I will tell you something!”

Rosemarie grabbed Sheldon’s arm and whispered, “It’s over. Ding Hao knew about the car rental. Now if you carry it down, you will say that you rented the car. You lied to me. You just said that. Okay? Please, help me once!”

Sheldon was also dumbfounded, what’s the situation?

And now, Ding Hao and Arlene have already walked towards Sheldon.

“Sheldon, you bastard!!! You lied to me like this? You rented this car and used it to soak me, right? This is not your car at all!”

Rosemarie suddenly shouted.

“What’s the situation? This is my car?”

Sheldon said.

“Hmph, Sheldon, don’t be stubborn. You really can’t tell. You are so nasty. You deceived Rosemarie with this method, and Rosemarie was almost succeeded by you. Of course, it almost killed me and Arlene. A real breakup!”

Ding Hao smiled contemptuously.

“Now you know, who is really good to you. Some girls, when they see that they have money, they go to post, and they are tricked by them. Do you see clearly now?” Arlene reads Said to Ding Hao.

“Ding Hao, you just said you want to be nice to me!”

Rosemarie cried.

“Hmph, Linlin, I advise you to stay awake. For such a dick, I almost broke up with Arlene today. Really, we said we were going to attend Miss Lin’s birthday banquet at noon. We almost made a fuss. It’s true!”

After Ding Hao gave Rosemarie and Sheldon a glance, he took Arlene’s hand and started to walk towards Roston Hotel.

Today, Ms. Lin’s birthday party, Ding Hao naturally arrived early. He had no choice but to go to the cafe for coffee first.

The result was such a show, alas!

As for Rosemarie, with the devaluation of Sheldon’s identity, Rosemarie’s value has naturally devalued.

“By the way, Sheldon, didn’t you win the lottery? Hahaha, why don’t you come to the Roston Hotel to sit down? We have tickets!”

Ding Hao taunted Sheldon for a while, and happily took Arlene away.

Rosemarie squatted on the spot and cried directly.

“Yeah, Sheldon! Why are you here?”

Suddenly, a voice sounded.

Then I saw a middle-aged man in a suit and leather shoes trotting towards Sheldon.

“you are?”

Sheldon looked familiar, but some couldn’t remember who came.

“Hey, Sheldon, it’s normal for you not to know me, but I know you. Last time I was there at your reception meeting in Ping’an County. I saw your style at the time. My name is Wang Biao and Li I’ve just recruited the group as an event planning manager. You also attended Miss Lin’s birthday party today?”

The middle-aged man rubbed his hands and smiled nervously.

As for Rosemarie, she stopped crying and stared at the scene blankly at the moment.

Even Ding Hao and Arlene, who were about to enter the hotel, were a little confused.

“O’ao, hello, Manager Wang, why is this birthday party planned by you?”

Sheldon can’t figure it out, which Miss Lin?

How did someone in his own group plan for her?

“Ahem, of course. Today is Miss Danna’s birthday. They are all members of the group. Of course, I have to help with planning! Many of the owners of Roston Business District have also come today, not all of them will move in the second half of the year. Has Yunmengshan Business District gone? So, it’s like a party!”

Wang Biao explained.

“Oh I see!”

Sheldon’s heart was quite uneasy.

Danna and herself are also friends, why didn’t she invite herself to this birthday party?

“Manager Wang, did you know Sheldon?”

Rosemarie said with her eyes open.

She looked at Ding Hao’s eyes now.

How do I feel like I have pulled back a round.

Could it be that his best friend Wei Xue arranged for rescue.

After all, Wei Xue was watching nearby, but she didn’t show up.

The more I thought about it, the more Rosemarie felt like this.

“Of course I know Sheldon, even if I don’t know Sheldon, I still have to know Sheldon’s car, haha!”

Manager Wang pointed to this big G.


Rosemarie thought to herself, it was her best friend who made the move.

Where did you find this person, but it’s awesome!

And Sheldon was mocked by Ding Hao and Arlene just now.

