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Chapter 239:

A Deep Hug
Speaking of it, Sheldon hasn’t seen Danna for a while.

I didn’t expect to see Danna again after this period of time, this girl seemed to be pretty again.

“Miss Danna is so beautiful!”

In the audience, Ding Hao couldn’t help but stared blankly.

He blurted out and praised directly.

As for Arlene, he was not even more angry.


Because of Danna’s appearance, even Arlene was jealous.

She all admitted that Miss Lin was indeed a country.

“Of course, Miss Danna is Roston Sheldon’s god-sister, can she look mediocre!”

Zhang Lang smiled bitterly.

“That Zhang Shao, today Miss Danna’s birthday, did Roston Sheldon not come?”

Jiang Ranran asked.

She thought, it would be great if she could get to know Sheldon again today.

“Hehe, Shaocai Chen won’t come, let me tell you, my dad told me that Sheldon from Roston likes to be low-key and is a very easygoing person. He never likes to participate in such big scenes!”

Zhang Lang seemed to know Sheldon very well, and said with a triumphant smile.

“Oao!” Jiang Ranran couldn’t help showing a look of regret.

“Of course, do you drink juice? This is a foreign juice. It’s so delicious. I’ll pour you a glass!”

Lin Dong on the side looked at Jiang Ranran talking to Zhang Lang all the time, feeling really uncomfortable.

Right now is to please.

“What to drink, I don’t drink, you leave me alone!”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Ranran glanced at Lin Dong in disgust, then moved his gaze to Zhang Lang again.

“I have a glass of juice!”

At this time, the waiter passed by Sheldon and Rosemarie with the tray.

Rosemarie tsk tsk tsk her mouth, she is really thirsty, especially because of the car rental incident just now, and now she is in a gathering of rich people, she is really nervous.

Seeing this juice looks delicious, I ordered a glass.

At this moment, Danna on the stage looked around anxiously while giving a speech of thanks for today’s birthday party.

Suddenly, I heard a bang.


Then there was a girl scream.

Let the whole city be quiet.

It was Rosemarie. She took a sip of the juice and found it was delicious, so she gave Sheldon a glass.

At this time, Rosemarie’s hand shook, and she couldn’t hold it firmly, and the goblet fell directly on the ground, smashing to pieces.

The juice splashed Sheldon with himself.

This is just a word.

“Ah, why are you so careless, I will wipe it for you!”

Sheldon couldn’t help but say.

Then he drew a paper towel, wiped Rosemarie’s skirt, and wiped her trousers.

“fu*k, Nima is really ashamed, is this Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Garden? Can’t hold the goblet?”

“Hehe, yeah, on this occasion, didn’t you see the goddess Danna making a speech? She actually only cares about eating and drinking without any taste!”

The few rich and young at the same table could not help but sneer.

It seems that the louder the sarcasm, the more I can please Danna.

“Oh, have you seen it? This is the difference between looking for a real rich boyfriend and a fake rich boyfriend. I haven’t been to some high-end occasions. It’s not ugly!”

Arlene saw Rosemarie making a fool of himself, and said with a sneer.

“Oh, really, fortunately I didn’t be nice to someone!” Ding Hao also said.

As for Jiang Ranran, he just looked at Sheldon and shook his head.

“Sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean it, I really didn’t mean it!”

Rosemarie was also scared, and hurriedly bowed to everyone to apologize.

Then he flushed again and pulled Sheldon’s sleeve.

“Sheldon, let’s go, don’t stay here!”

Yes, when Rosemarie came in, she already knew that Sheldon’s role would definitely not be able to play. It was just that at that time, she followed Sheldon in and entered.

But I didn’t expect to be embarrassed and continue to be ashamed.

“What are you going? Staying well, isn’t it just breaking a cup? It’s okay!”

Sheldon is really the first time to see a girl like Rosemarie with a high-sighted look, and sometimes feel inferior.

Could not help but smile wryly.

She is almost the same as her, and she couldn’t let go of it when she first participated in a big event.

So I persuaded Rosemarie.

“Who are these two people? How did you come in, so ignorant of the rules, can anyone really come in at this gathering?”

A wealthy middle-aged businessman at the next table said coldly at this moment.

The crowd also followed suit.

After all, it was too rude to make a noise when Miss Danna was speaking.

At this time, whoever stood up to speak was definitely trying to impress the Lin family.

The benefits of showing your face will be indispensable in the future.

So everyone sneered.

At the same time, they all glanced at Danna on the stage, wanting to see how Miss Danna reacted.

As a result, Danna’s eyes were red at the moment, and the microphone in his hand did not know when it fell to the ground.

“You are really here!”

Danna suddenly cried.

Sheldon was squatting and wiping his trousers. Hearing what Danna said, he raised his face and found that Danna had already seen himself at this moment.