Go away by yourself now, one is that Rosemarie is not easy to explain.

The other is that I don’t feel strong in my heart.

I thought that since I was in time for Danna’s birthday banquet, I went in and took a look. By the way, I slapped Ding Hao in the face to save him from continuing to pretend!

He said to Manager Wang, “Manager Wang, then you can give me two tickets, I didn’t bring them today!”

“Ah? Good, good Young Master Sheldon!”

Manager Wang nodded immediately.

And Rosemarie winked at Sheldon and reminded Sheldon that he would accept it when he saw it. This is Miss Lin’s birthday party. Where can the group performances get tickets?

But when she saw Manager Wang take it out, Rosemarie was surprised.

Ding Hao and Arlene were also surprised.

And Sheldon didn’t care about anything else, he just hugged Rosemarie in his arms, “Let’s go, today I will take you in for a birthday party!”

Rosemarie, who was held in her arms by Sheldon for a while, was also a little confused, and she hugged Sheldon’s waist.

In Ding Hao’s somewhat jealous eyes, he walked into the hotel.

“Damn, why does Sheldon have such a face?”

Ding Hao said with jealousy.

But I followed along and walked in…

Chapter 238:

He Really Came

“I’ll go, Sheldon, we can really come in!”

Rosemarie said in surprise.

Being hugged by Sheldon, she did not resist.

Because the plot is reversed, it is too exciting.

They have now entered the venue.

Danna’s birthday banquet was specially arranged this time, mainly because Father Lin wanted to take this opportunity to hold a large party.

As for Ding Hao, as a person on Yunmeng Mountain, he naturally has the qualifications to come.

In short, there are more than a hundred people on the scene, rich and young, and some bosses.

The layout of the venue is a bit similar to that of the wedding ceremony, with a long walkway in the middle and banquets on both sides.

After Sheldon brought Rosemarie in, he found a place to sit down.

After all, there are a lot of people here, and they just casually find friends to sit with.

As for Ding Hao, after entering, he gave Sheldon and Rosemarie a fierce look, and took Arlene with a green face to sit with another table of friends.

“Sheldon? Why did you come here?”

At this time, a voice full of questions rang in Sheldon’s ears.

Sheldon turned his head to look, but was also surprised.

It was a girl, and it was Uncle Jiang’s daughter Jiang Ranran.

A group of handsome men and women were standing beside her. At this moment, Jiang Ranran was looking at Sheldon in surprise.

Why is Jiang Ranran here?

But after thinking about it, Sheldon understood a little.

Yes, Uncle Jiang is now the leader of the America Merchants Office. He is investing in Ping An County. He must have dealt with many managers.

Think about it, this is Danna’s father deliberately organizing a big party. Even Ding Hao’s thoughts came, and Jiang Ranran would naturally get a coupon.

Unexpectedly, it was such a coincidence, I really ran into it.

“Of course, this person is your friend?”

Beside Jiang Ranran, a young and handsome boy asked at this moment.

“It’s not a friend, right? He came from our hometown. His dad had some relationship with my dad a few years ago, and he has stopped contacting their family for a long time! His family owes a lot of money now, and his parents all go abroad. Foreign labor went, but I just didn’t expect that she could come on such occasions!”

Jiang Ranran glanced at Sheldon and said.

After all, Sheldon prevented her from coming to Ontario at the western restaurant, Jiang Ranran still remembers.

Originally, this time, I finally asked my dad for a ticket to a big event party, or my dad asked the leader to get it, and I also wanted to come up with insights.

No, when I came out this time, I met a rich and young Zhang Lang from Roston.

Zhang Lang’s family used to run a large enterprise, and now I heard that the Yunmeng Mountain project has been developed and has contracted the agency of a large restaurant in Yunmeng Mountain. There will be no shortage of funds in the future.

The real big power is rich and few.

In contrast, Lin Dong was eclipsed in front of this rich young man.

Even Jiang Ranran felt that he had been so ridiculous that he had slapped Lin Dong in the face because of Sheldon before.

“Shao Zhang, this is a poor boy. He used to be a well-known poor man in Ping An County High School!”

Lin Dong was naturally there at this gathering. He stood out from the crowd and said to Zhang Lang in a flattering manner.

“Oh, hehe, that’s the case, let’s find a place to sit down first, and then have a good chat!”

Zhang Lang said to the men and women behind him.

“Brother Zhang, just come, I have a good seat for you!”

At this time, Ding Hao brought Arlene over and said hello.

After all, Ding Hao and Sheldon are very close to the table on their side.

“Old Ding, you came too early! Sister, then, let me show you my friend Ding Shao!”

Zhang Lang introduced with a smile.

Ding Hao is amazing now, after all, he has a shop in Yunmeng Mountain.

Naturally, the status and status have risen.

It has also been considered as part of the circle of the rich and the young.

After everyone’s introduction, Jiang Ranran naturally knew each other.

To be honest, Jiang Ranran really gained a lot today, and for the first time learned what is the charm of high-end social circles.

Originally, Jiang Ranran thought that those rich and young circles were discussing topics like luxury cars.

But, people never discuss these.

What I say is more about the little things in life, and some investment and financial skills learned from their parents.

Let Jiang Ranran seem to have opened up a new world.

In contrast, Lin Dong, who loves to show off his wealth, is like an ugly duckling.

Not to mention Sheldon, who is like a nouveau riche, it is disgusting to see it!

What’s so great about it.

And Ding Hao’s show.

It also made Rosemarie’s expression extremely embarrassing.

Because by now, Sheldon’s identity as a rich or young person can no longer be played.

After all, those present are rich and young.

Looking at Ding Hao, he is so prosperous, and I know too many friends.

Failure, Rosemarie thought, today is simply a failure.

I can’t lift my head at all!

“By the way, when will Goddess Danna come out?”

Some rich and young people are similar to Ding Hao. The first time they participated in such a big event, it was also the first time to see the beautiful goddess Danna, who was rumored to be extremely beautiful, and asked impatiently.

At this moment, the day after tomorrow of the hotel.

“Manager Wang, are you sure you read it right? He… he’s here? How is it possible?”

Just after Danna finished putting on makeup, when he heard the words of the hosting manager Wang Biao, he pushed away the makeup artist and stood up and asked.

“Ah? Miss Lin, don’t you know Shaolai Chen?”

Wang Biao was stunned.

“No, why did he come… You should be mistaken. By the way, is there a girl next to him?”

Danna asked.

Why has Danna not contacted Sheldon during this period.

It was because after Sheldon had Lilla, Danna was sad, knowing that Sheldon would not like herself at all, and seeing Sheldon by herself, on the contrary, was a little sad.

Originally, Danna wanted to invite Sheldon to this birthday party.

But the father said.

Sheldon is busy with the development of Ping An County recently, and one of Sheldon’s elders is in poor health and was hospitalized.

Warn yourself not to disturb Sheldon.

And this time, to be honest, none of the people at the group’s senior management level came. You see, Bren, none of them came.

So what did you invite Sheldon to do?

Danna was lonely and agreed.

In fact, I was thinking of Sheldon all the time.

At the moment, I heard Wang Biao said that Sheldon was here, how could she not be excited, but she couldn’t believe it.

“Really, Miss Lin, how could I admit that I was wrong, Sheldon? I personally gave the ticket to Sheldon, O’ao, it seems that Sheldon really brought a girl!”

Wang Biao smiled bitterly.

“I still can’t believe that he will come!” After speaking, he turned to look at the staff: “Get ready, I’ll go out immediately!”

In the lobby.

At this moment, as the lights dimmed, Danna, wearing a white suspender dress, slowly walked out.

“I go, beauty, absolute beauty!”

“Gosh, Miss Danna is so beautiful!”

As for Sheldon, listening to the noise of the crowd, he also raised his head and looked on the stage…

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