“Well, happy birthday!”

Sheldon said embarrassingly.

Then I touched all over my body, except for the car keys.

Angrily said: “Sorry, your birthday is suddenly, and I haven’t prepared a gift anymore. Can you wish you a happy birthday!”

“I thought you had forgotten me!”

Wiped tears from the corners of his eyes.

Danna trot towards Sheldon with her dress in both hands.

With everyone’s surprised eyes, Sheldon gave Sheldon a big hug.

“You haven’t contacted me for so long. If you have someone else, then forget me!”

Danna cried while hugging Sheldon.

The grievance that was left out was released.

“Okay, good, don’t cry or cry!”

Sheldon patted Danna on the shoulder.



The people in the audience were all surprised at the moment.

Who is Danna? The dream goddess in the eyes of many rich and young.

And it is out of reach.

Only the top rich and young can be friends with her.

But now, this person who doesn’t seem to be so powerful has actually been embraced by Danna.

And these words are too ambiguous!

Who is this person?

All rich and young said jealously.

As for Ding Hao and Arlene, he was also confused at this moment.

Sheldon is just a nouveau riche, how could he be favored by the goddess like this.

Suddenly, all the halos moved towards Sheldon.

Ding Hao vomited blood with jealousy.

Not to mention Zhang Lang and Jiang Ranran Lin Dong on the side.

“Waiting for the evening, I will give you another birthday tonight!”

Sheldon smiled bitterly.

To be honest, Sheldon really wanted to slap Ding Hao and the others in the face.

But I wanted to use Wang Biao and the others.

The result is such a scene.

Sheldon was embarrassed.

“Well, this is what you said, just as you make up for me!”

Danna stopped crying now.

After wiping away the tears, Sheldon encouraged Danna to finish the event and then left with Elma.

After walking out of the hotel, Sheldon and Rosemarie walked in front, while Ding Hao, Arlene, Jiang Ranran and the others followed closely.

Just now, they were so embarrassed.

At this moment, I was wondering what exactly is Sheldon? How could Miss Lin be like that?

And when I walked, I came to the front of the car.

“Ms. Elma, I’ve been waiting for you for a while! You can’t get through.”

At the moment, beside the car, Wang Xiaozhang has obviously been waiting for a long time with the contract…

Chapter 240:

A Video Call From The Family

“Manager Wang, my phone is turned off!”

Rosemarie ran towards Wang Xiaozhang ahead of time.

Because now, Ding Hao and the others are also following Rosemarie.

Fear of renting a car, once again pierced.

But the more I am afraid of what comes.

Arlene really couldn’t believe that this Mercedes was Sheldon. Everyone didn’t know. When Sheldon was showing off his wealth before, every sentence was like a thorn in Arlene Heart.

Brings a burst of pain in the heart.

So when I see this woman again, she must not only hear clearly, but also ask clearly.

Right now I spared Sheldon, walked to Wang Xiaozhang, and glanced at Rosemarie coldly:

“Yeah, Rosemarie, what are you afraid of?”

“Manager Wang, right? Is this car Rosemarie rented?”

“no no!”

Rosemarie said hurriedly, winking at Manager Wang.

Manager Wang also saw the problem and was about to cover it up.

Arlene snatched the contract and opened it.

Arlene smiled directly: “Hahahaha, it’s really rented, my God, Ding Hao, come and come, and Miss Jiang, Shao Zhang, tell you something interesting. Today, I am having coffee with Ding Hao. , And this girl named Rosemarie…”

While showing everyone Rosemarie’s car rental contract, Arlene talked about the morning coffee shop.


Who made Sheldon hit everyone in the face just now?

And it provoked Ding Hao’s jealousy.

Needless to think about it, Ding Hao regretted Rosemarie again.

But everyone saw that Danna embraced Sheldon, and there was no way.

I can only start from the car rental incident.

After all, Sheldon is Ivanbai’s dogleg, knowing Danna is fair.

As for renting a car, it depends on what Rosemarie has to explain.

At the same time, this car was not bought by Sheldon, and Arlene was really happy and relaxed in his heart, as if he had been pressed by a mountain, but now the mountain is gone.

“Rosemarie, it turns out that you really rented this big G? I didn’t expect you to be so serious!”

Ding Hao looked at Rosemarie in disgust.

Rosemarie buried her head very low and cried: “I’m sorry, Ding Hao, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to lie to you!”

“Haha, the renter Rosemarie, the ID is written so clearly, let me see who the owner is…eh? Sheldon?”

Turning a page of the contract, Arlene was stunned when he saw it.

“This, this… is it wrong?” Arlene’s eyes widened.

Rosemarie also raised her head.

“Mr. Sheldon, so you are here! Sorry, I just talked to Miss Rosemarie just now and didn’t notice you!”

At this time, Wang Xiaozhang happened to see Sheldon standing aside.

Now I walked over with surprise.

“It’s okay, Manager Wang, by the way, can I sign and the car can drive away?”

Sheldon smiled.

“Of course Mr. Sheldon, but do you need an inspection?”

“No need, I have been in this car for a day, it’s okay!”

Sheldon said.

Then walked to Arlene who was dazed.

He took the contract and wrote his name.

“You…Is this really your car?”

Arlene looked at Sheldon and asked.

She is very close to Sheldon now. Since graduating from high school, she has never been close to Sheldon like this.

At this moment, Arlene really knocked over a five-flavored bottle in his heart, not a taste.

“Who do you think? I said, this is my car, none of you believe it!”

Sheldon glanced at Arlene lightly.

Then she patted the shocked Rosemarie on the shoulder, “Let’s go, let you go home first!”

“Yeah, Sheldon, you can send me directly to the station. My ticket tonight is going to my hometown in Ping’an County!”

Rosemarie was really pleasantly surprised.

At the same time, the wave of Sheldon’s pretense was simply joyful.

But, don’t know why, Rosemarie didn’t have the emotion of Ding Hao in her heart, but was happy and excited from the heart.

“Master Sheldon, your car is worth two million dollar, right? It’s really good!”

Zhang Lang, who was watching the excitement, walked over at this time and smiled at Sheldon.

He thought to himself, no matter how others ridiculed Sheldon.

But Sheldon knew Danna and drove a luxury car again, which can explain the problem.

Turning an enemy into a friend by yourself is not a disadvantage.

“More than two hundred and twenty!”

Sheldon looked at him with a faint smile.

The two shook hands.

At this moment, Zhang Lang’s cell phone rang suddenly.

“Hey Dad? Okay, I see, I will go back now!”

Zhang Lang hung up the phone: “That Young Master Sheldon, I have something wrong now, so I’ll be out of company first. Lin Dongran is so embarrassed that I can’t send you to the station anymore. My dad asked me to go back in a hurry!”

After saying hello again to Sheldon, and then drove away.


Jiang Ranran was startled.

This is how to do ah?

Originally agreed at the banquet, Zhang Lang and Zhang Shao drove his BMW 7 Series to give them away.

Because Lin Dong was embarrassed to drive his car when he came, the two came by car.

Now that Sheldon had gotten into the car and started, Rosemarie naturally sat in the co-pilot.

Lin Dong said with a grimace, “Of course, why don’t we go with the drip?”

“Dididi? You know about Dididi. Look at you. You can’t drive out when you buy a car. Now everyone has a special car to pick you up. I have to take a taxi!”

Jiang Ranran’s eyes were flushed with shame and anger.

Really, she really learned the disadvantages of not having money today.

“Get in my car, I’ll take you to the station!”

Sheldon put on his sunglasses and smiled.

It’s not that I want to help Jiang Ranran, even at this stall, it’s not like that if I just shake my face and leave.

Jiang Ranran raised his face to look at Sheldon, bit his lip or sat on it.

At the same time, looking at Rosemarie who was sitting in the co-pilot, she felt jealous for no reason.

If there is no accident, shouldn’t the co-pilot sit by himself?

“Damn, sit down, look back and clean up you!”

Lin Dong cursed secretly.

“Hey hey! What are you doing?”

Sheldon looked at Lin Dong.

“fu*k, I’m in the car!”

“I said they are her and her, not you, and Lin Shao. When you look back, you owe me the money. Don’t forget to pay me back. It’s almost time. I have your IOU here!”

Sheldon directly locked the car door.

Damn, this guy took the initiative to help him last time, but today he laughed at himself and let you ride in the car?

Do I have fun in my head?

Sheldon thought.

At the moment, without looking at the crowd, he drove away.

Arlene looked at the shadow of the leaving car.

My heart is very complicated.

In high school, didn’t Sheldon cared about himself most? He had to review and skip meals, even if it was raining, he ran to buy for himself.

And when did Sheldon not look at himself with a caring look?

Even if I haven’t seen it for three years, just like some time ago, Sheldon looked at Sheldon as he did, and Sheldon had the same caring look when he saw him.

But this time… Sheldon’s indifferent eyes and his ignorance of himself made Arlene too uncomfortable.

Because Sheldon didn’t seem to even glance at himself from getting the contract to driving away?

But after Sheldon sent them to the station, because there was still Myla, he didn’t go back and rented a hotel directly.

It was also that night that Sheldon received a video call. This video call was connected through the channel of the family secret, and only the core members of the Cooper Family had it.

And looking at the remarks of this video, Sheldon fluttered and sat up from the bed, and hurriedly pressed to connect…

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